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Thanks for validating my previous post...

Originally Posted by LI Pets View Post
I implied nothing, nor did any attack take please, you post here once or twice a month or every other month or so which is great as a forum member.

But I don't think you have enough experience airstreaming to lead or propose bylaws pertaining to a new Airstream club.

Your input is more than welcome as is everyone's but you tried to take it over and that's where I drew the line, I don't think your experience or lack there of qualifies you.

If this is to succeed we need a leader(s) that has experience and name recognition with WBCCI and Airforums.

Moreover, someone that has the time to organize such a task.

Ps: Do you have a clue who Bob T is?
Dear Bob,

Thank you very much for validating everything I said in my previous response to you.


We are travelers with an attitude. We get to go anywhere, anytime, and have attitudes about what we see and hear.

"Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice and being narrow minded."
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Yes, I would think...

Originally Posted by wheel interested View Post
As far as I am concerned each and everyone of us is entitled to try to start a club and that there can be many clubs started. Competition is a good thing and anyone with drive and energy is a good candidate to make the attempt in my opinion.

People measuring people is a big turn-off to me. From the comments so far there definitely is room for a club for the Bobs and a club without the Bobs, at least. How about some more ideas and people interested in seeing new clubs happen chiming in. I don't think we need to be pseudo aggressive unless the person is in YOUR club, so in otherwords premature to be voting anyone off the island, don't you think?
Yes Carol, I would think.

Unfortunately not everyone shares a similar opinion...


We are travelers with an attitude. We get to go anywhere, anytime, and have attitudes about what we see and hear.

"Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice and being narrow minded."
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New Club

Want a new club?

No thanks, I just had one.

Maybe we should change the terminology away from CLUBBING!

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Back to the Original Question...

Going back to 47WeeWind's original question/issue....

I would structure the club with no structure. Most of the events/activities/discussion on Airforums occurs without much structure. So I vote for no structure! In my mind Airforums is a club. Why does it have to be any more complicated than that?

Rallies are organized (some simple, some more complex), people and trailers attend, most if not all have fun and it's that simple. Yes, there is some planning/organizing but not much structure. There are no good rallies and bad rallies, no good discussions and bad discussions.... they're just different. Once again, I say - you participate if you want.

Am I missing something obvious here? Aren't we already a club of sorts?

As soon as you create structure, enact rules, set timetables, require this, act on that, vote on some other thing... then you create exactly what many of us do not want.

Structured clubs already exist and they do a good job at what they do for the most part. That's great - leave it to them. Airforums is an unstructured club - at least that's how I see it.

Lucius and Danielle
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Several have asked, "Who is Bob T?" The answer followsL

At birth, He was named Robert Edward Thompson II, but other monikers were quickly given him. His aunts called him Bobby in school he was called Bob and many friends call him “Bob T”. Bob T served over 24 years in the military. Bob T first served in the Anti-aircraft Artillery, then in Army Intel, and finally in the Green Berets where he was named “Rocky” (but that is another story). While serving his country, Bob T received many Letters of Commendation, over 36 Awards and Decorations (many for valor) from both foreign and US military forces to include the Army, Navy and Air Force. Bob T retired as a Sergeant Major.

Bob T then completed college, earning degrees in Business Administration; in Marketing and Sales; and finally, a “BS” in Business Management. Bob T put all of this to work in the defense industry, working as either a Supervisor or Manager for Norton, RCA, Smith Industries and GEC.

Bot T is a Mason; a Shriner; a Knight in the Commandery; and a 32 degree Mason in the Scottish Rite. Bob T received an award for 25 years service in the Boy Scouts.

Bob T got his first Airstream in 1975. He and Harriett joined WBCCI and their first International Rally was at Louisville, KY. Bob T served his unit and hosted many rallies. He became President of the New England Unit in 1979. During his term there were over 26 unit rallies and activities. Membership grew.

Bob T had a full slate of Unit Officers and Directors. Fun was the name of the game. During those years, Harriett was the Quipper News Editor. Bob T and Harriett have attended 19 International Rallies and have been on 10 Caravans.

Bob T has worked for years on the International Water Committee. Once, he worked until 2am repairing a water main that had been broken underground because a careless motorhome owner drove over the standpipe. But Bob T got the job done and was back to work the next morning. Bob T loves working with the Water Committee – a great bunch of men and women who have a great time under their leader. While Bob T was with Water, Harriett was working with the Crafts and Hobbies Committee.

Harriett and Bob T worked with Linda on the Family and Youth Committee for many years. Linda could count on Bob T to provide transportation for the kids to such places as the Zoo, Boat rides, to fun parks or where ever Linda wanted the kids to go. At Bozeman, while the International Cartel was plotting on how to get rid of Bob T (they didn’t like his opinions), Bob T and Harriett again helped Linda by taking 6 teens, 40 some miles, up into the mountains so they could go rafting. After the raft trip Bob T bought lunch for some of the kids who did not have enough money, telling them it was part of the trip. Bob T and Harriett then took the teens to the Hot Springs so they could go swimming. No complaints for you see Bob T and Harriett like kids. .

There you have it folks. Bob T served Region 1 as President as well as 1st and 2nd VP

Bob T
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The other thing I have been involved in is the development of an Airstream trailer Owners club that does NOT have all of the politics and problems that other clubs hVEE.

The new club will have only seven regions with each having a “Director” who is elected by the members.- eligibility requirement is that the candidates must be past unit presidents.. The directors have a two year term. No deputy director – if th director dies or can not serve the unit Presidents of that region will elect a replacement to finish out the term

Those directors will elect amongst themselves a International President and VP who each serve a two year term.

Thus there is NO politics – Any member can run for the unit offices and any pat unit president can run for director and the directors elect the international officers.

Units can be 5 or more trailers; can choose their own name with out any restrictions and club numbers are assigned on a first come, first served basis. No saving of numbers, the members number is theirs no mater what office, if any, they may be in.

The unit can decide on what flags they want to fly, no restrictions – if a unit wants to call themselves the Yankee unit and fly the Patriots flag, that is fine.

Best of all is that the club will be on line::
Monthly club publications –on line
Club bulletins – on line
Club directory – on line in the members website with e-mail instead of home address (privacy and security for member)
Open forum – on line – only restriction is pron and cussing
Airstream buy and sell section – on line
Flea Market – on line
Club rallies, caravans and activities – on line by unit; by region and by international (international rally once every two years
Club calanders showing what is going on each month – on line
Newsletter section – on line
Dealer list – on line
History, photos and unit profile sections – on line

Expected annual dues will be about $40.

Lots of other benefits to include lots of Airstream and RV seminars at regional rallies with best intertainment the club can afford.

In the new club, under its rules, Leo would never have had to go through his ordeal.

Oh, there will be a club store –club dues payments and purchases can be done on line

So what do you think, will Airstream trailer owners join such a club?

Bob T
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How about Avions and other Silver Sisters?

I have one request for this new club:

How about you open it up to "Silver Sisters" like Avions, Streamlines, Silver Streaks, Curtis-Wrights, etc. ?

I am running an '87 Avion 34X tri-axle center bath. It's a very nice trailer, exquisitely made, with a solid frame and a shape that is eerily similar to the current Airstreams. I would argue that it is built far more robustly than any Airstream. But, it is not an Airstream.

I'm talking with a dude, trying to maybe buy a '64 Globetrotter (I want a small one to augment my long one and my grandpa will NOT sell me his '58 Traveler) and if I get it, I'll probably join the WBCCI.

But until then, I'm looking at the Tin Can Tourists. They welcome us Avion guys. As well, so does the SAF; the Silver Avion Fellowship. It's a smaller group than the WBCCI, to be sure, but just as ardent.

Anyway, my request is that any new club be open to all silver trailers. I like all the riveted aluminum trailers.

- Jim
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We have been airstreamers for almost 1 year. When i registered with WBCII it was to find a group. I find the dues pricey, the service via the phone horrific and many poeple in the office are overpaid. Do we really need a magazine , yes i do want to hear about caravans But!
I love the forums , this a great place. The biggest problme is older people do not like change, newer younger people under 65 usually use the computer and they would be perfectly happy with computer correspondence. Do we need a book of all members ?
I think clubs should not have to have affiliation with the WBCII and why can't we just join a few groups and use this forum for ralliles and caravans.
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Post #47 and 48....

Reminds me of an old song by Chicago.

#47 is interesting and yes it addresses the "who is Bob T" question. But it does not relate to the original question/issue presented by 47WeeWind.

#48 is certainly much more along the lines of discussing the original topic. There are lots of good ideas in this post and almost every one of them is already addressed by Airforums.

#49 and #50 - no problem - Airforums is at your service. Anyone is able to participate if they choose, they participate in the events they want and ignore the others. There are no strict/burdensome rules (some rules, yes but very loose).

So what am I missing? Why is Airforums not the club that it seems most of us desire? Why is there a need for a new club when it seems to already exist?

Lucius and Danielle
1992 29' Excella Classic
1996 GMC Suburban C2500 7.4L
2005 Chevrolet Suburban K2500 8.1L
Got a cooped-up feeling, gotta get out of town, got those Airstream campin' blues...
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I joined this airforums a couple of years ago. This is my club. It is the best club for me. The whole design and structure of this forum is great. It even has a place for people to announce get togethers. The flag I fly is the one outside my house (Stars and stripes).

People can post rallies, community service get togethers, trips, or what ever people are looking for on this forum. I can find vendors, order hard to get parts, incredible maintenance knowldege and meet some very cool people. Airstream forums works, and is the best.

Years of professionally coaching in the amateur sports world has taught me many things. One is you have a club and when it grows or shrinks members get disgruntled. After a few to several years the club splits in half. A group leaves and starts another club. The new club and the former club grow back to a certain size and the frustrations start again and then there is another split (4 teams). I have watched it happen in swimming, soccer and dance, so I am not surprised to see other airstream clubs split and new clubs pop up. If they do so be it. They will all grow and become good places for people to be involved with. I have also witnessed clubs split and then merge again over some years (USS swimming). I was a member of a club that split then merged back. I left the club to move on and it has now split again.

Airstreamers are good people and ya all have nice trailers. You will go with what ever makes you happy. I have always found to embrace your neighbors and compliment them on what they are doing correctly. In swimming some people like the huge mega clubs other like the very small less competetive clubs. The price ranges go from high to low. What ever floats your boat. At least people are getting together. Any body who ever left my team for the program down the road got my best wishes and I made sure to stay friendly with the family. Over the years I learned not to take personally when people left my club. Reason, because the grass always looks greener on the other side and many times they will come back to your program.

Brian & Adrienne
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Thanks to everyone so far for their differing views and ideas. It is refreshing to hear many different perspectives and to view the question from many different angles. No one thinks of everything and each remark reflects a person's wants and desires about what Airstreaming means to them at their particular stage in the process (looking, buying, restoring, refurbishing, remodeling, rallies, caravans, etc.) so deserves consideration. It's no surprise suggestions differ greatly, a good thing.

The "Clean Paper" approach was used to leave "baggage" behind, although that requires a "suspension of disbelief" as we all haul baggage around everywhere we go. Nevertheless, it does allow a fresh approach that may, or may not, incorporate the tools and technology available to us today create an up-to-the-minute "structure" that will serve for a while until it, too, becomes outmoded or irrelevant to succeeding generations of Airstreamers with different wants and desires.

Many good ideas have been put forth. Please keep the suggestions and ideas coming. Thank you!
Fred Coldwell, WBCCI #1510, AIR #2675
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Airstream Life "Old Aluminum"
Airstream Life
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Here is my list:

1) FREE to join (other perks available a la carte)
2) Great Communication Tools
3) Systems for connecting Airstreamers (by geography, interest, etc)
4) No rules, no drama, just fun
5) Lots of happy hours
6) Beautiful locations, who wants to camp without seeing the nature around?
7) All members are welcomed with open arms, even ones who are "different"
8) 50% discounts on buying a new Airstream if you are a member
9) Sponsored by New Belgium Brewery (or some other micro brewer)
10) Plenty of family members who camp on weekends.
11) Has a trailer inspector system to help people inspect units for sale that are far away
12) Campground Reviews for members to help each other find a great place to camp
13) Member gets discounts at popular Airstream Vendors
14) About the members and not about the brass
15) Did I mention fun, even wild rallies? My choice locations would be Burning Man, JazzAspen, Coachella Festival, Bonnarroo.
16) Coupon for 50% off any new tow vehicle of choice for all members
17) Free gas all camping season for each member you refer
18) Tons of cool branded merchandise like baseball caps, t-shirts, koozies, cups, etc all at rock bottom prices for members
19) iPhone enabled for all of the above on the road
20) Free polishing and restoration services (unlimited) for all members.

I could go on and on...
AIR # 2 - 1961 Bambi - Jeep Cherokee
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How to fix WBCCI

Originally Posted by 2airishuman View Post
there is a 93.4% likelyhood this would FIX the wb' short term,

and a 87.6% chance it would FIX the wb' LONG term as well.

Sorry, but this post just jogged my memory of one of my favorite quotes, "96.7% of statistical results are pure BS."

As for the topic at hand, I agree with Crawford Gene. As organizations grow, those individuals with a real need for control naturally take over and politics overtake fun as the reason for existence. These control freaks then manage to give their members just enough "fun" (in this case) to stay in control, but are steadfastly opposed to change or anything else that will challenge their authority. I have seen this is business, in social clubs, in academia, and in non-profit organizations. In business there is a lot of money involved for those in charge, but it is the other groups that are worse, because there is nothing at stake except pure control and politics (which are really the same thing).

I don't think this is fixable. It would be like trying to take the greed out of Wall Street. I choose to associate instead with groups like this cyber club, where there are no club rules, outings are organized on an ad hoc basis, and the knowledge sharing is unmatched and unrestricted. If I go on an outing and don't like the others, I don't go with that group again. No pain, no confrontations, no parliamentary games. I just acknowledge that they probably didn't like me either. My life has been much like the old Groucho Marx quote, "I would never join a club that would have me as a member". This quote is not only funny, it is very very true.
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I might add that the "organization" structure becomes self perpetuating in that it exists for the sole purpose of keeping itself alive.
I think there is room for some organization - somebody has to take the bull by the horns. Look at groups like HOG - Harley Owners Group and their structure, or lack thereof... They thrive around a product. An Airstream Club should be not too different I think.

Buttercup's Web Site. WBCCI #17330, 11281 & 7830. VAC Past President, TAC NV-2 & NV-3
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