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Sport 22-What's your storage strategy?

I thought I would start a thread on storage for the 22 Sport.

That is what we have, and have camped for 1 season.

I feel like I have only done an OK job of figuring out the best place to store different items, and also how to organize storage.

So I was wondering how other 22 sport owners tackle the storage question.

Here are some areas that I fall short:

What do you keep in the 2 rolling lockers over the bed? Do you use any containers in them?

Same question for the 2 rolling lockers over the kitchen counter.

Where do you keep your food like chips and bread and crackers that take up a lot of volume but are not very heavy?

Any good solutions for the closet to better organize but still have fairly easy access to remove the floor panel to reach the low point drains?

What do you keep under the dinette? And any good containers you like?

What do you use the under bed storage area for?

For items you use when camping that are used outside (chairs, coleman stove, BBQ) do you store them in the trailer or in you vehicle?

Finally, would love to see any good ideas for the bathroom.

I feel like I have all the "stuff" that I need for camping now. I just am getting tired of the shuffle if it can be avoided.

Thanks in advance


Piggy Bank
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We are in Key West, FL, Nov. to April, so few clothes needed. Our 5th year of doing this. Under bed storage ...I forget what is there, so mostly blanket for going back north and bulky stuff like paper towels.
Over is mine and one his...clothes rolled up and stacked...T shirts, shorts and underwear...that's pretty much clothes we use...some stuff tucked around edge of bed, we replaced mattress (awful) with a custom futon mattress and memory foam pad on top...sheets go on memory foam only.
Above kitchen area..small paper plates and bowls. Other side...DVDs, silicone mixing and storage bowls.
Under microwave....stationary in skinny plastic box, sewing repair..2 boxes for scissors and junk ( boxes are remains of wine box perfectly.
Under stuff..we do pour over coffee, so only need filters, cone, coffee. Crackers And tea in middle, oatmeal box in back, some canned goods, spices, raisins and walnuts in front. Next shelf, less visible so microwave cooking pan, sugar, dried fruit and extra crackers in back.
Lowest shelf...cutlery tray ...canopener, plastic fork/knife/spoon, chopsticks, wooden spoon....I looked for small spatula, pancake turner, etc...each year get rid of what I don't for some jam on side of tray and bags of chips sit on top of tray. Trick is to be consistent so you remember where stuff is...and work out how you are going to cook and restock so you don't have too much stuff.
Under seats is stuff not used much..extra sneakers , extra sheet set, warm clothes and one clothes bag of dressy stuff.
My husband took over the closet for tools but we do hang some shirts there and a hanging shoe rack holds socks, swim suit, etc. hanging jewelry thing is great for screws and small parts.
Good luck...different way to live..simple is better!

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Closet: Container Store has wire shelves that lock together in a stacking fashion. Two of those fit perfectly, and we shove our soft side duffel bags on the top two. On the closet floor is a narrow 3 drawer Sterilite unit that holds "junk", and dog poop bags. Still a small bit of room for some hanging clothes. Upper shelf holds towels. & paper plates. Bread & crackers, oatmeal, boxed items on closet floor.

Narrow under microwave cabinet: foil, ziplocs, some occasional canned goods.

Left upper cabinet over stove: Couple of DVDs, few canned goods, spices, coffee, filters, oil, vinegar, flask of Buffalo Trace for emergencies. Stuff cabinet with small blanket or towel for travel to keep stuff from bouncing around.

Right upper cabinet over sink: Tervis tumblers, cork hot mats & small cutting boards (on top of stereo).

Under sink: dishes, mixing bowls, salad bowls on upper shelf. Two lower left shelves hold pots & pans. Cutlery drawer is used for intended purpose. Shelf to right of cutlery drawer: Sterilite container (about the size of a shoe box, w/ lid) that holds mixing spoons, spatulas, thermometers, can opener, etc.

Cabinets above bed: extra set of sheets, a throw, beach towels, few personal items.

Under seat storage closet to front of trailer: junk box with spare hitch parts, upholstery cleaner, extra propane hose, briefcase of trailer manuals, other crap.

Under seat storage nearest door: box of paper goods, napkins, paper towels, extra drip trays for Weber Q, griddle for Weber Q. Large coil of maritime rope. Extra wine is sometimes stored there.

Under bed: underutilized. First off, take out one of the plastic containers. We store a space heater, some additional bedding, and have one plastic box for small fans, and a small ice chest we use for drink ice in the trailer.

Magazine rack: flashlights, small level, bug spray, dog poop bags, retractable dog leash.
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Ah Key West sounds lovely.
We have gone several times first week of March. One of our favorite bands The Nace Brothers, play that weekend at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Check them out if you have time.

I liked your idea to keep clothes in the bed rollup storage area. We really haven't been using those at all for weekend trips. Just using duffles in the closet.

And I also am trying to better have a plan for food when we will be going for a longer trip.

It sounds like you keep most of you food under the sink.

What is Buffalo Trace? Inquiring minds want to know? You said flask, so I'm thinking that it is a potable item.

With your racks in the closet, can you easily get to the bottom of the closet to lift off the cover and reach the low point drains? Or is it a major deal?

Good call on stacking things on the radio, we could get more there.
And we keep our wine and spirits under the bed in a crate when we travel. Put socks on the bottles. Also have a nice little ice bucket, (because we can)

Do either of you tend to keep "used outside" items like bag chairs, side table, coleman stove, lantern, etc in the AS, or do you keep these in your vehicle?

Thanks for all of the tips. Please keep the ideas coming!

Piggy Bank
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Buffalo Trace is a very pleasant bourbon.

The racks of which I wrote remove very easily. They are not permanently mounted, but just sit on the bottom shelf. So far, we have had no issues with them moving in transit.

The "outside" stuff I keep in the bed of the truck. So far, no theft issues. If rain is predicted, I will put the chairs in the truck overnight if I remember. We have four door Tundra, and have found that if we turn up the back seats, we get a lot more useable space for "stuff".

Cannonball, Deep in the Heart of Texas!

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Thanks Cannonball.

We too have a 4 door Tundra. Great vehicle.

I will be on the lookout for Buffalo Trace.

We tend to stock Templeton Rye in our bar. Check it out if you need a change of pace.

Piggy Bank
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Storage in the AS

Although our trailer isn't a 22' it has similar locations for for storage in the unit.

For our clothes: I bought a hanging fabric sweater rack that has 6 shelves & clips to the closet cross pole. We put the majority of our clothes in that, as it allows my husband & I to have 3 cubbies each.

I put sweaters, fleeces & hats on the top shelf of the AS closet.

Shoes go in the bottom of the AS closet (under the sweater rack) and a soft, flexible cloth bag for dirty laundry is stuffed in along the side of the sweater rack at the bottom of closet with raincoats & a couple of jackets on hangers above the laundry bag.

It's a super small closet - but the hanging sweater rack helps to make good use of the space. The clothes travel well during transport with everything staying put while on the road. This was an idea that a fellow streamer had posted on the forums that we decided to try.
Once the laundry bag starts getting too big & full - I pull it and toss in the back of the TV.
So far, this has worked out well for weekend trips and our longer 10 day vacation this past summer.
I like hearing how other folks handle storage - thank you for posting!
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The following thread has some good tips, even though it is for a different model also:

The Sterilite containers I mention, in Posts 8 and 13 there, have worked out great all over our FC20, although they are on the small side for some uses. Sterilite makes a large range of products, with both hinged and loose lids, and their bins are AS OEM accessories (under our bed for instance).

Sterilite - All Products

Amazon carries most of the bins I wanted to check out.
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We are three season campers so we generally carry more clothes than typical. the closet is dedicated to clothing, I purchased folding fabric storage boxes (found them at Lowe's) two colors, blue for him, pink for me. two of each in the closet floor for undies, socks, folded shirts, etc. one each on the shelf for whatever, course these are removable. pants, shirts, jackets all hang on the rod. We like to cook so we carry a pretty full kitchen. oils, canned goods, bottled goods under microwave in smaller fabric boxes (different sizes at a Dollar Store). plastic basket on lower shelf next door for staples and spice containers. I made flannel sacks to fit all my cookware. 2 skillets, sauce pan, microwave mug, 4 place settings of corelle ware, all have their own storage cover that also doubles as packing. nothing ever breaks or moves. no pot lids, I use silicon covers that also act as cushion in the cupboards. 3 additional small folding boxes hold small cooking tools. drawer for tableware. I bought sharps with plastic covers that fit into the side of this drawer. 1 box for our Airstream coffee mugs, wine glasses inside mugs. Over sink left side is a small box with dish towels and rags, paper plates, plastic cartons, paper cups. Right side is foil, baggies, crackers. Door side under bench is a plastic container that doubles as liquor cabinet and root cellar, another small plastic for dog food, and tucked into corner a sack full of cleaning rags and laundry detergent. Opposite bench storage is mostly appliances, griddler, small fan, pasta pot, coffee pot, extra paper towels. Under bed bins, 1 for extra paper products, microwave rack, a desk lamp, the library, games. 1 for extra linens, towels, blankets, AS manuals, 1 for extra clothes, shoes. 1 still empty. Above head of bed is the "night stand" with remotes, pain relievers and tummy medicine ( stuff you forgot you needed before you went to bed), Kleenex. Other side is bath towels and wash clothes. I keep a a supply of fresh towels for daily use in the shelf under the bathroom sink. Lower bathroom shelf is TP and cleaning supplies. Shower makes a great place to store the laundry bag, change of shoes, a plastic box for soaps and personal products. We also keep a small duffle in there for our run to the campground shower facilities and a gallon jug of fresh water. Hoses, electrical cords, hitch parts, jack pads, broom, general trailer small parts and tools go in the "toolbox" underneath. Chairs, grill, charcoal, cooler, patio rug, wheel chocks in back of truck. When we leave home, hubby carries what
looks like half a cord of firewood. Having said all this, I am convinced to trim some of this, but so far we've found no problem storing everything we need.
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JS and RB,
Your scheme is very similar to what we have now. We also are into the cooking and cocktail thing, so we too have a lot of ingredients and cooking items.

I like your idea on the bath house bag for using campground shower. I need a good bag for this. I like your plan, and will keep it in the shower. I am disorganized when I do this. Will get one of these together. We have some nice handled storage bags we bought at Ikea for a couple of dollars each that we use for dirty laundry, clean towels, and dog items. These I do keep in the shower. They are just super easy to move. I like the idea of keeping the extra water here too. We always use bottled for drinking (us and the dog) --just don't want to worry about any upset digestion.

Also the idea of the cubbies in the closets. Do you know if the stiffeners on these cubbies are plastic or cardboard? I am very cardboard-averse to items that live in the AS, both for its ability to take on moisture, and its attraction as a food source to bugs and vermin.

Wild Child and OTRA15, I agree that making better use of the closet is what we need to figure out. Thanks for the ideas.

Also probably need a good solution for "pantry in the vehicle" for longer trips. Probably a couple of plastic or pic nick containers with lids that are stackable and fit on the shelf over the refrigerator.

Thanks everyone for all of the responses.

Piggy Bank
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Thanks so much for posting. This thread has a wealth of storage and organization ideas for any size AS. Has anyone used these: Thoughts?
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"We have four door Tundra, and have found that if we turn up the back seats, we get a lot more useable space for "stuff". "
We also have a 4 door Tunda-06. Seats were not used so 8 easy bolts and they've been out since new. All 100+ pounds now sit on a shelf in bags. Besides, my two Saint Bernards prefer the flat floor.
Lots to do. Getting there.
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We are new Airstream owners with a 2015 22FB. I bought these baskets at the container store and so far they have worked out great for us. We use the totes under the bed to pack the food and clothes we need for each trip. Then transfer all of it into these baskets.

Name:   ImageUploadedByAirstream Forums1450019418.680146.jpg
Views: 557
Size:  78.5 KB

Name:   ImageUploadedByAirstream Forums1450019438.185490.jpg
Views: 517
Size:  103.6 KB

Name:   ImageUploadedByAirstream Forums1450019461.930612.jpg
Views: 518
Size:  99.3 KB

Name:   ImageUploadedByAirstream Forums1450019478.687007.jpg
Views: 515
Size:  85.9 KB

Name:   ImageUploadedByAirstream Forums1450019497.281845.jpg
Views: 509
Size:  85.1 KB

Name:   ImageUploadedByAirstream Forums1450019511.639239.jpg
Views: 544
Size:  80.6 KB

Name:   ImageUploadedByAirstream Forums1450019534.283880.jpg
Views: 505
Size:  93.8 KB

Name:   ImageUploadedByAirstream Forums1450019556.544956.jpg
Views: 516
Size:  88.8 KB

Name:   ImageUploadedByAirstream Forums1450019568.967697.jpg
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Size:  82.1 KB
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Congratulations on your new Airstream, and great baskets.


Piggy Bank
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