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Originally Posted by teksmith
has design flaws (ie. osb floor and missing cross-member).
If you are talking about the frame issue, that alone would make me walk. There are so many units out there that can be had for about the same price. It's just a matter of being at the right place at the right time.

The OSB flooring in this unit, if it does in fact have OSB would be the least of my concerns given what I've heard about the 22' units and the fact that they just disappeard with the 23 being the replacement.

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Originally Posted by teksmith
...Are you saying if all that stuff works, it might a reasonable buy?...
no, not for me.

but YOU n other new buyers, need learn how 2 inspect and develop a critical a/s eye...

without paying for the education.

the only way to acquire that is to practice some orderly process...

instead of being blinded by the shine!

you've been shopping for a year, but how many trailers have you gone over?

much like buying a house, there may be an immediate emotional response, good or bad.

but it's important to note that 'feeling' and then get on with the exam.

IF a newbie has not spend any/much time in an a/s, each look improves the understanding of personal trailer needs.

i'm 99.9% sure all of these have osb flooring.

there were only 2 models that got osb in 2004, this one and the 16s?

i think the argument a/s used for the 16 was that the ENTIRE FLOOR could be made from one piece of osb board...

which supposedly made it stiff, but the WET ISSUE still isn't addressed by this.

the happy owners of 22s need to chime in here too


here are some other related threads, post 37 on in this one...

and both of these in full. interpret for your self, this last thread.

you can SEE the osb/chip board in the first photos here...

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I am really beginnging to get cold feet on ever buying an Airstream. It really sounds like once you get past the cool looking skin, the product basically sucks. Too bad. I am going to look at this one tomorrow but I doubt I will pull the trigger.
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In defense of Airstream I want to say that the vintage Airstream/Argosy trailers can't be beat. I have a 78 Argosy, and a 76 31ft Sovereign that I think should last another 50 years if taken reasonable care of. They both pull wonderfully, have plywood floors, don't seem to be leaking now or in the past (and I have had the carpet out), have good propane systems, good 12V systems, good plumbing with a few repairs and give us many hours of enjoyment. I know vintage comes with special needs, but for $28K to $34K, you could have a professional make a vintage unit spectacular.
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It's not all gloom and doom!!!

TechSmith we bought our 2003 22' CCD last August for $22500 this price included a new custom cover the seller paid $1000 for. I know it is not polite to talk money in sophisticated circles, but I think $35K is WAY too much money and $28K is high too, BUT, the bank thought we paid too much money as well! We 'lucked out' and bought this from a private party who had it advertised on ebay for much more. The trailer was located just 50 miles from us. I have not seen any other privately owned newer AS locally since our purchase, and I have seen very few vintage trailers in my neck of the woods.

We are the third owner of our unit and I don't think it has been abused or mistreated. It had a couple minor problems (broken frig knob, leak at the antenna, tiny black tank leak, small scratch in clear coat) but overall it is in very nice shape. We were advised to be careful with the stablizers because we were told over cranking could crack the frame. The wet bath is not so bad. My 6 ft husband sits down to take a shower and I have no problem standing up. We have been in new trailers with a dry shower and separate toilet and found them to be very cramped compared to the extra space you have with the wet shower. The PO installed a boat mat in the shower which keeps your feet out of the wet during routine use and we always use a squeege or shammey after showers to keep the space dry. We also have a microwave/convection oven that can only be used with power, I think now I would prefer a gas oven and no microwave, but that's what came with the used trailer.

We have been in a number of new AS at RV shows and each size has its drawbacks, none are perfect. The thing I dislike most about the 22' CCD is the desk - I think it is silly and would prefer a couch or settee. Yes the bed is awkward and tight, but so is the corner double bed you find in many larger models. Smaller units can't accommodate a queen size walk around bed.

Lots of people will tell you to avoid large trailers from the 70s because of rear end separation, others will say don't buy something old that doesn't have a gray water tank. As for comments about AS not making this size model anymore, all product lines change over time and there are many models that are no longer manufactured. If you ask the forum which is the perfect AS you will get 15,000 answers. And don't forget to factor in your tow vehicle - what can it handle? Will you need to upgrade if you buy a larger trailer?

If you like the 22'ft CCD and it works for your family, buy it. Just negotiate a better price.

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2air is right - you need to educate yourself by actually looking at several Airstreams of various ages. I've sold 4 Airstreams in the last 5 years, all to people who had never owned an Airstream. As we talked, I realized they had not looked at any other Airstreams. I suggested they do just that before buying, but only one did. Of course, he came back after he saw what a couple others looked like, but at least he looked. Airstreams are one of those rare things where age doesn't matter as much as condition. There are BAD older trailers and some not-so-good new trailers. Being able to tell the difference only comes from looking and asking the right questions. Darol
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I agree the $34K is too high for a 22'.

We bought a brand new 2005 Safari 25FB LS with the A/V package in June of 2006 for $35K.
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Our first trailer was a 2004 22' CCD. We bought new for 38k (with hitch). Sold it a year later for 31.5k. It was in great condition and had the A/V package as an option. We enjoyed it on weekend trips to rallys around the NW. After a 30 day trip, we decided we needed more space. The single battery is a problem when boondocking. The bed is a killer to get in and out of if there are two of you. We used the Travasak bedding system which negates problems making the bed. I didn't mind the wet bath, but my wife thought otherwise! We never experienced any floor problems as others have mentioned. We thought a gaucho and walk around bed would be nice, thus bought the 28' CCD.

Most people upgrade to a larger unit after longer trips in a confined space.

Good Luck!
Jim & Cheryl

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If you are stressing this much over this purchase, maybe it is a sign not to purchase this particular unit.

There are other units out there.

For my 2 cents, 22ft is too small any way.
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Originally Posted by teksmith
I am really beginnging to get cold feet on ever buying an Airstream. It really sounds like once you get past the cool looking skin, the product basically sucks. Too bad. I am going to look at this one tomorrow but I doubt I will pull the trigger.
Hi,teksmith. If you think buying an Airstream gives you cold feet, go look at some SOB's first then come back and look at the Airstreams. Please note the nice people on this forum are trying to help you in your decision, and at the same time, they are all Airstream owners; They must not be all that bad. You can wait forever for the worlds best deal, and a week later someone somewhere will get a better deal than you did; That's just how it is. Good Luck.

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To buy or not

I would hate for you to never experience RV ownership, but based upon the advice you've rec'd regarding this specific model and it's challenges, maybe it's something to pass up. We ordered our Safari in 2005, bought new, no regrets, we could afford it. Growing up and camping in tents, Nimrods, Colemans, TradeWinds, and assorted motorhomes, I've had plenty of product experience to compare and my Airstream is the only RV I'll ever own, don't care about upgrading and couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. This is after all, a company with all their ups and downs, has survived some 75 years. There are great deals on all sizes of Airstream units out there....keep looking for yours!
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Hope you don't give up on the will find owning ANY trailer or RV is not without its frustrations and's the nature of the beast...remember you are pulling or driving these houses on wheels at 60-70 mph down the road...things shake loose. We owned a small motorhome before we sold it and bought an AS...we could see thie difference in quality right away. We are happy, and will probably never own another brand of TT. Look around, find the unit that's best for you, whether it's an AS or not, and get out on the road...RVing is a special world...

Hope we'll see you down the road....
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22 Love!

I bought a 2005 22 CCD and fulltimed in it for a year. Making the bed was a pain in the butt until I put a strap under the mattress to lift it from the far edge while making it. Travasack is a great option too. I moved up to a 25 FB SE Safari, but I still like the wet bath in the 22 BETTER. It's more roomy and easier to keep clean. It also had better closet space than the 25. The tiny refrigerator has it's drawbacks, but it left plenty of countertop room for a microwave. I did use the desk all the time - for my laptop / TV.

It was the smallest dual axle A/S - and if you can get it for the right price, enjoy!

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A very knowledgeable group. Thanks for the input. I am sort of thinking of buying a cheap non-Airstream throwaway TT. I want to camp with the family, not spend my time doing maintenance. I was looking at Airstream because I don't mind spending extre $$$ on quality, but the overwhelming majority of feedback seems to indicate that late-model Airstreams are of somewhat poor quality. It is really a shame. Keep the feedback coming, and thanks for the input.

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