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I'm aware of the Region 12 Rally at Las Vegas. Our unit is hosting it. We will still have hopefully a 100+ Airstreams parked together but not with a daisy hook up. You can certainly wonder about and visit fellow members.

My idea of a convention center w/o parking will not prohibit anyone from seeing their friends. In fact, with some up front planning you can arrange to park together at a park of your choice, be it full hook-ups all the way to boondocking.

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Richard, what unit is HOTCU? sounds sizzling.

Charlie, that sounds like a great way to cut costs free up volunteer time and have a site with enough room for a camp fire or pets or even to spread out under the awning for get-togethers. Sometimes there is so little space between the Airstreams. I know there are campgrounds that have over 500 spaces, perhaps there are bigger ones still. The International at Lansing did have the convention site off the grounds with shuttlebuses running periodically, now if we were not at the airport we could have been in a campgrounds. Handicapped section was in town, doggie section and electric were at a local park, vintage has its own section, I think there was a Canada section, and officer section, so basically even though there are 1000 Airstreams we are still in separated areas. A giant campground could hold many more than what are normally accommodated in a section. And it has the benefit of not having to be relocated to bowling alley parking lots or tractored out if there is a deluge flooding the fields as what happened to us in 2005.

Lucius, I was considering joining the Classic Airstream Club too and saw the events in the rally schedule. Perhaps I will see you there. Wouldn't it be nice if it became as large as the vintage club?

Bina, I agree with you. Why has the club waited until it needs medivac and critical care to save it? As Richard says it will be up to the new members to make a difference. Reaching out to current and new members is exactly what one would expect from good leadership. Thank you. You said that so well. What a few have run into is that their new enthusiasm and fresh look ideas have been pooh poohed as causing disharmony and therefore breaking the code of ethics (old order trump card.) New volunteers can be viewed as trouble, bad mouthers, and not bonified wallies(not having held office.) Some have turned away in frustration. Ready to swim uphill?


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Originally Posted by wheel interested
Richard, what unit is HOTCU? sounds sizzling.

They are a hot unit!
4CU is hotter
Did you get that form to Brad yet?


Wally Byam Airstream Club 7513
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You caught me. I have a heck of a time with acronyms. DOH. I will get my 4CU Membership Form to Brad pronto, thanks for the reminder and maybe get the CAC and 4CU one out together now.

Yes I dare say 4CU is the hottest unit to hit. You guys are forging new territory. I am so pleased to see it take off like it is. Good work!!!!!

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Originally Posted by wheel interested
Ready to swim uphill?
I love a challenge.

Randy and Pat Godfrey
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What is: Classic Airstream Club
See how new we are..

My husband and I are both Leo's and we ran our own theatrical business so controversy in not new to either of us.

The problem is always, where people are in life. We have done it and we have so many projects underway I don't know if we want to jump into 'leading', I think we would like to follow for a while. And, we are tired. We retired 4 years ago and have remolded 2 houses and sold the first, 2nd is for sale. Now we are remolding our new 99 28ft. excella classic. While we wonder where we will move to.
I think our plate is full for now, but I will vote. I just have to understand what is going on.
unsubscribed at member request; sold Airstream
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Originally Posted by bina
What is: Classic Airstream Club
See how new we are..
The Classic Airstream Club is one of the Intra-Clubs or sub-groups of the WBCCI

Other WBCCI IntraClubs are:Shari
Vintage Airstream Club - Past President 2007/2008
WBCCI #1824 - DenCO Unit Past President (2005)
AIR #30 - Join Date: 2-25-2002

RMVAC | WBCCI DenCO Unit | Sisters on the Fly | Tin Can Tourists
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Don't underestimate the need for air conditioning - i.e. - either having 30 amp service provided - or sufficient generator capacity. There's nothing worst than being too hot too sleep and having to lay in bed with the sweat dripping! ----and Georgia can be awfully hot!

2003 GMC 3500 D/A, CC, LB, 4x4 and 2000 Airstream Excella 30. WBCCI 7074
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Randy I agree - getting involved is the key to joining.

Originally Posted by rgodfrey
This is kind of off-topic on this thread, but we just joined WBCCI; our numbers were just assigned a week ago. We're in Region 3, Florida Unit. If work hadn't got in the way, we'd be at the FL Rally going on now.

Everytime I join a club, I get involved (Pat hates that), but my motivation is to learn and work for improvements. I've been reading some of the threads and posts on problems and issues with the WBCCI. I'm mostly infavor of what everyone says here on the forums. When I can jump into this thing, I'll try to represent those thoughts and opinions to the WBCCI.

I was really upset to read this yesterday on the FL Rally Thread:

We can't stand the apathy if we want to make a difference.

You are not alone I take the same approach get involved and help out.
Thats the way you get the most out of your involvement.

Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

"It's Okay to have too much fun"

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Night 'Streamers DJ Music Party

Night 'Streamers DJ Music Party The 2007 International will be hosting a brand new event at Perry this year! A Night 'Streamers DJ Music Party will be held on Sunday, July 1st, 9:00 p.m. 'til midnight. Bring your friends and meet us there. The music mix will include oldies (50's-60's,) classic rock, a bit of disco, country and contemporary. It's BYO so pack it up and stir it up with us. All you movers and shakers here's your venue.

My thanks to Renee Etline of the Communications Liason Committee and International President Don Shafer for working closely together with member suggestions and pulling this together. I can hardly wait to see the new higher web presence of the units. Lots of good things are happening. Let's get out and show support at the International. See you there.

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Old Time Rock n Roll!

We'll make it a point to be there. Danielle and I have some 50's style garb - maybe we'll dress the part. Nah.... that might be taking it too far. Then again, maybe the VAC will be big supporter of this event. Might be right up there ally. Regardless, it's good to see some new ideas undertaken.

Thanks for the support Renee.

Lucius and Danielle
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Unhappy Why does participation contiue to tailspin?

Originally Posted by bina
I saw this data and also have heard the numbers of AS's are down. Does anyone have a clue as to why. We did a lot of researach before we settled on AS and without question it seemed the best built at the lightest weight for towing. also they look great and have nostalgia.

in the 1970's-1980's....3000 to 4000
in the early 1990's.......2000 to 2500
in the late 1990's..........1500 to 2000
recently...................800 to 1500

I saw this and wondered WHY?
Maybe because you have to be a member of the W???? which is in many people's perception mostly a rigid political setup with all sort of rules and procedures that people nowadays are hardly willing to put up with, much less pay large membership fees to put up with it.

It's sad really. There are so many really nice Airstreamers and it would be nice if everyone could be involved. However, there is enough regimentation already in most of our lives.

I can remember going to rallies with my parents in the fifties, but I would much prefer other activities, for instance caravans. When so much of the time is dedicated to "leadership" and such it's not long until there are mostly chiefs and not enough Indians. I would love to see those make a major popularity comeback. It's a wonderful group for many, but less all the time. Most people, for instance, will nowadays want to fly their choice of flag(s) wherever and however they care to. Most all of us belong to several groups and have varied interests. You just have to pick and choose. Many people feel that being a member of the W???? is just not worth the money -- so the membership and participation continues to tailspin. There have been quite a few emotional messages on this forum about this and the reasons for it.

Another possible reason is that the perception of Airstreams has generally changed since the fifties/sixties. At that time Airstreams were the top of the line, best thing you could buy, complete with all the recognition and snob appeal. Now that dubious honor has passed to the fabulous and fabulously expensive class A motor homes. So the popularity, and the numbers, have changed. Fortunately, the huge "parent" company still makes a wonderful product and there are many of us who are still devotees.

Disclaimer: This is just my observations and feelings as a third generation Airstreamer. I make no apologies for it but no warranties as to the accuracy of my conclusion either. Needless to say, some of the "chiefs" and some of the remaining "indians" will violently disagree with me. I would sincerly like to see some major changes to make the organization more contemporary and inclusive. Some of the local groups have begun this process and those groups show growth.

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We're thinking of attending the Perry rally. But, like other newcomers are a bit intimidated. Is the 30 amp electric really full power, or, should I plan on bringing the quiet Honda generator?
How often will the waste tanks be pumped?
Is arriving on Thurs or Fri a problem?
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If you sign up for 30 amp an extra $135.00 do it by April 1st is full 30 amp, after that and without signing up for electricity it is shared so 3 amp, enough to run lights and fans and tv and keep your batteries charged. Bring the generator. I have only been pumped out once and that usually is too early after I get there. Should be no problem arriving then, it says no Saturday night or Sunday parking (?) You wait in a line to be parked until parking hours that area is called a bullpen. Parking starts at 8 I think and goes til 3 or 4 perhaps (?) I have spent the night in line in the bull pen self-contained. Fill your water tanks, you don't always get hooked up right away and when people leave they may break the water chain. You need a "Y" connecter and extra hose. Need lots of lengths of sewer hose for Perry hook-ups if you get them otherwise you dump when you leave and gray can be let out on the ground there, surprisingly.


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