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Okay, new Airstreams is fair enough, but please do mention that if the family size vs budget equation doesn't match up with a new one, going back through one, two, or three decades can result in an affordable, serviceable model that provides many of the amenities of a new one and the reliability and quality of an Airstream.


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The overall quality and price. I would buy three SOB's in the lifetime of one Airstream. More bang for the buck.

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Thankyou for all your help on trying too find the right size airstream!!
'I'm still looking i hoping too find one soon!! So really it is alot better in a long run to buy a new unit or close too new!! I have enjoyed these 'threads' very much !! Thankyou ed kozlowski
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Originally Posted by SafeHarbor
Okay, new Airstreams is fair enough, but please do mention that if the family size vs budget equation doesn't match up with a new one, going back through one, two, or three decades can result in an affordable, serviceable model that provides many of the amenities of a new one and the reliability and quality of an Airstream.

What I have learned about Airstreams is that there is one for everyone--New or Vintage, Refurbished or restored, Bambi or long long trailer, Shiny or matte, Wet bath or dry, Rear bed or middle or front bed, Twin or double or queen bed, Gaucho or dinette or both, single or double axle, trailer or motorhome or van--there is no one size fits all.

The passions that Airstreamers develop for their rigs is contagious and exhilarating! There are even joiners and soloers.......who can ask for anything more? Airstreaming is a journey that is full of surprises.....pj
Paula & Ed
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Comfort & Quality

We wanted to move from our Monaco MoHo to something we could tow comfortably without giving up too much of the interior comfort of the MoHo. Her father had owned a vintage Bambi and we were familiar with Airstream's reputation for quality and towability. We looked at several of the larger Airstream models we thought might suit our needs and those of our Grandchildren who would be camping with us from time to time. I believe that 2004 was the first year of the slide out models and once we laid eyes on our Classic S/O we were sold. We had only to make the trade from our old Monaco and once finished with that little bit of work we were dreamin' of streamin' in our new rig. Since we owned an '03 Duramax Crew, there was no question of tow rig suitability as we owned the ultimate TV. We've been happy with our decision ever since having put over 20K miles on her. We've also been fortunate finding a dealer who is capable of quality custom upgrades as we dream and scheme about improvements to suit our wants and desires in that regard. Airstream Forums, Airstream Life and other Airstreamers have been instrumental in all this added expense and pleasure without a doubt so thanks to all.
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Why I bought the AS

I would like to be more altruistic, but the reason I bought my AS was that I knew it was worth more than I was paying! the neat thing was the seller knew it as well but wanted the space for a motorhome. $1500 for a 72 Tradewind in fair shape.

Pure restoration types read no further!

I am now updating the trailer. New tires, Reupolstered the gauchos, I am now replacing the supply side plumbing (pump and water heater went--so I figure just updating the whole thing!). Before I get to the plumbing I will be replacing the vent with a fantastic vent and replacing the lights with flourescent lights and LED plates. There will be a few other modifications as well. Even after all of that is done and the new axels are installed + new awnings, I am still a few (very few!) bucks ahead and get a heck of a value for my $. These things really are a classic example of something built to last. If the wiring was in condiut I would have also said to be easily repaired .

The AS sort f grew on me; now it has evolved into a hobby of sorts, only it is a very usefull hobby! I get to have a great mobile base camp. I was thinking that maybe when I retire (a long way off yet) it would be fun to take the camel to Las Vegas - by way of North Carolina! (starting from Wisconsin).
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Keep the ideas coming, Folks. I'll be finishing up the article soon.

I appreciate the responses so far. Great stuff!
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We just ordered a 25 FB ccd. The main consideration (besides the fact that we love airstreams) was it being a liveable space. That the design was functional as welll as super cool design (interior and exterior). Love that the bed is in the front of the trailer so the vistas can be seen from the common areas(kitchen/dining/living). We chose to add solar to add life to batteries while dry camping. Able to fit surfboards when we need to lock them up. Decent sized shower (Roman is 6'3"). Lastly, wanted to be able to have entry in all state parks (some do not allow larger than 25 ft).
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Originally Posted by mello mike
Keep the ideas coming, Folks. I'll be finishing up the article soon.
it's taken more than a year to gather info? wow

airstream ownership is 'timeless' are you testing this concept?

rich isn't paying you by the month is he?

since there are dozens of threads here on this topic...

you may still have time to read them.

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

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Quote-worthy comments ….. hmm. Well, those surely won’t come from me, but here is a response for us.

We moved up from a 4-wheel-drive VW Westfalia camper to our Airstream and wanted a compact size without the camper’s disadvantages. So what did we look for? A trailer so we were not like turtles carrying our “home” around with us all the time. A good shower and toilet and not a wet bath. A bed which remained permanently in place and made-up. Stove and refrigerator large enough to really use. We chose Airstream because of the quality and design of the aluminum shell, the towing characteristics, the axle giving a low center of gravity, and because the 19’ Bambi (Safari - 2002 model) had all of the features we wanted. The quality of the cabinetry did not equal the Westfalia’s, but you cannot have everything all of the time. We selected the Bambi after having sat in and inspected it over several months at RV shows and dealers.

We have made numerous changes to make the Bambi suit us better. Those have included a much larger sink, more counter space (without any crowding of the interior), improved and added drawers, more overhead storage, a solar panel, and reupholstering. We have never felt cramped in it (it is large compared to the VW) and, for at least one trip each year, spend 4-5 weeks in it. We includes: two moderately tall adults and a large dog. We are “outdoor” people and are not usually in the Bambi during the day.

Advice for a newby? Take your time, think about what you want and expect from the trailer, sit and walk around in as many as you can, and consider what will keep you happy when you are on a trip with your Airstream. Buy for yourself and not according to guidelines, however well-meant, from people who will not be with you in your trailer.
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My wife and I started looking for our Airstream when we placed her business on the market. I am a retired military officer and we were planning to simply "drop out" for a while after long careers.

Surprisingly, there is a dearth of Airstreams in our local area (South Florida), and the nearest dealership is small and some 60 miles away.So it was a long process. Eventually, we found our 31' 1986 Sovereign in Tallahassee and our first trip was the 300 mile plus trip home.

We chose the Sovereign because it was roomy, relatively light (compared to today's models) and, while it did need quite a bit of cosmetics, all systems worked. The price was also reasonable.

In the past two years we've towed it 8500 miles and had one driver-induced accident (which, by the way, would have totaled a SOB) and a handful of minor systems glitches that were easily remedied.

Wouldn't trade a minute of it.

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Hello first consideration was what could I tow with my Honda Pilot....despite the tow pkg....NOT MUCH!! ....I fell in love with the 19'.. 75th limited edition...I am a 4ties girl at fixer-up stage of life has long gone. ... It was going to be my one and only...what more could I's equipped with modern conviences and has vintage style... When the drugs wore off....I remembered....I am married, my son is 13, we have 4 small dogs and my gosh where would I put the toothbrushes let alone my grandkids!!! So we went to the TOY store and now have a Tundra, the '07 Safari 25' SS SE with the L-lounge, 3 sleeping options and a very happy family....we could have gone a step up but outside of having a larger bed, the floor plan didn't offer us much more...The best part of it all is.....I can pass it on to my kids or pass on in it ......
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My $.02

1. Tow weight. If you get a 34', you will need a diesel or 454 big block (or equivalent) tow vehicle. Smaller Airstreams you probably will not.

2. For a couple, a rear queen island bed is really nice. Single beds on each side make for lonely nights . You can put a board across the isle and pull the mattresses together, but it is difficult to get to the bathroom or front of the trailer.

3. Holding tanks. Older models without holding tanks may limit your camp site opportunities. Blue tote able tanks are an option, but a hassle.

4. Length. A 34' may limit your camp site opportunities. I have owned a 34' Excella and two 25' trailers. I think the 25' trailers are perfect size. Not too small or too large, towable with most pickups, will fit in most campsites, has 4 tires (or 2 for 1950's trailers) instead of 6 for a 34 footer (more expensive to replace all of them). If you want to buy or replace awnings it is much cheaper for a shorter trailer. On the other hand, if you are going to park it in one place and not tow it much, a 34' may be just the ticket.

5. Known problems with some years such as the rear bath sagging problem.

6. Air-conditioning. In the South and other areas, a trailer is pretty much un-useable without it much of the year. Make sure it works. By the way, a single unit in a 34' Airstream in the South doesn't cut it.

7. And of course, condition of the unit verses what you are paying for it. I have found that it is much better to pay more up-front when purchasing it rather than having to fix and repair or replace everything later. If spare time is a problem for you, get one that doesn't need a whole lot of work. I have a 1953 Cruiser that I have been "restoring" for the last 10 years.

That's all I can think of now. Hope it helps.
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Originally Posted by dmreilly10000
6. Air-conditioning. In the South and other areas, a trailer is pretty much un-useable without it much of the year. Make sure it works. By the way, a single unit in a 34' Airstream in the South doesn't cut it.
It doesn't cut it in the Midwest either.


Jack Canavera
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'04 Classic 30' S.O.,'03 GMC Savana 2500,'14 Honda CTX 700
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