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Full Timin' in a Used 34'....

........This idea still gets me excited . I've finally listed my home and it will sell eventually so I'm trying to figureout IF I could actually live in a nice , used AS-34 . I realize that AS's don't fare too well in cold climes so I've considered spending the winters down south in Nm or south Tx , then moving north for the summer . My SS won't start for 40 more months so I'll have to seek employment in some fashion whilst I reside in one of the northwestern states . All these idea's are just Figments of my imagination and some simplistic role playing until the homestead actually sells .
........I'm also entertaining pursuing this same lifestyle in a Truck camper or a regular travel trailer(SOB) but I continually come back to the AS because they seem to possess such longivity and comfort that I can't ignore plus I've always wanted to own an AS ever since my old uncle let me spend the night in his AS while parked in his backyard . Anyway it's evident that I'm not quite sure , just Yet , which course I'll pursue and It'll depend upon the quality of the trailers that are available after I've closed on selling the homestead .
.......I Guess I'm just thinking out loud perhaps and I'd appreciate any and all comments and any tales of actual experiences of those Full timers who have previously Or , are currently pursuing the Gypsy lifestyle in Your Airstream . Thanks , r66

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Unless you need to have a lot of stuff with you all th time. I've heard of it being done with something smaller.

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Hmm... "used." Now there's a word we don't see much here on the forums. The previous owners of my '79 took it out three times in the ten years they owned it. The first owners bought it, did the Wally Rally thing around Michigan, and then retired and took it to Arizona where it lived for a long time before they brought it back to Michigan to sell and re-house.

Used? Yes, she has been. She has the dents and wrinkles to prove it, too. (Loads of character.)

Forgive me, r66. The thought has never occurred to me that I have a USED Airstream. I don't know why not, though. I know that it was born 27 years ago, and it wasn't made for me. I just ended up with it.

This is just a thought, but aren't these trailers intended to be used?

"Pre-owned" is sort of schlocky, in my opinion. This often applies to vehicles that were only rented. A used car can be a disaster, but a used Airstream, if the previous owners had any sense at all, is a heck of a lot better value than an UNUSED Airstream.

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..............I'm aware , that , collectivelY , Airstreamers are a Very Touchy group when someone uses Adjectives to describe their chosen brand of trailer . So , I , given a chance to rephrase my opening statement would Substitute the words.....Previously Loved.....for Used trailer . Now , I guess I'm viewed as a heretic as I haven't\don't actually own said brand of trailer but I have had actual dreams of happily crusing down the interstate towing a shiny , Previously Loved 34 footer . If , these are Omens of future Intentions , then I'd say My fate is sealed and it's just amatter of time until I've spent my first night in my AS . Time and finances will tell . r66
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. , .
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hi r66

i'm with safeharbor...the post is too cute.

but for my money they are all used airstreams....

old used ones...

new used ones...

waiting 2b used ones...

airstreams are cool...

but that doesn't apply to all owners...

find a well loved, previously owned, recycled, handed down, pretested, already been tried, one owner legacy model....

and you can be the next caretaker....

34s are nice...

so used

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Frank S
1973 27' Overlander
peoria , Illinois
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Hi--Of course the word is not "used"! It's "vintage", like good wine.
route66--You said I, which I take to be just you. If that is the case, the decision is easy as you only have you to satisfy. If it were just me I would select a vintage 27' A/S as that is about as large as you can tow with a half ton truck, suv or van (if you are only having one vehicle a van is the most versatile. My wife and I spent 7-months in our A/S one year, and we're still married. You have the right seasonal idea, south in the winter, and north in summer. You can get work in stores like Wal Mart, Home Depot, KOA, Camping World, and others where you are a continuing employee, working in different locations seasonally.
When the homestead sells you will have a lot of stuff you still think you need that will not fit in any A/S. Rent a storage shed, and put that stuff in it. Over time you can thin out the stuff, and hopefully get rid of all of it.
If after a period of time you think full timing is not for you, you can always rent or buy a place without wheels, and use your A/S for travel trips. Looks like a win-win any way you look at it.--Frank S
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PO - meand Previous Owner

One thing that many folks have noticed is that the smaller trailers seem to hold their price longer than bigger ones. If you're going to federal or state parks, many have restrictions that preclude using a trailer longer than 25 ft.

I'm actually full timing in a 2006 25 ft FB SE - as a single woman I'm comfortable, but I'm working full-time so it isn't like I spend hours and hours at home.

A 34 could be great, but do remember you'll need a hefty tow vehicle (in the range of a diesel Suburban 2500 or 3500).

You'll have to look around and not jump for the first thing you see. A "nearly new" one is likely to have less work and be ready to tow.

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Not sure if your alone or not but I agree that a smaller unit makes more sense. I prefer the early to mid 70's "vintage". You can often find a well loved trailer at a very reasonable price, fix it up practically and make it as road worthy as any on the planet.

There have been some recent posted for sale on this site that looked like very good possibilities. I am so tempted to get another unit but then I would be depriving someone else.

Smaller is usually a lot more practical, less expensive to tow - both trailer and TV yet still has all of the creature comforts. I had a 25 ' box and it did very well in the cold weather. Suburban forced air and blow the lines so they don't freeze while driving. A little bit of a pain but worth it for the freedom. I do like your idea of warm in winter and cool in summer though.

Good luck, either way Airstream is a statement.

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.............Appreciate everyone's advise . There is a lot to be said for a smaller trailer in terms of ingress\egress when boondocking and or just accessing trailer parks when traveling . I already have an f250 diesel so that is covered . Future choices won't be made until the homestead sells so I'm just dithering in a restless imagination until the wherewithal becomes manifest destiny with wheels . thanks , r66
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Hi Route66,
I have a 1991 34ft excella 1000 and love it. I have owned airstreams since 1989 and started out with a 31ft trailer and really like that length but it did not have a dinette and the 34`s do .As far as towing I can tell no difference while going down the highway but there is a difference in tight turns but all you have to do is prepare for them. As some one else posted some state parks are geared more for smaller units but if you don`t plan to frequent those parks then I would go for the gold and get a nice comfortable 34 ft trailer.In my opinion the better years would be a 1993 and older or a 1996 and newer which would be a widebody. In 1994 airstream started using a headliner in the roof which I have heard on some trailers would sag or fall down and they are expensive to replace hence the 1993`s and older do not have the headliner.The 1996`s and newer do but they may have perfected that problem by then as I have a friend that has a 96 and has not had that problem. Also the windows in the 93 and older have a frame that surrounds the glass whereas the 94 and up do not. Not trying to upset any members that may have a 94 or 95 but like I said some people have and have not experienced problems with the headliner.Good Luck Davis
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Great Idea!

I have talked and talked to my hubby, he retires in 12 years, our son will be off to college by then. So I keep telling my husband in 12 years we sell the house sell the other toys and everything else and go full timing it. He is kinda against it at this time but if I keep working on him I always get my way, heck that is how I got the Airstream I just kept after him till he gave in.
Route 66 go for it!!! But of course do it in an Airstream.
75 Sovereign (Peppy)
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Hi, r66,

Actually, I agree with Davis. My next trailer will be a 34. Even with all the space in a 31', it's still a choice of having the front bed (gaucho) out or the dining table.

1975 Argosy 28 "Argosy"
1979 Excella 500 31 "Betsy"
1992 Lincoln Mk 7 LSC
2003 Dodge 2500 Cummins "TowHog"
"Lucy Loosehair" the cat - Airstream mascot
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I have 2 93's a 29ft with rear twins and a 30 ft. with a side dinette and rear queen.....I don't believe many 30's were made with the side dinette
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My wife and I live in a 1974 ambassador, 29' with 2 dogs. Its tight, but paid for. Only thing is learning to be in another part of the camper when the other person makes a move.

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