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We have extensive experience with two 25FB's. One was a queen and the other is a twin bed configuration. The queen was a little more difficult to make. The twins are significantly easier.

The twins have better outside storage. This is also true on the 27FB.


SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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One tiny fact: the 27FB is actually 1" longer than the 28. We love our 27FB, but don't choose it because you think it's shorter than the 28.

Rocinante is our 2014 International Signature 27FB
(Named for John Steinbeck's camper from "Travels With Charley")

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Your first decision to opt for an Airstream is right on. You are very lucky to have happened on the Forum. You too will get great and diverse advice from our fellow posters.

We are about to complete our first year in our Flying Cloud 27 FB Twin. Yes TWIN. We really like the feeling of spaciousness we get...look down the entire center of the trailer and you will see. You can easily get to the overhead storage. Beds are easy to make. If you are camping with a group it becomes a second gathering room with two sofas and a TV! We usually make the front dining area up as a lounge area with lots of pillows. Super comfy and great cuddle space.

It's usually the two of us. We have and will do one or two 2 week trips per year and weekend outings on the other 10 months. We normally utilize national and state parks so have already learned lots about dry camping. All is good with our FB 27 Twin for this application. Storage issues never a problem. In fact we have empty cupboards all the time. Only challenge has been our single AC unit. When Very hot it cannot do the job. The non colored aluminum exterior absorbs much more heat than a white painted box trailer. We opted to install a second awning and the problem minimized.

We opted for a Ford 3/4 ton diesel for tow duties. We live in California and are doing lots of mountain driving in the Sierras and Rockies. Driving is safe, quiet and effortless. If you are unaware, diesels can employ an "Engine brake" to assist in maintaining a safe downhill speed. IM EVEN COMFORTABLE WITH MY LOVELY WIFE DOING HER SHARE OF THE MOUNTAIN DRIVING!

Lastly...Rex and Rosie (Our truck and Airstream) are great conversation starters whoever we go. People are ALWAYS interested.

Best of luck. What ever you choose to do you will surely have a great time.
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Airstream Size Considerations

Originally Posted by moosetags View Post
We have extensive experience with two 25FB's. One was a queen and the other is a twin bed configuration. The queen was a little more difficult to make. The twins are significantly easier.

The twins have better outside storage. This is also true on the 27FB.

We looked at 25/27/28, liked the 27 best (microwave); energetically agree with Brian's recommendation to think carefully about twin beds with additional walking/co-exist space vs. double bed, but twin beds must be ordered specially. They're worth it. WRT towing, has been my experience a properly powered and equipped half-ton will comfortably pull up to the 27', probably the 28 too. Lots of folks tow with standard small block V-8s or Ford Ecoboost in the half-ton's comfortably, but if you expect to boondock (with tanks other than empty) and/or get close to max towing weight, a diesel or big V8 motor avoids the feeling you're beating the horses to keep up speed. Choosing a tow vehicle is the subject that produces the widest range of opinions. Whatever you use, we're fortunate the Airstream, due to its design, weight and shape, allows workarounds in tow vehicles other brands wouldn't have room for. Good luck, welcome to the forum. 66c
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The "East-West" bed in it is very comfortable but is a real 'bitch' to get in and out of on the Fwd. side. (3" clearance between bed/wall)
[I too hit my head on the storage bins several times]
Also, I found the storage space to be rather sparse, after upgrading from a 23' Hi-Lo that had 'tons' of storage space.
So, I traded in my 25' 2015 'Cloud for a 30' 2016 'Cloud. It has a "North-South" bed that is easier to get in and out of.
It has much more usable storage space, especially outside. and while I haven't had it 'out' yet, (It's In Winter Storage at CanAm), it towed pretty well with my Ford F-150 EcoBoost, during the trial run.
When checking out the various sizes, check the floor plans for little things like Wardrobe width/size, and does the bedroom have a closet or nightstand bedside. Go for the closet. I went to a 30' over the 27' for those reasons; bigger wardrobe etc.
The extra weight of the 30' was negledgable, and within the Ford's ability.
I'm looking forward to some very comfortable usage this year.
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We were in your position, just getting ready to retire. We went to alumapalooza last year not owning a trailer. Lot's of people had their trailers open to look at and there were all sizes of new ones on display. We decided on the 27 because of the bedroom layout. I pull it with a chevy tahoe and so far we are satisfied. I think you will be fine with the tundra, you may slow down going up large mountains but personally i'm not in any hurry.
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This decision is a compromise. When you go big it's harder to get into and out of tight spaces. Bigger costs more, maybe not for the coach, but certainly in fuel consumption and the purchase price of a tow vehicle. The positive is more space, easier tire upgrade path, bigger tanks, bigger refrigerators, and in some ways a nicer looking trailer (full windows on both ends look nice). What is not to like?

The problem with used is availability. Travel is your friend. Do not feel you have to purchase local. Find the coach you want, verify it's condition (yes, they leak), budget for upgrades, and enjoy the smiles.

Good luck with your search and travel safe. Pat
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One thing on the forum you will get a lot of opinions. Well my opinion is that I like our 30' Classic the best. I pulled ours with a Tundra 5.7 and then went down to a 5.3 Silverado and am happy with it. The Tundra was great, but I "busted"it. I get around with the 30' fine. Some one mentioned Youtube vidios. The dealer in New Jersey does a fantastic job on them. Only you can decide, but take the extra money on big TV and put it in the trailer.
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Our RV & Airstream Story ---

Dear New Member,

This fall, my sweetie & I (both retired) traded-in our 32 ft 5th wheel for an AS, before which we did a lot of reviewing & shopping. Initially, our plan was to buy a FC 23 FB. Eventually, we went to our local dealer, AS Adventures NW, in the Seattle area, & did the whole tour of AS trailers from smallest to largest. While we continued to want a Flying Cloud, we quickly became impressed with how much more spacious a 25 was relative to a 23; the 25 (and the 27) has a floor plan that works for us remarkably better than that of the 23. Also, we found that the 25 weighed approx. 700 pounds more, which we thought would not result in much effect in its towability, and costs approx. $6,000 (perhaps 10%) more. Also, a number of dealers either stated or intimated that a 25 was the smallest trailer they would recommend for a couple who wanted to use the trailer for more than occasional camping. This recommendation has since been strengthened by reading similar recommendations from other members on Air Forums. All in all, we concluded that the 25's benefits far outweighed its relative disadvantages (additional weight, length, & cost). Therefore, our plans for getting a 23 became superseded.

Between the two of us, we've had a number of RVs, from my old 8 ft Lance camper on a F-150 to my sweetie's & her ex-husband's Winnebago and then 45 ft Prevost motor coach (at approx. $1.5M), so we wanted the next one for both of us to be "our last RV." Furthermore, numbers of dealers told us that RV owners typically "trade-up" after several years, and we wanted this RV to become "our last RV" & this transaction to be "our last trade-up." Particularly after having bought the 5th wheel, which turned out to be a mistake for us, it became worth it to us to spend a little more time and money than we had anticipated to get what we hoped would be "our last RV." At that point, we began looking at the 27, the 28, & the 30. The layouts of the latter two didn't work for us (the dinette opposite the kitchen didn't work for us), but we found the 27 to have a couple of features we liked: a wrap-around double bed and approx. 2 ft more storage area in the kitchen & clothes-closet areas, at an increased weight of approx. 600 lbs. and an additional cost of approx. $6,000 (another 10%). Also, one long-time AS owner (currently a 25) & dealer told us that a constant problem with the "equatorial" (east/west) bed layout in the 25 is that the person sleeping next to the wall has a hard time getting out of bed in the middle of the night (which, as old geezers, we do), and the person sleeping next to the window invariably hits his or her head on the overhead storage bins when getting out of bed (ouch!) --- and also that the "longitudinal" (north/south) bed is far more easily made (because it has access on both of its sides). I asked him why he had not moved up from a 25 to a 27, & he replied that most of his trailering was spent boondocking on one-lane, narrow, forest trails, and he thought the 25 was more maneuverable than the 27 for that. Therefore, we turned our attention from the 25 to the 27.

When our local dealer quoted us a price on the 27 that seemed excessive to me, I began calling dealers from NJ, through OH & IL, & throughout the west coast. When a dealer in central CA (Toscano RV) gave us a quote on the 27 around the retail price of a 23 & also offered to buy our 5th wheel at a reasonable price, we thought the drive down to central CA from Seattle was worth saving the $7,000 relative to what our local dealer has quoted us for a 27 (and who would take the 5th wheel as a trade-in only at a substantial discount). Thus, we got the 27 & an unplanned vacation in central & northern CA, OR, & back home (along with a new AS & no more 5th wheel, thank God --- the smaller, lighter AS works much, much better for us than the larger, heavier 5th wheel, whose two slide-outs we don't really miss).

To tow the 5th wheel, at 9,000 lb dry, we had bought a 2015 Ram 2500 Laramie crew-cab 4x4 short box w/Cummins diesel. When we got the AS, we added the dealer's recommended Blue Ox anti-sway hitch, at approx $600, which I installed in less than an hour. What I can say is that the combination of the Ram, the Blue Ox, & the AS 27 really works for us; I have no problem driving it 500-600 miles/day --- it's like the trailer's not even there (except for the extra weight, which the Ram diesel handles uneventfully). My only regret is the marginal mpg. Driving the Ram at 60-65 mph dry, we get 20-22 mpg; towing the AS reduces that to 13-15. Perhaps I should be glad; towing the 5th wheel, we got 10-12 mpg.

An addendum: Perhaps I should add that I have a 150 lb Harlequin Great Dane & my sweetie has a 15 lb Shih Tzu, both of whom are avid travelers & fit comfortably in the 27, and the extra (what is actually an extra approx. 3) feet of the 27 relative to the 25 is mostly in the middle of the trailer & doesn't add significant extra accommodation for the dogs; so for the dogs alone, the 25 would have worked just as well.

Especially if you intend to use the trailer for any significant time as a couple, I hope you'll give the 25 another look. My best to you two however you choose to proceed.


Richard Wills
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Flying Cloud 27
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We went in to buy the FC 25, but liked the layout of the 27 better. It's easy enough to pull....I do it with a Sequoia.
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2014 30' International
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We went through the same agonizing process for three years, until we found Airstream. That solved the question of which manufacturer!
Next came:which model.
We asked, we consulted the Forum, we talked to dealers, all adding more thoughts each time, but no answers!
Then we started asking a question of long time owners and dealers: "When folk trade in their Airstream what do they replace it with?" By far the majority said "with a longer model".
So, as we can't afford either the time or the money to experiment and keep changing, we went straight to a 30' International. Our TV is a 2012 F150 Ecoboost.
The two of us are happy as heck and convinced we made the right choice. Yep, the 30' can't get into every campground, but that's not been a problem, and pulling a 30' is really no different than a shorter one once you get used to it (100 miles is enough!).
That's what we did in your situation, and we have no regrets.
Best of luck - you will love your Airstream!
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When we first started looking I thought the 25 foot option would be best. But we ended up finding a gem of a 2010 27ft Intl CCD FB and it has been perfect for us as our first Airstream. We travel with a small cat but my wife is a crafter so the extra space is priceless. The walk around bed and two night stands make the bedroom highly restful and comfortable.

Our original tow vehicle was a 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the 5.3 V-8 and tow package. It was adequate but after a trip from Cental PA to Jackson Center, OH, I felt the need for more in terms of power and load carrying capability. So I upgraded to a 2012 Silverado 2500 HD diesel: wonderful match of power for moving and stopping. About the same MPG when not towing and about 2MPG better towing.

Congratulations on your upcoming adventures! I think you'll be thrilled once you find your Airstream. Message me if you have any specific questions about our quest and I'll be happy to reply
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Looks like you're getting lots of input! It's a sign of welcome from the AS community.

We went through the same decision. Finally concluded the corner bed 23 wasn't to our liking and the 27 was nice but so was a 30' AS or a big diesel pusher motorhome. The goldilocks method told us the 25 was just right. Time has proven that to be true for us.

Our TV is a 2014 Tundra crewmax with the 5.7. We've been to 11,000 feet in the Rockies (which is a 10,995' climb from our home in Florida). We can cruise at 75 on flat ground (but I won't tell you what that does to the MPG of a Tundra) I have not felt we were under-trucked. However, we are a couple and the Eddie Bauer is easy to load with stuff that other folks might put in the truck bed. I have put our rig ready-to-camp on the scales are we are at max weight on the truck. If we had more gear, bigger dogs or a couple of teenagers we would have to get a truck with more payload.

All the best with your decision and your AS adventures!
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For long-term use, know that Airstream seating is currently all flat plywood benches with a cushion on it. (With the exception of the Classic which has a sofa.)

25 (which is really 26) comes in rear or front bed. New 26U is rear bed. 27 and 28 (which are both really 28) come in rear or front bed. All offer twin bed option. Owners like their front bed for the rear view, owners like their traditional rear bed for the practical reasons.

We like our 25RB (smallest of the large Airstreams) for it's great tow ability with a half-ton truck or SUV, good combo for the money if money matters and great maneuverability. Traveling six months every year, we upgraded many items. Our best money went into improved seating for comfort and a Hensley/ProPride hitch for safe and effortless towing.

Doug and Cheryl
2012 FC RB, Michelin 16, ProPride 1400
2016 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab 4X4 Ecodiesel 3.92 axles

The Truth is More Important Than the Facts
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