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Why the hoofra?

This threadís turn has become moot yet seems pointless to me. The East Coast VAC Rally is being held June 19-23. The International in Bozeman starts June 28. Paul planned a date so those wanting to go to Bozeman could still do so. Five other WBCCI units have scheduled rallies June 19-22 as well (Cape Cod, New England, New Jersey, East Tennessee, and Sierra Nevada ~ per the WBCCI website and excluding the Bozeman caravan rallies).

No one but the individual is responsible for what he or she chooses. Why an individual chooses one thing over another is no one elseís business. If folks want to arrive at Bozeman early, thatís their choice. If folks want to attend both the Bozeman and East Coast VAC rally, thatís their choice. If folks want to attend only the East Coast VAC, thatís their choice. If folks want to attend any of the other five WBCCI rallies during same June 19-22 weekend, thatís their choice. If folks donít want to rally with the WBCCI or VAC at all, thatís their choice.

Wally said it was all about having fun, just ask Pee Wee. If folks just want to go camping and have fun, thatís their choice.

One huge difference between human beings and other forms of life is the power of choice. And thank goodness we still have the freedom to choose for ourselves.

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Originally Posted by 65GT
Over59 -- Not sure I get the "whole WBCCI thing" as it reads to me that you're all about your local unit and couldn't care less about the club itself (no, not putting words in your mouth -- just how I'm reading it), but it's GREAT that you're hosting rallies - kudos! The shut-out in Perry? There are two sides to every coin and we're likely to disagree on that one for sure. There is more than one party sharing blame for what happened there.

Well the "all about your local unit" shot returns. When I was done with the whole WBCCI thing I hadn't yet attended a local unit rally or a regional rally or an event of any kind. Vermont International was my first event. It was really cool seeing all those Airstreams lined up. My next outing was a Regional Rally where they served ham in hot water and ran out. Other than the open house few members gave us a second look including those whose unit we belonged to. It was poorly organized and clearly for the benefit of "the regulars". We even had first timer's stickers.

Attending a forum rally 4th of July weekend I connected with some members and decided try a New England Unit rally and made the switch.

I've gone off with other Airstreams on weekend rather than a unit rally because we wanted to do a particular event, ie BBQ Championships. Went to NY for Pagent of the Bands last year. Been trying to get to Cherry Blossum for several years. Some are going to Tanglewood during the Regional for fine food and classical music and fellowship. It's not my unit I'm about but people who are welcoming, who don't walk around with a copy of the blue book, who don't hide in their RV / trailer after dark watching TV. I'm about camping.

I hosted a BBQ rally last year where myself and several others prepared the food for all 90+ people. This year I'm hosting what will be a small rally of 10 units to attend the largest fireworks display on the east coast, yes, larger than NYC. Last night at dinner with next years unit president I committed to host a July 4th weekend rally. If this "club" wants to not die it should encourage units to have alternative events.

The Incident at Perry was an insult to every member of our unit. One petty "regular" with connections had the rules changed and the new rule applied just to our group. This is what WBCCI is about at the International and Regional One level in my opinion. No one has written an apology to the unit.

I agree that the millionaire members should fly out to International. Clearly if you are on the nominating committee it will be more of the same. Wish now I hadn't voted for you. Sorry Bob.

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I'll say that I bought a camper so that I wouldn't have to travel by air. If I can't go to the International rally via camper, the last thing I'll want to do is go via airplane. I would only do that if there's some very pressing need for me to be there.
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I'm been sitting back watching this thread over the past week. I have to admit, everyone is making very good points and there is no wrong few on the subject. But, since this thread started out about the "East Coast VAC Rally" I would like to "being the host" explain why the dates were pick.

1. Not everyone will want to go to International, I wanted to give people "NOT" going something they could go to as well.

2. "If" someone "wanted" to do both "THEY COULD". You can leave on Sunday the 22nd and drive to Bozeman in four days no problem. You would get into Bozeman late Weds. Thats 500/600 miles a day for four days. I'm sure we all have done the big drive to get somewhere in our life.

3. School would be out for most if not all school systems up and down the east coast.

4. Would not interfere with most "family planned" vacations over the summer.

5. Temps in the area are still nice, it has not got the 95-100 degree days in the valley by that time.(Though anything can happen)

6. Only about 10-18% (pretty sure that number is close) of the membership of the WBCCI and/or the VAC will go to International. That leaves 82-90% of the rest of the membership without a rally to go to around that time. Offer them something.

7. Anytime later in the year makes it very hard to find a campground/location that will allow you to tie up 50+ sites up to a month away from the rally date. If I could get everyone to sign up one year in advance, I could get any dates I wanted, but most people will not commit that far out. I know between now and the rally I'll have people drop and some trying to sign up at the last minute.

I've learned as Past Prez of the WDCU and the current Region 2 VAC Guy, you will never make everyone happy no matter what you do. If you hit 80%, you have done good.

I think we all should be happy we have this problem. Being someone that has been to many rallies, hosted or co-hosted rallies and a caravan, we all want to go to as many as we can. We also when hosting a rally want as many people to come as we can. There's a rally the weekend before the East Coast VAC Rally that I would love to go to, but it will be very tuff to do so with mine the following weekend. I'm sure there will be some that because of going to that rally will make it tuff for them to come to the VAC rally. This is just how it is, no hard feelings. I wish it was not that way, but we only have so much time and money.

Maybe someday if we all get $$$$ we can go to every rally and have our personal driver, drive us through the night to the next rally like a rock-star. But, until then, we all must decide where and which rallies fit our current lives.
Paul Waddell
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Folks, the mods are stepping in since the post has started turning personal. We think the topic regarding scheduling another rally close to or during the International has pretty much been played out. Points on both sides have been made and quite honestly the turn towards the personal side pretty much shows that this one has reached its logical conclusion.

Now if someone wants to bring this thread back on its original topic go for it. Otherwise we will consider further posts regarding the rally date vs. International Rally off topic.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Jack Canavera
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The rally in VA will soon be here. I am still working on the trailer. Anyone else finishing up last minute details?
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Originally Posted by Silverhobby
The rally in VA will soon be here. I am still working on the trailer. Anyone else finishing up last minute details?
Yes. Oh, yes. Since the CBR I have:

--Changed the oil.
--Resealed the Fantastic Fan. Twice. It was still leaking after the first time so I slathered another coat on Sunday morning. Waiting for rain to see if this one takes.
--Slapped some caulk on a window that was leaking badly. Again, waiting for rain.
--Replaced a piece of particleboard that was damaged from the original leaks. The new board is sitting in the camper but I'm not installing it until I see no water inside during a rainstorm.
--Replaced two speakers.
--Cleaned all the bedding - again - that got wet from the aforementioned leak. The mattresses are sitting in my spare bedroom at home.
--Replaced the dump valves.
--Tried to figure out why I found coolant under the camper a couple weeks back. No luck there. The radiator is full.
--Replaced the AM/FM antenna.
--Still to do: grease the bearings in the tow dolly.
--Friday I have a guy coming to repair the propane valve - it leaks when I turn it on and off. Afterwards I have to go get propane since it's now empty.

My neighbor commented that I must really love working on my camper. My thought was, "I can see why you'd have that impression..."
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just to add to the "to do, don't miss" list for this rally.... The Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia this is one of the finest museums out there. If anyone is planning to go sight seeing, please put this at the top of the list. You will be glad you went. It is very interesting to see what the various cultures left and why they left the old world to come to the new world. I rarely hear any mention of this museum and we are planning to see it again.
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Taking a short break from the heat

Yes, I have a few more details to complete..working to finish in time for the rally a 67GT: Almost finished polishing, still working on the interior, working on the plumbing, and a few more minor details. Really looking forward to meeting other forum members.

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