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Piggy Bank, look at this for kicks. I really like the idea of what they did. It will not fix having a smaller tank but it is an idea:

Also, be aware that often in Airstreams the additional bed space, that says sleeps four- the additional bedding are for dwarfs or children- one adult usually OR TWO IF they are small. Hey, dwarfs are good people too, my aunt is one I believe (4'9). Read about pig lady and her 50 pound boar she and her husband sleep with, see bed too small. Now there's a story!

BTW when I shared about the number of sites in parks for length I left out the POINT- that the fewer spots that fit, the harder reservations are to get.

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I'll get really specific. If I was in your shoes I would buy this trailer:

1995 Airstream Excella 25 - California

I was in your shoes a couple of years ago and I bought our '90 25' Excella from this seller - and it has turned out to be a perfect choice. The owner Doug is a great guy, 100% honest and cooperative in every way. He sold us our trailer to buy this one which he has improved in various ways. There are several pluses to owning an older trailer if you know with certainty what you are buying:
  • They're lighter than the new ones
  • I believe there's a good chance that their build quality is higher.
  • If you buy from a conscientious seller you avoid the inevitable punch list working out bugs that come with a new trailer.
  • They don't have filiform corrosion.
  • You will own it for free - they maintain or increase in value, especially 25 footers.

I think the new trailers are beautiful but a well kept older trailer delivers all of the functionality at a fraction of the price of a new one.


John & Vicki
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We currently have a 17' and a 25'. We used to have a 27', but lost it in an accident.

We use our 25' exclusively and love it, but I have observed something relative to it's size as far as making campground reservations.

Sometimes we search for a site to accommodate a 25-footer without success, then turn around and search for a 24' site and find that they may be available. Bottom line, even though we have a 25' Airstream, when doing searches I search for 24' sites (this has worked positive for me for both California coastal sites as well as Yosemite, although both are still difficult to get).

Some Federal and state campgrounds seem to have 24' cutoffs. Having said that, I've not had any problems getting my Airstream into these sites, nor do they question you when you show up with your reservations.
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All your options and considerations are great ones. I think the only guarantee that you would never be sorry with and never look back on your decision is to go with a 25'. It is by far the most versatile layouts and length for weekends, boon docking and extended stay. I would suggest you consider two options in the 25': first, twin beds. Second, Rear Birth (RB) instead of the front birth. Due to the location of the wheel wells it punishes you with interior and exterior storage on the 25 FB. The RB option maximizes your interior space, especially bathroom ( bigger than many 27') and storage above the refrigerator, not just a little but a lot. Also the RB takes you to 4 larger exterior storage bins vs 2 in the forward birth. I won't repeat what others have said in the thread, but if you have a V8 tow vehicle, the 25' is a Wide AS, to me this is more important than length sometimes. Good luck!

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2006 25' Safari
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I'll get really specific. If I was in your shoes I would buy this trailer:
Looks nice. See, there are so many options. New is great and, so is used. If you buy used, be ready to move fast, put the lowest downpayment you can on it to hold it and have it gone over by someone who knows Airstream. A bit of compromise is ok , falling through the floor is not. Ironically, the same is true BRAND NEW.
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Our kids and grandchildren would only confuse a decision more, and they're all smart and sensible.

Some things we liked least about the 20 were the living room (that is the dinette) was located in the center of the Airstream, rather than at the ends. The "feeling" was not pleasant.

There was only one axle, a flat leaves you stopped right there. If a busy interstate, remote road with no shoulder, long bridge the feeling is not pleasant. With a tandem axle you can move to safety, even remove a wheel and travel on for a hundred miles if needed.

Compared spec's to a 25 for two people, the 20 doesn't look too bad. In reality the feeling of spaciousness of the 25 is astonishing.

If ever on a long tour of the country you'll most probably be without hookups at times for the best camping choices. The larger storage tanks and battery capacity are very important.

I wish our first choice had been a 23D (not a 23FB) rather than a 20, I think we would have kept it longer. But the 25 is better for our long retirement tours.
Doug and Cheryl
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25 ft. Airstream

In my opinion, no one can tell you what would be best for your use. I can only tell you that we own a 25 foot Airstream Sierra. I pulled that 25 footer through the Northeastern mountains (3800 miles) with a 1/2 ton Chevrolet pickup with absolutely no problem.

Myself, I am 80 with my husband being 83. I feel anything less than a 25 foot would become crowded and certainly when you add one or two more. Our 25 footer has the dinette, plus what I call my work table. That table sits in front the couch; folds down against the wall. I use that for my computer and work table and do not have to clear the dinette - putting up my work every time we have a meal.

I have bought a 28 foot Airstream - that was a mistake. The 25 foot Sierra is for sale. If interested, look in the Airstream Forums - Classifieds. It is headed "25 Foot - Texas" or some such. There are pictures and info.

My very best wishes to you and whether you are interested in our 25 foot Airstream, do stay with your dream of an Airstream. We have pulled travel trailers, both tongue pulls and 5th wheels for over 50 years and I have never pulled one that followed so well as this 25 foot Airstream.
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I'm guilty of taking the dumbest approach to buying an Airstream ever.

Our first Airstream: a 2015 Sport 22FB. A beautiful rig; towed like it wasn't there (notice the past tense).

Your stated requirement: "Like: large enough bed for 2 to sleep comfortably. Very good kitchen counter space."

Let's just say that after two trips with the 2015 Sport 22FB, we now have a 2015 Flying Cloud 23FB. Still: tows like it's not there (seriously).

While the slightly increased length and width may not seem like much, it is! Also, the 23 has what is essentially a real bed. Everything about the 2015 Flying Cloud 23FB is much nicer.

Save yourself a LOT of money and get at least the 23. Eventually, you will anyway.

Did we take a hit, you bet. Do I feel a bit embarrassed, you bet.

But we're much happier! Good Luck!
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My experiance with with 30" and 23" AS

Our first AS was an Flying Cloud, I loved the 30' but found it a bit cumbersome in smaller parks and feel it is a great length for long term camping or full time living. So now we have a 2015 International 23 front bedroom. I must say that it is a big difference in interior space. We are looking at doing some minor modifications like removing the dinning table and replace bench seating with 2 Euro chairs. The rear bath is much larger that the 30' and very nice. For camping in the Rockies I would think smaller is better for short periods.
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A factor in our choosing the 25 was the ability for either person to get in/out of bed without crawling over the other. Like you we have a 2014 Tundra 5.7. Today is our third day out for a 35 day trip. Almost 800 mile from home right now. Sitting by the water in Fulton, MS as I write this. Happy to have the 25. Have never once said "I wish I had a smaller trailer". (Note... People with the 27 are as happy... Maybe even happier... Your truck isn't limited to 25)' of Airstream). :-)
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We owned a 14 22 Bambi. Being a women of age, I could pull and park it by myself. You never knew it was behind you. By myself it was great. But when we went to stay and my hubby joined it did not work well. The big bed was great but I could not make it. I ended up at the window side and a challenge for the middle of the night visit to the bath. We also found the lounge too narrow for comfortable sitting. The windows too small. We just traded in for a 25 FB FC twin. Our TV is ok but we will be trading in as we intend to head out for months at a time. The extra width and twins are a blessing. We found by using the privacy curtains, the smaller bath was just fine. I went on a 3 week sewing camp and it was luxury by myself. Hubby joined later and we had plenty of room. Our first dealer really pushed us to a 25 or 27 but the $$ were scary. But the trade in was great so this was not as scary. It took much deliberation for the 25 decision. We are very pleased with the 25. It still pulls like a dream. Vented air. Full awnings. Bike rack. Awesome.
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Hi, short and sweet; If the bed has more than one side touching a wall, you will need to be a contortionist to make it. We chose a 25' queen that has space around three sides of the bed.

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We have a 25 twin bed and love it, it is a great size, enough room yet not too big to tow, and you can fit in most campgrounds.
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Reading everyone's inputs is great , especially when sitting in our 22fb Sport in Northern California towards the end of a 2 week trip. My wife and I are very active, running regularly full and half marathons, mountain bike, hike, etc and the 22fb is perfect...for us. We too frequent NP, USFS , CA State Parks, and county parks and the 22fb with the narrower width (than the other options) and shorter length works very well with not so developed campgrounds. I've watched larger AS's in the same park get around, which they do handle but with some stress.

Ref boondocking, we've never maxed out our tanks, but when knowing our limitations based on length of stay away from services when we start out , we manage our use accordingly. We did upgrade to a GRP 27 battery and hasn't been an issue with 5 day boondocking trips. As insurance I do carry a 5gal fresh water jug but has never been tapped into.

Keep in mind, we don't do generators, solar panels, satellite TV (yes the TV worked once when we did our purchase walk thru)...we do stay in some full hook up campgrounds, the convenienceservice are great but not necessary for us.

I must say the 22fb works best with 2 adults, but it works well with our 17 yr old daughter when she's able to take a trip with us "old folks". Add another adult (4?), bring a tent!

We were in the same dilemma in choosing a AS, but considering price, storage space, TV capability, predominant campground space sizing, accessibility to those campgrounds, and uncertainty of how much use you'll get of your AS after the newness wears off, we chose the 22fb and haven't regretted....and still waiting to see when the newness wears off!

Good luck....from a 22fb (minimalist that likes a great bed and shower) owner.

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