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Many members may need a lift!

Regarding Smily's comments, I'm always surprised at the ability of A/S owners to stay with it well into their 80's! As one owner told me upon the sale of his Excella, "we wore out before the Airstream did."

A buddy of mine who has started to offer mobility lifts in cars and vans floored me when he suggested there might be a good market in Airstreams until I realized how many owners were over 75. OF course age is not the only factor in mobility needs, but often comes along for the ride.

I may have a few pics on an AS wheelchair lift soon as a neighbor of mine is considering installing one on his AS that he has been unable to use easily for a number of years.

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It continually amazes me how many people I missed meeting at the Rm VAC Rally this year.....
I , too heard about hte Silver trailer social, but did not participate because my functioning Airstream is a 1971.
I did not know it was formed by mutany from WBCCI
As far as that goes, the people at VAC Rally were great. No ceremonies, nor annoying rules to follow. I am joining WBCCI, just so I can be a part of, and support, VAC. I don't care about the Caravans, or flag ceremonies. you won't find me near any of that, but the VAC was cool, and needs to be kept going. I hope the California units are 50% as neat as the Colorado one was.

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Originally Posted by Titu & Gail Ahmed
We joined WBCCI Club about 6 weeks ago and went to our first region 1 rally. We are in the 40's something age group, and meet quite a few members in that age group as well. Except for people sporting white hair, we never felt a generation gap.
Hey Gail,
Look forward to meeting you soon. We're picking up our TT next week and hope to make the NJ Rally. We are also 40 something and I must say, my hub has been sporting gray hair since his late 20s. VERY SEXY!!!! expecially with his baby face.
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Like PeterMH, we are WBCCI members at large, chiefly in tribute to the whole mystique and history of the Airstream that drew us to finally own one. That probably seems silly to many of you, and maybe when we retire and have more time, we'll choose to align with one of the clubs in Missouri, but for now, we just wear our numbers proudly, enjoying a visible connection with other Airstreamers that goes back a long long time.
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Petunia and I joined WBCCI this year as Members at Large. We joined because we plan to stay at some of the Airstream Parks scattered throughout the country.

In fact, we're still at the Washington Land Yacht Harbor ... after attending the Salmon Rally (our first WBCCI rally). We're having a great time here.

I have spent some time going through their history scrapbooks dating back to the 50s. The one thing that I noticed ... almost everyone in the club was old back then! I think it is the nature of the club ... retirees are the ones who have the most time to contribute.

Also, it all boils down to how the local Unit operates. The Washington Unit isn't rigid at all ... they really enjoy themselves and are very friendly.

Having said all that ... I feel the WBCCI is going to have to make some changes to attract new members ... or die a slow death. The national organization needs to talk to non-members and find out what they can do to attract and retain them.

Also a review of the local Units could be revealing. They should see why some Units are growing and others are not.
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Are you still at the Land Yacht Harbor??? At this rate, it will be snowing in Sandpoint by the time you get there. I'm sooo jealous!

I am going to my first WBCCI rally (Region 12 Rally) in October. Right after that I will be at the Nor Cal Forum rally, so I will have a great refrence for comparison. Personally, I don't see why the WBCCI can't have a dual focus. one for the retired set with long caravans and rallys that are formally planned, all with pomp and circumstance they want. The other focus could be on working stiffs and forum members with short 2-3 day rallies on weekends or informal caravans like Uwe's Baja trips. No rules.

It was interesting to see that the rules and stiffness lead to a mutiny and the Silver Trailer Social. I've seen pics of their rallies and wow, totally cool. I want to party with the vintage folks!
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Originally Posted by Big Dee
Personally, I don't see why the WBCCI can't have a dual focus. one for the retired set with long caravans and rallys that are formally planned, all with pomp and circumstance they want. The other focus could be on working stiffs and forum members with short 2-3 day rallies on weekends or informal caravans like Uwe's Baja trips. No rules.
They do!
I believe that several long standing members have pointed out on this forum, that there are many members of the WBCCI that have NEVER been to a local unit rally but attend caravans. Just the same there are long standing members that have NEVER been on a Caravan but attend weekend rallies now and then,(but only when they want to, there is no one dragging them there or penalizing them for not coming).

The beauty of it is the WBCCI will not discriminate amongst its members. If you are a member, you can attend any long term caravan and you attend any three day weekend unit rally, you can attend ANY function of the WBCCI, including a vintage rally. There are no rules, simply a protocol for business. The WBCCI is a business. It is run by volunteers but it is truly a business. It is like ANY other formalized club. It has a protocol for carrying out its agenda. The oversight is that the WBCCI does not force anyone to participate in any of its business functions, it is VOLUNTARY.

I dont wear hats, (although I would for a ceremonial event that I am proud to be a part of), I dont attend Sunday services, (although I think I will start), I dont get awaken by anyone, (although I sometimes feel generous and enjoy volunteering my services every now and then), I dont get dragged to meetings, (although curiosity sometimes gets the best of me and I truly love to participate in events with my fellow Airstreamers).

The bottom line is this, and I say it over and over and over and over again. Hear this, it is what you want to make of it and no one elses decision but yours.

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I recently attend my first business meeting for our Oregon Unit, because I made the webpage for them and I wanted to ask for input, and because I wanted to bring up the subject of holding no-host mini-rallys for the working folks like us. Now, everyone seems to have an idea of the club being all stuck up, but our meeting was in a rural campground, and everyone sat around the campfire and held the business meeting. They tried to stick to the robert's rules, yeas and nays and all that, but there were no suits, no berets, nothing like that. We all just sat around and discussed the club and the plans for the future. The webpage was well received, and so was the idea of no-host mini-rallys. So I really feel good about our unit, and our potential for the future. There's nobody here digging their heels in and refusing to change.

I've said all along that the folks in our unit, despite their age, are some of the friendliest folks I've met, and they have gone out of their way to make us welcome to the few rallys we've been to. We've never been tied down to their schedule, we've always found time to do our own thing or do nothing. It's just an opportunity to occasionally get together and camp with friends, friends who often know what there is to do in the area better than we do. We've really enjoyed being part of the club so far, and I hope we can get this mini-rally thing working, bring more folks our age into the club, and enjoy it even more.

But we don't always camp with the club, in fact it's been a busy year, and this was the only time we've seen them this year. But it's nice to have the option of joining in when we don't have any other plans.

Most of the folks in our unit have been in it for years and years, and they've all grown old together, and they are more like an extended familiy than a club. I hope the club can survive so we can enjoy the same thing.

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Originally Posted by Silvertwinkie
When I bought the trailer last month, it now seems that I got a free year membership to the WBCC. I got those red numbers and all. Not sure I'm gonna stick them on, but in looking at the info, I wasn't sure this was something I really needed to belong to. Anyone share their exp with WBCC (both positive and neg).



Hi Eric,

We just purchased our first Airstream this year and went our first rally a few weeks ago. Based on all we read we were to say the least a bit concerned about what were getting into. That was cleared up in about 5 minutes of arriving at the rally site where at least 3 different people helped us find a site and get set up. We went to the rally thinking well if it's boring we can always take off...It turned out we never left the rally site. We had a great time! We made several new friends and our only problem now is finding time in our personal schedules to attend more functions. I am in my 40's and my wife in her 30's and we never felt out of place. I am very pleased with the club and would recommend trying it out.
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Your buy your first AS because of the product. You buy the rest of them because of the people you meet and associate with when you join the WBCCI. The group is very close knit and really goes to lengths to look out for each other. I hope you join and find a local unit that meets your needs. We took our first caravan this year in the SouthWest. It was very interesting and everything was planned for you, daytrips, meals, entertainment, campsites etc. Its a good way to vist an area for the first time. We will go back to Albuquerque and watch the hot air ballon festival.
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On the road again...

Originally Posted by Porky Pig
Petunia and I joined WBCCI this year as Members at Large. We joined because we plan to stay at some of the Airstream Parks scattered throughout the country.
Porky, If you don't want to put pink 'stuff' in your water lines when the 'white' stuff starts to fly up there, come see us at NTAC (North Texas Airstream Community - Hillsboro, TX.). It is reported that it got below 32 degrees once...but no living survivors for confirmation !!! (It can freeze here every once in a great while, even for 2 or more days in a row !!!)

Anyway I have a guest site and would love to have you & Petunia visit, drop me a P.M.

-RivetED (Formerly known as 'Ed & Debbie')

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