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2008 International -- Bozeman, MT

I'm opening the proverbial can of worms with this thread and I may regret ever thinking this was a good idea but here goes -

I'd like to collect some ideas for the 2008 Bozeman rally - I told incoming president Jerry Collins that I would forward a compilation of ideas to him to consider for the rally next year. Any ideas/comments (within reason) are acceptable. I'd particularly like to hear from people that have attended international rallies in the past and/or plan to attend Bozeman. Please be as specific as possible. I will collect ideas for a week or so then pass them along to Jerry. After that, this thread can continue on for general purpose Bozeman discussion. Here's a list to get things started:

Make recycling bins readily available in the trailer camping area and throughout the public buildings.

Include the Trailer Park Troubadours for an evening of entertainment. Combine this with an open house event to attract outside persons to attend the event.

Increase the number of RV suppliers/vendors. Camping World or other local RV equipment sales for hoses, connectors and other gadgets. Axle, brake manufacturers. LP gas tanks, fittings. Other LP gas appliances such as grills, campfires, etc.

Daily (maybe twice a day) orientation sessions - these would be quick 15 minute overview of where to find information, who to contact, area information. This could be done at the information booth but would be specific for finding your way around the rally, attending the right seminars, making the most of the event.


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Greetings, and I congradulate you for taking the first and most difficult step forward to help Jerry with next years International Rally. Since you are posting right now I will share with you my feelings right now. What I would not be worried about is recycling bins or entertainment, but how to manage damage control over all the negatives that have been posted of this years rally. There is a large group, myself included, who were unable to attend this years event and solely depended on reports here on the forum from those who were able to attend. The official WBCCI web-site had little or no information on the day to day and very few forum posts. How sad that there was more information (including your post above) here than anywhere else. Yes we had some good posts, but considering there are more non-WBCCI members here than members, how sad. I feel your task may be harder than you think and that IBT needs to focus on Member relations (opps, they did away with that didn't they?) and polishing the image of WBCCI, the IBT and the International Rally.

J. Rick Cipot
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Here are a few..

I thought I'd jump in early before flamethrowers get warmed up...

For the record, we attended Salem, not Perry (too far, hot and muggy/buggy), and are thinking about Bozeman...

Things that would make us more likely to attend and enjoy:

1. Schedule the side tours DURING the Rally, instead of just before the rally for benefit of volunteers. There were several we'd have taken around northern Oregon and southern Washington, but they all occurred during two weeks ahead of actual Rally.
2. Enable and encourage people to attend with trailers for less than 7 days... We checked in on appointed day, and felt guilty unplugging hose "Y" after 5 days, but had to go... It is admirable that volunteers get there several weeks early, and fulltimers can stick around, but it should be possible for members to drive to Bozeman, attend the rally and get home over two weekends and the week in between...
3. Set up private "for profit" caterer/snack bar/food area, so people looking for morning coffee or lunch burger/sandwich would have place to eat at Rally
4. Explain the cost/fee situation "transparently" so attendees understand what they're paying for and what isn't covered. For example, if contractor charges $75 for each 30A power box connected to generator, that's OK, just let people know...
5. Repeat as many seminars as possible at least once, as we missed a few that were only offered a single time...
6. If parking in open hay fields, make sure they're raked to avoid fire risk.
7. Consider having a large communal informal buffet style dinner in addition to evening meetings and entertainment... Again, could be contracted to caterer, tickets sold up to a day or two ahead, and benches/tables used to sit and eat with fellow travelers.. Works for aircraft types at Oshkosh, and other groups...

Good luck with the project...

In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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The idea of Boseman is making me think of joining again.
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I stole this from 2Air:

3. Ideas for the International Rally
-Publish the rally schedule well in advance
-Have more socials/activities that breed camaraderie
-Have more of a festival approach
-More member-led seminars
-Have an Ambassador program in the parking area (assign volunteers as hosts in designated areas)
-Don’t dump the Vintage section on open house day
-Don’t break things down until July 5
-Be more customer service oriented
-Have training for volunteers in customer service and how to deal with difficult people
-Have a “night club” evening spot with a band playing music from post ballroom period
-Increase the number of vendors
-Bring in a mix of entertainers
-Use people who attended the International for the first time last year to help with the first timers’ seminar as they will be very in touch with first timers’ issues
-Schedule the International rally for Monday – Friday so people can travel on the weekends
-Offer more food vendors on site
-Have coffee in AM in welcome center
-Have more “active” activities, bike tours, etc.
-Show showers location on a map in rally program
-Have parking map in rally program
-Have FREE coffee and donuts every morning at International for members. It is a service and a social opportunity.
-Fix the parking and check-in process to improve attendee’s first impression

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Lucius----I attended the Salem ralley in 06 and will be at Boseman in 08. I concur with Rick and Sandi to focus on the overall feeling you want people to remember about Boseman. For example, the leadership is glad we are here, the leadership is available, friendly and helpful. Have the IBT team out and about among the general membership activities the first few mornings. Meet & Greet plus on the spot problem solving. Figure out how to say yes to the member's concern. Empower these leaders to resolve all issues on the spot, eventhough the rest of the year the issue belongs to one of the other leader's area of responsibility. Make this job one. Call it good marketing, call it using common sense, no need to go to a fat book of rules & legislation to find an answer.

Compared to Salem, do this by minimizing the leadership meetings that run in parallel to the rally events, especially between 8 am-noon on the first days of the rally. Have the top leader delegate to the team if meetings must happen during prime time. It develops staff and the leader is moving on in a few days anyway, so the mentoring task should be finished by now.

Invite lots of OEM vendors that supply the components in our airstreams. As an example, have Sony bring a broad line of product, not just the items AS buys.

Some of us contributed some months ago on a similar topic at the WBCCI website with the communications liason, Renee. There were some good ideas there.

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Well said! I understand that business needs to be conducted at the International Rally but what most of the attendees come for is the love of their Airstreams and friendship. No one wants to take six or more days off from work, vacation time or what have you and be subject to stress and negative PR. How about having fun? If you want more WBCCI members and more of them to come to the Rally work on the FUN aspect.

J. Rick Cipot
Sandi Gould
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Try too set up an area were Vendor's can work on NON-MEMBER's trailers.

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Wondering ...

Originally Posted by Gunnyusmc
Try too set up an area were Vendor's can work on NON-MEMBER's trailers. Don
Hi Don:

Maybe I'm missing the obvious, but how would doing this benefit the attending members or the WBCCI?
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we really need a break from this topic...

like a month or 2....oh well.

some are suggesting 'more vendors' and i like that idea too.

but consider this...

vendors PAY for the space, along with travel/personnel expenses.

so the vendor needs to realize a business reason/gain to attend.

don't know how many vendors went to georgia, but salem was considered an 'off' year...

it is a long way from most rv suppliers, as is bozeman.

IF the membership really wants more vendors...

the wb' needs to cut fees or provide incentives,

perhaps new vendors could attend FOR FREE!

it will be interesting to see which a/s dealer covers bozeman...

since the missoula shop doesn't have a great rep.

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Communications always seems to be an important item- -sometime its an issue and sometime its a problem.

Since many people have computers on-board, I suggest an official (or unofficial) ad hoc website be created to keep people up to date on activities, changes, news and the result of meetings. It would supplement the current communications methods.

In addition it would be neat if someone took the initiative and set up an intra-net system between trailers.

I wonder if it be one way to help pull the organization further into the 21st Century?
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Exclamation Rocking in the Rockies

Lucius, I knew when you were the head bartender at the DJ nite there would be good things coming our way, great thread.

We need Connie (correct me if that’s not her name {the person that set up the DJ thing}) to get rehired as entertainment chairperson.
  • Entertainment done in concert with todays music, dancing every nite.
  • If possible BYOB should be included; we are going there to have a good time after all.
  • New members need more hand holding & direction. This includes introducing them to as many as you can. This also may be the job of a membership committee person. As an example at the Sarasota Rally last Feb that person did a poor job.
  • We need to know who to contact if we would like to host a seminar. I would like to host a wheel packing seminar; too many people are getting ripped off having this service done.
  • The VAC should have several seminars on different aspects of restoration.
  • All seminars repeated if there was conflict or just missed it for some reason.
  • One nite there should be a barbecue dinner, maybe open pits cook your own.
  • Coffee every morning as a get together.
  • One or two pancake breakfasts, Or a pot luck breakfast.
  • Not sure how hot it is in MT but access to swimming may be an idea.
  • Vendor tables with information only, in others words not attended, this would cut the expense of running a booth and increase the number of vendors.
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I will collect ideas for a week or so
Start with this. What does it say about how important this feedback is if only a week or so is provided for it?

Then talk to Renee. She spent a year collecting feedback and ideas, many of which have been repeated here, already. Can we honor that effort and show respect for the work of previous volunteers?

For a third suggestion, try to connect the ideas offered to what is prompting them. Use that to try to get underneath the table and find the core and common things that will steer efforts effectively.
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Thumbs up suggestions

I lived 2 hours from Perry and still decided not to go for a couple of reasons:

1) I know rules help keep order, but it seemed to me that a new person would never be able to keep up with all the rules and orders. I was very put off by the blue beret's list of rules.
2) lack of family events. I have seen a number of posts that talk about music and events that facilitate meeting other members. That is key to a family.
3) Ability to go for a shorter period of time. I saw this suggestion mentioned, but it is key for working families.
4) Recreation areas for kids. Playgrounds, hiking, fishing, biking, etc.

Thanks for asking for suggestions. It is time to start growing this club again!

Chris Keysor
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