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Originally Posted by Ultradog
I probably shouldn't ever go to that.
Would come home so loaded with plunder my tires would pop.
Nah, what you do is, you load up all you can, drive until the tires blow, and then set up and have a yard sale where the tires gave out!


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I am sorry that you took my comments in such a harsh manner.
The person who started this thread asked for opinions regarding this event.
They didn't say "positive propaganda ONLY."

I am NOT against the South. I am a mis-placed Southerner, my self. I said nothing against the residents of the states involved in this endeavor.. I said the DELIVERANCE types, which you didn't understand, so let me explain.
This type of event also draws a criminal element. There were very creepy people trolling the roads, looking for trouble. There might be a different attitude there where you live, but I do believe you should stay on the road and not roar your trucks onto the back of other drivers screaming "yee-haws" at visitors. It wasn't funny.

Of COURSE it's a hilly route; it's Kentucky. BUT the person who started this thread mentioned taking their trailer. We took our small furniture trailer, and were sorry. THEY have a LONG Airstream.

My "expensive" Airstream is 40 years old. WE don't have hotels on every corner here, either. But I simply wish that someone would have explained the event to us before we went there.

I'm sorry that you got so upset. You don't need to worry about me slamming the people of other states, it was not meant that way. But it was NOT a pleasant trip for us, although I am sure that others will go try it, anyway. That was why I said go with no expectations and don't expect easy lodging.

I go to yard sales on a regular basis and racks and racks of tube socks are not usually at them, as well as it's against our City Code to keep your sale set up in a barn year 'round, as a LOT of these sellers do.

I didn't find anything at all to buy, after 300 miles of travel along those roads.

I'm also very surprised at the censorship of this forum.. my web address was removed from my former post and no notification given to me as to why. I included the website so that people could see that I was "for real".. it woudln't have drawn any business.

I'm just a pink flamingo on the great lawn of life :-)
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Originally Posted by flamingo-kid1
I'm also very surprised at the censorship of this forum.. my web address was removed from my former post and no notification given to me as to why. I included the website so that people could see that I was "for real".. it woudln't have drawn any business.
You might want to check out the Communities Policy thread for the answer to your question about censorship... ( ... here's an extract from that thread...

"Participants may not use the Forum to direct others to any pages at their own commercial website, including informational pages unless a vendor fee has been paid and only in forums where advertising is expressly permitted. "
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Here is (one of the) web sites for the sale:

As George suggested, TCPC in Crossville, TN is right in the middle of the action and a good base camp. While there are only six designated visitor site, feel free to come on by, we will find a space for you, even if it's on a member's empty site.

And everyone's earlier postings are right to some degree. The sale has become such a big deal that it does draw "professional sellers" from all over the eastern half of the country - but these folks are easy to spot, they tend to congregate in big open fields along the highway. We always find our best deals at those sales held in people's front yards, or perhaps where a small town church allows its members to set up in their parking lot.

You will quickly develop an eye for the sales that are worth stopping for, and those that you can pass by. Yes, the traffic does move slowly in some areas, but the scenery along much of the route is worth it. Come on up - August 3-6.
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I have relatives up and down the Sequatchie Valley on 127.
You will see all kinds of junk/treasures, and all kinds of people...some nice... some of the criminal element is the range.
My aunt and uncle had a large number of White House brand vinegar jars stolen from their site while they slept in the RV parked next to their stuff.
Other people have been shoplifted in broad daylight to the point of blatent open theivery of grab the goods and run.
Know your your belongings, especially your wallet, and always conceal your finds from sicky fingers because while you are shopping, someone else may be stealing your stuff.
Sad but true....
Otherwise.....have a good time and don't get in a hurry...the road is two lane and hilly/curvy.
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it's not so bad, really

Because we live in Cincinnati, we start the Sale at the beginning (end?) in Covington, KY. Sometimes we find stuff, sometimes we don't.

Last year, we didn't find any furniture that we liked, but our son found some early spring honey that he just loves (now if I can just find that vendor again!) and we found a wonderful woman who has TONS of vintage fabrics and fluff that she's unloading after a lifetime of collecting. I'm still buying her stuff a year later! Having said that, I'm not surprised that someone who owns an antique store didn't find anything to her liking -- it really is a yard sale. I hear Brimfield is nice, but I also hear stuff is pricey, comparatively speaking. Burlington Antique Show at the Kenton Co. (KY) fairgrounds is the 3rd Sunday of the month and more like Brimfield, if you're in the area...

Come on down (or up)! Park the camper and drive the route. Take cash, maybe a checkbook, but no purse. Bring bottled water. There are plenty of good eats along route, friendly people, but be careful all the same. We've done the Sale for years and never had a problem. See y'all there!
Dave, Pam and Asa
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My wife and I have put this on our to do list for a future trip. One year my son and I took the Bourbon Trail through Western Kentucky and could not have had a better time. Yes, the roads were tight but the people and scenery were well worth the driving.
Chaplain Kent
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i have actually set up to sell at this site one year and have gone to it for several years. unfortunately, like everything else, it has gone severely downhill. it was great when it started because so much great stuff was for sale, but as people ran out of stuff to sell, the socks and junk came out. i was set up in crossville and my site was miserable. i spent a good portion of my sales money on bee killer since my rented spot was over underground hornet condos! it is fun to just wander along and leisurely check things out, but experience has taught me that if the good stuff isn't already gone, you can plan on paying antique store prices for most of it. my advice would be, go see it with an open mind, don't plan on getting any steals (although, some are still out there), enjoy the local foods, the friendly locals and see the beautiful area. with that in mind, you won't be disappointed.
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You gotta kiss a lot of frogs...

...before you find a handsome prince.

I used to go to yard sales two dozen times a year. There's always a lot of junk, but sometimes there is a buried treasure. I'm sure this is just a bigger vesion of the church yard sale.

Have fun, or have an alternate plan if it doesn't work out.

It's all good. A bad day in an Airstream is better than a good day at work.

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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We Attended and Loved It!

This yard sale is not for everyone but we certainly had a good time when we attended the August event in 2006. I think there are other versions, shorter perhaps, during other parts of the year. We stayed in DeSoto state park in Alabama. We went with no expectations and we definitely had a plan B if the yard sale bombed-out for us.

Well.... we had such a good time we went to the yard sale 4 days straight! Yes, there is quite a bit of traffic, the roads are tight and not everything suited our tastes. We learned to stop at places that looked appealing to us and avoid the places that did not suit us. We ate lots of good food, met plenty of interesting people, bought a few things and generally had a good time. This event is what you make of it.

We are considering another trip and will consider the Crossville, TN park if we have a chance to go this year.

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Peaches to Beaches

If shopping a bit further south is within your range and if you can tolerate some of the customs; there is a brand new road trip yard sale.

You missed ’07 but there is plenty of time to plan for ‘08’s event.
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We went on the 'longest garage sale' 2 years ago. Left the west coast and travelled east thru the hottest summer in a long while. Temps getting there in east Colorado were 103's and 104's. Burned up the rear end in the Tahoe and we had to trade for an Avalanche. We started at the south end of the sale and found that the best 'saleing' was around Chattanouga and north. Several places where there were more than an acre of sales. Elsewhere had to drive miles between sales. It was so hot and muggy that we limited our out of car adventures and then kept the ac on high. Wasn't too difficult to deal with trailer. We kept it with us and stayed in campgrounds along the way. No problem.
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This Longest Yard Sale is something I've always wanted to do. I appreciate all the good information, and learning about the "Peaches to Beaches" Yard Sale. That'll definitely go on my list.

My husband and I often go to Dayton Ohio for the Annual Ham Convention (Radios not piggly meat). While he's with his Ham buddies, I go to an enormous Flea Market in Springfield Ohio at the Fairgrounds. Its one of the best flea markets I've ever been to. They have a lot of wonderful Ohio pottery, country collectibles and everything else you may possibly collect. Prices are good too. It's definitely worth your trip if you're near Ohio in May. I think they have it other times of the year too. You can google to find the dates.
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Longest Yardsale

My husband and I went to this yardsale last year and are already making plans to go again this year. There is a little bit of Everything! You would definately have to park the camper and drive because you will be stopping every 10 minutes. There is sooooo much to see it is unreal. We started right of I-40 in Crossville. We traveled all day. Couldnt find a hotel anywhere because people book them a year in advance. We had to drive 50 miles across a mountain in kentucky to get a room. It was worth it to me. We got to meet some great people. We also picked up a lot of Antiques and what knots. Didnt have the camper then, maybe would have been easier. If you plan on going, I would book a site now if you can. Of course you will find those that think their stuff is worth gold, but there are a lot of just ordinary farm people just there to make a few bucks and have a good time. If you make it up to kentucky, try to eat at the amish diner, cant remember the name, but you cant miss it, very good food! We went from sun up to sun down for 2 days and still didnt see half of it. If you like yardsales, you will love it! I say go for it, and who knows, we may run in to each other! Im going to try and get a spot at Cumberland State park. It is very nice and right off 127. Hope to see some of you there!

John & Tammy Adams
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