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Generally speaking - you can estimate the age of an Airstream owner by the number of dings in the Airstream. I consider myself some what an authority on the subject.

I would guess the mean age of the forum groups is about five years younger than the WBCCI group.

I would also guess that "full timers" tend to be younger than the age of the overall RV community.

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The OKC area sees more than its share of hail each year. I recommend that you either store the AS inside the storage building or build a cover for the AS on your property. Even small hail leaves dents.
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Iím 34 years old and I have owned a few sob trailers and seen just how poorly built they are. I just bought a slightly used 2006 31í classic with a slide out and I love it! In my option a slide out is the only way to go that little bit of extra floor space make all the difference. Unfortunately a lot of the Classics looks like the inside of a Florida retirement home (as does this one) so it is undergoing an interior make over with new flooring, new upholstery, and counter tops, lighting, wall paper, and more. The good news is that there are so many good deals $$ out there you can afford to get the right AS for you and remodel it into the perfect trailer for you. And yes does not seem like you see too many young Air Streamers out there most everyone I have ever run into are much older (maybe itís a wisdom thing)Ö Best of Luck!
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Yes, Airstreams are only for people who are old enough to know that any common fool can be uncomfortable.
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I'm living in a 25 foot trailer very comfortably with my two labs (since June). For me it has the perfect amount of space. I find that I have more than enough storage for my needs. In fact, if I were to go larger, I'd have more storage and more reason to accumulate more unecessary 'stuff' inside the trailer. The only thing that I wish were bigger is the refrigerator. I'd like to have something more full sized. For now it's fine though, because I do have a full sized fridge in the garage.
Cameron & the Labradors, Kai & Samm
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The truck I purchased to pull our trailer and to do some work for me was equipped with a LEER topper (no windows) and a factory bedliner, two items I might not have purchased on my own. The combination gives me a big place to toss the dirty items, the heavy & greasy items; store spares, tools, what-not. We fulltimed last year for seven straight months and that easy-to-slide-things-on bedliner and cover were a huge help.

A trailer can easily be too small. I pull a 34' (would have preferred a 28') but find that neither size is any harder to pull or to back; just more swing room on turns. Less than 28' doesn't have much "living room", so consider carefully. The difference in cost of ownership is about nil past purchase price, and a new life calls for some room for "things" as tastes, avocations change or overlap.

The ideal route, IMO, would be a used 30' trailer for a year to 18-mos minimum, then a build out by TIMELESS of a rig suited to known tastes. By taste, one needs a good bit of travel to understand what is important under different conditions of climate, etc, beyond just sleeping in the rig at a private campground and trundling down the same interstate the next day.
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Originally Posted by ts8501 View Post
If I was buying brand new, I would seriously consider the 27FB Flying Cloud. I love the interiors, and I agree with what has already been said about the advantages of the front bedroom units. The International is a strong consideration as well.

I am 48 and my wife will be 50 this month. We really do love our 34' Excella, and feel we got much for the preowned dollar. We have noted many, many people in their 30's and 40's that have joined streaming this year. Not sure the whys for "younger" owners, but it sure seems to be a trend.

I vote for the 27 FB too, but I want the CCD International - (There are three trim levels - "Safari" which has now been renamed "Flying Cloud" CCD International, which is mod-pod styling and Classic - which his high end, but very traditional). The 27 and 28 layouts are actually the same length... It's just the layout that differs, but the 27 FB has more closet space and in my opinion a better galley layout.

By all means GO to a big airstream dealer, and/or attend a rally or two. Looking at layouts on websites has limited usefulness. The real world will speak to you almost immediately.

Oh and on the travel, I work full time, and get a lot less travel time than I would like, but by all means travel even if just for the weekends and just within 100 miles of your home. There are lots of small towns, state parks, shopping opportunities, tailgate parties, Nascar events, etc. to go to... and using your own bath and kitchen while doing it... priceless.

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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Originally Posted by divorced View Post
I am 40 years old and am going through a divorce. It's taken me a long time to realize that chasing dollars and things did not make me happy and I want to make a drastic change by simplifying my life.
divorced - Welcome to The Wonderful World of Airstreaming (sorry Walt), and AirForums !! Airstreams only for old folks? Not necessarily, I see quite a few young folks enjoying their AS's. They're great for making those wonderful life long memories. And you'll NEVER find a group of nicer, more caring people, as this Forums will show you. I got the "late in life" divorce, made the same decision ~ to simplify my life. Bought some land in the country, bought a 30 ft Airstream Classic and have NEVER looked back. A 'grannys' interior? Maybe, but I'm a grandfather and it suits my taste. I've never felt so unencumbered, with the "stuff" that never did make ~ME~ happy. I also have a "brick & stick" house here in the country, so maybe I have the best of both worlds. I only have 1 kid, a grown daughter, who supports my lifestyle but also thinks I may have gone a tad overboard when I bought the 2nd Airstream - a 55 year old vintage!! to restore, keep me occupied & healthy and to love. Multiple Airstreams ARE NOT unusual, so you may want to give that some thought when you design your WAY COOL "storage" building.

What size is right for you? Take the good advise - dedicate several hours to visit an Airstream dealership. Tell the salesman to go away. Then envision yourself living in the various sizes & floorplans. FWIW, I've never had any problem parking my 30 ft'er in any RV park or state / national park.

And lastly, you should know that "vintage is cool" with a lot of us. WAY COOL. To see for yourself, my WBCCI unit (Texas Highland Lakes Unit) is sponsoring a rally in San Antonio, TX February 4th to the 8th - and the sole focus is vintage Airstreams, and Okla isn't that far a drive, for an Airstreamer. There will be almost constant seminars and an Open House for you to check out all the wonderful floorplans thru the years, as well as how many folks have remodeled to their taste & lifestyle. And the vast majority of us who have newer trailers would gladly "show you ours " to help you on your decision path. Check out the "Texas Vintage Rally" posting here on the Forums for more info. If you plan to attend, PM me so we can meet up. I'd be more than happy to "show you the ropes".

You've made great, dare I say informed, choice. "Full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes / perceptions of others".

Keep us informed of your decision -
I love that old time rock & roll.
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Hi Divorced, I say go for it! I'm 62 and my wife isn't too far behind me. We've been working on a '76 31 footer for a couple of years and are just about ready to move in. No money to travel with so we'll be stationary but we're keeping everything in movable shape just in case. We've given the kids most of our stuff and will sell or donate what's left. We think the AS will be plenty big enough for us. Good luck and I hope you report back on progress :-)
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Hello, Just wanted to say we are in our 20's and just bought our first airstream. We don't full time but wish we could. I say if you can- do it.
I also suggest trying your hand at long distance hiking, you sound like the perfect person for that also.
,Katie & Anthony, 2kids, lots of pets!
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Sorry to hear about your divorce - but your plan seems pretty good. Some other folks have already recommended to buy a used and try it out - that's some pretty sound advice. I was 36 when I bought my AS - I was 37 before I was done doing a complete redesign of the interior. I spend about 2 months a year living in it at the beach and the mountains in CO during the winter. I think I could go full time if the opportunity presented itself. I am in a 1969 31' - but it's just me and my dog. Plenty of space, etc. . . but my design is a custom set up. Someone else mentioned the idea of a cap for your truck - good idea also. Do some reading and looking, set your expectations reasonably and enjoy.

Atlanta, GA + Steamboat, CO
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My opinion, split the difference in length, get a used Excella in good condition, live it it while you do your learning curve and figure out what you really want. Then trade it in on your learned choice next year.
Same if you think about buying a boat, get a windsurfer and be out there on the water checking out the classy sail boats versus the stinkpots.
Just my opinion.
I admit to being powerless over housecleaning and social niceities
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34 is the way

Get a 34 footer.

I have a 34 foot triple axle and if any trailer tows "like a stream of air", it's the triple axles. They pull just as easily as a 31 footer (my last one). Actually scratch that; they pull BETTER than ANY double axle trailer. The triple axles really pull nice.

If you can park, you can stuff a 34 footer just about anywhere. They are still VERY SMALL compared to the fifth wheels that you see most people pulling.

You get more room, stable pulling, and just more to love.

I'd like to add an 18 footer to my stable (my grandpa has a 1958 18' Traveler that I want to buy), but other than that, I have no use for anything in between.

You 25' guys, if you like 'em, my hat is off to you. But I think the long boy pulls just as well if not better, and you get a lot more room. And like the others said, none of these tubes will have the room of a white box, so you want all the length you can get.

My vote is for a 34 footer with a slide out.

Best of luck!

- Jim
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