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YES! I am an active WBCCI member at some level. 78 54.55%
Yes, I am an active WBCCI member, but am unsure of renewal. 13 9.09%
No. I am not a WBCCI member. 24 16.78%
No, and I have no desire to belong to WBCCI. 8 5.59%
Joining a club is not why I own an Airstream. 12 8.39%
I\'d rather belong or do belong to a different RV club. 0 0%
I am neutral on this subject. 8 5.59%
Voters: 143. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10-27-2004, 05:31 PM   #29
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I love it! Great people and you only have to be a involved as YOU want to be. I have only attend three rallies this year (my first year and first year as an RV owner) and have had a truely wonderful time at each of them.

I work full time and am kinda on the young side of the group, but I have learned so much from my fellow Unit members and had fun in the process! For that I am appreciative.

I think I am a lifer.......


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Old 10-27-2004, 06:22 PM   #30
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Hungry Mother

Hey Rick ---We stayed at that campground a year ago this October & really had a great time. While there & touring the area, we took a right at the road where it tees at the park headquarters went, I guess it would be West, towards Tazewell & to Bert's Garden. If you've never been to Bert's Garden, I would highly recommend going. You can not drive or take any unit (trucks, etc) over 35ft in length do to the switchbacks.BTW, I have the pics mismarked as WV & should be Virginia. We get the Blue Ridge mag & they recently had a really nice article about the park & how it came to be called Hungry Mother.
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Old 03-19-2006, 04:28 PM   #31
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wow a.e. milliman.........

that is some photo........really cool.

and this poll was pretty well thought out......did twink do this by him self?

maybe folks who haven't voted want to vote now....

the data as of 10/2004........

I am an active WBCCI member at some level. 56.82%

Yes, I am an active WBCCI member, but am unsure of renewal. 6.82%

No. I am not a WBCCI member. 18.18%

No, and I have no desire to belong to WBCCI. 3.41%

Joining a club is not why I own an Airstream. 10.23%

I am neutral on this subject. 4.55%

Voters: 88. before today.......

lets see what happens now as update......

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Old 03-19-2006, 04:42 PM   #32
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We belonged to WBCCI for one year (free membership with purchase of our trailer). We work and do not have the time for their lengthy and expensive caravans, and the newsletter showed an older crowd and seemed to focus on the WBCCI organizational structure, funny hats, flags... I get enough BS in Corporate America, I don't need it in my free time too!
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Old 03-19-2006, 04:59 PM   #33
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Originally Posted by dmac
I get enough BS in Corporate America, I don't need it in my free time too!
I too loathe the ceremony BS. I am active in our group, but I ignore the ceremonies as much as posible. I would like to have more family inspired events. I have been asked more than once to become an officer and I have no desire. I will work hard for the club, but I've done my time in leading in other venues, and it just wasn't that much fun.
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Old 03-19-2006, 07:34 PM   #34
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Old 03-20-2006, 10:43 AM   #35
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Well, I still haven't figured out how to answer. I am current with my dues, but have never participated. So how to answer, Member but not Active?

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Old 03-20-2006, 12:09 PM   #36
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hi pat......

i interpret 'active' to mean 'currently paid' as a member...

using this definition....

the first choice is paid and continuing as a member...
the 2nd choice is paid but not sure about re-uping....

and so on...

options 5 and 7 are more vague and less useful imo......but still 14% some have chosen them...

i don't think 'active' relates to degree of participation....just paid up on dues.

hope that helps some....and is what 'twink intended....

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Old 03-20-2006, 01:22 PM   #37
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How timely is this thread...?

2air, eric, et al -

Just back last night from our first ever WBCCI rally!

Had a good time. Met GREAT folks! Got some unique AS stories. Got help with an 'on-site' repair, with several borrowed tools. Met some people that I didn't know before, from our area of the country. Saw some sights that I had never before seen. Caravaned TV's ( no AS caravan this time) to some sights.

A short list of the positives - there are many more (I don't want to bore you!).

There is also a similarly long list of downers. Now, I offer the below as MY OBSERVATION, only. I am NOT down on WBCCI or ANYONE within the organization, locally or nationally. Merely my comments.

In a previous reply someone mentioned the corporate BS/ pomp and circumstance w/ badges - yeah! really. Daily 1630 "happy hours" where the watch is closely consulted and unofficial attendance is taken. Dinner at 1730 - and if you are 40 minutes late (kids!) then you missed it.

More directly applicable to my circumstance - there is VERY little if any activity, attraction, or scheduled event that is GEARED to people with Kids, work schedules ( Wed. rally starts?) or something/ anything OUTSIDE the established "set", which has worked for the last X number of years. Updating is seriously needed in this area - or else people like me will find other avenues for our camping time and dollars.

Something else that set my teeth even more on edge, about the local WBCCI, was the fact that a VERY well liked member, knowledgeable about trailers, easy and interesting conversationalist withdrew from a HIGH ( and moving upward) officership position. He kept his distance, but did attend the rally. Once I found out that 'this' had happened - I asked about the details and circumstances. He is too much of a gentleman to talk about it, right now at least. Apparently so is the entire club, as he was treated as though he were pulling a SOB instead of a great 70's vintage coach. No one would talk about this. Here is a guy that has commited to several YEARS of work for the club - and he quits. ??? Makes me wonder.

Back to my issue. There is NO realistic way that families with kids can participate in 90% of WBCCI activities. The future of AirStreamin and WBCCI, is cut out. We happen to homeschool so we were able to tkae our kids and participate this time. BUT, my wife can't just take off a week here and there. We can't let school slide here and there. We DO want to participate, to meet the great people that are this group, but for us to have to drive nearly 500 miles for a rally is not practical for regular participation. Not knocking anyone here - just a straight fact.

Again, I have NO axe to grind here. I DO NOT mean to hurt anyones feelings with my missive. I am just stating my, and my families, situation.

We are WBCCI members - I have the numbers - I know plently of people from the local unit. They are GREAT people, one and all! LOTS of knowledge and help - there for the asking. And ask I did!

The whole "pomp and circumstance" atmosphrere was rather tedious and tiresome. There was a really an effort made to include all my kids into the 'ritual' - they were made 'badge sherriffs'. The kids did really liked it, but commented that other than that, there wasn't much for them to be involved with.


When I started this reply, I was going to try to have a "pro-WBCCI" slant. Afterall, they need it. Halfway through, I got on a 'anti-WBCCI' jag. Not sure where I am now. Guess that I am somewhat saddened to hear from my 11y/o that "it was OK, but can we do something else next time?" This is where AirStreaming and WBCCI is going folks.

Now, I understand that there are units that are wonderfull. They are inclusive of families and working folks. Is there a secret to turning a unit into that sort of animal?? Is there a corner that needs to be turned?

Sorry for the confusing wandering here, guess that the point I was going to make at the start didn't turn out like I thought it would. Anyway, thanks for listening.

Who knows, maybe some good will come out of this yet?!!?!!!


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Originally Posted by SilverToy
........When I started this reply, I was going to try to have a "pro-WBCCI" slant. Afterall, they need it. Halfway through, I got on a 'anti-WBCCI' jag. Not sure where I am now. Guess that I am somewhat saddened to hear from my 11y/o that "it was OK, but can we do something else next time?" This is where AirStreaming and WBCCI is going folks......

Hi Axel - no worries here on taking you either way on your slant. For similar and yet different reasons we too were left with that same feeling and still have it (even though I can be passionate for the "cause" at the moment)

It may be a little extra work for you - but why not try to be the one in your unit to do a bit more for the kiddies. There must be more members that have kids that may not participate - what about asking your Exec who they might be and chat with them - see if you can get a few to come out next Rally - or even go for a weekend somewhere unofficially. Find out what your kids like to do "collectively" and organize some stuff for them.

We don't have children as mentioned a billion times but we are probably close in age. We see the same issue in our Unit - not that it affects me personally but for a few new members recently I felt for them and can see it a big deterant.

I think what we all have to remember is each Unit has evolved to meet its own unique membership - if new members have new or re-visited needs then the same efforts made by the members before us should be made by us to make the activites what we want.

I some times question why our generation is so needy for others to provide us with everything. But I think we are slowly realizing that the generation before us is in a new rhelm - their favorite saying "bin there done that".

This forum is a classic example - new needs new types of "gatherings" The same effort can be made within each unit - there is nothing stopping anyone from calling up a few unit members and travelling to the local campground for a weekend of fun!

Axel I think you and your family sound like you really wanted to have fun - and the people you met were all nice. However your expectations of what to expect where a lot higher (like so many new members - either with their renewed vintage rig or their brand new rig trailer or moho) and when you see that the club has gone beyond our generation it is expected to feel disappointed.

Don't now your Unit but I can bet there are several others in your unit that feel the same way - seek them out and Rally! make a difference - give your kids something to do at the Rallies - others will join

A big welcome from way over the otherside of the continent.....
Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not alright now, then it is not the end.
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Old 03-21-2006, 01:07 AM   #39
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Greatest generation???

peter & sharon -

Thanks for your reply to my missive. Not sure about how I should feel about the rally, about my missive, about WBCCI (based on the local unit), about ASing in general.

As I mentioned previously - I have NO axe to grind with WBCCI, the local unit or it's leaders, the GREAT people I met, members of 039 or anyone....

I am however disappointed. Not sure why I feel this way. Guess that Peter Jennings is to blame.

He is the one that told me about the "Great Generation". They solved all the worlds problems - BIG and small. Why can't they fix mine???? Not that I have one mind you!

Again, not to pick on anyone at all. It's just that this GREAT country and its GREAT people, (WBCCI specifically!) can't seem to get on the stick as far as including anyone other than the people in power, in the process - be it WBCCI, local politics, national politics or otherwise. IMO!!!! Not to sidetrack things here....

YES, Peter & Sharon, I CAN get involved!!! I would, in fact, if there was evidence of a greater good here ie. other kids ( of ANY age) at any rallies or activities. There is NO evidence of that. There is talk of "grandkids" but no earthly, or trailerly indication of them. I CAN do my darndest to 'create' activities that would appeal, but that energy and time is likely better spent on doing the above for MY kids as for non-existant 'others' which will likely not benefit from my time and effort. Sorry, but I am human and have time and energy limitations too.

Lets not forget that so many of these 'things' DO take a LOTS of time and effort and pre-planning to make happen. I am not knocking anyone or thier efforts - local WBCCI or otherwise - but MY time is likely better invested in MY kids than elsewhere.... Wish it were otherwise....

Guess that why I manage in Little League. I get to see return on my time and effort.

Again, sorry that my thinking is so mudled on this. Guess that I am torn about things.

Not sure where I'm headed but am sure hoping I get there BEFORE the weather!


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Old 03-26-2006, 04:47 AM   #40
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Hi Eric,

I didn't think I'd be interested in returning to the forum (negative encounter) but I am interested in how you created this poll. Do you know if anyone has done this regarding the name change question?

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