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I don't think I can full-time

So my original plan was to sell everything and full time in the Airstream. But after much thought, I think a better option for me would be to sell most and half-time in the Airstream.

Here's the setup: Burnt out at my high paying job, but in an industry that once I quit, there's no going back. Single with a 15 year old daughter whose college fund is completely funded. Currently living in a ridiculously cool and ridiculously big house which is on the historic register. Again, burnt out at my high paying job (I feel like I really need to stress that one).

So I bought a house which is the polar opposite of my current one. It's 1/3rd the size, no frills, very low maintenance, on a lot big enough to park the Airstream as well. And now I'm in the process of downsizing my possessions so that everything I own will fit in a much smaller house.

I can't really put into words how cathartic it is get rid of all this stuff. Every time I place a really beautiful (insert possession here) into the "give away/sell" pile, it is a huge relief! One less thing to dust around in the new house! But even though I've loaded up one dumpster with junk, have the dining room filled with to-be-garage-saled items, plans to get rid of 3 sofas, 2 love seats, three chairs, 1 bed, etc, it's still difficult to get rid of enough stuff so that what's left will fit in a smaller house. I cannot even begin to imagine getting rid of enough stuff so that it all fits in an Airstream! And this is why I cannot full-time in an Airstream.

The proceeds from the sale of the current house will give me a big enough nest egg to retire to a modest life style. The smaller house will decrease my monthly expenses so that I can still afford to travel. I'm trimming unnecessary expenses, eating out less, trying to eat both better and cheaper at the same time (sort of difficult), etc.

So thank you to all the members of this forum who have posted on ways to live a more frugal lifestyle! I'm taking your advice. Hopefully by the end of 2018 or 2019, I can retire to my life as an Airstream half-timer.

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Any chance your female? If so send pics of your Airstream! I'm kidding! Count your blessings. Life is short so have some fun along the way.

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So what about your 15 year old daughter? I would imagine you are going to need to find a place to park on a rather permanent basis so she can go to school; etc. Unless you are going to home school her, which my wife and I did for a number of years. But I would think that traveling around would be somewhat difficult on a girl at 15. I raised 5 children and they would have hated traveling all over. But then that was my kids. Your daughter may be different.

The idea of simplifying life is a good thing.

My advice: Stay put for 9 months of the year in your smaller house and create a kind of normal life. Take some time to decompress. Travel 3 months of the year to see how traveling with an AS for extended time goes. After the first year you might find that you will want to work. The biggest problem retirees have is adjusting to not working. Some can do it. Some can't.

I just talked to a guy that fully retired early from a high stress job. It was fine for the first year. But by the second year he was back to part-time work. Boredom set in.

Also when I bought my AS the salesman said if you are going to live in an AS for long periods of time you will want a 30'. You have a 25' which means not a lot of space. I know my kids like some kind of privacy; especially as teenagers. Something to think about.

Anyway take things one step at a time and don't burn bridges. Enjoy the moment.
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Thank you!

You've pretty much spelled out my plan exactly. As long as my daughter is in high school, we will be staying at home for at least 9 months out of the year. She needs the stability and routine. She is relatively low maintenance, but more than 5 days at a time in the Airstream and she's ready for her own bed again. So my travel plans include her as long as I can convince her to go with me on short trips. Longer trips will have to wait until she is self-sufficient and doesn't need me around on a daily basis.

In life I try to never burn bridges. I think once I turn in my resignation, my employer will burn the bridge. Just the mentality that they have. I won't be welcomed back. If I get bored, then I can always go back to work, but it will almost certainly have to be in a different field/profession. That's fine with me. I'm burnt out on this one anyway. Getting the same position at a different company wouldn't solve anything regarding that.

As for getting a 30 foot - I think I'll hold off for now. Following your advice and taking it slowly.

Thanks for the encouraging words of wisdom.
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I have had jobs that i didn't burn bridges when I left, I blew it up, pounded it into rubble, and was still not completely sure the job got the kicking it deserved...some bad jobs are like that.

Others, as my wife once pointed out when I got home from the layoff meeting, "They did you a favor...". She was afraid the stress was going to kill me...

As the old saying goes, the difference between a rut and a grave is the width and depth.

Applause for seeing the light, and getting out of a bad situation!
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Where would your daughter like to live? Where is she planning to go to university?
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Where you good at your job???
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Be careful of the "Grass is always Greener" syndrome.

I recently retired from a high stress, high paying job. After about a year away from it I was bored, really bored. So I started a project that is more stressful than my old job; instead of using OPM (Other Peoples Money), I'm using my own. Life is good again.

What ever floats your boat, is right for you.

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Well, you don’t have to jump straight into full timing. It can be a process. Enjoy it. Step 1 is to downsize to a smaller house. In a few years, step 4 or 5 can be to full time in an Airstream.

You can have a “home base”, and it doesn’t have to be a house. It can be a lot in a nice RV neighborhood. Some of these places allow you to have large storage sheds on your lot. I just put a 7x7 shed on my lot and bought a 10x12 shed on property. So we can store more “stuff”. You’ll eventually reduce it down to what you need to travel. It can take years. Make it fun and enjoy!
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Originally Posted by markdoane View Post
Where would your daughter like to live? Where is she planning to go to university?
She's super low maintenance. I really don't think she cares where she lives. And college seems like a lifetime away to her so there's really no telling where (if) she'll go.
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Originally Posted by EZTOO View Post
Where you good at your job???
I don't think I'm irreplaceable. I'm not an expert at anything, but I'm competent at most things. I have 23 partners. 4 of us are jack-of-all-trades. So any new project of any difficulty at all that comes along is given to one of us because the other 20 partners "don't do that, aren't experienced at that, messed the last one up, etc". I keep telling my friends that I wasn't destined to be a superstar, so why does work keep treating me like I am one?

The last step before retirement will be to let my partners know that if things don't change and the others don't carry their weight, then I'm done. Hopefully I could just transition back to being a regular partner like everyone else and be happy for a few more years.
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Originally Posted by pdavitt View Post
Be careful of the "Grass is always Greener" syndrome.

I'm extremely worried about that syndrome! I know that retirement won't make any of the other stressors in my life go away. I won't retire and suddenly life will be 100% grand. There will still be all the other problems/issues that were there before retirement (minus the job). But the job is far and away the biggest stressor for me right now.

Thanks for everyone's input.
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We have been in “grandkritters” mode for 13 years.... I was “stopped” working.. didn’t quit... life is short. Airstreamers for 4 years. Not full time but moved to a full Airstream community and lots of great folks! We can travel and have a Home to return to..and some we see on the road..and at home. It is an amazing place always taking in NEW great folks... Perhaps your daughter will enjoy travel and home schooling??? Consider the options...
Peace and Blessings..
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Whooo I had a lot of stress at work. We were purchased by a big company who imposed changes we didn't like. We were over budget, and key employees were quitting. In fact I think the stress was a major contributor to my heart disease. I had to quit. Our 86 Limited came into our lives at the same time. The Airstream was a retreat, a project to keep me busy, and a big, big stress reliever. Our first trip in it was wonderful.

I never considered full timing in our Airstream, and it's 34' long. Traveling is fun, sightseeing and new adventures. But you need to park it every night somewhere. We usually use RV parks which we consider better than truck stops or a Walmart parking lot. RV parks are trailer parks. There are lots of folks there and the vast majority are very nice. But there are lots of folks in the parks. The novelty wears off pretty fast for me.

Full timing ain't cheap. I figured around $3000 a month for all living expenses. I figure a small home in a small town is cheaper.

I prefer the privacy of my own home, and Airstream adventures a few weeks a year.

Hang in there...

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