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This said we will remain members and go to rallies. Hopefully we'll find our spot in the WBCCI.
Don't _find_ it -- _make_ it!

If the people in the local unit have some different interests than you they should still support and encourage yours. Plan your own rally with a focus on something you like to do and get the Unit to lend support. (Keep it simple and flexible with as little structure as possible)

Some of those folks may not be as active as you but they can sit back, watch you take at it, and dream of days when they were younger. You might also attract some others with your interests, too. And everyone can profit if they give it the chance.

But to attract others, you have to publicize your activities. Does your unit let all of the local newspapers know about your outings? Do you keep an eye open for people with airstreams in your community to let them know about what you are doing and invite them to participate?

At the very least, when you take off for one of your outings, let others know what you plan. You just might make that outing a more enjoyable adventure. And you can't lose by asking!

Some much to gain and all it takes is an invitation.

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I find this discussion fascinating.

The WBCCI advocates keep repeating, "Join the organization, help us change it into something you'd want to join." I've also heard, "We need younger members." But isn't that really self-serving?

KIMILI hit the nail on the head. I'm sympathetic that WBCCI is declining in membership and needs new blood, but on the other hand, I'm too busy kayaking and scuba diving to worry about it. To put it bluntly, it ain't my problem. That's why I and many other under-50's just don't bother joining.

Don't ask us to fix your organization for you. If you want us as members, make it attractive to us. Otherwise, quit worrying about it and just enjoy the club you have. If you're having fun, why worry about people like me who don't share your interests?

-- RL

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The wind of change starts here...

Why do you want to reel me in?
I am a Member at Large and proud of it.
Don't ruin my visit to your units gathering by 'pestering' me over and over again to join your unit.
Have some respect for my choice!
I am one of you in spirit of the WBCCI, but you look upon me as an outcast, like a lost soul without a home.
Don't point at my Member at Large plaque again and say: WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT.
Treat a member at large like a dear friend visiting and make him feel welcome, instead of instilling guilt and discomfort.
Have you read the Code of Ethics lately?

"To be ever mindful of what we say or print with respect to the affect on others so as to avoid disharmony and ill feelings among club members...."

I am a club member!
WBCCI #5580
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AIR #13
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This post interests me as a future owner I believe in supporting what I own or have an interest in, That is why I belong to the differant forums, everything from this one to the Crown to the Ford Focus, and Fordtruckworld.
I have gotten together with other from the differant forums I belong to, and had an enjoyable time. When I get my A/S I want to join the WBCCI and attend some events. when I find a local chapter, be it in Wyo or Col, If I enjoy the time and the comaradery I will join the local group. If I get a cold shoulder I won't plan and simple. Me and my family will enjoy our A/S on our own.
I unlike others do not judge people before I have even met them. I can get along with anyone, wether younger, older or around the same age. age or anything else doesn't bother me, basicly coping an attitude does.
If a traditionalist come up and tries to tell me what I can and cannot do to my A/S, well not nice words may be given. But if some one offers advice eather good or bad, I will listen. especialy if given tackfully.
Just remember I will be the owner and I am the one who says what I do or don't do( with in reason for the wife )

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Why are some people "joiners" and others are "loners"?
Is there something about the RV lifestyle and culture that predisposes people to want to come together in groups?
Is there anything unique about the subset of RV'ers that own Airstreams? Is it possible that the Airstream set is "superior"? (You know what I mean, we call it pride, but some see it as snobbery).
So if Airstreamers are better than SOB owners, doesn't it follow that a group of Airstreamers would be somewhat snobbish, even among themselves?
Just my ramblings on an important topic.
-Not a member.
-I'm a loner and happy. It's a Scottish thing.
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Don't ask us to fix your organization for you. If you want us as members, make it attractive to us.
Our point exactly! Thanks!
We'll give back to the group and share our fun but we can't do the job for the WBCCI. Remember we're not retired, we're still working, or better, over working!

I am a Member at Large and proud of it.
I am a club member!
Absolutely! The first thing other members asked us was which unit we belonged to and when we answered "none, we're members at large" it was as if we weren't members at all!
Word spread and everyone suggested/insisted on which unit we should join.
If we can't find a fun one for us we'll large!

rluhr is correct: if you want us, do something!

Let's hear some suggestions of how you, WBCCI, may get us, the new and future AS owners, attracted and involved in the club. Luncheons and bocce ball isn't alluring enough. Remember all the cool stuff Wally did?! Caravans by the pyramids in Egypt, safaris in Africa, european tours with YOUR AS not SOB as some units do now! Haven't seen anything as attractive organized since.
Did you folks lose your BYAM spirit?

Hope not! Because you hold the torch of experience and knowledge which we shall carry on. Give us a chance to learn from you in true WB style!
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Re: Fascinating

Originally posted by markdoane
Why are some people "joiners" and others are "loners"?
Is there something about the RV lifestyle and culture that predisposes people to want to come together in groups?
The answers to your questions can be found by exploring two of the basic human needs: 1) of needing to give / receive attention and 2) of having a connection to something bigger than oneself. Having a connection to something bigger than oneself provides a context for a person. It gives them a reason for being, over and above their own personal needs. The obvious candidate would be religion, but can also be an idea shared with others, a club or charity work. It is anything that takes the focus off the self.

Just my Psychology 101 two cents!
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Just an old timer...
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Something to ponder...

I sense an interesting dichotomy here.

We are members of a local unit; however we moved away from our home unit's territory, and we haven't participated in a couple of years. We still pay our dues, correspond occasionally, and enjoy our unit newsletter.

For the record, we're ALSO in the under-fifty group, working with a family. We don't always appreciate the organized activities of our unit, but the folks who belong to it are super (and most are at least 15 to 25 years older than we are; many are my parents' age). As of a couple of years ago, we were the only members of our unit with kids at home. I think there are a couple of newer families now, but we haven't had the opportunity to meet them.

I see and hear those here on the Forums saying 'give us something and we'll participate'. I see and hear the organization saying, 'we don't know what you want, but if you'll join we'll let you have a hand changing things to suit you.'

IMHO, be it politics or the WBCCI, the only way to change or improve an organization is from the inside. The odds of the organization changing from external forces is pretty slim. The most likely course is that it will be disbanded from lack of membership if all of the folks who want it to change stand on the sidelines and aren't willing to play.

I don't know what the answer is, but IF you're interested in WBCCI, caravans, and/or group activities; AND you want specific kinds of activities to occur, then it's probably up to YOU to make those things happen. Otherwise, I agree with those posts that membership is a waste of time. Just remember, though, that the folks who are active members enjoy their club, and many of them are heavily invested in time, energy and money. They want you to join, not because they're being pushy, but because they enjoy it a great deal, and expect that because they do, you will too.

No one is asking anyone to fix their 'broken' organization. It's not broken, and it's working just fine for the folks who belong. There just aren't as many any more as that generation ages. They ARE, however inviting a new generation to join and help shape the future of the organization, if that's what the new folks want. It's a volunteer organization run for the benefit of the membership (OTHER volunteers). If you choose not to join, you have no voice with the folks who HAVE joined. If you choose to join, but YOU as the volunteer MEMBERSHIP don't participate, whatever it is you want won't happen.

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Re: Something to ponder...

Originally posted by 85MH325
They want you to join, not because they're being pushy, but because they enjoy it a great deal, and expect that because they do, you will too.
Yes, this is my primary reason for encouraging non-members to join.
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I'll second Roger.

The WBCCI and its Units are _resources_ for Airstreamers to use to improve their enjoyment of their RV experience by sharing it with others of like mind or interest - or even those who want to (or are willing to) broaden their experience.

People who encourage membership and participation should be considered not as trying to market a product or service but rather as a friend who is trying to tell you that you are missing something wonderful.

Look for the bright side - it's there if you want it to be!
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Well said Roger and Bryan. I would encourage everyone to check out the resources available to them through WBCCI as well as the local units. I have been a member at large for three years now and just recently discovered that a (somewhat) local unit does a lot of things I enjoy doing in the places I enjoy doing them.
I also checked out their web site and found a wealth of information from how to make good coffee while camping to information on local geology.
I think if people would check out local units (even if they are not really local) they will find a group with similar interests. Spend a weekend with them and see what you think. You have nothing to loose and you may be rewarded.
Jerry Sullivan
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On The Road, USA
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Gosh, a thread near and dear to my heart and I almost missed it because I was off camping in my AS all week

I think the most important thing anyone has pointed out to me in previous discussions is that the WBCCI is a travel club, and right now (age 34 and still working), I'm not free to do much travelling.

For what it's worth, the people in our Unit (Oregon Unit) were wonderful, welcomed us with open arms, and made us feel at home. I have no complaint about the membership, I just wish there were more activities we could participate in. Unfortunately, last I heard the Unit might be dissolving into another Unit (Western Oregon). Not a good time to try to make changes.

Hey Jody, you're in my neck of the woods. I've been trying to get a hold of the WA Unit but no one's emailed me back. I was hoping they might have more weekend activities, but I'm guessing they don't if you're still hunting around. What other units were you investigating? I didn't know there were any other choices.

So I'm still looking into staying in, but bottom line: if the WBCCI is a travel club, and we aren't free to travel, then it's just not for us. No hard feelings.

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I also work full-time so don't have alot of free time to travel far but we do travel extensively (i.e., every other weekend during the camping season). During my short (1 year) affiliation with the WBCCI I have met many wonderful people and begun new friendships. I didn't even think twice about renewing my membership this year and I recently volunteered, and was accepted, into the 2nd VP position of my unit. I look forward to being part of WBCCI and its future.
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Having been a member of WBCCI for the past five years and one of the younger members of my chapter, I have seen everything that has been posted in this thread so far. I have encountered older members that are standoffish, I have encountered activities at rallies that don't really interest me and I have found rally schedules that don't really work for those of us still working for a living. I have had people come running over as soon as they see my dog to remind me to pick up after him and I have had a few sideways glances cast my way as I have sat under my awning enjoying a cold beer.

That being said, I still participate in as many of my unit's activities as I can and I also make a point of visiting as many of the Airstream Parks as I can in my travels. I have always been welcomed with open arms and made to feel as if I have known these folks forever. I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge about Airstreams from these fine folks, as well as great places to travel and names of companies for supplies and repairs.

I guess I am taking the longer term view. While the WBCCI isn't a perfect fit for me right now, hopefully I will be around long enough to reap the benefits from club membership. I support the club through the payment of my dues so the club will be there when I retire and can be more active. By then, my age group will be the majority of the membership and I am certain that activities will shift with time to be more to my liking.

And I can almost guarantee that if the club still exists 25 years from now, the 40 and under crowd will be complaining about us and the way we do things.

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