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My turn, In a past life,I owned a coachman,and a four star class c.A few years ago I went looking again with the holiday rambler in mind.I saw an airstream argosy for sale in a campground,checked it out,& bought it.I've done some research,& nothing else compares to an airstream.The holiday rambler's (pre monaco) were my 2nd choice though.A really clear way to tell how well different companys build 'em,find an r.v. junk yard,and see whats left after a crash.That opened my eyes .Something to think about,if a tree branch,etc. ever falls on your tt while your inside.

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my 2 cents

here is what i a new 25' sob for less than $15k...invest $20k in in the sob every 5 yrs. or so for a new the end of 20yrs. you should still have money in the bank!!!

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We went through a pop-up & a hybrid (fold out bunk ends).
While we were looking for the hybrid we saw a used airstream (mid 70's?). Dirty interior and smelled of smoke, but the door closed with a satisfying feel and sound. The floor didn't twist when you walked from one side to another. It looked, well it looked like the way things ought to be done.

The pop-up... in some ways was a satisfactory experience, but it was always humid and our (then 2 YO) oldest never did sleep very well in it. This isn't a good thing.

Alas, our TV was a mere Expedition, and the lure of a shiny brand new bit of fiberglass was greater than that of a 20 year old Airstream of similar length.

Also alas, the hybrid slept 8, but lived about 2.5. After our second child began to walk, every rainy day was pincushion day. All elbows and knees into the softer bits. Ow. Kids slept fine, but I never mastered the art of sleeping in that cussed thing... and I've slept in the stairwell of the Lake Michigan ferry.
When the Expy neared its expiration, we stumbled across the 1500HD. My wife was scanning the manual one night and gave me one of those looks. "This would pull an Airstream, wouldn't it?"
Yeah. Yeah, it would.
Fast forward one more year - a year ago today, as a matter of fact, and find us purchasing a 21 year old AS. In the last twelve months we've pulled it around 3300 miles and used it for something like 45 nights.
It is vastly superior to the "brand new when we bought it, but 5 YO when we sold it" hybrid.
Yes it has some small maintenance issues. The thing is, it has systems that are labelled, and well thought out. Our 31' AS pulls easier than our 21' hybrid - we get better fuel economy, believe it or not.

So whatever a return "dark side" entails, any prospective unit would have to reflect the things we value about the AS. Durability, maintainability, efficiency, livability, solid construction, clean lines, and a timeless look.
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Originally Posted by mherbert
I asked the same question on the Fiberglass RV site and got this answer. I hope it is ok to quote.


First, with a 6300 lb towing capacity (or higher depending on year model) your Tundra is well suited to tow any of the trailers you're considering.

I don't pretend to be a know-all end-all, but I bought my first Airstream, a 1970 Safari Special 23' single axle trailer in 1987 and sold it in 1994. This might get a little lengthy, but I’ll share the comparisons I’ve been able to draw.

Since 1997, I've had and used a '61 Bambi for 3 years, a 325 moho for three years, and a 1994 34' Limited tri-axle for three years. Interspersed there I've aquired and resold a '77 Argosy Minuet 6 metre, a '57 Overlander 26', and a 1953 Flying Cloud 21'.

Sorry to be sooooo long winded… but you DID ask!

When plunking down lots of $$$ it is always good to ask. There are always cultists that think that only one thing is right and true. An informed decision is always better.
It's amusing to find one of my FGRV posts quoted here! If anyone is interested in the comparisons drawn there, here's the link to that discussion on

The part about the heat and A/C units and the difference in insulation and reflective value of the white gelcoat vs. aluminum is true. An 11k BTU A/C unit turned to it's warmest setting will freeze you out of the 25' Bigfoot. The 13k BTU unit in the 34' tri-axle couldn't keep up in the 34' in direct sun in 90* weather. Two 13k BTU units could JUST keep up in the 325.

BTW, Terry, Bigfoot does hold up as well or better than Airstream in a rollover. Last year, according to the owner of Camping Country RV in Colorado Springs, he got a 25B21RB (21' rear bedroom) back after a rollover, installed a new A/C unit, did a little glass work, some gelcoat repair, replaced some cosmetic stuff, and sent it back out the door to hit the road. It's rare to see a rolled Airstream hit the road again.

I will add that there aren't many SOBs that can currently compete with Airstream for quality and longevity; however, my Bigfoot 25' cost half what a comparable 25' Safari cost. After a year, my Bigfoot will have depreciated about $3k. After 10 years it will still be worth 20k, or 2/3rds of my initial investment. A 10 year old Safari will also be worth about $25k, a little less than half of it's original value. In other words, I'll lose about $10 to depreciate on my Bigfoot, but I would have lost about $35k on a 25' Safari. As I'm getting closer to retirement age, money management and value retention have become more important to me. The difference in insurance between the Airstream and Bigfoot alone makes up about 1/3 of my monthly payment for the Bigfoot!

AIR 2053 Current: 2006 Born Free 32 RQ Kodiak Chassis, & 1995 Coachmen B-van
Former Airstreams: 1953 Flying Cloud, 1957 Overlander, 1961 Bambi, 1970 Safari Special, 1978 Argosy Minuet, 1985 325 Moho, 1994 Limited 34' Two-door, 1994 B190 "B-Van"
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What about a vintage Silver Streak? Does anyone have opinions on that?

Myra Winter here...

You just have to decide if you’re a Tigger or an Eeyore." - Randy Pausch
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We never looked

I guess I'm not the smartest guy around here, but we never looked around. Well unless you consider looking in several states for a lightly used Airstream looking around.

Our family had one so I never wanted anything but an AS. A friend of mine has a pop up and although its quaint its simply a step above tent camping. Of course I go tent camping too!

Sooo....what do you do? Well just keep an eye on this forum because there are always trailers for sale. Also you might want to check out the various regions of the WBCCI. Several of these have ads on them for used Airstreams that may be local to you. If you're in Texas then you'd look in region 9.

The crazy part about this is I drove all the way to Melbourne, FL to buy our current AS. That's from San Antonio

I guess you probalby shouldn't take advice from me!

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The thing AS is missing in the line-up is a Toy Hauler. They're all WAY out of my price range anyway but if I had the money + the tow vehicle that's way I'd be looking at. Maybe someday when I win the lottery I'll buy a frame off restoration project and convert a mid '60s Safari

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If I were looking strictly at travel trailers I would look at New Horizons, Big Foot and Artic Fox.

Now if money is no object and not just looking at travel trailers then I'd be looking at a Bluebird or Prevost. (Can dream).

However, we love our Airstream. I could see getting a 34.

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I just bought a 2001 34' with slide, it cost a little more than 5K but I am very happy with it. Personally wouldn't have anything else.
Keep the shiny side up.
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We have owned 3 different A/S's. We purchased a SOB M/H because of the availability of storage space and the amount of room it had. As it turned out it was a mistake. Not a mistake in leaving the A/S family but a mistake in that I always had something wrong with it. Being that it was a M/H and an older one on today’s standards I believe contributed to the costly up-keep of it. We have now purchased a newer Montana 5th wheel and will be picking it up today. I have no qualms with buying a SOB. Many of them I believe are built much better in today’s world than what the old stick frames were.

I hang around on this forum because there is a lot of good advice and I can still learn a lot!

Sounds like you are doing your research and it should pay off for you.
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Bill & Donna

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I checked out the web sites for New Horizon, Arctic Fox and Big Foot. Who designs the interiors? They look like all the other RVs on the market. They look like something my Grandmother would like (and I'm 54).
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Sorry, but I have to join the ranks and to be really honest, we would never own anything else but an Airstream. We went right from our four season tent into an Airstream. Nothing else is like it and have no desire to try. If every Airstream vanished we would go right back to our tent! Maybe that is why we have two and looking for #3!
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Is this true?

Originally Posted by Tarheel
I just bought a 2001 34' with slide, it cost a little more than 5K but I am very happy with it. Personally wouldn't have anything else.
Is this a typo?

getting a 2001 34' with a S/O for $5k seems like a great deal. Any more of these laying around?
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we have tried MO, SOB of stick builts in both 5/w, and tt, and a Casita.
As a lot of folks have said, it is what catches your eye and what you and your family needs. I always wanted a AS,but always went with something else because of more room, more storage, the ability to use a bathroom if traveling, or something easy to pull and easy on the gas etc. etc. Each in its own right met a particular need, but there was always something that was a drawback. The Hitchhiker 5/w (with 3 slides) was great, but with gas now at almost $3/gal, and getting 8 mph sucked. The casita is a great little(and I mean little) trailer, but my husband got claustrophic in it. It does have great resale value if maintained. We finally sold the HH, and bought a used 25 ft. A/S. It tows like a champ, and we like the charisma of it. It does require maintenance like the rest to stay looking great, but I am glad we finally settled down and bought one. Sometimes bigger is not always better, but it is what an individual wants, can afford, and feels comfortable pulling.
Good luck with your decision.
Jack and Jill

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