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Tom, the Uber Disney Fan
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I'm always glad to see that there are less expensive options. I am inexperienced in the camping world so when I make a purchase I often start with the "you get what you pay for" axiom and wind up spending way too much of my hard earned money for something I could have got for less and been just as well served with and more satisfied with knowing I got a better value. When I am satisfied with a purchase, even an expensive one, I will share my experience just to give someone else an option. If someone else chimes in with a better deal, I'm glad they do so the person seeking advise will see that it is a good deal after all. I may look like I spent too much, but if it helps someone else make a more informed decision, then I don't mind. It's like the options Overlander63 listed, I wouldn't have known about those options if he hadn't listed them.

Thanks for tolerating my ramblings.

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You know, I really haven't gotten that opinion (everyone is about high-dollar solutions) from all of the forum reading I do. It is clear to me that some people are in better situations and some eke along however well they can (we're more in the latter category) and I enjoy reading about all of the situations/suggestions. Expensive equipment in some cases CAN be the absolute best thing to get, while in other cases a little ingenuity and elbow grease works wonders.

I love hearing how someone made a good fix with a $10 computer fan, or how someone else bought a $3,300 top-of-the-line fridge with all of the bells and whistles. It all adds to my internal knowledge base. There are people here from all walks of life, and some of them really appreciate the high-dollar solution, since it takes away the uncertainty factor. Plus some people just aren't (or don't want to be or have time to be) handy with this stuff and much prefer a professional to do it.

There's a place for everyone here! I have no issues with any of the info that has been given/suggested. I really appreciate hearing all of the options! Just please don't get your nose out of joint if you suggest a $3,300 fridge to someone on a small fixed income, or you suggest taking 13,000 hours to give your 34' a mirror shine to someone who is managing a multi-million-dollar company and has exactly 2.4 hours a week to spare and would rather be camping during that time and he/she doesn't take that suggestion.

It's ALL good!


"Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it remains?"

1984 310 Limited Motor Home "The Rockin' A"
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Personally, I like the quick humor exhibited by this group such as noting Rodney's tagline, and over63's disease-l.

And I appreciate the members' strong opinions about their rigs. I don't need to accept everything that is said before I can get benefit from it. For example, I keep reading the Henlsley threads because, one day, ... maybe. But I feel safe with either my easy-lift or dual-cam, as long as I drive safely.

In the meantime, I love my duramax, my airstream, and my prodigy. I also think that a Chesapeake Bay blue crab beats the pants off a Pacific dungeness for flavor, even thought it takes about half-a-bushel to get enough meat.

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Originally Posted by Stefrobrts
I think there are folks of the opinion that things are always better if done by professionals, where I am of the opinion that my work can equal or better that of professionals because I REALLY care about the outcome. I have paid good money for shoddy work often enough to know the most expensive solution isn't always the best one.
I tip my hat of to you Stephanie;
Work done by the professionals is just work, unless you are able to make a full and logical determination, having more knowledge than the person who carried out the work. Perhaps not all of us can do that, but if a non professional experiences problems with a completed work, then why do we think of them as professionals? Today a sign on the street side, cannot guarantee you that a single professional is working there. Today no one needs to show any diplomas to have a sign, just a license to operate the business. This in itself should make us think.

I have owned and operated my boat business for almost four decades. We are in surrounding Yellow Pages, but aside of that we do not advertise. There has been no instance in past thirty some years that we do do not turn down fifty percent of work coming our way. Some customers are with us for over thirty years. Here is the scary part. I would like to hire more technicians if I could find those that would qualify. They apply with diplomas in their hand and a resumes that increase your heart rate instantaneously from joy. Two weeks later you discover that the diplomas and resume are not worth the paper on which they were printed. The new work force available today believes that thinking is optional on the job.

While in the end it is the business owners responsibility, often the problems are not discovered before they leave the shop. This is where the business owners responsibility comes into play. They either do not know any better and are just figures, or they lack their responsibility to inspect the completed work. For one or another reason as a result we are at a loss in the end.
With a reputable dealer on the other hand, lack of proper communication can hurt both the dealer or the customer.

The one aspect in life which I admire in people, is the guts to attempt and the willingness to try your own hand. So called professionals at times cannot equal the care we are willing to give. People who pride themselves in their performance are happy and proud people, even those who have plenty of funds. By the same, this kind tends to overbuild and overrate, but that is their choice. While there can be major differences in price and the quality of product we buy, but that is a individual choice. If we are able to recognize the quality in the product, we are ahead of the game. But, by no means one can say bigger is better or more expensive will give us better service.

Therefore we are forced to make choices based on the depth of the pocket, or to fit our needs which may not be equal to needs of others. What I admire is all the folks on the forum who have shallow pockets and are forced to go at it alone, so that they can do something and be proud of it. When I have purchased my Argy, my 2500 GMC truck was down. Had five days to pay the balance and pick it up. Since I have towed most of my life I took a chance and brought it back over 400 miles with my 4.2 liter Trailblazer. Coming across US 80 over the highest point East of Mississippi I was able to maintain 65 MPH. Reese Hitch with load levelers and a friction anti sway bar. Yes I was passed by many TT's but at no time did I feel any sway. Common sense in towing still overrides the benefits of the Hensley Hitch, because you can get yourself in a situation where the HH will not save you or your AS. While my towing from here on will be done with my 2006 GMC 2500 HD because constant towing with Trailblazer would destroy the transmission, but nonetheless I was comfortable while towing.

There are many things in the restoration process that I am overdoing. SS frame, bubble insulation, aluminum clad plywood floor, Marine grade wire, all new appliances and best of everything else. It is not because I have a lot of money, it is because I enjoy it and take pride in my project, and most importantly I do it for my wife who deserves the best. But I would never try to convince anyone that they should do the same because my way is best. Perhaps I will have the best 26' Argosy in the world, but this will not mean much to many. It is not the public that I intend to impress, my wonderful wife Kay however, double yes.

At times our post replies and suggestions may become a bit overdone. But, that should not mean that any of those who cannot afford to have the work farmed out, or disagree with a post are less intelligent than the rest of us.
Their limitations and needs may not be the same as ours. I just wish that our Forums were founded on the true spirit of democracy. Thanks, "Boatdoc"
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Originally Posted by SilvrSausage
Thanks for saying what needed to be said.

I was just talking about a $10 innovative idea, and the first responder said "just" use a $173 top-of-the-line other widget and left in a huff. Luckily other posters came into the thread with some useful ideas, but it was a buzz-kill at best. Nobody needs to have it explained to them that the highest-priced way will work best; that is usually not the question.
mr sausage,

i'm all about using what you have, including the pc of pipe.

no huff 'n puff here.

and i've seen do it your-selfers do tremendously nice work, and i've seen total junk. beauty is in the eye of the heholder... look, look, i saved 50 bux, and you sure can tell...

at times, folks don't get it, and if you have to explain the humor, what fun is that... i'll start drawing pictures, using crayons and wild hand gesturing.... (see, waving arms about now)

and a lot of times here on the forums, people post to just here themselves post...

have you heard the one about...

i be po (movie ref, did you get it?),

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True craftsmen are hard to come by. I worked for years to get my mustang ready to wire, then handed it over to the 'pros' to finish. They shorted something out and burned up the whole wiring harness. I was left thinking 'well, I could have done that'

The tough part in life is knowing if you're dealing with a craftsman, or a big talker!

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I like hearing about all the latest and greatest stuff related to my Airstream. The information that we get here is always better than the manufacturer's assessment. Some of these things I can afford, some I can't, and some I wouldn't buy regardless.

Keep the info coming whether I can afford the upgrade of not. I will also continue to give my truthfull opinions on different methods or accessories that I have tried regardless of cost, or lack thereof.

SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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Good post Rodney.

I get a lot of good value from reading the highs and the lows. Both are right, in their own way.

Try towing with a vintage vehicle and there are those who think we are being foolish leaving the truck at home.

I enjoy saving money where I can, and I find tremendous personal value out of doing most of my work myself. If I have not done something before it doesn't mean I can't do it and have to have a "professional" do it, what it means is I now have a choice to either learn how to do it myself or have it done. I seldom take it to someone else - a big part of the fun for me is acquiring the tools to do the job (yee haw - more tools for the shop) and the knowledge to do it again and better the next time.

To each his/her own, but keep sharing the information please - be it the latest and greatest ring-dang-do or the thrifty route. As long as it is safe, dependable, and looks decent I'll consider it.

Barry & Donna
Life is short - so is the door on a '51 Flying Cloud (ouch)
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This is a great discussion. I do sometimes get a little depressed when reading about axels and electrical wiring and hitches and tow vehicles. My 78 has the axels it was made with, and is likely to keep them. If they leave me stranded somewhere, that's life. I never understand the volts and amps and measurements discussed on here. I just like it if all my 12V lights come on. Heck, I don't know how many amps my battery is putting out. I have a used equalizer hitch and sway bar attached to a V8 Tundra. I'm planning on pulling a 31ft Sovereign home from Michigan with a 5.4L V8 Ford. May have to slow down on those hills, but if we're careful we should get him to Oklahoma. We keep the brakes in good shape, all the running lights work, we drive carefully and we use the equalizer hitch. We've having as much fun as we can afford while keeping other driver's safety in mind. Thanks for making me feel that I'm not alone here in the middle class, still working AS owners club.
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Restorations done right
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I want to post to hear myself post...
I have come to the conclusion that anything someone else can do, I can do too. However, I also know my limitations and will allow someone with more experience take over in a difficult situation. Something else I know is you often get what you pay for. I am a woodworker, and I work very hard, physically, mentally, and spiritually to earn my beans and rice. The last thing I want to do is save $50 on something, but need to replace it after a short period of time. Let's face it, Airstreams are not cheap... if you want something cheaper, buy an SOB... don't buy the top of the line and not expect folks to use top of the line equipment to improve their units.
And while I am posting to hear myself post... some of you out there need to push the spell check button before you hit the submit one, it is free and comes with your computer... kind of making a hillbilly like me look smart. Also "I" as in referring to one's self is a capital "I" not a little "i"... give yourself the status you deserve.
I'll shut up now.
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Off hand this reminder brings me back to my early days and first exposure to the HA posts that reasoned, what is your life worth? Ahh still a cringe left in me. So General Disarray, good topic and focus for being considerate towards all.

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We are of the member variety that tries to "do more with less" and appreciate all the helpful advice on the forums that help us DO more with less. That said we always enjoy hearing about the newer airstreams decked out with the best equipment because it helps us figure out which used equipment we might want to buy from those that can "do more with more" when they get tired of it.
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Thumbs up My Thoughts Exactly!!

Originally Posted by Stefrobrts
I think there are folks of the opinion that things are always better if done by professionals, where I am of the opinion that my work can equal or better that of professionals because I REALLY care about the outcome. I have paid good money for shoddy work often enough to know the most expensive solution isn't always the best one.
I'm sure a lot of us here feel the same way.

I know myself that when our current AS was new, I got some serious

satisfaction from "improving" various items that we felt the Factory

could/should have done differently. Even if some of the work didn't turn out

exactly as hoped, we learned something, and thats what it's all about.

Think about it, how does it make you feel when you look at your Stream

and say: I DID THAT MYSELF!!! Pretty damn good I bet.

Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
but Iím the Husband, so we went to Cleveland. 😂

Step aside Starbucks, this is a job for alcohol.
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In the middle eighties when I got into the Travel Trailer mode (it was the only way I could afford a vacation for me, my bride and our three daughters) I had a mentor. He was gruff rough around the edges type of person. However you knew exactly where you stood with him. His language was simple and to the point.
He got me into towing the trailer, told me what I really needed, what was garbage, what inexpensive brand worked just as well as the high priced 'NAME", and what to do in certain situations on the road(blow out/tire position, sway when a big vehicle passed etc).
I trusted what he told/taught me. Sure enough his instructions turned out right, always.
I miss him, he was a good friend.
We all should have someone to fit that position (mentor). Sure makes life easier.
I probally won't ever get a diesel, I don't need that much truck or use a truck severly enough to keep one running properly.
So if you see a 1984 31 foot Excella being towed by a red and white 90 GMC van in the right hand lane going up Afton mountain on I64 at 30 MPH or so just toot and pass on the left, I'll be there eventually. You can see a lot more at 30 MPH than 65 MPH and you don't have to hit all the "vista pull overs" cause your taking it all in slowly.

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