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The shorter period thing is major.

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Some ideas

1. What about pairing a Units or Regions with another, say an East Coast w/ a West Coast and have designated Pot Luck dinners one night. That way we get to meet others. Maybe a couple round robin type of events

2. Kids area

3. Daily Parking rates - give that option

4. Maybe an annual Wally Byam 5k run / walk through the grounds.

5. Big potluck dinners!

6. A boondocking area.

still thinking!

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Does anyone have the contact info for the various commitee persons?

If so let's have it posted
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Originally Posted by nvestysly
I'm opening the proverbial can of worms with this thread and I may regret ever thinking this was a good idea but here goes -

I'd like to collect some ideas for the 2008 Bozeman rally - I told incoming president Jerry Collins that I would forward a compilation of ideas to him to consider for the rally next year. Any ideas/comments (within reason) are acceptable. I'd particularly like to hear from people that have attended international rallies in the past and/or plan to attend Bozeman. Please be as specific as possible. I will collect ideas for a week or so then pass them along to Jerry. After that, this thread can continue on for general purpose Bozeman discussion. Here's a list to get things started:

Make recycling bins readily available in the trailer camping area and throughout the public buildings.

Include the Trailer Park Troubadours for an evening of entertainment. Combine this with an open house event to attract outside persons to attend the event.

Increase the number of RV suppliers/vendors. Camping World or other local RV equipment sales for hoses, connectors and other gadgets. Axle, brake manufacturers. LP gas tanks, fittings. Other LP gas appliances such as grills, campfires, etc.

Daily (maybe twice a day) orientation sessions - these would be quick 15 minute overview of where to find information, who to contact, area information. This could be done at the information booth but would be specific for finding your way around the rally, attending the right seminars, making the most of the event.

Lucisu, as first year WBCCI members I am going to suggest something for the International Rally that is probably not allowed by the current constitution and bylaws. Let anyone with an Airstream register to attend the rally; even those that are not members of the WBCCI! This could be a great recruiting tool to attract new members . I'll cite an example of another club with similar goals and ideals to the WBCCI.

I am a 30 year member of the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association (BMW MOA). Since 1972 the BMW MOA has grown to be the largest brand specific motorcycle club in the world that is not owned and operated by the marque i.e. not owned or controlled by BMW. The Harley Davidson HOG club may be larger but that club is owned by Harley Davisdson. The BMWMOA holds their international rally at a different location every year much like the WBCCI. Rather than limiting attendance to members the BMW MOA allows any BMW motorcycle owner to register with the thought that they will enjoy the festivities, enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship with other BMW motorcycle owners and their common activities and become members of the BMW MOA. The BMW International rally is held in a different part of the US every year. It typically attracks between 4000 and 8000 riders to the four ot five day rally with members attending from the USA and many other countries.

You can view the BMW Motorcycle Owners Club web site for information on their rally and other activities that may be used as recruitment activities such as their excellent newsletter, the BMW Owners News, (BMW ON).
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I am going to Bozeman next year. I like the afore mentioned ideas. I will be there most of the entire week. I really hope that my NW forum member buddies will attend, or I will be all alone ! so to speak. Great start to a thread. If I have any ideas not mentioned I will surely chime in.
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You have to be a member to go, right?
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Originally Posted by craftsman
You have to be a member to go, right?
Yes, as of right now.
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Originally Posted by JStanley
Communications always seems to be an important item- -sometime its an issue and sometime its a problem.

Since many people have computers on-board, I suggest an official (or unofficial) ad hoc website be created to keep people up to date on activities, changes, news and the result of meetings. It would supplement the current communications methods.

In addition it would be neat if someone took the initiative and set up an intra-net system between trailers.
I wonder if it be one way to help pull the organization further into the 21st Century?
(New Tech)
To expand on the jstanley idea I would suggest contacting an ISP and bring them on as a sponsor. The ISP could be known as the ISP of WBCCI/Airstream and provide the equipment to light up the entire area as a WIFI hot spot using portable gear. Hint talk to feather wifi/earthlink they have provide the entier city of New Orleans with free WIFI and it works great, I have one of their radios on the light pole outside my home and connect to it when this connection goes down, and I can also reach featherwifi from my office by the Super Dome.
(Old Tech)
A low power AM station can be used to broadcast the days events running a loop tape. You see this type of use in the Talking House real estate sales pitch.
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Originally Posted by C Johnson
I am going to Bozeman next year. I like the afore mentioned ideas. I will be there most of the entire week. I really hope that my NW forum member buddies will attend, or I will be all alone ! so to speak. Great start to a thread. If I have any ideas not mentioned I will surely chime in.

Plan on participating in the VAC parade and parking. You will meet a lot of great people.

Bill Kerfoot, WBCCI/VAC/CAC/El Camino Real Unit #5223
Just my personal opinion
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ral'ly (ral'e) v., -lied, -ly·ing, -lies.

Just a reminder

ral·ly1 (răl'ē)

v., -lied, -ly·ing, -lies.
  1. To call together for a common purpose; assemble: rally troops at a parade ground.
  2. To reassemble and restore to order: rally scattered forces.
  3. To rouse or revive from inactivity or decline: paused to refresh themselves and rally their strength.
  1. To come together for a common purpose.
  2. To join in an effort for a common cause: “In the terror and confusion of change, society rallied round the kings” (Garrett Mattingly).
  3. To recover abruptly from a setback or disadvantage: The stock market declined, then rallied. The home team rallied in the ninth inning to win the game.
  4. To show sudden improvement in health or spirits.
  5. Sports. To exchange several strokes before a point is won, as in tennis.
n., pl. -lies.
  1. A gathering, especially one intended to inspire enthusiasm for a cause: a political rally.
    1. A reassembling, as of dispersed troops.
    2. The signal ordering this reassembly.
  2. An abrupt recovery from a setback or disadvantage.
  3. A sharp improvement in health, vigor, or spirits.
  4. A notable rise in stock market prices and trading volume after a decline.
  5. Sports.
    1. An exchange of strokes in a court game such as tennis or volleyball, ending when one side fails to make a good return and resulting in a point or the loss of service.
    2. A competition in which automobiles are driven over public roads and under normal traffic regulations but with specified rules as to speed, time, and route.
[French rallier, from Old French ralier : re-, re- + alier, to unite, ally; see ally.]
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My only suggestion would be to update the WBCCI website with as much information as they have. I do not want to compare the International with "The Rally", but look at the website for that event. The site has tons of information all located in one site. This could be a good model for "The International". The Rally 2007


Wally Byam Airstream Club 7513
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As I mentioned in another thread, it would be good if more seminars were available for learning more about, and maintence, of our units.
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All great ideas, will you do yours?

All of you have great "ideas" on how to make the International Rally better. But, ideas are just that unless someone makes it happen. No one knows your "idea" better than yourself. I'd suggest, everyone that has posted an "idea", do something to make it happen. If your not sure who is on the different committees that would handle your "idea", call "HQ" and ask. Then tell that person you are willing to step up and make that "idea" something that is real that we all can enjoy. Ideas come from the head, it takes a hand to make them happen. I look forward to seeing everyone with an idea on how to make the International Rally a better rally next year helping out. With all those ideas and people helping out next year, International will be a BLAST!!
Paul Waddell
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Having lived in BoZeman, there are a miriad of things to do and see. And remember, BoZeman is spelled with a "ZEE". The Museum of the Rockies is an excellent facility, chroniclizing how this area was settled. A 30 minute drive is the Three Forks, Mt area where the Madison, Gallatin, and Jefferson Rivers come together to form the Missouri River, fishing!!. Just south of 3 Forks is the Lewis and Clark Caverns. To the west is the Norris Hot Springs. Closer to town at Bozeman Hot Springs is another spot to hit.
South of Bozeman itself and nettled in the Gallatin Mtn foothills is Hyalite Canyon, a great area for hiking and see water falls.
To the northeast of town( 20 minutes) up in Bridger Mtns is the ski area for hiking and biking.
The west gate of Yellowstone is 90 miles from Bozeman to the southwest down Rte 191, and on the way is the Big Sky Ski area. 75 miles to the east, on I-90 to Hwy 89 and south following the upper Yellowstone River is the northgate of Yellowstone, Gardiner Mt. You can, on a long day, circum-navigate a loop from Bozeman-to-Livingston-to Old Faithful (and related geyser basins)-to West Yellowstone and back to Bozeman. Its a long day, but if this is YOUR time to visit here, do it up right.
In Perry, there seemed to be many events/ceremonies/meetings going on that detracted us from leaving the Agri-Center grounds. Having more events at the 2008 Rally could hinder exploring the Gallatin Valley which BoZeman is the county seat. The Gallatin Valley just begs one to explore. Also, there is no sales tax in Montana. Some towns, like West Yellwostone, have a bed tax .
Montana is 525 miles long and 275 miles wide. That makes it the fourth largest state.

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