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The Community

One thing I haven't seen mentioned is the Airstream Community that comes along with owning an Airstream. It's something that I didn't know about when I bought mine and it turned out to be the best feature by far.

Have you ever seen a Forest River Rally? or a Keystone Rally?

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Must be something in the Build Quality that attracts me, after all I ride a Harley and drive a Land Rover. All 3 have their issues, but would I trade anyone of them in for a different make.................not on your life I wouldn't.

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Restorations done right
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You do realize a brand new trailer can be had that was built 30, 40 , 50+ years ago. By working with a quality restoration shop you could have a trailer that is exactly as you wish it to be. Most(but not all) restoration shops take great pride in what they do and the final product is often better built than what originally rolled off the line. The cost for such service is very much in line with a brand new unit.
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Originally Posted by TinLoaf View Post
Have you ever seen a Forest River Rally? or a Keystone Rally?
To be fair, I've been to a T@B rally (used to own one) and I know the Trailmanor and Roadtrek folks have them. But there again, they are off-the-beaten-path brands with devoted followings.

Maybe the best statement on this I read on this forum was that owning an Airstream is not like owning a Japanese car. They need maintenance and repair. But happily, the second best statement on this I've read is that maintenance on an AS is a whole lot cheaper than keeping up a vacation home...

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I think this makes a fair case for "slightly" used; let the new owners work through some issues and suffer the depreciation. You get the AS at a lower cost, still get the chance to work on it [yeah! I think?] but don't have to tow it back.

I guess it's fair to say that ALL trailers have problems [just a fact of life you have to accept if you want to trailer] its just that AS is the least bad of the bunch because of perceived value and, at least, you get to be "cool" and hang out with people who, sort of, at least think they are as cool as you are.

Okay, fair enough.
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Loud complaining happens on every forum

One thing I have learned over the years is that internet forums are a blessing and a curse. It doesn't matter whether you are researching cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers or any other product for that matter; there are two absolute truths; 1) The probably exists a forum where people are discussing it and 2) that forum will contain tons of complaints, product bashing, mis-information and a wide spectrum of opinions.

I read posts here for almost a year and a half and was at times freaked out about all of the quality issues that were being discussed - even to the point that we started to seriously look at other brands. Just for background we are experienced campers growing up traveling by trailer and we've owned other brands in the past. This time I had my heart set on the unique, durable and iconic Airstream.

Well, last year we finally bought one, a 23 foot front bedroom Flying Cloud. We absolutely love it, have already been some amazing places in it and any minor issues we have had were promptly fixed or adjusted by our dealer Colonial Airstream.

When we look at our Airstream we see more than just a trailer; we see adventure for years to come as well as one of the best conversation starters we've ever experienced. Everyone who camps knows what an Airstream is and many want to stop and talk about it.

We love everything about owning an Airstream and since you said in your original post that you were considering one, you are probably doing so for all the reasons we've stated above that we own them.

Buy from a reliable dealer, make sure you care for your purchase by cleaning, waxing, and properly maintaining the systems and you will be rewarded with decades of enjoyment.

One final parting thought - this forum in particular welcomes complaints and the members go out of their way to help address them. The is no other forum I have ever participated in that provides a better source for such reliable, helpful and friendly information. We love our Airstreams and we want others to enjoy the experience as well.

Hope this helps.
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In every aspect of life people bond and connect over all manner of problems and mishaps
no matter how great or small. If everything was perfect, what would people have to talk about?

This forum is one big "complaint dept." where people can and do rant about every little thing.
And in the process you meet lots of great people and learn tons of useful information
from knowledgeable sources and random folks who have run across whatever your issue is.

I bought my Airstream new for the durability and cool factor.
I have camped the heck out of it for five years and it still looks new.
I still get stopped at every gas station by people who want to see it and ask questions.

I also discovered this forum after I bought mine. And I've learned a lot.
The forum friends I've made at rallies will last a lifetime as will my Airstream.

And it still makes me happy every time I pull out of my driveway with it
following me down the road.
Rally on,
and no, those photos are not me.

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Bill, my money says that you're going to buy an Airstream. You will take care of her and you will love her.

I have had my first AS for only 29 days and I have only one significant regret.... I should have done this 10 years sooner.

When it breaks, I'll fix it, the rest of the time I will enjoy it.


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Well, that is an interesting perspective . . . that only the more likely to complain actually post hereon.
Guess everybody reads into these posts what they want . . .sort of like the first response that saw my post as a complaint. Not complaining, just trying to understand.

You are correct, I really want an AS, just trying to balance teh expectation w/ the reality. I don't mind fixing things up; I'm handy w/ repairs . . . I just don't want to feel as if I've paid and premium and gotten a lemon. [sort of like when I had a Range Rover. Not enough sugar to offset teh sour.] So, just want to hear from the happy owners who bought, think the AS is not what they thought it would be, BUT STILL love the overall experience.
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I have piped in a few times on this. I have a 1968 and would never buy I newer one. Well I take that back. If it was just my wife and I (retired) I might. We now have 4 kids. and the 68' i was able to stripe and redo how I wanted it. Bunks. Our friends have an 04' and also have four kids. The inside is Cheap. I said it.. But really it is no different from any other higher end trailer. So what do you pay for. Yep, rivets, and the name.

We also have friends with a 5th wheel with well over 40,000 miles on it. and still going great. Not all SOB's are bad and every trailer has it's problems.

But the bottom line is they don't make'em like they use too... And you are paying $15,000 + for the name. It sad but true.

I will have to get an SOB in a few years just for the room but won't get rid of the AS. as it is cool and tows great..

Get an older one. They are built better.

May you have at least one sunny day, and a soft chair to sit in..

2008 5.7 L V8 Sequoia
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Quality Control Issues and you STILL bought a new AS?

I, like Brian purchased a 2006 model in July '05, now with 50,000 miles and hundreds of pleasant nights. We like living in our own dirt and don't miss motels. We first had a Streamline for 21 years, then a Silver Streak for14 years, now a '05 Classic 34 SOD since new. They all had a few leaks and QC issues from time to time. As for workmen ship, I have yet to find a loose or improperly bucked rivet on the '06. This contributes to the structural integrity you won't find in box trailers. Remember they are built all by hand and not robots. The Classic has really been a great trailer. Find a good dealer or do as I do. On all items that I can't fix I take them to the factory once a year. Their work is superb and no questions asked on comebacks. Great people to deal with and the same for those in the one stop light town of Jackson Center, OH. The free camping while getting serviced is also a fantastic deal. I say, if you haven't, bite the bullet and go for it. You will be glad you did.
"Space A"
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I've learned from reading boards for years, that the negatives are always the loudest and most likely to post. Some folks just like to bitch and wouldn't be happy even is something is perfect.

Take a look inside a typical white box. To me, they are disgusting with every surface covered with vinyl, fake oak and they also include plastic sink faucets! And, that is only the surface.

I visited Colaw salvage and it really gives you an insight into construction methods. A lot of the white boxes are 2X2 wood framed and stapled together. I can't imagine they would hold up very well.
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Airstream might have some issues but...........

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I too have owned various camping vehicles. The best all around winner by far is the Airstream. I think so highly of the privilege of owning one that I was inspired to write the following poem:

The Silver Bullet
May 11, 2018

Come ride the silver bullet
A trailer from the past
Constructed like no other
Itís truly built to last

The concept of a journeyman
From airplane type design
Handmade in Ohio
One trailer at a time

I travel Ďcross America
I have the urge to roam
But no matter distance traveled
Iím never far from home

My homeís a Bambi Airstream
Just 20 feet in all
With every new convenience
Even though quite small

I ride the roads across the states
And travel back in time
Discovering the USA
One village at a time

From the coastline of Seattle
To the East Coast Florida Keys
The Californiaís Baja sands
Or Maineís cool ocean breeze

My Airstream is the answer
That opens up a door
With promise just a short drive on
Thereís waiting so much more

Each turn reveals new beauty
Each morn a brand new day
God blessed us with this special land
We call the USA

Itís calling me to see it
In its beauty and its style
To bring it close and personal
If only for awhile

Come see me in my travels
Or come join me live my dream
Iím only just a click away
In my shinny new Airstream

George L. Snediker

When was the last time you came across a poem about a Jayco? Just saying!

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