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About to get a trailer but family doesn't think its such a great idea. Thoughts?

My husband and I are newly married and still working out the rolls our folks play in our lives. We are about to purchase a 72 Land Yacht 29ft. We move around every 6 mo to usually a moderate climate so no real extreme hot to colds except here and there. This particular trailer is all original except it has lamenate hard wood floors. Everything works. It has a new micro and the original owner gave it two his son who has had ir for 2 years and has taken it out 3 times. Its in Phoenix. The axels are clean and rust free. No scratches on the belly pan. No dings on the sides. No seperation at the bumper. It has a window that looks like it wasbhit by a ball and spider effect on the glass but that's it. All the switches work and the electric was redone with up to date breaker box. The ac was replaced last year.

Ok so I can't find any wrong with this trailer except the window. Yes it is 41 yrs old and stuff will break. Are the parts hard to find? I've watched on here and it seems like parts are always available from people remodeling.

Does anyone currently full time in a 70s model and find they are having more issues than others? I need an honest opinion from you all since I know you have lived it. My FIL has only experience from neighbors who have the square glued together trailer that seems to meltbin the sun.

Alright I just need some help. I feel like OUR dream is being crushed by his realist pessimism. I know he is right but this trailer works. Aaron and I tired everything out. I took the airforums check list to make sure I remembered to ask about everything. Maybe someone here lives in the Phoenix area and could have a look at it for me too? I know we want to live on the road and its not the normal.

Ok I'm open for feedback. Thank you for any wisdom you can share.

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Your first sentence really piqued my interest. Your second sentence kept me reading looking for an explanation I didn't find. So I'll comment. . .

You move around every 6 months but you've not indicated one way or another anything about stable employment or regular income. The two conditions aren't necessarily mutually exclusive and I know this from first-hand experience. But if your lifestyle of moving around every 6 months is in any way supported financially (directly or indirectly) by your FIL, then yes, like it or not he has a role in your life and is well within his limits to express an opinion or two on your decision to purchase a 72 Land Yacht.

On the other hand, you and your husband might very well be completely self-supporting with non-traditional jobs that offer a very comfortable lifestyle and the means to work from any location with an internet connection. That's a fantastic combination for people who are attracted to the RV lifestyle and still want or need to work. If that's the case, go for it and don't look back! When FIL expresses an opinion it's because he's been a father for many years and that's been a part of his role to parent. He's in a spot to be figuring out his new role, too. Smile sweetly, tell him you love him, and then get the trailer anyway. Who knows, maybe he'd even be interested in joining you on a weekend trip where he can experience how wonderful and different an Airstream trailer is!

Just my $0.02. . .

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"The One" is out there
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Ah! You're right I forgot to mention that we work for national park service and move between colorado in the summer and arizona in the winter. We are on our own.

I just wonder if the trailer is too old to want to live in?

Thanks for the advice
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Everything in that trailer, appliance wise, can be replaced with new appliances if necessary. Though it's possible that if well cared for, that may not even be necessary. The basic structure of the Airstream is a time-tested thing that has long outlasted most trailers of it's vintage, even with the problems of rotting floors and sagging axles. All that stuff can be fixed. Mine is 45 this year and still going strong. If you like it, and you're the adventurous sort, go for it. You have to enjoy life while you're young!

Getting a local to have a look at it for you is not a bad idea. In the right hand column of the portal page is a search box for volunteer Airstream inspectors. Maybe you can find someone in Pheonix who could go take a look with you and catch anything you may have missed.

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I will assume you will be in a place that has FULL hookups. And only moving it twice a year. Do you have a vehicle equipped to tow the coach?
Your choice of trailer does not have a grey water tank, unless a PO installed one.
If the price is something you can afford. I say GO FOR IT!
Knowledge: "A gift to be shared. A treasure to receive."
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"The One" is out there
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The nps has full hook ups for campers. The rent is very minimal. The reason we want to do this is that its hard to find somewhere that will have housing for both of us and our dog. We ha e many more parks we could go to if we brought a trailer we could live in. Housing is scarce in the park and to rent outside the park would put us in debt.
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"The One" is out there
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1975 31' Sovereign
Estes park , Colorado
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Yes our tow vehicle is a 97 old body style f250 with dana 80 on back.
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Thumbs up

I don't see a problem.....

Looks like you've done the homework and have a good start.

Keep reading, first priority, make sure everything is safe, tires, hitch, brakes, running gear etc.

Go for it!!!



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You sound exceptionally thoughtful to me. I'm sure your husband is as well. No doubt because both your parents did their job and raised you well so you could become independent and contribute meaningfully to society (your chosen profession is a great example of that). As you wonder what their role will be in your new life, it shifts from what it was before. It may not be like a light switch but it does become something very different. The best compliment you can pay them is to show them you don't need them to parent you anymore (verb) while they will always be your parents (noun).

I don't know enough about old trailers to offer advice from that perspective. But I would offer that even if you move forward with this decision and it doesn't turn out perfectly, that's part of your new life too and you and your husband will figure it out together. You'll have millions of those opportunities :-)

Good luck and enjoy!!!
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Hi, You and your husband sound very grounded, and FIL is just voicing his fatherly concerns no doubt, We are in UK and fell for a 73 Overlander from Kansas, we would have loved to be in the position you are in. you are a young couple with a dog, no children, and both have jobs you no doubt love. Theres plenty of time for Houses, kids and debt, Go for it, whats the worst that can happen. If the AS needs parts there are lots of lovely people on this forum who will give tips and advice on parts and resources.
The only thing stopping you is, YOU !
Good Luck
and pics of the trailer please
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I had a trailer about the same age. Something was always breaking or needed service but it never stoped us from using the trailer. Full timing in a trailer that old will not be a problem. After all, people don't think twice about moving into a house that's that old.
The only problem you are going to have is adjusting to living in a small space. I've found that a little discipline in how you live goes a long way. Keep everything neet and clean. Have a place for everything and put it all away everyday. It sounds easy but it's not at first.
We have a little 17' trailer and have stayed out for over three weeks without feeling cramped. We also travel with our two big dogs in the trailer.
I've seen folks with much larger trailers that didn't have as much space as we did. Why? They just let stuff pile up all over the trailer. In no time at all, they only had enough room to eat and sleep. It's up to you to make living in a trailer work out for you.
Finally, if it does not work out, you can always sell the trailer for what you paid for it. It's not like a new trailer; there is no depreciation.
Go for it. Living full time in a national park sound like a dream come true. Most of us never even get the chance.
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as a young(er) person i understand the influence parents can have on your life and decisions. I would encourage you to think about the other advice your FIL has offered - do you take it with a grain of salt or is his advice always solid as a rock? I've come to learn that just because they're older and wiser doesn't mean they know everything!

Also, do you or your husband have any kind of handyman type skills? Are you willing to learn? If you are, the forums can help. I knew nothing going into my vintage trailer reno and airforums taught me everything! (well, almost's a contractor and i'll give him some credit too).
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Ask your father-in-law how many 40 year old SOBs are on the road, and point out all the older AS that are.

If one fixes the leaks when they are found and completes just a little routine maintenance along the way there is no reason for an Airstream to be judged simply by it's birthday.

The proof is in the number of these trailers still on the road.

Check the old girl out in all the corners and hidden spots, look for water damage and if she is sound or in a state you are willing and able to repair, you have a new cool home.


And Good Luck.

Jeff & Cindy
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'91 350 LE MH
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How else can you do it? Colorado in the summer and Arizona in the winter while being employed by the Park Service. Holy Cow - this trailer is perfect!!!.

Get a truck with a cap and have fun.

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