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You may have taken the wrong impression from some of the posts. Airstreams are the best there is out there. Take a hard look at the SOBs, and you will see why.


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Hey Teksmith,
I understand your disappointmentregarding quality but I think you'll find all RV's have something to be desired regarding the quality of components and workmanship, regardless of the cost of the unit. I have seen 200K MH's that looked like they were wired by someone just off the street. Cabinetsmade from particle board etc. Some of the low end units cut corners to the point they are throw aways. At least with an AS it will hold it's value better than most other units. I can't help you with 22' but imo I would want plywood on the floor, at least it's proven material. I could ramble on but I won't. Good luck with whatever way you decide to go.

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Originally Posted by teksmith
... I am sort of thinking of buying a cheap non-Airstream throwaway TT.
well that's certainly another option, but if that's your goal, don't worry about a little chipboard (or lots of it!)

IF you only plan to keep it a year or 2 the floor may not matter.

Originally Posted by teksmith
...want to camp with the family, not spend my time doing maintenance.
family camping is a wonderful thing. and the truth is most kids could care less about trailer brands, it's the camping that matters.

but they ALL need maintenance of some sort, and investment in care is one of the reasons so many old airstreams are still in use.

a/s travel well, while other units crumble in use.

Originally Posted by teksmith
... was looking at Airstream because I don't mind spending extre $$$ on quality, but the overwhelming majority of feedback seems to indicate that late-model Airstreams are of somewhat poor quality...
you started out asking about a very specific model/year, almost no one is suggesting they all have these issues.

still it's important to understand the product and your needs.

darol's experience with buyers is typical. many just blindly jump at the first unit seen.

luckily they were buying from a guy who knows how to pick out the best units for restoration.

and just as importantly knows how to pass on really needy trailers...

the 04 in question is without a warranty, so going over every system is important for pricing and negotiation.

the best thing for you might be to BUY A BRAND NEW TRAILER WITH A 2 YEAR WARRANTY, the 23s are SWEET!

this likely doesn't matter 2 u, but the best a/s feature is that they are repairable, with parts available over many decades.

Originally Posted by teksmith
I am really beginnging to get cold feet on ever buying an Airstream. It really sounds like once you get past the cool looking skin, the product basically sucks...
it's not unusual to be all over the map emotionally during the shopping n buying process, that's healthy.

but very few here think the product 'basically sucks'.

see, the other side of "buyer REMORSE" is never owning an a/s.

we are a picky bunch of folks, with collective knowledge about LOTS of issues and a/s details over many decades.

so don't confuse specific issues on one model with 77 years of great travel trailers...

like robertsunrus noted above, all of us offering advice OWN this product, some for many years, or decades....

and our product loyalty is also for a reason....

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Many Years ago I was going to buy a boat, didn't know what I wanted. Bought a WindSurfer and watched and learned and sailed and had fun. Learned up on which sailboat I wanted, earned a slip for it by helping build the pier at the little local NYC in Kansas, almost bought the 22' sailboat then the bottom fell out of the industry I was in and was unemployed. Somebody else got my slip at the yacht club. oh I digress.
You did your homework, check your gut feeling about it, go have fun. That machine might not be the one for you today.
But you'll be back since you are looking for quality and the better product. Maybe you'll find a "throwaway" older airstream, use it a decade or two until the kids get out of the house, it'll still be worth more than what you paid for it.
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A word of caution

Before paying tens of thousands of dollars for any used vehicle, Airstream or not, do yourself a favor and get a vehicle history report from Carfax. I mention them in particular because they include travel trailers in their records.
You might be surprised at how many salvaged vehicles find their way to the market with “clean” titles due to clever legwork by the seller. Sadly, some Airstream buyers pay lewd amounts for damaged vehicles even when they are advertised as being sold with a salvage title.
More info is available in the Winter 2007 and Spring 2008 issues of Airstream Life magazine. Sorry if this sounds like a plug for the magazine. I just cringe when I see fellow Airstreamers invest their hard-earned money in a salvaged coach. Flood damage can take years to actually manifest itself in forms such as mildew and warped floors. Running the VIN through Carfax will at least tell you if any damage to the vehicle has ever been recorded.
Do you ever wonder what happens to fairly new Airstreams which were damaged in natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina? They often turn up on eBay with actual damage undisclosed or with a suggestion by the seller that the insurance appraiser miscalculated the extent of the damage.
Proper homework before buying a used vehicle should include obtaining a history report.

May you camp where wind won’t hit you, where snakes won’t bite and bears won’t git you.

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2air said:
so don't confuse specific issues on one model with 77 years of great travel trailers...
Thanks again for the feedback.
The data I have been receiving here seems to indicate that most late model Airstreams have serious issues. At least the '03's, '04's, and '05's. The photos you posted was from an '05 I believe. OSB floors, bent frames, major equipments failing (refers, A/C, etc). I don't want to spend more than $30k, so '06 and later are out of range, but I am not convinced they are any better. Vintage does not appeal to me as I am not really into this for the collectibility or customization (although the vintages do look really cool). I want to buy a trailer and go camping.
I want a late-model, 19'-25' trailer in my price range. What I really need to figure out is which late model Airstreams are of high quality (if any).
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Trailer Geriatrics

My trailer and car are older than my kids - both manufactured in 1975 - the car and trailer that is. I have been a "car guy" for most of my life. I lived on a working ranch and played with all manner of horse trailers. The Argosy is a shining example of a time when manufacturing did not engineer in "planed obsolescence". Everything I have worked on in the Argosy has been rebuildable. Every time I do maintenance or some improvements to the camper I'm impressed by the engineering. I don't see any 30 year old units on the road from other manufacturers. Stick with the best!
Donna & Mike
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There are MANY units out there, that are for sale between $28k and $34k.

I just looked at eBay (not an eBay endorsement BTW), and there are several units that are newer that are there.

Here are just a few I came across just glacing. No final prices yet, but good places to start looking and are in the *ballpark*. If they are dealers, most will finance it, and the interest can be written off as a second home. Additionally, most dealers (even sellig on eBay) will negoitate.

My point is that there are may units out just gotta get out there and look....and work it.....

eBay Motors: 19' Bambi Airstream Travel Trailer (item 180209227064 end time Jan-28-08 16:56:13 PST)

eBay Motors: NEW WHOLESALE 2007 AIRSTREAM 23SE SAFARI TRAVEL TRAILER (item 330206416713 end time Jan-29-08 08:06:56 PST)

eBay Motors: Airstream International 28 - 06 New - Kiwi Colors - (item 110217283567 end time Jan-29-08 06:10:38 PST)

eBay Motors: 2007 AIRSTREAM 20' Safari Special Edition - Used (item 270206296472 end time Feb-03-08 14:00:00 PST)

Additional places to look are RV trader, etc.
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Another source to look

RV Online -Used RVs for sale, including Used Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, and Campers
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Two years ago our only camping experience was in a tent. SuEllyn and I were considering buying a vacation home on one of the lakes in Northern Alabama. While on a trip checking out the lakefront real estate, we talked to a couple who had a lakefront lot on which they parked their travel trailer (SOB) while visiting their property from Atlanta. They told us that they used the TT while they were planning to build a home, but a funny thing happened along the way. They had started taking the travel trailer on other trips, and they had decided to sell the lakefront lot, get a nice moho, and see the USA.

This encounter got us to thinking. Did we want to tie ourselves to a single vacation destination, or did we want to visit the whole country? We had always thought that Airstreams were very cool, and we started doing extensive research on the Internet. We decided that if we were going to do this that Airstream was the way to go. We thought that renting a TT would give us the feel of TT travel. We looked into it and found that it would cost $4,000 to rent an SOB TT for month. Upon hearing this, we decided to buy an Airstream and give it a try. We shopped new and late-model used.

In June of 2006, we found our beloved Lucy (a 2005 Safari 25 FB) languishing on the dealer's lot in Alachua, Florida. Lucy had been built in February of 2005, and had been there on the lot for sixteen months. The dealer told us that there had not been any interest in this, then new, FB configuration. Two hurricanes had come through the Gainesville area during that period, and Lucy was clean and dry inside. We were offered a really good deal ($35,000) on the "unwanted" Airstream. We were offered a further $2,000 discount after a small dent was discovered in the middle of Lucy's left side. We parlayed this dent into a brand new Hensley Arrow. We call it her "Hensley Dent".

We started traveling extensively, and found that we really love Airstream travel. Since june of 2005, we have pulled Lucy 30,000 miles all over the country, and have spent over 200 nights in her. Every time we come home, we can't wait to leave again, and we live three houses off the ocean. We continue to be amazed at how much we are enjoying Airstreaming. We took a 45 day trip through Montana and Wyoming last Sping, and never tired of it (see trip by searching: Lucy's Great Excursion on these Forums). We even included our problems along the way.

If there is a better way to travel than Airstreaming, we haven't found it.
SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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Teksmith, If you'll be happy with another brand, then you should get one. I think most of have Airstreams because we won't settle for anything else.

Happy seaching - and camping.

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Alright. I went and saw the Airstream today. I was impressed. I feel a little better now after reading a lot of negatives. Here are the specifics:
2004 22' International CCD
1 Battery
3 more years of warranty on the AC and Refer.
No real upgrades, but it does come with sway bar

The AC has been replaced under warranty because it was making a funny noise.

This trailer has been meticulously maintained. The guys that own it now are the original owners. It looks brand new. They have always had it serviced at the manufacturing plant in Ohio. They indicated that the customer service up there was excellent and things were serviced that they didn't even know had a problem. For instance, the awning was a little crooked. They did not know this, but Airstream noticed it and fixed it.
They indicated they would have rather had black switch plates so Airstream swapped them out for free.
I asked him about the OSB floor and he said Airstream told him the floor was 3/4 inch plywood. Additionally, the underside is seems to be completely covered in sheet metal.
So I think I like the unit, it really comes down to what is a fair price?
NADA books it out at about $22k. I think it might be worth more than that, but $28k might be too high based on some of the feedback I have seen here.
I was thinking $26k. I am not sure he will take it, and I am not sure I will go any higher, but I am interested in other peoples value analysis here.

Here are some pics of the trailer:

Interior #1:

Interior #2:

Underside #1:

Underside #2:

Underside #3:
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I did a quick search for 22ft CCD and found very few. Those that were out there were priced high - mid $30s. $26K sounds like a good starting place. You might have to pay a little more than it might be worth due to its size. I think smaller trailers are becoming more popular as gas prices increase and TV get downsized.

Use whatever leverage you can. Does it have a convection/microwave oven or gas oven? Is a television included? Or a cover?

Last summer there was a unit like this advertised on RV trader. The owner modified the desk and created a little settee on a bench, maintaining the end of the desk with the drawer and furnace. I thought that was a great mod. I can't seem to convince my DH to make any change like that!

Good luck negotiating. Keep us posted.

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You wanna hear stupid?

I live in my 25 FB SE Safari. I'm "selling" my 2005 22 CCD... Last week I set it up on a lot to show to two people, then took it for a weekend of camping and now I'm seriously thinking of taking it off the market and keeping it for short trips.

THAT's Aluminitis! I promise you if you get it for $26K you'll get that much happiness out of it as long as you take it out and camp in it! Oh, and I forgot, one of my favorite camping spots is Ft. Story - right IN the city of Virginia Beach. You don't have to go far to enjoy Airstreaming.

Paula Ford

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