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Airstreams are really built for traveling. For example, the streamlined shape reduces air resistance but also reduces interior room. Light weight construction is good for towing but means nothing when parked.

For these and other reasons you would be smart to buy a regular boxy park model trailer or mobile home. You would get more room and comfort for your money and would be able to have your own laundry facilities if you like.

As much as I admire Airstreams their advantages are moot when you aren't on the road.

There are many mobile home parks that are for seniors. I'm sure there are some nice ones that provide transportation. Some use golf carts for riding around to shopping, recreation, etc within the park and public transportation beyond the park gates.

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Originally Posted by AZ-JH View Post
Extreme summer heat is a huge factor in Tucson, even in the shade. Can someone chime in on whether the AS's A/C units are at all adequate to cool the unit enough for living. How cool can you get an AS interior when it's 115 degrees out? Is it in the shade? I'm thinking for a permanent RV residence, a larger A/C unit plus a shaded spot would be in order.
I strongly suspect that an Airstream's AC unit not perform as designed when its 115F outside since most condensing units are designed for 105F unless otherwise specified.

Doesn't mean they will not operate just means that they will not maintain 75F inside, and in fact may shut down due to high condensing temperature.


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Currently Looking...
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indeed, i continue to agree that full timing in an airstream in hot regions is not advisable. while i wouldn't keep the interior of any home at 75 [possibly 78-80] in the worst of the summer's heat, i sure woudn't want to a/c to give out due to extreme heat's demands on it.
and, yes, there are many adult 55+ mobile home parks all over the country. there is a mobile home site called 'mobile home village' where i've gone to find these parks and availiable mobiles for sale.
as much as i love the aesthetic of these airstreams, it makes much more sense to buy a mobile home for full time living.
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I spent my first 30+ years living in Arizona; swamp collers are A-OK for most of the year, and yes, put the washer outside- many old time Arizonans do. Some people also have regular kitchen ovens out on the carport or back patio, for baking in the summer (without baking to house!)

Tucson has a higher "cool" factor than Phoenix, plus it is a little cooler. You can also look to maybe Mount Lemmon, just north of Tucson. You go up, to cool pine trees, and snow in the winter, if you like. Also, there are people living in trailers out in the Saugharo National Forest, and it is very scenic, and not trailer trashy at all.

I'm looking to full time on the road!

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Currently Looking...
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indeed, i think i've seen the parks in sugaro nat'l forest online on 'MH village'; if it's in the foothills, the lot rentals are pricey, i think. but sounds lovely.
mt lemmon sounds great, to be honest! but, having no car would make it impossible to live up there. better i stay in the valley.
interesting to note that in dry warmer climates that some AS folks put a washer outside on a little patio.

again, thankyou, all, for your help!
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If you are on disability how would you get down on your hands and knees to empty your sewer tanks every week (esp. in the rain) or pick up a 40# LP tank (closer to 50# actual wt)? How would you get your LP tanks to the fill-up place? How would you get up on the roof monthly to keep it clean and keep an eye on things? I have yet to see an AS with a washer that hasn't been totally overhauled. I am a healthy 50 but my husband is now 68 and can no longer get on the roof or lift the LP so I have taken that on. We have friends that have moved into bricks for that reason. I have lived in small trailers or RVs my entire life (starting w/ a 30' New Moon long, long trailer) and can't stand the thought of living in bricks. I also think your budget is entirely unrealistic. You might be able to find a lot for 300-400/mo. but you still have tags, repairs (RV parts, AC, wh, fridges don't last very long w/ full time use) and insurance if you can get it. You need to check first to see if you can get full time insurance without a drivers license. I doubt it. So your housing costs will be half your income and that doesn't leave you with much. Our laundrymat bill is 50-80/mo. if we hang the heavy stuff out. In winter it can be $100. Unlike a trailer park an RV park won't have a lease so you have the rent raised without notice or be asked to leave with only a days notice. We've been in many parks that have done that to get rid of older trailers, people they don't like, or just to raise the rent. How could you handle that without a tow vehicle? Just some con thoughts to mull around before you step into something you won't be able to back out of easily. You might try to find someone to rent you their RV in a park somewhere nearby as a trial run.
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I purchased a cheap vintage AS. I have approx $10,000 in cash and lots of hours in the renovation/retrofit. There are still many projects to complete and a new project get added to the list everyday. If you are not handy you'll need to hire a professional at $50 to $85 per hour (most are not worth $10 per hour). I'm not telling you not to - just understand there are hidden expenses everyday.

I paid $600 per month including electric during the time that I was doing the renovations. Mind you, it's not easy to find a RV Park that will let you dump all your old junk in their yard or dumpster. I got lucky. By pure accident I found another RV Park that I pay $315 per month plus electric (about $100 per month) with club house, activities, great pool and just a lovely place to be.

I put a new a/c unit in - it runs 24/7 and keeps me very cool (it's been about 90+ every day). I do use heaters in the winter - yes, it does get cold in Florida.
I listed my two houses for sale - they both sold within a day of each other. I then made the decision to move into the a/s until I decide my next move. My next move is to stay in the a/s and enjoy my "YANKEE TRAVELER RV Park". Great living. I purchased a/s without a title - when I wanted to move her I called a tow truck company. When I want to take her to get repairs from a a/s repair facility I call the tow truck. Friday, last I received my title and now I'll beable to do my own towing.
Good luck with your research and don't be afraid - it's a good life in an a/s.
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Currently Looking...
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indeed, you bring up some good points. being very ignorent about airstream/rv living, i have no idea what's involved. i wouldn't be able to handle the tasks you'd mentioned. i can't easily get on my hands and knees; my joint stiffness grow worse with the passage of time.
um, as for your contention that my income is too low, well, there have been many times in my life that i've paid more than 75% for housing, including utilities. and with a mobile home purchase [i'm expecting to pay cash, btw], i will pay at least 50% that with lot rental and utilities. but i have few needs, outside of rent/utilities/cellphone and food. i've always made it on very little money. i budget well, and indeed, have been able to save over 25,000.
i don't have any 'old junk', really. i have the basics and little else. i am a minimalist.
airstream judy- thankyou, too, for your responce. while i just love the apperance of the airstreams, especially the vintage ones, i realise that it's not realistic for me to live in one full time for many of the reasons people have stated here.
i have reconciled myself to buying a mobile home here in massachusettes. my sister convinced me, and rightly so, that the tucson region would be way too hot for me. i do hate the heat, really. we here in new england are just getting out of a 3 week period in which it's been hot and humid and i'd been miserable. but the thing with NE is that summers are short! i'd be much happier were it autumn year round, lol. i hate summer and am always happy when it's over.
lol, i just looked at the date of my last post: it was in march. of course, when it's chilly, it's easy to think that heat would be desireable. not so. i'd rather shiver than be boiling and sweating! i can always get warm, really. a heavy wool coat when outdoors and in bed with my heated matress pad in the winter. i also use a little heater to help warm the room when not in bed.
judy- thankyou, though, for your encouragment. perhaps one day i can rent an AS and go 'camping'
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Currently, a used STREAMLINE would be the least expensive aluminum trailer. Better built and insulated than an Airstream with more storage space and a far better bathroom. Aluminum cabinetry. No frame sag or axle deterioration problems. Only wood is cabinet faces and subfloor.

All aluminum trailers have problems, by make and by individual unit. But some are cheaper to repair and to upkeep. A/S costs the most to buy and the most to repair among used trailers. SILVER STREAK and AVION are two other brands that would serve well.

Always check for floor rot (do a search) and learn how to inspect in bathrooms, near door, etc.

I would also consider having the A/C wired separately from the trailer electrical system so as to remove that load on an older trailer.

I would have washer/dryer in a stacked unit in a separate small storage building. RV clothes cleaning is slow, inefficient and a possible source of problems.

Use this site to search:

There have been a number of 31' and 33' Streamlines available this past year for low prices and good condition. This trailer was in production thru 1973.

Marmoleum flooring (or cork) with throw rugs is the way to go after any subfloor repairs.
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Theres one in Minn. that is airstream only that is way out in the other side of 'over yonder'. You ought to check out also living by means of the Army corps of engineers where they actually supply your living space and utilities to various degrees in trade for your work/help. And they have locations everywhere and some of them even have cabins and such- you just have to google them up and read about it. But if we go this route (which we probably will starting out) will always be a sound destination that you can afford. Check out the Corps of engineers.

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