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Originally Posted by campadk View Post
Kate's first attempt to secure the fridge door failed so now we use a bungie cord run from the stove handle to the cutlery handle to keep the darn fridge closed. Bad on Dometic! Not rocket science guys!!
Hey! Didn't I tell you I had to do that a few weeks ago?!??? Never trust that little Dometic 1/8" piece of plastic to hold all the weight of what's in the fridge when it tips over ha ha...

Originally Posted by campadk View Post
The piece over the shower door also fell off (again) - forgot to mention that previously. It was held on by a few staples!
What exact part are you talking about??? Maybe I have a different shower set-up...

Originally Posted by campadk View Post
On the leg home the whole shower accordion door unit fell off completely. Two sided tape, some caulking and a little clip was all that was holding it in place! This is the same shower design they have been using for years I gather... have an accordion shower door? Again, I have a shub in mine...I don't see how mine could possibly come off. Do you have a picture?

Originally Posted by campadk View Post
I should send Airstream a photo of our trailer when these things happen, as well as a photo of all the bungies and straps holding everything in whenever we need to pull the trailer down the road a few miles for piece of mind...
I doubt they would care. All of my "safety straps" were in place when I brought my trailer to them last year...they didn't even address them. They DID install some stronger catches on my drawers and closet door, though, as well as the bed slideout; they told me that Winick used the version of the catches that isn't nearly as strong; apparently they make different strength catches. I still don't trust them, though...when I head out next week I WILL be using my plethora of straps and bungee cords to keep everything where it needs to be.

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I'll take a few photos next time for you.

The rectangular wood piece above the bathroom door is the part that fell off. The walnut piece was stapled to some plywood with 3 staples. It is now screwed on. I am sending Airstream a bill for 2 cents lol.

The speakers above the dinette are something you would buy at the dollar store and they rattle like heck. There is a lot of wasted storage space behind them as well, so one side now has a clock on it which we will setup on a hing to store stuff behind it. The other will have a pewter moose instead on a plaque to enhance our 'Adirondack Style' Winick. Again on a hing so we can use the area behind for storage. Kate is coming up with lots of great little 'tweeks'. There is an amazing amount of wires up above where are TV used to be. I might take that out at some point as well. Its quite a nest and would be a great storage area!

The area where the TV is 'supposed to be' is a great area with a decent surface area. In our case it tends to end up as a great spot for my camera equipment and a charging area for iphones, ipads, macbooks and other 'stuff'.

We'll take a bunch of photos anyways on our next trip which happens to be on Sunday!

Where are your interior shots?

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Ok a few of our favorite shots from our last two trips! We'll I have a lot of other great shots of some amazing places, but these one are on topic

You'll notice we are always lakeside! This summer we pretty much had the best lakeside campsites at all the campgrounds we stayed at.

New tow vehicle! RAM Laramie Longhorn. Fine mate for our 40 Winker! Handles the hills nicely.

Verona Beach State Park Sunset - Syracuse, NY

Wellesley Island - St Lawerence, upstate NY

North Hampton Beach State Park - North of Albany, NY

Pawtuckaway State Park, NY - north of Boston

Lewey Lake Campground - Indian Lake, NY

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Originally Posted by campadk
Ok a few of our favorite shots from our last two trips!
Stunning! Great sites, great pics - wow!!
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A few more...

Pawtuckaway again...

HDR from Northampton Beach...

Night time campfire at Lewey Lake (oops! no A/S!)

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Straps and tweeks

We've been using the same method for the bottom drawers - I run a strap through the drawer handles and clip them through the bottom flip door. It works good and is easy to get on and off. We have the Shub shower stall as well. It was also easily put back in place and needs new caulking. I think that's the reason it fell. The caulking has dried up over the years. Again an easy fix. We've luckily never had any major issues with the trailer. Mice getting in is probably the biggest problem we've had and we think that's been taken care of now.
Camp ADK
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Sounds like you could be shaking the trailer apart. What tires and pressures are you running on the trailer? Should be around 60 lbs if you have D rated tires. The original C rated that came on Bambis can only be 55 lbs. You're using a WD hitch - what weight bars? They should be light capacity - you only have around 500# of hitch, and that truck wouldn't even notice that. Perhaps if you soften the ride it will help.
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Dometic Door Catch

I had the problem with the refrigerator door coming open in cool weather last fall and went the bungie cord route. This spring I loosened the control panel above the door and pushed it down a bit. I also cut a couple of shims from a Marie Callender's pie pan to fit under the catch on the top of the refrigerator door. No problems so far this summer in 500 miles of highway travel.

BTW, thanks to campadk for the vent cover part numbers (camco 40152/53). A wind gust blew ours off as we were setting up camp at a rally this past weekend. Found a bunch of plastic pieces on the ground and wandered who had lost theirs. The vent was down tight at the time. At least the 40153 turned out to be very easy to install!
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Wow. You have fine taste in campsites! Think we'll try some of those campgrounds...

Now: 2007 Safari SE 23' "Anne" towed by 2011 Dodge Durango "Herman"
Before: Argosy Minuet and T@B, towed by various Honda Odysseys
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@robert claus

Thanks for that info Robert. Not sure what the tires are set at right now but I'll check. I always check on tire pressure before trips though. I believe 60 lbs.

Yes light weight Equalizer bars. On the RAM they end up set pretty light as well.


Be sure to have an extra (or two) on hand! Walmart sells them buy 2 get 5 free! (kidding - but they should). I have no faith in these vents. We use a small bundie cord as well to secure the handle otherwise the wind can easily open it. Not fun if it rains!


I'm obsessed with camping on prime waterfront. On this last trip we pretty much had the best sites in every campground.

You are close enough to enjoy many fine waterside campgrounds! We mainly camp at State/DEC campgrounds in NY/NH and occassional VT and Ontario.

Our favorites are Fish Creek Pond (adirondacks NY), Pawtuckaway State Park (NH), Rollins Pond (Fish Creeks neighbour), Lewey Lake (adirondacks NY), Wellsely Island (St Lawrence, NY). Lots of other great waterside destinations as well depending on water you like.

You can check them out on a few of my websites:

Fish Creek/Rollins: Fish Creek Pond Campground (DEC) - Adirondack Park, Upstate New York - Campers Community and Campsite Guide
Campsite Photos of 20 or so campgrounds in NY: New York State Campsite Photo Database

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I have also shoved a twist tie into the fridge clip and it worked to hold the lock down but after the door flew open (no twist tie) and I found a jar of spaghetti sauce rolling around on the floor I didn't want to take any chance of it opening again! Now it's bungied each time. Thank goodness the jar didn't break or we would have had a Lucy/Tracy moment!
Camp ADK
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Originally Posted by ggoat!!! View Post

I don't have any pics from the inside; I will try to take some this weekend but I keep the trailer in a storage so you won't see much scenery through the windows ha ha...

When I bought the trailer from Bates the taillights were horribly corroded (like almost ALL new Airstreams I've seen on lots...the most recent are the worst, they have this yellowing bubbly corroded appearance that looks like cat pee solidified on the lights).

One of the purchase agreements for my trailer was that Airstream would supply new light assemblies which they did. But, I've never installed them. They are clearcoated, but you KNOW what would happen to them if they were installed...filiform time! I didn't want to go on the "quest" to find out what kind of clearcoat wouldn't peel or corrode. I'm going to have them powdercoated chrome sparkly blue to match my truck wheels and my trailer trim and see what they look like on there. Might look horrible, but it's just for fun as I've repaired my original light assemblies last year to perfection by sanding...and sanding...sanding...sanding...sanding...endless sanding...sanding...cussing...fingers raw...bleeding...sanding...sanding...sanding...non-stop f'in' sanding.

After countless hours of sanding (did I mention sanding???) to remove the filiform I simply polished them. No more filiform...

I took the housings off and stripped them with paint stripper. The Airstream clearcoat came off in thin plastic-like sheets.

At first I did a test area of about 2" x 3". All of my sanding has been done wet, with 3m wet/dry sandpaper. It took forever, but it seemed to work. In order to get through the filiform, I actually had to use 120 grit sandpaper (I was thinking maybe 320 or at the most 220 would at least get rid of it but no) as the filiform really eats deep into the metal. So, on the test area I sanded in stages by hand, going in only one direction per grade of sandpaper. When I would switch from 120 to 220 I would then sand entirely in the opposite pattern, and so on until the last grit. I worked my way down on this little 2" x 3" section for hours going through 120, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, and 2000 grit. I then polished (rather easily) by hand with a rag and Mother's Power Metal aluminum polish. The results on this test area were mirror smooth and shiny.

There is absolutely no way to remove the filiform on these taillights with ANYTHING less than 120 grit. And, it takes literally hours to get down to where the aluminum isn't pitted anymore. It would be impossible to remove it with 1000 grit. If all you wanted to do was remove the white chalky lines and the superficial corrosion, you can do that with 320 grit...but the pitted indented slightly darkened aluminum will remain. 120 grit is the least harsh grit to use to actually sand past the pits by hand. And, takes hours, just with the 120 grit. Then, 220, 320, 400, 600, 1000, and 2000 followed by hand buffing (or machine buffing if you wish). Even at that point, it will be possible to see pits in the aluminum from the filiform if you didn't go deep enough with the 120 grit.

I taped off everywhere that I didn't want to touch with 120 grit as I didn't want to make unnecessary work for myself; I didn't want to buff out anything that didn't need it. So, only the filiform areas were hit with 120, 220, and 320. I initially sanded the entire casings with 400 only after I had taken care of the filiform areas to 320.

But, anyhoo...eventually they were completely polished, done and perfect looking. Removing filiform thoroughly the right way SUCKS. Did I mention removing filiform sucks? If I didn't, then I just want to say that removing filiform sucks. Sucks bad.

I'm leaving them exposed natural polished aluminum (the same as polishing aluminum clear coat). That way, any natural oxidation will be easily removed with aluminum polish. The filiform creates deep pits where it spiders under the clearcoat. With no clearcoat, the filiform shouldn't form. Just regular old fashioned aluminum oxidation...which is simple to remove and maintain. They have held up PERFECTLY with no clearcoat, and I've not re-polished them (or done ANYTHING to them) since I reinstalled them last year.

After sealing them, I surrounded the joint with 1/4" chrome trim (the same manufacturer "Cowles Products" as the chrome on the beltline, just thinner). Airstream REALLY liked the trim as it really finishes the lights, and were toying with the idea of incorporating it. I doubt if they will though, as it requires a keen eye and attention to detail to install it straight, true, proper, and competently. If you just slapped it on it would look like hell. I'll try to take a picture of the trim as well.

Here are some pics after I (and my loving girlfriend) polished the assemblies until we had no skin left on our fingers:

This is the ONLY way to fix the taillights and expect them to not turn back into a filiformed mess. Don't clearcoat them...when they get a tiny bit dull (mine haven't yet whatsoever after a year) just wipe them with some aluminum polish for about 3 minutes. Back to perfection. But getting there sucks. Did I mention removing filiform sucks? It sucks. But, once it's gone, it's not hard to maintain the aluminum. Just a quick wipe here and there. Simple and easy.

absolutely hilarious entry, but let me ask...did you have to do much sanding?
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I am #49!

finally had a chance to get out between the summer storms here in GA and verify my #.
I am #49 of the 19-foot 75th Anniversary Winnicks.

Avondale Estates GA

Andy&Sue Apple

Toyota Tundra 5.7L
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Are Any Currently Available?

Does anyone know of a currently available Winick 75th Custom?

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2007 bambi, 75th anniversary bambi

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