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2007 27' Classic FB
Richfield/SLC , Utah
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Ten Year Old Classic - Aging Gracefully?

Our 2007 Classic 27FB (we're the second owner) is now at the 10-year mark, and seems to be aging fairly gracefully. Normal maintenance items (batteries, tires, minor housekeeping items like new trim, and misc. small fixes) are all that have been needed. Curious about what other Classic owners of this vintage are experiencing with required maintenance - minimal, moderate, or higher levels of issues? What have been your more significant problems? Is it getting to be more of a nuisance, or as reliable and enjoyable as ever?

Just curious with what others are experiencing.

Regards - Ron

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2007 30' Classic
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Minimal issues with my 07 Classic. Just keeping up with maintenance is key.


"If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." - Red Green
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While I have passed the 10 year mark my Classic is also aging well. The largest factor in that process is inside storage which has eliminated many of the effects of UV exposure.

During the Classic's first three years of life I had to replace the A/C shroud due to UV exposure and both skylights were replaced due to what my dealer said was over tightening of the attachments used to hold them down.

I'm on my third set of tires hitting year 5 for my current Michelin LT's. Had to replace a brake drum and brakes on one wheel that were damaged when a brake component fell apart. I replaced the tail lights early in its life with LED lights which made a great improvement in their visibility. I've replaced the scare light and lens with an LED and likewise the step light is LED. I've also replace a couple of interior spot lights with LED bulbs. I did put a toilet riser in that is compatible with my OEM toilet that gives us an ADA height toilet. Finally a large glass decorative mirror that is attached to a storage cabinet is slowly sliding out of its frame. Mirror is supposed to be kept tight within the mounting rails by double stick tape. Problem is the tape is creeping allowing the mirror to slide but has not loosened up enough to allow me to slide the mirror out of the mounting rails. Not quite sure how to get this mirror out for replacement of the tape without the danger of cracking it or causing other damage.

The tank sensor has one burned out LED bulb and is no longer reliable on the black tank. That's not an issue worth addressing since it's always easy to determine the status of the black tank by use of the toilet.

Jack Canavera
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We are the third owners of our 2004 25 Classic, bought in July, 2008. The only things repaired or replaced are the water seals and flap seal on toilet, gas line to oven cracked (fixed and made better support), 2 new shrouds due to age and being kept outside and vent covers due to same. The black tank sprayer has never worked, but I got around that with my own connection to a wand that is kept under the sink and connects outside from the refrigerator access door. And last, the Micro Pulse Monitor, which also has never worked right since day one! The 2 things that it has been able to monitor is the propane and batteries. I have tried numerous times re calibrating, and still no good for either gray or black tanks.

We have updated a few things, but only because we wanted it. These included full LED bulbs for everything inside and out, new faucets for both kitchen and bath, Body Spa shower head, wall covering for kitchen area, corner coffee shelf by sink, under counter water filtration system in kitchen (besides the outside one), DVD TV in both bed area and couch, LED lights with switch in top cabinets of kitchen and couch area, lower LED light in closet to see things below hanging cloths, multi stage converter (original one kept frying the batteries!), size 29 batteries, put propane line in with shut off valve running to back of wheel well by storage compartment on right side with quick dis-connect, and the Micro Air Easy Start for the air conditioner.

Normal things like re-packing the bearings, replace batteries, tires and brakes (put new backing plates and self adjusting brake assemblies on) are expected. Everything other than above is original and working. All cabinets, doors and shelving has stayed intact. We have had a few minor leaks, but nothing major and easily fixed with normal maintenance. Floors are original and very solid, even in the back area. We feel like the Classic has been very good to us.
Julia & Bob
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Originally Posted by dznf0g View Post
Minimal issues with my 07 Classic. Just keeping up with maintenance is key.
Ours was bought from first owner at age 4, but virtually unused. Was kept in a barn during its first 4 years. (note: never have had any rodent infestation in its entire life, speaking to body closure). It has been stored outside for last 7 of its 11 years.

I realized that everyone's definition of "major" (etc.) might be different, so I'll be more thorough. Since I am a technical person and do all of my own work....and am familiar with RV level of "quality", I don't consider many things as significant or major, or out of the norm, which others may consider major...especially if the have never had an RV or boat before and are not handy. I'll categorize the repairs and you all can use your perspective as to what's normal though major in nature....also what is an AS issue and what is a supplier issue, over which AS has no or little control.

I consider major AS issues as: Frame, suspension, hydraulic /disc brake system, shell, floor coverings, waste tanks, plumbing, wall fabric & ceiling vinyl and quality of component installation, electrical and labor. All have been flawless with exception below:

1) Kitchen counter was installed with only two rivets to the wall L-bracket. Danced away from the wall after about 2K miles. Was missing a half dozen rivets/screws...holes not even drilled for these fasteners. Everything else has been fine, sans maintenance of sealers, etc.

Component issues by suppliers:

1) A/C and Furnace - A/C shroud got brittle and cracked - replaced with Icon, otherwise operationally flawless

2) Water heater - board went out, replaced with Dinosaur Board

3) Fridge - Lost it's refrigerant at age 5. Replaced the cooling unit from RVcooling warehouse.

4) Water pump board went out - replaced, still use the "brainless" pump as a transfer pump for filling the tank when boondocking.

5) shock leak at age 5 (maybe 2000 miles on it at time) - replaced all

6) Skylights cracking and leaking - replaced with Maxim

7) Thetford toilet bowl assembly leaked - replaced with Dometic 310

All other activities have been maintenance, upgrades to systems, or replacement of normal consumable items (tires, batteries, etc.)

"If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." - Red Green
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Can't complain too much about our 2005 Classic 30 bought when about 3 years old.

I have had on and off electrical problems with the AC unit seems to related to the "telephone" type connectors to the thermostat and crops ip often after long storage periods. Just fiddling with the phone connectors when has always resolved this when it has haopened!

The condensate tray has leaked into the trailer a couple of times - I think resolved now with JB Weld epoxy for plastic and E-6000 commercial sealant.

Had to replace the original water pump that seized.

Replaced HW heater thermostat.

Couple of minor rain water leaks - fixed now I believe and no evidence of floor damage

Some filiform that I continue to address.

Have had problems with corroding belly pan rivets - probably the galvanic corrosion that causes the problem is exacerbated by salty road water on our annual snowbird trips.

I deal with this by using large rivets and home made square aluminum washers - did a whole bunch in Florida this last winter!

Micropulse monitor has never worked properly but I don't really need it and have never fooled with it!

Our AC shroud should be replaced but I stop-drilled the cracks and reinfoced the inside with alum. plates embedded in plastic epoxy - cheap SOB that I am!

That's about it I think apart from tires / batteries.

I did switch to 16" Michelin LT's added centramatics, and installed Maxim skylights.
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2007 30' Classic
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I did forget the horrible micropulse monitor. I replaced with SeeLevel.

"If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." - Red Green
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Thanks for the comprehensive answers - looks like a combination of upgrades and maintenance spread over 10 years. Our Classic is now stored indoors which should be helpful. We've had similar mostly minor issues, nothing too expensive or inconvenient other than when the furnace doesn't want to fire when boondocking on a cold morning. Still not sure I have that one fully resolved.

Thanks - Ron
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My Classic is 5 years old.
I have replaced tires and batteries. That's all.
The couch and dinette cushions are holding out well.
We use the trailer very often and it still appears as new.
I see many trailers 10, 15, 20, even 30 years old that still appear as new.
Kinda like motorcycles- they are all clean and in good condition regardless of age and it is hard to distinguish years.
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So; I couldn't afford a recent classic and went with a '96 in my price range. It had been well looked after but 14 years of sun and snow took a bit of a toll on the clearcoat. Not sure if I will ever be able to afford to re-coat (or paint) It came with new (Chinese) GYMS knockoffs that are holding up well. In three years I have done two rear brakes ( back plates ), made minor repair to the steps and greased axles. I needed to have the WH ignition board replaced and had the furnace gas train cleaned. I did replace the BatteryThe mid 90's trailers with foam backed vinyl had issues with de-lamination. I used the "pin cushion" method of putting it back up. Total outlay for repairs on a now 20 year old trailer is under $800 Canadian all my own labor except for $65 on the furnace and WH, and I'm ready for the Escanaba International (Solar)

Utah Man; Your furnace may be suffering from moisture, or low gas pressure (how cold is cold?) Pour a kettle of hot water over the tank and see if that helps get it fired up. I've never removed a furnace or tried to get to the electronics, but maybe you could spray it with WD 40 or a dielectric spray?
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Ten Year Old Classic - Aging Gracefully?

Thanks, JCW - you've accomplished quite a bit with little dollars, nicely done. The furnace only gets started when it's down around freezing at high elevations (off grid) on cold mornings. I checked it just recently and it lit first time, but the difficulties have been intermittent.

Regards - Ron
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2008 Classic 25fb

Our Classic is technically 10 years old almost, manufactured in 6/07. We purchased in 2013 and the PO kept it covered for most of its time.

As part of the purchased price I had the dealer we purchased from replace the Actibrake controller with a Dexter unit and had the brake hose recall performed.

At time of purchase replaced the GYM with Michelin 235/75 15 tires. A couple of months later I replaced the converter with a PD4655.

We had an interior remodel performed last year, queen to twin plus some extra interior enhancements.

Part of the renovations included some maintenance items:

New bolts for the stabilizer jacks
Check the Neverlube hubs and disc brakes
New propane regulator and hoses
Leak test. Found these leak tests are not 100% reliable for my rear window leak.
Once home the window leaked after heavy rain so I spent a couple of weeks working on it myself and may have it fixed after being exposed to the last several rain storms.
Had the plumbing vents replaced
The two skylights didn't leak but had Maxims installed
Had the 10 year old Dometic 13.5k replaced with a new Dometic 15k and new thermostat.

Next projects are to add a cell booster antenna, upgrade to 16" rims/tires, get a cabinet installed over the fridge and a SeeLevel monitor system installed. While that is being performed get new dump valves and a better water tank drain valve installed.

I need to wax the trailer too, doubt the PO did and I haven't done it yet.

I decided starting this month to take the Airstream out of storage as we are going to use it more this year and are planing to sell the house in June after we get back from Yellowstone. Hope we don't get any hail this spring. As soon as it sells I'll retire from work and we'll hit the road for our full time experiment.

2008 Classic 25fb "Silver Mistress"
2015 Ram 2500 6.7L Cummins. Crew Cab, 4x4, Silver
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We are the third owners of a 1994 Classic which had been rode hard and put up wet but I thought it had a lot of potential. I am a sucker for projects and purchased this one for a reasonable price.

This trailer was used hard, maintenance neglected, much TLC was needed due to the effects of age, weather and any RV must have a certain level of maintenance or they go downhill quickly. I am an avid DIY'er except for upholstery. Each year I set aside some time and funds to tackle another project on the trailer.
Over the past 6 years:
- new axles
- new brake backing plate assemblies (due to faulty wheel seals)
- repainting of tongue area
- replacement of 3 front lower panels and wraps. Old ones were dented and cracked due to front end separation.
- moved batteries to tongue to eliminate leaky battery boxes
- recaulked entire trailer
- a few window gaskets
- a few window treatments
- new upholstery and foam
- mattresses
- remove and recaulk shower door
- toilet seals
- shurflow accumulator
- insulated water pump
- replacement refrigerator never installed correctly by PO. Removed refrigerator, built a false wall behind so refrigerator would vent properly. Amazing difference in performance.
- tires
- replaced vanity faucet as the finish was gone on the original (found an oem moen on ebay for $20)
- removed and cleaned furnace
- moved thermostat closer to the aisle - factory mounted too close to the window and subjected it to drafts and cycling on/off too much.
- some etc.... that I probably forgot

Two major projects to go:
- replace some parts of the belly pan that are corroded
- refinish the exterior (someday after a shelter is built)

As you can tell my wife and I really like this trailer and the layout with all of the work done. Everything works as it should and the maintenance has been brought up to an acceptable level for me. If we every get a different one it will be at least a 2015 with ducted A/C or treat ourselves to a brand new one when I retire in 16 years.
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Have done a lot to changes to our 2007 Classic, some repairs, some improvements. We bought ours out of an estate and it had been stored outside for a number of year - now under a shed.
1. Immediately replace the 13.5 AC with a 15
2. Installed a flexible solar panel on the roof - can be walked on
3. Installed a rear wireless camera
4. Installed a MIcro Pulse monitor - has worked well and seems accurate
5. Numerous changes to improve space efficiency, which was better utilized in our previous '96 Sovereign
6. Installed a second TV in bedroom
7. Better bracing for folding table which collapsed several times when hitting bumps
8. Repaired leak in rear - rubber gaskets cracked due to sun exposure by previous owner
9. Skylights weren't leaking but were cracked from improper installation - installed Maxim (much better)

The Tex-i-can is Ready to Camp
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