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Oh yeah? With our 27 FB well call your RB view shots and raise you one or two! 🤪
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2677.JPG
Views:	80
Size:	531.3 KB
ID:	337139
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Name:	IMG_1432.JPG
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Name:	IMG_3958.JPG
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ID:	337138

Rocinante is our 2014 International Signature 27FB
(Named for John Steinbeck's camper from "Travels With Charley")

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Listen to your heart! When you find it you should LOVE It from the start...

While a couple of extra feet doesn't make a huge difference towing, the bigger it is the more fuel it will take to move, the harder it is to back up or find a parking spot (both while traveling and when camping) and the harder to clean, both inside and out. The more conveniences onboard, the more power you will draw and the more "stuff" you will need (or be tempted to have).

But, then again some of the extra features may be well worth the inconvenience and cost of a larger trailer.

Jot down the things you MUST or must not have, the things that would be nice and things that don't matter or are interesting . Then go looking for the perfect fit.

Our last list was:

MUST HAVE: beds you don't have to crawl over or set up each time, no inside stairs or funky ramp type areas, no slides or pull outs, solar power, four or more regular sized tires, a bathroom, good insulation, windows that can be covered (we had a hybrid with tent ends -park near a street light and you are on stage!). 22-25 feet.

WOULD BE NICE: Powered awnings, powered stabilizers, microwave or non-gas oven (a personal peeve -all my RV gas ovens have been terrible burning food or going out randomly), a peaceful interior design (yep, I've had it with the Herculon plaid furniture and window coverings).

Then you can decide if perhaps the Herculon can exist -if the trailer has everything else on the list. You can also demand another salesman if the first guy you talk to shows you a 30 foot fifth wheel with 3 slides, 2 staircases, and a hanging ceiling fan and tells you it will be great!

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There is a lot of good advice provided. I didn't look too deep however might I suggest a couple thoughts; If you have a few weeks before pulling the trigger, I would consider renting an AS (rv share/outdoorsy) or a comparable sized SOB (w/o slides of course) to get a feel for the size and your wants or needs. You might also want to make a trip to Jackson Center, OH to take the plant tour and see if there may be a possibility of personalized customization based upon your decision to FT. The most important thing is to purchase what you want and get all that's important!
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The wife and I have been living full time in 2 different sized Airstreams. 1.5 years in a 22 FB and the last 1.5 years in a 27FBQ.

There have been a lot of good suggestions (2 a/cs, 2 axles) from others already that I agree with. I second the solar recommendation because it allows you to overnight boon dock at a Harvest Host, Cracker Barrel, etc. I would add an awning package so you can enjoy your view when the sun is out.

I would give a lot of consideration to a FB unit for the following reason......Most campsites with a view are back in sites. You will have a view to enjoy from inside your AS during the waking hours you spend inside drinking coffee, cooking and eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner, enjoying happy hour, reading a book, etc.

A 1/2 ton truck with a max tow package has the towing and payload capacity necessary for any Flying Cloud Airstream makes. They are also much easier to drive around on site seeing excursions.

We made 6 different trips to the local Airstream Dealer to make sure we could live in them. We had decided on a FB version for the reason I mentioned earlier. We kept coming back to the 27FBQ because we didnt want to sleep against the cold aluminum in the winter.
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I have learned so much by being in different Airstreams. Spend as much time as you can inside them. Rent several and take one or two day road trips if you can... or just spend the night in them outside your own place. This will help SO MUCH with your decision.

The difference between 23 and 25 won't make much difference in towing. The difference between 20 and 25 might. But for me, having two axles is *imperative,* for so many reasons.

Also, here in Colorado, the difference between 25 and 27 makes a big difference in taxes, title and tags... one is a trailer, the other an RV (strange but true!).
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Another idea.
A corner bed makes it hard to change sheets. Since you're solo it's a bigger deal.
Also, when it's cold out, that aluminum interior will feel cold. One of the reasons I got a sideways queen.
Some retirees follow the seasons, while others rotate between family. That might affect your seasonal uses. (cold weather?)
Before buying, shop at a big RV show and look at other trailers in your price range, it doesn't have to be an Airstream!
However, I never get tired of looking at mine, and it sure tows great!
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Originally Posted by Rocinante View Post
With our 27 FB well call your RB view shots and raise you one or two!
Attachment 337138
That third image is so beautiful it looks like a mural! I'd never leave.
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2014 27' FB International
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Originally Posted by Mollysdad View Post
That third image is so beautiful it looks like a mural! I'd never leave.
Thanks. That view is of Yosemite Falls from our campsite inside Yosemite NP, in the valley. There's only one campsite in the whole park with this view, and we somehow lucked into it for several days. We were truly blessed.
Rocinante is our 2014 International Signature 27FB
(Named for John Steinbeck's camper from "Travels With Charley")

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You guys are great! Atwebs, I love your list of MUST haves, and Would be nices. Hyo Slvr, and others, the idea of renting one for a couple of days is something I hadn't thought of but It's a great idea! twbucksr, all your trips to dealers to try them out clearly paid off! kidjedi, I hadn't even thought about the tax differenced. Excellent advice on that!

All these posts are wonderful. You have all given me a lot of food for thought. One thing I have learned above all else is not to rush into it. I need to take plenty of time to look, look again, and then look some more!
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With 3 months in a 25' Safari with a rear corner full size bed and adjacent bath, I submit two thoughts on this layout:

1. It's hard to maneuver making the corner bed; reaching over the mattress opening and closing the blinds, and accessing the beds overhead storage. And I'm a reasonably limber 52 yo.

2. My dinette is on the side and the front has a sofa bed with the wrap around windows facing the back of the truck. This is my entrance. The few places I pulled in to camp are generally set up with the view behind me; which is not where I'm sitting and viewing. I'm looking at my truck.

I love my AS, but that didn't occur to me until I actually spent time in the space.

And, 25 is perfect for 1.


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My two cents, consider a 25 FB with twin beds. Access to underbed storage is SO much easier and should you have company the twin bedroom can work like a second living room. Use a tray table and play cards, work crafts, cleaning guns out of sight?, etc. The beds are super easy to make too and the whole unit feels more open and spacious. Corner beds and the crosswise twin can drive you nuts if you don't have sheet stretchers (like granny's garters). Storing a laptop on the empty twin, folding laundry, sorting thru keep vs. throw out stuff is darned handy too.
Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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If I were single, Id look hard at the 23D.
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"Most campsites with a view are back in sites." Most of the campgrounds we've visited have campsites on both sides of the drive, and the drive is a loop. When the view out the windshield is important to us we pick a site that gives us that view. When it isn't, we take what works and don't worry about the view (or lack thereof).

One of the important lessons we learned from our mpg was that we absolutely want a walk-around bed. That little mpg had a "queen" bed across the front. There was absolutely no way we could get sheets and blankets on that thing. Maybe our kids could have done it, but we couldn't. We ended up just using sleeping bags. As we look at Airstreams we won't consider anything that doesn't have a walk-around queen.

Going back to the front/rear question, we want a rear bedroom. The mpg had the bed in the front, and people walking by could look in (or at least, it sure seemed like it). Also, we frequently back up to the concrete bumper so that the engine on the Foretravel hangs over the grass or whatever is back there. That gives us more room in front for the car. With the Airstream, obviously the ground behind the bumper has to be somewhat level in order for the stabilizers to work. If the door was at the rear, we couldn't do that.

Unless you are going to park your Airstream somewhere AND that place has a view that is available from only one direction, I wouldn't worry too much about that aspect. Some places are set up so that you can see the view from every site in the park, whether your living area is at the front or the back. In other places the "view" is of the neighbor's rig (from every window).

Spend some time in different Airstreams, and the right floor plan will make itself known to you.
David Lininger, kb0zke
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4earth, I'm hoping you will update us periodically . I went through this decision making process not all that long ago. I recognize it's been a while since this thread started, but for what it's worth...

I agree with many comments here, particularly double axles. The twin bed option is very interesting as well due to the additional and accessible storage space (previously mentioned).

IMO, having some level of solar electricity if you are full timing is a type of insurance policy. Knowing that you can run even just the basics, no matter where you are, is empowering and gives some security.

Our 25' is nimble, but a 23' might be just right for a solo camper. Just yesterday I tried to get our 25' backed into a spot in a State Park, and the combination of the site angle to the road, road width and location of select trees (unable to get nose of TV past) was cause to abandon the site and find another campground in the park. A 23' with a back up camera would have been perfect in this case.

Speaking of backup cameras, make sure your new TV has one. I've been hooking up trailers for years without one, and the camera is a game changer! I hook up the trailer by myself all the time now, whereas before, my husband and I used a well developed language of hand signals to achieve this.

I love that you are thinking about embarking on living full time. We feel that the longer we full time, the more we may want to downsize to a 23'. With a cap on the back of a pickup for storage, I'm surprising myself at how little space is actually needed. Hopefully we'll see you on the road!
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Rear bed is much easier to get in and out of but you will need to make sure the toilet and shower placement is good for you. Just for practical purposes the 24' with two axles will be maneuverable yet big enough to live in. Don't get talked into getting an expensive hitch. You can get a new one for under $300. Just make sure you can lift the different pieces without hurting your back. The tow vehicle should have a large area behind the front seats. To expand the space in the tow vehicle take out the seats. If you have time try to find a meeting of Airstreams. Try to look inside and see if it feels right. We have been living in a 29' 1976 AS. It cost us $5000 but I rebuilt all of the utilities and added awnings from a 1991 AS. Look at the 1980 - 2000 year models and make sure the floor is good and has no dry rot. Plyboard floor is better than chip/particle board. Don't attempt to reengineer the interior. The engineers and designers made the interiors functionally optimum. Upgrade the lights to LED (might cost $800 but worth it. Make sure the A/C works. If you need more electrical outlets have an electrician do the job. If you cannot stand to pay someone to do something that you can do consider getting the tools you need, expanding the number of breakers, install new breakers, run the flex where you want the wires to go and install the 110 boxes where you want and, without clicking the main (30amp) switch on and with the trailer unplugged, install all of the receptacles. Once you have everything connected have an electrician look for any problems before you plug in to shore power. Keep asking questions and get used to looking at this forum to see how others have renovated their AS.

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