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Thanks nobonk262,

When I told my husband I started this thread, gave me a Seriously look.

Then when I explained my questions, especially if we will want to bring others along, I think he agrees that it is really a question of who is using this and when and why.

We have a good friend who has camped for several years/decades (not an air streamer). He is a big outdoors person, has solo hiked for weeks at a time on the AT, and spent the last summer going to Alaska as he recently retired. I really value his insight a lot. He got a new trailer for his Alaska trip, a 27-28 foot with slide. He said that he chose the size because he really liked to be able to have his daughter and her husband come and camp with them, or his sister and brother in law. So that does make me think about it some.

I liked your line about "bring a tent". That is something we also have discussed vs getting the larger rig.


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My wife and I have restored a 1958, 22' Caravanner, and we have a 120 pound dog, that we take everywhere. Our 22' trailer has a 19' long body and it sleeps two people and a huge dog all without issue or reservation. We "boon dock" more than we are plugged in and camp in all four seasons. It makes no difference if it is raining, snowing, etc. space is completely up to the individuals. My wife and I came from tent camping and this 19' trailer has more space than anything we ever had with a tent. In regards to trailers, figure out what you needs are. look at different floor plans, and consider your usages of the camper. Then the final consideration is where are you planning on taking this trailer? there are many factors regarding the picking of a camper, that is the investment that an Airstream is. Do not just pick out a trailer because you can afford it, or you can tow it.

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We were in similar situation

We were debating what length trailer to buy as well. We finally decided ease of towing was a bit more interested than more space but you have to make that decision on your own. We went with a 22 foot Safari/Sport and have only spent a few days in it but so far we are very happy with our decision. I think you will be happy with whatever you decide as they all have pros and cons. Decide what is most important to you and don't look back. Good luck!
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What to Do...

I have a 2014 Tundra V8 and a 2004 Safari 22' AS.

One thing I noticed on the current 22 vs 23 is that if you are eating and have the table pulled out, you can't open the refrigerator on the 23 but you can on the 22.

Just my wife and I and no pets. (Sound familiar?)

The Tundra doesn't even know the trailer is there. You could tow any of your target vehicles.

I personally like the floor plan of the 2004 22' Safari which has dual axles, bumper, rock guards,, patio light and all the things they have stripped from the Flying Cloud 22' currently but the floor plans don't have me looking seriously at the newer 22 or 23 foot versions. The 25 is tempting, but the prices are going through the roof at the same time some very bothersome quality control issues are popping up. If I were to move from the current rig, which has plenty of black, grey, and white water for us (we can boondock for two weeks and only fill the grey water tank 1/4 full if we plan ahead and use paper plates and a dishpan for washing the few dishes we need for cooking), I would look hard at the 25 foot twin bed.

I guess it is all in what you want. Want to sit under the shower head for 15 minutes? Different than a navy shower where you soap up while the shower is off. Want to sit out in the fresh air in folding chairs? Then it doesn't make as big a difference how long your trailer is.

The big thing is to jump in at the level you think you will need. I find kids have their own plans, so I didn't buy mine with that consideration, but the fellow who sold mine did so because his son, daughter and two kids started camping with them, and momma wasn't going to have her grandsons sleeping in the Suburban any more, so I am thankful for those who undersize because their assessment of the using population ended up wrong.

Understanding who will be occupying the unit is probably the number one most important factor in sizing it.

Good Luck!
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I have the 25fb. Less counter space than the 22 but everything else about it is better. However, having owned it a couple of years I'm thinking of converting the queen bed to twins. You pretty much have to dress in the hallway between the shower and bath. Twins open the area up.

I'm on a 2 week trip out west and so far my Tundra has towed well. The holding tank size allows dry camping in NP for 4 or 5 nights. The extra width of the 25 is nice. If 23 was my only choice then it would be the 23fb. More closet space than a 25 and the rear bath is luxurious compared to a 25fb.
If I could afford new it would be a 25rb twin.
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Get the 25. You still may trade up to a 27, 28, or 30. I have a 30. If they still made the 34, I would be very tempted to trade. I picked the 30 because the floor plan was closest to our previous 28 and we really liked the layout/thought it was the most useful, practical, spacious, and had the most useful storage.
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25 for us ... save yourself the depreciation and anguish of trading up and start with the 25 ...
We really like the rear hatch / door of the EB 25 model .....
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My $.02 here...
It often occurs to me that there are generally two types of trailer owners: those who lean toward the minimal and those who lean toward the "more is better" philosophy. Minimalist folks buy the smallest trailer they can possibly live with for various reasons including cost, weight, ease of towing, and, not to be discounted, the increased number of sites you can get into with a smaller TT. Maximalist folks often buy the most trailer they can afford to tow because they like the comfort and room and the factors above are less important. Or maybe they have a big tow vehicle already, so why not take advantage?
In your scenario, you are leaning toward the minimal, but seem worried that the occasional potential for extra guests will strain a smaller TT. You're also worried, I think, that you might make the wrong choice and will later deeply regret it.
I'm not a mind reader, but just have been camping for forty-plus years and these are the decisions all thoughtful people struggle with. My advice, since you asked, is to go with whatever size and comfiguration "feels" good to you now. You can enjoy it until it doesn't feel "right" any longer. That might be 2 years or 20. But, despite the nearly universal desire to buy the perfect fit that will never have to be replaced, I can guarantee you will re-evaluate over time and, if you need something else, you'll go get it.
Buy the bigger one and see how often your daughters go with you. If it turns out that what you really need is a smaller, more nimble TT, sell it and downsize.
Most of us have money concerns and don't want to waste any of it by making the "wrong" decision. But you can drive yourself nuts with that, too. Go buy one you like. They're all good. You'll have a blast. And if you change your mind, based on your experience, it's not a crime. Enjoy the process and have fun.
PS: We're minimalist and went smaller. Everyone else goes in a tent.
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Following NorthstarNW's thoughts, I offer two other variables for your consideration of what size is best for you:

1) How long are your trips going to be? The smaller ones get smaller as the trip goes on.

2) Do you see your usage being more like camping, or more like living in it? For example, we have a 23' which we love for longer trips but added a 16' Basecamp (quite primitive) for our few-day camping adventures.
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You are obviously getting many votes for the 25. There are many features that "start" at that size - bigger fridge, tanks. width, ducted air (if a '15/'16) to name a few. These are true in many used ones too. KJRitchie brings up a good point about twins versus the queen. The twins are perfect for taller people and extra space. You get three trunks instead of one, a room that you can get to the lockers and can be used to change or for a sitting room. It opens the trailer up.
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I've had a 22, 25 and older (narrow body 26). I thought the 22 was okay for camping by myself or my son, but with our family of 4 it did not work in any fashion, sold it 6 months later, it was so crowded and cramped.

I have a 25 now and think it is the best of both worlds, you can't go wrong with the most popular size/model. I have the FB twin floorplan and everyone in the family loves it.
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Another thought- One of the things I have noticed is how so many purchase an Airstream then spend quite a bit more customizing it- solar, upgraded electronics, wheels/tires 16", inverter, different converter, etc, etc. Consider this too. I bought used to save some money but I had no idea I would put around 15K into it, DIY, (mostly upgrades rather than replacements). Ironically, most everything I have purchased I would want if I purchased new as well. This kinda goes with ownership no matter what length you decide.
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Our situation is the same as JKSophie, except we had a first year, non-FB, 2008 Sport 22. The oversized front dinette was always made up as the queen bed, leaving a single side gaucho - and no table - for all other living.

Moving up just 2 feet to the FC 23FB gave us a permanent bed, and the comfy u-shaped dinette. Plus, two closets, and the same roomy rear bath. Even for a couple and no kids or pets, going a little bigger made a big difference in comfort and storage.

Jokes about 'two-foot-itis' affliction aside, it was well worth the livability gain.
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What is your opinion /experience comparing the 23 FB to the current 22 sport?

In particular regarding the water capacity, interior space, window cross ventilation, and overall appointment level on the sport vs FC?

How do the comfort levels compare? Any comment on towing the narrower vs wider unit?



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