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I am in the very beginning stages of restoring a 1964 Safari, and the help I have already received from Airstream and Forum users is incredible.. How many 1964 SOB's are even around anymore, much less restorable? How many other SOB's leave perfect strangers to exclaim "wow, Airstream, I always loved those". How many SOB's are in museum's? A love for the brand, great owners, art and longevity, these are just a few of the great reasons for me.

"I've got aluminum fever, and the only prescription, is more AIRSTREAM!!!"

'64 Safari Resoration Blog ("May"):

AIR 25979
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As someone new to the community and a person that bleeds orange, I have to say it is all the above. I know that my Argosy is 30 years old and I will be able to get another 30 years + out of her. It is a vintage thing. How many vintage boxes do you see on the road? This one is my first and I can not wait to get another one from the 60's. You will not be able to find a box that matches the size for the weight.

I would have to warn you that "aluminitus" does exist. You start doing the research and you get hooked. Before you know that $5k goes to $10k goes to $15k. A little tweak here, something new there, but it is true it is the most fun I have had and I have not even had her camping yet.

Good luck with you research.


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An Airstream is something that you want, not something that you need.

SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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If you don't understand, we can't explain.
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It's a lot like an old Corvette (mine is a '79), they were special and need to be remembered and appreciated. They grew into what is a premier American automobile today. My Airstream is exactly the same way. It is 40 years old and still a thing of beauty. It has evolved into the premier trailer in America today. I enjoy the link to an important part of the American past. If I didn't I might have a box.
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Hello and Welcome,

All I can add is that my Argosy feels like home and I've loved Argosys from the 1st moment I saw one.
I've had SOB's and hated the layout, lack of function, and especially the lack of view to the outside.
None of them can compare to the Argosy. Everyone will always comment on how "roomy" or "spacious" it feels inside. Of course the wrap around windows in the front and large windows all around make it easy to enjoy the view wherever you are. I find that I always had a hard time keeping an eye on my little ones in other similar sized SOB's. As soon as they went out the door I couldn't see them and the windows were not at my eye level. That's not the case with the Argosy and I could never go back.
I figure, I got a good deal on mine and I've been working on it myself. It's worth the effort to me for something of quality and great design. I like making it my own and knowing it will be with me for years and years. Even though it's 30 years old I still prefer it to anything else I've seen.
Good luck with your search,
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Originally Posted by flynaxos View Post
If you don't understand, we can't explain.
Glib comment to be sure, but a strong element of truth in that.

When we decided to downsize from a 30 foot box trailer we listed our wants (from high to low priority);

- shorter trailer that would allow us to fit on more campsites w/o reservations.
- no slides, simple setup to fit our KISS style of camping.
- that could be easily towed with a modest tow vehicle (don't like trucks)
- a trailer that was well built and would last a long time
- a trailer with low depreciation
- a trailer with low maintenance requirements
- comfortable for three season camping
- ergonomically comfortable

In the end the only trailer that met all of our requirements was a used Airstream. We've only had it for a year and it certainly has its share of problems (minor corrosion etc.), but my DW and I absolutely love it to death and wouldn't own anything else.

We recently went to the local RV show and saw NOTHING that interested us in the least, c'ept for a new Airstream!

I would never recommend an Airstream to anyone as their first RV. Once you gain some RV experience you'll know whether an Airstream is best for you or not.

Until then...happy RVing!
Gary & Debbie
2001 Safari 25 SS
2011 Chevy Traverse 3.6L AWD • Hensley • DirecLink • McKesh
Set-up by Can-Am RV
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Airstreams are just cool. That being said they are not perfect. Most of my life I have been driving older vehicles that I fix as I drive. People saw my old 1969 shortbox F100 and marveled at how kool it was. What they did'nt see was over the years I had every fastener on the truck off at least 3 times. Friends would buy a neat old car and start to work and reliaze how much effort it took to keep on the road and sell it. My 67 Tradewind is way kool, $600, sitting in a field in Arizona. We took it camping 1 month after buying it. It was an aluminum tent. 18 months later we are still fixing and still camping.I have about $1500 in it at this point and the list of needs is loooong! But the fun & kool facter for Helen & I is enormous. Helen is from England and to her the Airstream sayes America. Adios, John
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If you don't understand, we can't explain.
Not only glib, but not really on point either. As has been pointed out already, I think the original poster already understands, otherwise why ask the question? The original poster is currently evaluating a used Airstream likely in poor condition, against other brand trailers in presumably better condition, for equal or similar cost.

And yet, the original poster keeps coming back to this forum with more questions about Airstreams.

I think that says all you need to know, right there.

There is something about Airstreams that just draws some people in. They're certainly not for everybody.

And I can appreciate Garfield's comment about not making an Airstream your first RV, but I did exactly that, and I'll put it this way-- if I didn't have the Airstream, I wouldn't have an RV at all. I'd just stick with tent-camping, as I have for the last 30 years.

I don't want just any RV.

I want an Airstream.

And that's the difference...
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Having moved from a first-class pop up (Coleman Niagara with slide out dinette) to a 32' Airstream, I feel like I've moved from Motel 6 to a suite at the Waldorf-Astoria. And got the AS for less money! Basic response to your question, you won't find a 25-30 year old SOB in the same condition as the 25-30 year old AS.
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A silver kin owners perspective

I recently purchased a 1963 22' Silver Streak which is similar to an Airstream. Bought it with plans to renovate and there are no sites except Tom Pattersons' for SS owners. Tom's site is great but there are just not that many SS owners so consequently there is just not that much traffic on the site. I joined the Airstream site due to the enormous amount of information and support that is directly transferable to my SS renovation. I feel, if to do over, I'd have waited until I found a vintage Airstream so I would feel more a part of from what I can tell are wonderful group of fanatics. I do have to confess that I have already contracted what I fear is an incurable case of aluminitus, caught right here on this forum.....
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We have been camping with nothing but Airstreams for the last 24yrs.
Would not own anything else!

If we were to do it over I would reverse the experience.
I knew nothing about trailers when we started, with our 63 Safari. A very good original unit. It still required a 3k investment over and above the 3.2k purchase price. My personal labor making it fit to use, approx. 300hrs@$25.00/hr> discounted, because I was enjoying every moment of it. $7500.00.
No floor,skin,frame,axle,leak or other "major" restoration, with the exception of plumbing,furnace,and electrical. It was a long but gradual learning curve. Did not have the AS community to fall back on. It was 18mos before we went on our first trip.

If I knew then what I know now. We would have started with one that was "camping ready." Learning all that we needed along the way while STREAM'N! Maybe even adding a Vintage later on, like a lot of folks here have done.

I'm sorry to say that I would not consider new at this time. Too many negative vibes from the Mother-Ship. Now don't get me wrong, I love the "experience" of our Classic, it's the lack of pride in it's manufacture that drives me crazy.
Maybe it's just me, but then, maybe not.
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Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
but I’m the Husband, so we went to Cleveland. 😂

“It’s a crooked piece of time that we live in….”
John Prine
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New Trailers have more bells and whistles. However there is something about having a vintage american classic that I will never give up.

Originally Posted by atobols View Post
Let me start by saying that I understand that I am posing this question to a likely biased audience. I am making a plea to those that have had other brands of campers and have switched to airstream or those that have had an airstream, switched, and come back. I understand the stigma of a certain brand. I'm a John Deere man myself. Would a Kubota or a New Holland have done the trick...yup, but I went for the JD. I'm not a fan of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, but instead of BMW motorcycles which is perhaps just as closed-minded. I've owned Hondas...bought one of them brand new...but ended up with a now my second BMW and I won't go back to anything else.

So, WHY AIRSTREAM? Why should I drop $5000 on a 25 to 30 year old Airstream that likely needs another $5000 in work when I can buy a 15 year old camper that isn't silver and has any ol' name emblazened on the front? A camper that probably doesn't need a lot of work except to alleviate personal peeves. A camper that I can haul off to a campsite and sleep just fine in right now. Why should I seek the silver? Why the time, money, blood, sweat, swearing, etc.

Don't get me wrong here. Being a JD and BMW man, I know what it is to have brand-identity... but I knew tractors and bikes long before settling on one brand. I'm new to RV'ing. I have no experience other than what co-workers and relatives tell me...and none of them are Airstreamers. I have two Airstream opportunities right now and multiple non-Airstream ops. Please, give your input, but please be objective about're forming the opinion in an infant RV mind!
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I hope you bought a JD skidsteer loader a few years ago when New Holland was buuilding them for Deere and painting them green, because then you'd at least have a good one.

Anyway, Airsteams are just like the JD lawn and garden tractor I own. They both come with a lot of hype for which you pay much more than their worth from a utilitarian perspective. But your neighbors will envy
you driving around with them, and that's gotta be worth something.

I think it woud look way cool to paint an Airstream green and yellow.

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