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2005 19' International CCD
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Love It!

Just two comments about the Winnick.Sit for a while in the bambi with the wraparound window then go back to the small windowed 19.For me, it was a deal breaker.On the other hand, I love the aluminum walls in my ccd.Would not consider the cloth walls.In any case, it's always a compromise.

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Get it!


I'm with ya buddy! If that's the one you like, then get it!

Life is too short to be camping in the wrong trailer. Get that 75th anniversary and have a blast!

See ya on the road!

- Jim
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I am also interested in the 16' vs 19' CCD. I love the layout of the 16' CCD. With a young child aboard it's nice to be able to close the bedroom screen and give us and her some privacy. I also don't think the 19' corner bed is big enough for two tall people, and I like the increased light & air from the 16' wrap-around windows. But I love the Dave Winick 19' interior.

I have heard that Airstream will be coming out with new interiors soon for the CCD's.

Does anyone know what they will look like?

Does anyone think that it's possible to order a 16' CCD with a Winick interior?
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Welcome to the Forums, Marechal! The 19' Bambi corner bed size would be an issue for my wife and I. The Winick 19' goes retro by having that be a fold-up gaucho (couch), so there is the extra issue of having a valley down the middle of the bed. We have very good friends who prefer the 16-footer's double bed also but want a bit more space. Anyway, these friends discovered that the 20' Safari has the same bed with a floor plan they like. They have a Toyota Tundra -- an excellent pairing for this size Airstream. Something to consider anyway.

I have some recall that the limited run of Winick 19' trailers has just about run its course. Prior to this was the 16' Quicksilver limited run. Those were supposedly for the 2006 75th anniversary year. It's anybody's guess if their marketing department has other plans -- I'm sure gas prices will sustain interest in the shorter models. CCD changes? Interesting that you've heard something on this... Model year changeover is usually in the May-June period but Airstream doesn't seem to time every introduction to that time.

Dave Winick has his own custom shop but Airstream commissioned him and probably owns the rights to this specific Bambi design. Dave's website is

5 meter Langford Nahanni

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It appears the last run of the 75th is the end of September. Ours is #68 and is scheduled the first week or two in October.

All have been sold... but of course many of those are at dealers (Colonial has 3 for example).

Like the Quicksilver there will probably be a few units to be had in the spring/early summer 2007 and then thats it.

What will the next 'special' be?
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hi campadk and others lusting over the 75th...

i was lucky enough to see 3 in progressive stages of construction recently...

the bosses suggested they were about 10 units from completing the run of 75...

and that they would not do another batch, like they did with the quicksilver...

50 became some of you may know....

anyway i'm sure you are waiting anxiously for your trailer...

it's just a bummer living so far north...

i'd want to go camping lots and right one of these.

your photos and observations early in this thread are very accurate...

anyone who's not read dave's notes in post 7 of this thread go back now and read/view.
he has nailed it.

a couple of my thoughts...

the floorplan may be the best utilzation of a 19 footer yet....

it's subtly different from the 19 safari, 19 safari se, and 19 bambi ccd...

and the differences are all positive....

the angled dinette is more funtional and feels bigger.
removing the 2nd sink is a big plus and
adding the slide out/in section to the bed really does open the floor,
and make toilet/shower access better.
feels like more storage space too and better access to the storage.

so anyone doing a full remodel on small vintage units should steal this kidding.

the materials and workmanship are better than just about any other current a/s model...

the cabinetry is made outside the factory and fit/finish is great....

some trimming is done where furnishings meet skin/shell, but overall the final product is pretty tight.

the cloth used for dinette and sofa bed are retro durable giving the appearance of should hold up well.

the wood finish is too dark, imo by just a shade or 2. several lights need to be on, to offset this.
the veneered plywood is very nice but honestly the color reminds me too much of the walnut vinyl they used on my 70s model...
and it will only darken with usage and time.

the floor is genuine linoleum which is great but it is nearly black in color.

the counter tops area also linoleum again this is retro cool but the combination of the 3 surfaces (floor, wood, counters) is a really dark effect.

and how well does lino hold up as a food prep surface...i don't know.

the darkness is offset somewhat by the bright aluminum trim/edging and stainless surfaces
but lots of light is needed to make this balance work...natural or artifical..

so the shades need to be open and lots of lights turned on....can you say batteries?

so some larger front window or the full wrap as you note would really help with light...

in a bigger trailer this darkness would be amplified....and there are plans to do a larger unit with this 'nautical' styling...which is now the reference for this look...

the retro cool round door window is too small, which doesn't help as much with the open feel...unless the door is open.

there are several metal/stainless surfaces inside which give just a touch of the industrial look and feel.
any harsh sounds/hollowness these surfaces are prone to generate is reduced by wood filling...
it is amazing that with some cabinets 'metal over wood' that the total weight is less than other models of the same size...significantly.

many of the lower cabinet designs are virtually the same as vintage bambis or late 50s units...
this is really nice.
simple, solid, yet light and max space using wood but not thick dull oak....

i'm not sure the full metal interior skin ceiling will not be overly warm in warm keep this baby in the northern regions...

this unit gets marine grade plywood for the flooring which is great (only the 16s and 22s get the particle grade flooring now)

but the counters are also plywood under the linoleum...with metal trim/edges.
so here is an issue. water on the counters will run to the edges and the metal trim will channel that water into the plywood.
the edging isn't sealed. no one seemed to know if the counters were marine grade or watch the counters closely.

the cabinetry is veneer on plywood. that's fine but many of the edges are i'd be concerned long term about darkening and splintering.
consider boiled linseed or some other protective finish for the woodwork...

the sofa is quick and easy to covert to a bed. the foam is nicely dense, but imo too thin for sleeping.
i had this same thickness foam for a goucho/bed and condensation under it and sleeping comfort were issues.
consider a 2-4 inch wool topper or thin futon like roll up for extra sleeping comfort....

i think you are right dave, despite the small size of this unit
the styling and floor plan will be better suited to longer trips and more camping, than the other 19s....

you've got a real winner!

can't wait to read about your delivery experience...
and first camping trip.

cheers 2air'
all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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16' Quiksilver - 19' Winick

You don't mention how you want to use your you expect to spend time in the Bambi during the day or just use it for eating and sleeping? And do you expect anyone else to be sleeping with you?

I just took my wife and two young kids in our new 16' Quiksilver for our first outing last week - a 6 night trip deep into Virginia (from NY). It was really nice to sleep 'under' the panoramic back window and to have the ability to draw a curtain between their bed and ours.

Also, since the back bed doesn't fold down we were able to replace the airstream mattress with a tempur-pedic...*very* comfortable compared to fold-up cushions.

That said...we never spent any time in the trailer during the day and really would not want to try. If you are looking for a beautiful place in which to sit next to the beach (or woods or whatever) for a week you should go for the 19' Winick. If you are looking for relatively comfortable place in which to start and end each day go with the 16' Bambi...preferably the Quiksilver.
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i too am considering the winick but was slowed down by comments that it may ultimately be too small. Two small boys on the fold down dining area. my wife and i on the fold out bed in back. But ljmii's post gives me hope. I too feel that its where we would sleep and get out of the rain but for the most part we'd be outside. There is something about the perportions that are very appealing to me. Ok and the great design inside. The non stainless interiors do not have the same appeal to me and the other layouts don't either. I keep vacillating on this decision.
I do have myself talked into having it up an running in the side yard to be used for fun and a bit of a get away or entertaining while not being used camping. Anyway now with winter breathing down my neck i'm willing to wait for spring to try and make it happen. I don't imagine for a minute with the cramped quarters and my propensity to snore that it will be a heavenly slumber all the time but its got to beat the tent. And a clean bathroom to boot.

Does anyone else use theirs on their home turf while awaiting the next trip? I wonder if this is just more of my rationalizations.
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just jd.
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This weekend I got to look around my onw just-arrived-at-the-dealer trailer, sitting next to the winick bambi. The feeling of open space inside is something you have to experience, it's really impressive!

The toilet is much nicer than the one in my 2007 SE. Might be one of our early "fixes" to have ours replaced sooner than later.

2007 20' Safari SE/LS // 12063 //CA-5// ("ex") 2916
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We use our Airstream at home almost constantly. It is a great place to get away from the phone and have a nice retreat. In good weather we pop the awning set up the chairs and bring out the Weber portable fire place. The epitome of leisure is curling up for a read and a nap in the afternoon. Airstream take me away! Even if it is driveway camping.

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16' Bambi as escape pod

Originally Posted by Randjg1
Does anyone else use theirs on their home turf while awaiting the next trip? I wonder if this is just more of my rationalizations.
My parent's next door neighbor bought a 16' bambi two years ago which hasn't moved for a year and a half - he uses it as his escape from the noise and furor of a house full of kids. Your mileage may vary (one hopes).
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We looked at the 75 Anniversary 19er very closely. At first inspection it is really set up, nice fit and finish, wonderful details. Then we looked to see if we could use it for our lengthly travels. I wouldn't want to sleep often on those multiple cushions making up the bed. The fridge is way to small. There's no medicine cabinet. These are the first things we remember. For us it would be great on a day trip, but not suitable for extended travel.

But that's why AS makes more than one model.
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A few years back, I considered changing the floorplan of our 2002 Bambi to replace the bed with a sofa or dinette option (as we have a sofa in the front) but we decided against it. The primary reasons were we wanted a real mattress to sleep on that wasn't just "cushions" and didn't have to be made up every morning and night.

I agree the fridge IS small but we get by with just using the fridge for food and using a separate cooler for drinks.
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We've only slept in our 75th one night.. but it gave us a good feel for what it will be like. We slept on similar 'bedding' before in our teardrop (30+ nights a summer)... true not so comfy as is. But if you add a decent pillowtop bed cover it is fine. Its easy to put on at night if you choose to do the daily bed/couch conversion.

The bonus is that for extended travelling if you convert back to couch during the day, you gain some decent floor space so you don't get that cramped feeling. We're planning to camp about 45-50 night next year in it so I better be right

Is the fridge in the 75th smaller than the 19ft CCD or safari? Hadn't really checked that. Ours is a Dometic RM2351, 3 cu ft.

Like Yukionna suggests though, we plan on storing our drinks separatedly in our Coleman cooler. At least then I'll feel that we are still camping!

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2006 bambi

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