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Well, reading all these posts brought a big broad smile to my heart!

I will not bore everyone here with stories of the five airstreams we have purchased and enjoyed from 1967 to today. (Two new and three used)

I just hope that when you make the decision, 29 years later you too will smile.

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I am always amazed at how quickly people upgrade to a larger unit. Sometimes I think Yukiona and I are the only ones on here who have a little trailer and LOVE it. I have been tempted, and even in deals where I could have a perfectly redone trailer for less than I can sell mine for - I probably could have got a bigger trailer and made a profit on the deal! Yet I still have no intention of giving up my tiny trailer. It's perfect for us and short or long trips, easy to haul through busy towns - since it tracks perfectly behind the tow vehicle, you don't even have to worry about swinging wide, easy to find a parking spot for (a small trailer and tow vehicle will fit through two parking spots end to end, which can be found in most parking lots). It's all good! Our trailer is our first RV, and we weren't big campers before that, but we get it out every chance we can for short trips or long, and four years later we love it as much as the day I brought it home.

Little trailers are the best!


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I am with Stephanie. We were trying to decided a 16 ft or a 19 ft. And the cost of the new units. And we had never been RV users. We considered size,cost and distance to travel to view. During the search 20 ft GT about 100 miles from us was for sale. We went to view and purchased it. This was in July 2006 and we have been busy fixing etc. Looking forward to our first trip. I think it is a personal thing and parking, traveling, backing up etc.make Little trailers best.
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Originally Posted by Aria
I think it is a personal thing and parking, traveling, backing up etc.make Little trailers best.
Little trailers have that advantage over big trailers. You can get them into campgrounds you can't go with bigger trailers. That's the one thing I miss about the little trailer we used to have. With our 28', we have to plan ahead a little more as there are fewer places that accept bigger trailers. I wouldn't go back the the little trailer though. I'm 6'1 and my wife is 5'11 and with our two 95 lb yellow labs, the 28' is little enough!
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I'm on my third Airstream in as many years. First it was a 76 31' Sovereign that we still have. Then I had serious thoughts of a new 34' Classic which was really too much for us (in many ways), but I came very close to buying. Instead we bought a 94 25' Classic.I liked the size and layout of this Airstream so much that we sold it and bought a new 2007 25' Classic with all the options. It really has to be the size, layout, look and feel that best matches you, your family and camping as well as travel style. If it "feels" right it probably is right.
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Head to Ebay Randjg1


Go to Ebay immediately.. do not pass go.. do not collect $200.

Your dream 75th Bambi is for sale for $50,000! Now considering this one is slightly used, and the fact that you could probably buy it for about $52,000 new... heck you should be able to contact them and get a few bucks off. It is in Long Beach, California though...

Anyways check it out at

Only 5 hours 21 minutes left to bid on it
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randjg1---Reading your post brings back many memories. "Been there done that" several times over the years. Wife and I now retired with our family grown, even the grand children. I can tell you first hand that the stress of payments ,deciding what type of trailer you need, filling water tanks and keeping batterys charged, coming home late sunday only to have to get ready for work the next day, backing in a campsite late friday after dark with two hungry kids ,etc is all insignificant compared to the memorys we have of our times with our boys as they grew up. ---pieman
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Mike, your post sounds quite like my mindset for sure. Were you in an airstream back in the day with your kids growing up? Many posts concerning the choice of a 19ft being too small has me second guessing myself. I suppose i could go a bit larger and maybe just maybe go with a safari with stainless interior. But then how big do i really need to go then? I know we could fit in the 75th anniversary 19 right now but, for how long? Then possible send the boys to a tent outside except for bad weather. I am curious how you did what i intend to do. Thanks to you all for continuing this thread. All the point of views help. --RandJG1
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There are times when I post too much and am possibly too free with my opinions, and times when I wonder if adding another opinion will just muddy the water.
This is one of those times.
Do I think you can be happy in a 19' Bambi? Yes. Stephroberts and others have proven that.
Do I have concerns about 2 growing kids? yes, especially given the fact that you mentioned a 15 year note. IMO you will not have a 19' trailer for 15 years with 2 growing kids, but you might. Who knows.
My first A/S (after a couple of SOBs and a camper/pickup combo) was a 25' Safari. That worked out well with 3 kids and would recommend it to anyone. My current trailer is a 21' trailer and with just my wife and I in there most of the time it works, but the extra 4 feet would be nice at times. We now have a wet bath, the 25' had a decent shower.
I'm NOT trying to talk you into or out of anything, just some things to think about. The decision is ultimately yours, and I truly think you will have a ball in either one.
And the intimidation is short lived as far as batteries, etc.
Good luck, you're smart to ask the questions up front.
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If you camp 2x a season, and you have $$ to burn, get the 75th.

In 2003, we made a similar decision and went with a 19' Bambi. It was cute, better than tenting or other RVs and our car could in fact tow it.

One year later we moved to a 25' Safari.

The 19' Bambi was a great little unit. But that was just it, a great LITTLE unit.

Two folks and a dog at the time and we were fairly cramped.

I seem to recall skimming this thread and the suggestion may have come up, buy a great used 25', or a great newer used unit. I think that suggestion, regardless of which way you go with the size is the most sound advice you could get. Either way if you make payments you'll be able to write off any interest since it's considered a second home. The issue though is that the major depreciation hit will already have been taken off a good used unit. Want proof, take a look at the Airstream website and see what the MSRP is (even with say a 19% negoit off list). The go to NADA and take a look at what last years model and the year before that are going for. The only ones I've seen hold their value longer are the slide outs, but even they too loose their value, only slower from what I've seen.

Bottom line, look at a good newer pre-owned Airstream. You may be able to get more for you $$$ and since you may only go 2x a year, seems like a better choice. Now again, if you have $$$ to burn, go for it, but you may see some space limitations of a 19, with more than 2 people.
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Can you get to a rally? It sure would be great if you and the family could go and sit in a similar sized unit and spend some time in a real camping situation.

Have the four of you sat in the bambi with the door closed for a good amount of time? Have you tried to mimick your daily activities, one in bed, one at the sink, now kids getting up waiting for the bathroom. Have you passed each other in the aisle? It may seem silly but we went to the dealers and spent as much time as we could inside the unit. It's one thing to see the units all decked out in all its finery with no one inside and another thing to see all your stuff inside that same space and need to ask others to sit or move to accomplish your routine tasks. The smaller the unit the more imperative to keep things in their place. The more convertability the more transfer of bedding and gear from one place to another (X4)

I wonder if you could do a poll and see how many bambi owners buying new kept their units for what length of time. Many smaller unit owners trade up in size shortly.

If you love it and it fits get it. The 15 year part would make me nervous. New units depreciate as you sign the papers big time, talk to what your dealer will exactly do for you if you decide to go bigger. Consider buying used and then you basically have free use of it and a tutor to seek your camping style and you can turn around and sell it for what you paid for it maybe even make a profit on the deal if you are shrewd at both negotiations. There is always going to be a new unit waiting for you, perhaps jump in a bit more cautiously in regard to an extended financial committment. You need to buy tacky lights and gas, remember.

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When I first looked at trailers I was very interested in a Bambi. My SUV could pull it, it was "cute", and it looked easy to handle. My practical side got the best of me, and I bought a Safari 25. I am glad I did. I would get cabin fever in the little Bambi.

If you buy new, and then change your mind on the size trailer you need, you will suffer huge depreciation. Why not buy a slightly used one from someone else who bought too small a trailer?
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sound advice

I'm leaning more and more toward the used idea. and larger. Although my heart is less enthused as the 75th really does it for me. All four of us have sat in there to debate this size issue. We converted the table and couch to beds and all laid down fine. Although i can see my boys being in too close of proximity to each other to sleep too well. However we are talking about camping. And a tent is way more cramped than this would ever be. Ugh. Thats why i vacillate. I see the sound advice of buying used and larger. But also buying a tow vehicle will be a deal breaker i fear. It does seem foolish to bet the depreciation costs that i will want to keep it forever. Perhaps a safer bet is used first. Wait for next special edition i love and trade up if we end up loving this new pasttime.
Of course thats the logical approach so we shall see! Ha.

Thanks again to all who chime in. The debate is so very helpful.
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I love my tiny trailer - but I HATE converting the bed every night!

If you buy a used trailer (even a used Bambi) you would have more funds available to change your tow vehicle. The best bang for your buck in a tow vehicle is a full sized van. They are cheap, plentiful, built on truck chassis and tow! They also hold lots of stuff - a big plus if you have a tiny trailer.

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2007 bambi

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