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Hello, Lets travel.

You mention not being big on joining clubs. Knowing that can actually serve you well. I'd suggest the replies you've seen here each come from somewhere on the spectrum of "not big on clubs" to "raging fan of clubs". And depending on where one is on that spectrum, one will interpret the scenario you described differently (as you've seen).

If you're not a big fan of clubs, it's probably best not to bother. If you join, you're going to see all the crap you're not a fan of and be out some cash and time.

As someone who is ok with clubs (and typing this from a rally in the Berkshires the morning after presiding over one suhweet campfire last night &#128512 I had a few reactions:

1) it might be interesting if WBCCI had something like that at Int'l - a seminar or meet and greet for those interested in checking things out

2) it may be really smart that they don't. This is apparently a big business meeting wrapped in aluminum - and see point 3 below. Not the best way to attract members.

3) one really joins a local unit and experiences the club from that perspective. Local units are as different as the people in them. I happen to love the unit I'm in because the people are outstanding (including my wife and me &#128512

4) units sometimes do "buddy rallies" exactly for the purpose you mentioned and because of point 3 above, that's something I would recommend exploring - but honestly, only if you were more in to joining clubs, otherwise, it's not a good use of your time.

That's one guy's $0.02 - everyone's mileage varies. If we happen to meet someday at a campsite, we can have a mini rally 😀

Happy camping (with or without a club)

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I want to go to a concert. It's sold out. I want in anyway to just look around. So do several hundred more. The facility is filled to the max. I will never listen to that artist again. It's all about me.

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We joined and didn't attend a rally for over 2 years. We decided to try it, if we didn't like it we would drop our membership.
We are also in the Carolina's Unit, hard for me to believe any officer was that blunt. Having said that what have you got to loose? $80. Let me say we have now been to 4 rallys and can't wait until the next one. I can assure you, you are missing a very good time and a whole lot of new great people. More than worth the annual dues.
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we went to the International when it was in Perry, GA. Walked in and all around, saw this, talked to them, etc. reinforced my earlier personal experience that it was not a club I'd want to join. The Vintage club folks were friendly and welcoming though.
That said the above mentioned Rally in October is pretty well full ( call the campground anyway and see for yourself) , but still has lots of campsites across the road that will be available, and we welcome anyone to join our tours, meals, and campfires. Meet and chat with any of the 100 or so people that will be there.

We have been doing these since 2002...y'all come
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Consider yourself lucky. It's the stodgiest club ever. They dislike anyone who is not exactly like them. They have a million and one stupid rules, even laws on how flags should be displayed on your trailer. Also if you are living an "alternative" they are not real friendly. These people are stuck back in the decades that they are emulating.
My .02c
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I agree that International is NOT the place to get the best sense of what WBCCI is all about for rank and file members. We attended Farmington last year because of it's proximity to us and we had never been to one ... it's basically a business meeting. It will be some time before we do another one. That said, we LOVE our unit and our members and the rallies are great... and that's why we remain members ... They should have handled your inquired better...I'm sorry you were not treated with more respect and encouragement.
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Originally Posted by ROBERTSUNRUS View Post
Hi, first impressions are lasting impressions. Run Forest, run. WBCCI doesn't want you and their responses were rude. Too bad you had to hear all of the reasons/excuses on this forum instead of Julie passing the buck to a dead end road.

Your comment is right on target! We had an experience with WBCCI Unit 26, from Mystic Springs, FL, several years ago. We decided to join WBCCI on an annual membership.....went to several weekend events. Not one time were we asked to join in to any of the activities, and were totally ignored.

Finally at one of the rallys, we were told by one of the senior "ladys" that outsiders weren't welcome, so we granted them their wish and left. To make a long story short, it'll be a blue day in hell before we ever again consider membership in WBCCI....

For whatever it's worth.

Larry C
Old age is coming at a really bad time!

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Try something like this. You will have a great time and meet a fun bunch from all over the country.
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Lets Travel, I am sorry that you obviously had a conversation with one who does not have the best interest of WBCCI or her local unit at heart. If they did, the conversation would have been more informative and less abrupt with you. I have been involved with WBCCI for about 7 years, as a member and now the treasurer of our unit. Definitely run don't walk from the unit you had issues with, they are the ones that give the club a bad name. Most units are inviting and a pleasure to associate with.
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Times they is a changin...

First, the N. Carolina club rep. should be ashamed of herself. There are valid reasons for not being able to get you to International, but she should have invited you to a local rally.
I have been a member of WBCCI for about 7-8 years, and we have a fun club in Wisconsin, and have a number of interesting rallies each year. I have been to a couple of Internationals, and I would not recommend them for a first time adventure. Like others said, it is primarily a business meeting, and quite frankly, shows the worst part of the club.
The good parts of the club are local friendships, rallies, help with problems with your trailer, and CARAVANS. I have had a medical problem this year, and I hate missing all the rallies of the local club, but that's my problem.
The club can be stodgy, local units usually aren't anymore, but some are still run like it is 1965 or earlier. Most have modernized and do lots of fun events, and again, KNOWLEDGE SHARED is amazing. You can have everything from first time trailer users, to people who have rebuilt ancient trailer from the ground up.
In Wisconsin, we have the two required meetings a year, each lasting less than a half hour. Enough to keep folks informed, but not bored.
One great thing, that not enough members take advantage of, you can attend other Unit and Regional rallies as you travel. Great local information and new people. It is a great club, with some prickly people in it at times. Give it a chance. The Units that are doing things because we always did it this way,are becoming few and far between.
I wish you the best. I have tried to make my membership help shift the old stogy direction of the club. Not because of any individual effort, but because of many individuals efforts, and because it was time, the WBCCI is becoming a different club and change is happening. Is it perfect, NOPE, but are any of us?
"Honor those who serve by listening to them and caring. Parades end, caring needs to be there every day."
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Originally Posted by Lets travel View Post
I am new to Airstream and really never have been big on joining clubs. With this said, my wife and I have been debating whether or not to join the local Airstream club. We heard that the National Rally was in WV this year. only 5 hours away and we thought we would check it out and if we liked it, we would join. I called WBCCI and talked to Julie and she informed me that the rally was for members only. I explained our situation and she said that she was sorry but only members could attend. She advised me to call our local Chapter and surely they could help me because I could come as a friend of someone in the club. I called the local Chapter and was told "No Way" would they let me come as a friend of one of the members but I could join and then would be able to go. I explained I would like to check out the whole scene first and than make a decision. He informed me that no one would sponsor me. Well, joining the WBCCI North Carolina Chapter is out of the question with people like this.
My wife and I are members of Palmetto State Unit in upstate SC. We have several members from the Charlotte Area and WNC and would welcome you as a member where ever you live. Our unit sponsors an Airstream rally called "Alumalina" which will next be held in October at Palmetto Cove RV Park in Cleveland, SC. Attendance at the two most recent past Alumalina rallies has been 100 rigs or more. I assure you you will be welcome at that rally as a non member or member. Someone will likely ask you if you would like to become a member while you are at the rally but no one will put pressure on you. It is a "laid back," relaxed, enjoy your neighbor, just have fun kind of rally put on by some good ol' southern guys and gals who just want to have fun. Watch for a thread on Air Forums which should come up in the next few weeks with the details. You just add your name to the list to sign up. No money up front. Fee for past rallies has been $25 per rig which covers several meals and all activities but not your RV Park cost. That btw is only $25 per night for full hook up. You don't even have to make a reservation at the park as there are 144 full hook up sites. Plenty of room. We hope you will come for the fun....You don't have to join WBBCI but you may find you want to. You will certainly have fun either way.
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We would love to have you join us at any our rallies. Guaranteed that you will meet some of the finest people you will ever meet.

Do you know what a learning experience is? A learning experience is one of those things that says "You know that thing that you just did? Don't do that."
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Originally Posted by Larry C View Post
Finally at one of the rallys, we were told by one of the senior "ladys" that outsiders weren't welcome
Fortunately for all of us, Units that don't welcome "outsiders" will eventually bite the dust because they'll never gain enough new members to replace those that leave the club due to poor health, age-related decrepitude, selling their Airstreams, or whatever.
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Hi from AZ. . .I certainly disagree with that 'doesn't want new members', but there does seem to be a reluctance among older members to move forward. We have been members of the 4CU for several years & have had virtually no contact with 'the club' other than that. Our unit is inclusive, diverse, full of good people & fun. Embracing social media is a big deal for younger folks & communicating with them is essential, IMO. The units like ours, and I hear Southeast Camping unit for another are attracting new members, & Airstream is selling a lot of units these days, soooo.....maybe , travel safe, Craig

WBCCI 2851,4CU
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