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~ Need Educated Advice Please:how to go fulltime? ~


I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how to go fulltime.

About done University and will work from home soon at my newly formed business I managed to save 25k and this is what I need HELP with....deciding what is best to buy out rgt and whats best to finance. I can't buy both some one has HAS to be financed

I need a f150 ecoboost and hope to get one under 24k
I also need a used airstream and I'm willing to go as high as 40k but would prefer a bit older one to fix up just esoterica not major repairs under 15k so I have some wiggle room for fixing it up ~ I will add a heater its cold in Canada.

What would be the best thing to fiancé? The Truck or the Airstream?

If I finance an airstream I figure il have to go to hate bank for the loan then buy of someone SCARY stuff as I'm not Rich, just want a simpler happy life.

Thanks for whose era input

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If you want a simple happy life do not go into debt.

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.
- Andrew Carnegie
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Originally Posted by DanielB View Post
If you want a simple happy life do not go into debt.
Yeah, what he said!

Go vintage, take good care of your stuff, it will last a long time. Airstreams are famous for their longevity!

Congrats on coming out of Uni with money saved up. you're in a better place than most people your age. Get out and enjoy the world while you can!

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Another voice for ditto..

1. Your NEW business hasn't yet proven it can reliably generate a lot of consistent month-to-month cash.. Hate being negative, but added pressure of meeting monthly debt payments won't help get through rough spots.
2. A new F150 Eco Boost Truck is hardly necessary to tow an Airstream, especially one that sits for periods when you work on new business from mobile office.. Around here, a perfectly suitable used F-150 with V-8 and tow package can be had for less than $7,500... Same with used Suburban's or Ford Explorers..
3. Any Airstream from 25' to 31' from 1988 through 1993 with functional appliances, furnace and sound interior should be less than $20K.. Buying newer wide-body adds weight, cost and potentially increased depreciation..
4. If you proceed despite these, a new Truck will depreciate a lot, and financing rapidly depreciating assets is often sub-optimal strategy, with potential to leave you upside-down (owing more than asset value.) in event you need to bail out quickly. A used trailer more than 10 years old will be difficult to finance, since bank lenders will look at "Bluebook" values calculated with straight line depreciation that ignores longevity and non-standard (higher..) demand for used Airstreams... So financing either on great terms might be a problem...

Good luck!

In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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Oh canada!

The banking industry is a lot different north and south of the border - so first I'd ask for specific input from fellow Canadians.

Secondly - here in the states the interest rates are still near all time lows - so if you MUST finance, now is a pretty benign time to do it.

Thirdly - what you buy in terms of a tow vehicle OR a trailer (notice the omission of the word Airstream) depend on your skill set doing maintenance, your free time, and your desire to actually DO the work rather than dither around thinking about it).

Finally - Don't underestimate the costs of traveling - and ordinary living expenses such as healthcare. (I know it's nationized in Canada, but the employer pays... and if you're starting a business you'll be the employer).

It's MY opinion that finding a one or two year old trailer that someone else bought - then had a life change or just a realization that "hey I'd rather stay in a nice spa hotel than in the woods" - is the best of both worlds. You get a trailer with few if any issues, and the big initial depreciation hit already taken.

Pretty much Ditto for a truck - though there are vanity trucks and work trucks - and a work truck can be pretty beat up even after a year or two.

The most important thing IMHO is leave yourself with the ability to back out gracefully if the stars align so that you need to - or an opportunity too good to pass up hits you between the eyes. For YOU and you alone, it might make more sense to finance everything up to the max and keep $20K for contingency backup. I say this because you mentioned "starting a business." Whether it's mobile, internet or bricks and mortar - getting started is a lot harder than most people imagine, and in the USA the failure rate is 50% in the first year and 95% over the first five years. You could have many lean months before your income becomes steady, and many between steady and "enough".

OH CANADA - isn't really the best place to full time in an Airstream. They are designed to be 3 season campers. This is an experiment. Get a true 4 season trailer for less money. Once you're well established, buy an Airstream and winter in Boca Raton!

Good luck and happy trails, Paula
Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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I too would reconsider full-timing in an Airstream with the sub-freezing/sub-zero temperatures of Manitoba - unless you can be a snowbird and relocate to a sunny climate 4-6 months out of the year.

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Not planning on living in Manitoba thank you everyone.

Gives me more to consider and think about, you all where of BIG help.
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Upon further review...

I realized message above may have seemed a bit harsh. I failed to address possibility that brand new Ford truck might be an actual requirement of new business.. Not sure exactly how that would work, but I can imagine some franchise or public contact positions where vehicle demands are part of the program.. If that is the case, I apologize.. Point I was trying to make was that there are an endless supply of serviceable and reliable tow vehicles for mid-size Airstreams for far less money and that would enable avoiding financing altogether... Oddly, local dealers here now offering 2013 model F150 ecoboost pickup trucks (work models..) for less than $17K as part of year-end sales...

In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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Just wanted to chime in and add to the "do not go into debt" list. You'll be much happier repairing as you go than partnering with a bank. If at all possible, do not borrow if there is a solution within your present means.

BTW - Vintage solutions can be surprisingly affordable AND reliable if you do your homework and don't mind rolling up your sleeves. That savings might give you a lot more than you think. Used/vintage tow vehicles and Airstreams alike are best judged by condition rather than age.
Lou Axt, Jr.
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What's with everybody saying "don't go into debt"? That's unAmerican!

Oh, Manitoba. Never-mind.
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Ditto the debt comments! You'll love the freedom from financial fear that the more simple life brings. I'm on the other end of the age spectrum, but nearly forty years ago my wife and I committed to being debt free except for a home mortgage. We'd never be able to live in retirement on the scale we live on now had it not been for that decision.

I just sold my very clean '92 34' Limited for $16K. I think shorter Airstreams probably bring more but certainly not a lot more if you're patient. I've never minded driving older stuff – after all every vehicle you see on the road is a used one! If you're not mechanically savvy (and maybe even if you are), when you find an older TV you like, pay a few dollars to have a pro look it over and identify any needed repairs. The last pro I hired for this was less than $100.00. Right now I have two beautiful and good running Lincoln Continentals, one a '95, the other an '01. If I sold both of them today I would not get more than $7,500.00 total, but I love them both and they are so reliable that I am not afraid to go anywhere I chose to go. My truck is a REALLY nice '96 Dodge Cummins that drives and pulls wonderfully. Since I sold my Limited I now have the truck for sale, priced at less than $10K. I'm probably weird, but I find a lot of satisfaction in driving the old stuff. The secret is to buy wisely, drive conservatively, and maintain what you own meticulously.

Bottom line, if you do decide to go with a new TV, be cautious and conservative in your choice!

Best of luck!

'92 Limited 34ft (now sold); '96 Dodge Cummins 4X2, 5speed
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Not taken as harsh at all I appreciate your wisdom )
Also I will now take into consideration an older truck as this will enable me to possibly by out rgt a used airstream or close too

Can you recommend any good trucks that could pull a 30 foot or max 32 airstream, I'm leaning towards an Excella but not sold on that model 100% yet..... I like the ecoboost because I heard the tow package is up to 11,300 that's the 2011 but I heard the 2010 is around 9,000. All this gets confusing for a newbie like me!!

Any further advice appreciated. I may even look into year end sales 17k is better than 24k which I've seen in the 2011
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How do I know what kind of tow package a truck has? Weigh it can pull?

I own a jeep liberty it pulls as per door 4,300 but I will sell it in due time.
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There is a placard in the vehicles (in the tow vehicle and similar in the trailer) that give most of the capacities. You might need to look inside the owner's manual to get the rest of the information.

None of these maximum capacities, set by the manufacturer, should be exceeded.

GVRW (on the tow vehicle placard) = the empty weight of the truck + maximum weight of all things added
Payload (on the tow vehicle placard) = the maximum weight of all passengers and cargo the vehicle can haul. This includes the weight of the trailer that bears on the truck (tongue weight)
GCRW (on the tow vehicle placard or in manual) = the maximum weight of tow vehicle, payload, and weight of trailer including the load within the trailer. (my truck's owner's manual has a chart that shows the GCRW based on the equipment as actually installed)

There is also the maximum weight each axle can support. And each tire has a weight limit.

You can not tow the maximum trailer weight and also haul the maximum payload.

It is sort of a balancing act to stay within all of the limits.

2014 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 5.3L maximum trailering package (yes, I'm towing the 34')
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