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Congratulations! Is it to soon to ask if its a boy or girl?

When my first child was born, I was full timing in a 22' self contained MH, by my self. (I was no longer with his mother.) I took my son every weekend.

To answer your question. Yes it can be done. I had to take the garbage out often (diaper odor), and sometimes right away! The biggest challenge I had, was sleeping. I couldn't fit a crib in my MH, so I would lay him down on my bed, between the wall, and me. This ment that I had to lay down even for naps so that he wouldn't roll off. At night I didn't sleep very well because I was terrified that I might roll over on him.

After a couple of months, of weekends only, I got an apartment. The apartment was much better for an infant, even though I only had my son on the weekends.

Again, congratulations on your new baby! Keep us informed about the important stuff. You know; boy or girl, how much did your child weigh.

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great advice roger (and tanya) and i love those 20 year old airstream/baby pics!


CUTE baby! and cool google earth-like photo!

your 31 must have center bunks, so the crib adaptation is perfect

and doesn't block the center walkway.

plus you've got that little 'tub' in the bath room which works very well.

keep 'em coming folks, real life stories, the daily issues and the joys...

will give the op a clear image of what she faces.

this could become a keeper thread!


all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

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Congratulations on your soon to be born child!

I'm going to agree with 2Airishuman. He's right about getting a bigger unit. I fulltimed happily in a 22ft CCD for a year... and then the walls started closing in. Bought a 25 Safari FB SE (and then the B...... at Airstream came out with a 27 FB SE). It was just me. No pets, no husband, no baby.

People can do many very difficult things when it's necessary - and if you HAVE to live in a trailer it isn't necessarily awful.

Now I shall commit heresy: At your stage in marriage/pregnancy/life - is an Airstream the best choice? (I totally GET why the Airstream appeals to you.) I'd say this is one case where a SOB might be MUCH better. You can find LOTS of SOB's for sale... fifth wheels with slideouts that will give you double or triple the space of an Airstream. There are also "park model" trailers for well... trailer parks. Airstream living isn't cheap compared to SOB living. If your goal is to save money NOW, then maybe the Airstream should wait 2, 3, or 4 years until your little one is bigger and can really appreciate CAMPING with you.

Paula Ford

PS: and let us see pictures of the baby!

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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My wife and I travelled over 1800 miles with our 6 month old daughter and 2 year old sun last April towing our 68' Overlander and boondocking almost every night. Lots of bottles, lots of pit-stops, lots of diapers but also lots of fun. If the weather had been severe and our outddor space limited, it would have been a different story. I can set up and dismantle a pack and play in 15 seconds flat.

We still do a lot of camping and long weekend trips with the kids and dog in our 08' 28 footer but it takes serious space maximization and planning to make it happen with any degree of relaxation. If we were gong to full time with the children it would need to be in a fairly established and consistent location where we could rely on access to necessities, healthcare, etc. versus being on the road for long stretches.

Many of the previosu comments are excellent for your consideration. I wish you the best and applaud your weighing of the options before diving in.

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Tanya offered very helpful and thoughtful advice in her post. We have just one 3-year-old daughter and have only recently purchased our Airstream for camping trips. We chose an older 27’ model. It is still going to feel small for us but our truck can tow it… barely. Like Tanya’s kids, our Sammi Jo was an easy baby (thank you God) and today is a well behaved toddler but she is BUSY, BUSY, and BUSY.

I have to agree with 2Airishuman on getting a bigger trailer. My wife and I owned a 1972 ’31 Boles Aero for many years (before the baby). Although we never fulltimed it, we spent many long weekends and vacations in our beloved Foil Boil at a Colorado River “resort”. Since there were no Airstreams nearby, we had by far the coolest trailer in the park. Trust me; I totally get the Airstream thing. If for any reason I were to live in a trailer the only color would be silver.

If you are going to give this an attempt, my advice is don’t buy a trailer you plan on living in based on your current tow vehicle. You need more room than a 20’ can provide. We never owned anything capable of towing our ’31 but had buddies that moved it to our park in exchange for gas money and adult beverages.

Congratulations to you and your new family! Nothing that anyone can tell you will prepare you for all the precious joy to come.
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Okay, back to your informational post...
Originally Posted by MVanMeter
We are looking at a 19' International or a 20' Safari as its all our FJ Cruiser can tow and we don't want to replace the car. Its also our first baby. We would be parking in an RV park and staying put, in the Los Angeles area, while my husband works. I would be doing some work from home, over the computer. We also have two mid-size dogs who have been traveling with us all their lives. We are good at living with very little "stuff" and would welcome that. I am mainly wondering if anyone out there has lived with a baby in an Airstream, and has any advice they can share. Thanks so much! mvm
If you are planning on staying put, I certainly wouldn't let your TV limit your trailer size. Why not go for a larger trailer? I don't have kids, but I do have a 19' & a 22' trailer and I wouldn't consider full-timing with a spouse, baby & two dogs for any length of time in either one. Maybe the 22-footer, but it too would get real small, real fast. The thing with the small trailers is that there is no room to get away from each for "personal space". The "nineteen feet" of a 19-foot Airstream is really only about 16' because it includes the bumper & tongue. So, 8'x16'=128 sq. ft. for a 19-footer and a 20-footer is only slightly larger. And within this 128 sq. ft. you have the bare necessities and many things are intended for mutli-functional use. The dinette &/or sofa doubles as "a bed" and the dinette doubles as worksurface for food prep and a desk. The "real bed" is small and oftentimes in a corner so getting up in the middle of the night to tend to the baby means "everybody" is awake. Not to mention getting two dogs involved in the propositon. I would definately go with a larger trailer it you are determined to make a go of it - at least one with separate sleeping & living areas and more storage. Keep in mind, foot-for-foot, the older trailers are lighter than the newer ones...

As far as towing, I'm not an expert...but I think even your FJ Cruiser (a 4L V6 with a 5000 lb towing capacity) would be under-sized for a 19-20 foot trailer. When we first got our trailer we had a Jeep Cherokee that was supposed to be able to tow 5000lbs...yeah, it could move it but not tow it well or safely. So if you are determined to give full-timing a try...I would really reconsider a few things.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

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I'd say as long as you are providing your child with love and the essentials such as food and diapers and clothing and toys, there is absolutely no reason that you shouldn't be able to do this successfully. Are you planning on co-sleeping or do you plan on using a crib? Also, something you should consider is that the Classics use hardwoods and little if no pressboard which translates to less glue. The less glue the less formaldehyde. The less formaldehyde the better off your child's health will be, especially in the long-run. Before you make this decision, do some research on formaldehyde and health effects because it is a toxic substance, and even the Classic airstream has it. (as do any trailers and manufactured homes, and lots of furniture and carpets these days!)... but the less the better.
I don't think you are "foolish" for wanting to do this, but you really do need to look at everything right down to the minute details.
Congratulations on the baby!
(I'm a mom too)
-Giovanna Mealer
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All kids are different. Some are sweetly disposed angels who eat well, don't get sick, sleep through the night, take naps in the afternoon.

Others don't. EVER.

Some babies don't spend every waking minute trying to choke, jump, pinch, or eviscerate themselves in new and startlingly creative ways.


Which one a person has makes all the difference. Ours have, in just the last year or so, gotten old enough where we can reliably sleep through the night. Our oldest, upon learning to walk, would use the merest suggestion of an opening door as a reason to light out at transonic speeds toward a road, cliff, river, or anything sharp and pointy, and respond to our commands to halt with a glance over the shoulder, a laugh, and an acceleration.
Our youngest was not like that.
No wonder, we thought, we went four years without sleep.

Sleep. Oh, I missed sleep. Mrs Redshed and I once hired a babysitter so we could take a nap.

Anyway, they're all different, and who really knows. I'm certain it can be done, but should it be? That question only you know, really.
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Originally Posted by PeaceGirl
...The less glue the less formaldehyde...
no question new units give off vapors of some sort.

most of the glues and adhesives and so on used in new units don't contain ANY formalin compounds....

a/s has gradually switched to much 'safer' products to protect the health of workers on the assembly line.

the result is sometimes adhesives that don't work as well or last as long...

and that may be another reason to opt for a classic with less laminates.

carpet might be an issue for some, but they don't glue it down and u can order one without carpet.

safe, low volatile materials has become an important concept in rv construction...

i think the op's unit is well beyond needing to ventilate construction gases...

the diaper gasses might be another issue...

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Get the biggest TT you can afford. Something with lots of slideouts. Get a dealer to tow it to the park. Then add a screened porch. An AS with a young family is pushing the limits.
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My thoughts

We have camped with a newborn but not full-timed.

I would wait until the little one is older. The first week (or two) you might not even want to go outside.We all love our Airstreams but I doubt if any of us want to stay inside it day and night for a solid week or more. How long you stay in will depends on what kind of parents you will be and what your pediatrician or family doctor of preference recommends. (Our first child/first doctor combo had us staying away from people for eight weeks. I thought I would lose my mind. Second child/different doctor, we went and socialized as soon as we felt ready.) Some new parents keep newborns away from other people for literally weeks out of fear of germs, others head off to the grocery store within a few days. How long you stay "in" will also depend on the kind of birthing experience mom has, you can have a birthing plan, but be prepared for nothing to go as planned, just in case. Is mom going to be able to properly recoup from a potential c-section in 17 feet of camper? What if mom has post-partum in that 17 feet of camper? These things can happen to the best of us and have nothing to do with our preparations or intelligence, etc.

Unless you have had your dog around a newborn for some number of hours, you don't actually know how it will react to the incredible change. It may or may not bark and go into alert and protect mode every time the baby cries (every two hours, day and night for maybe a few weeks). This is less of an issue to deal with in a house or other traditional abode when dog and child don't have to be "right on top of each other".

The lack of a bath tub in some Airstreams was mentioned as a downside. I don't agree. You are likely going to use an infant tub but that is really only necessary until the baby can sit up, which is around 6 or 7 months.You can figure out where to store it for that long. The infant tubs are bulky but you can pass it on as soon as the baby can sit. That is the time to switch to a Rubbermaid container that is about 12 inches high and 24 inches long by 18 wide (sorry I can't remember the gallon size, inches are a guess-timation). It can be stored in the bottom of the shower and holds dirty laundry when not in use as a toddler's bath tub. Use a non-slip rubbermaid bath mat to reduce the sliding around of little tushies.

However old the child, I agree, get the biggest Airstream you can afford. Go used. Picture this: a Bambi trailer, an 18 month old with a slight fever who should not be around other kids or older people for two days AND it is raining outside for those two days. Mom, the dog, and the baby will be crying from furstration in a 17 footer. We have a 31' and you get the sensation of being in more than one room. It feels more like two or three rooms. We did this because we have children and know that rain happens. It has been a great benefit even on short weekend trips. Even if you go minimalist with the child, even a few toys on the floor of a small trailer is an annoyance (we had a 21' SOB), and likely your child will have ,say, 10 to 15 toys (large or small) in it's posession at any given time, hopefully not ALL on the floor. I hope you wouldn't cut down too much on the toys. The right toys (even pots and pans) are great teachers and wonderful for brain development. Be prepared to buy a yearly membership to the local children's museum (and other kid-entertaining locations) where you can go on the rainy-don't-want-to-be-in-the-trailer days.
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i think we scared off the OP. last post was on december 2, 2007.

hope for your safe return to the forums

*by asking the above question,
i verify that i have already used
the search feature to the best of my ability...
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Originally Posted by urbanfood
i think we scared off the OP. last post was on december 2, 2007.
Oh, I hope not. I apologize if my post was a bit on the down side of new parenting. I debated about it. But you know, Airstreaming and parenting are a bit alike. There are some frustrating situations to each but the benefits are FANTASTIC! I love being a mom. RedSHED loves being a dad. We love our kids and we certainly think a lot of our Airstream. We are so lucky to be able to take our kids camping and we are thankful for those gifts that God has given us.

Hopefully the original poster will return. Whatever their decision about when to fulltime, I know the forums members will do their best to help them out.
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baby Bathing

Click image for larger version

Name:	ubuyu.jpg
Views:	140
Size:	55.8 KB
ID:	54281This photo is my first challenge of BATHING.inFEB.2006
Now baby is 2 years old.

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