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Originally Posted by rideair View Post
All come on guys/ladies, name badges, ties and beret's are fine.

Even I have worn the uniform in the past. All you need to do is add a little flair to it.

I leave the calculus of whether or not it costs members to others. It is probably a generational thing.

Originally Posted by OfficeSpace
Stan: We need to talk about your flair.
Joanna: Really? I...I have fifteen pieces on. I, uh...
[she shows him her flair buttons]
Stan: Well, okay. Fifteen is the minimum, okay?
Joanna: Okay.
Stan: Now, you know it's up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum. Or uh...well, like Brian, for example, has thirty seven pieces of flair, okay. And a terrific smile.

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Originally Posted by Blue Pearl View Post
Since we did attend International this year I wanted to let people know our impressions. Parking this year was very professional and members were parked on Sunday 1-4. I see no problem letting the Parkers have a morning off for whatever reason. Anyone that came in after 4:00pm could hook-up to electricity for the night and get parked in the morning.
I worked on Tours for the rally and sent those that would like to go on tours all over the area from rafting in Durango to archeologist lead tours of Chaco Canyon. Lots of members went on their own but others liked the opportunity to meet new people on the tours. We were able to work deals for fly fishing on the San Juan, wine tasting and bluegrass at a local vineyard. My favorite was full moon guided tour of Aztec Ruins which of course was the only 2 nights in Farmington that had cloud cover, great tour anyway.
The seminars were great if you wanted to participate. We had David Nighteagle, native flute player who was awesome, seminars on the history of NW New Mexico, seminar on the Navajo code talkers by one of the code talkers and of course tech seminars. Airstream Inc was there doing their feedback session on Airstreams from both men and women. Dale Schwamborn did a couple of seminars on the Cape Town to Cairo caravan and about the early days of the WBCCI when his mother Helen ran the club for her cousin Wally Byam.
Oh yes, the political part. Flag parade and opening ceremonies, if you want to attend, no one makes you! I carried the Oregon Flag and got to visit with region 10 friends as we were waiting. I proudly carried the flag dressed in my white Pendleton Round-up shirt, skirt, cowgirl boots and a fabulous cowgirl hat to promote the Pendleton Round Up National Rally that I'm hosting. No one has said anything for the past 2 years. I agree, some changes would be good for opening, but I haven't volunteered to take it over yet. If you want change, volunteer to be chairman. I missed the IBT and Delagates meetings, they were over by 10 am. Only if you are a region officer did they have other meetings which general membership could attend if they wanted to.
About dress codes, only the National and region officers have any kind of dress codes and most of this is coming down to casual Friday dress. Again, their dress code is a great target to know who you need to talk to, just saying.
And religion, I would say the Oregon Unit has helped put religion in it's place at International. Any prayer was very non-denominational and was not over done at all. All in all I don't think even the atheist would have been offended by it, I know I was not.
Saying this, International is not for everyone and bad press always gets retold more than good press. This rally is for friends to reconnect from all over the U.S. and Canada, see a new area of the country, make new friends, learn from members all over the country about new ideas for rallies, units etc. There is a huge exchange of ideas for those who take advantage of it. No one has to go to International and those that want to do their own thing with their own little group probably would not have as good a time as those who want to meet others in this International setting, as the couple we met from Ontario, Canada said as we were heading out on a tour, we came to International to meet new people, we didn't come to rally with our unit, we can do that anytime. And, of course meet face to face those names from Airforum.
Informative post Teresa - I was getting to the point that I was thinking we would have to wait for about another 10-years before we were old enough to attend an International.... After reading your upbeat post, that might not be the case.

Also your plug for the Pendleton Round Up Rally might actually be well timed as we are planning a trip down the Oregon Coast Hwy this fall. Mind you, it might be a bit early for us (September 14-20) but we will see..... Do you still have room?



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As someone that has memory issues with names I like the name tags. I do draw the line at wearing formal club uniforms, not going to happen.

Do you know what a learning experience is? A learning experience is one of those things that says "You know that thing that you just did? Don't do that."
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They can't make you. Don't do it. Wear what you wish. If you are a member, you are a shareholder (owner).
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Well, for the sake of transparency, It would appear that I am not going to be an official member until January. Due to a misunderstanding on my part, I thought that paying now would get me through this and next year, but because I have been a member in the past this special clause does not apply. I still plan on joining next year, and the lady at headquarters was nice enough to issue a refund for my mistake.
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Glad to see that WBCCI is moving forward even if at very slow pace. I dropped out during the ugly phase - and at that time I rarely had the time to participate.

Everyone who said it all comes down to the individual unit has it 100% right. If you are thinking of joining, by all means visit and meet the members first. I innocently stumbled into a religious revival type group. Every member was married with kids, being a long divorced female made me a 5th wheel (at an Airstream rally?). Most were distantly polite, one woman, outright hostile. Several members were whispering behind their hands when I hitched up and left early, not one walked over to ask why.

I later joined the WDCU. Difference between night and day.

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Arctic fox, we still have space at the Pendleton Round-up. Love to have you join us. We have an IVP and region prez coming so it's a good time to bend their ear over an adult beverage during happy hour. I always do.

FYI, in region 10 the unit tells the region officer what to wear for installations, I know the Oregon unit requires them to wear camping clothes.

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I joined the day after we bought our FC20 last Fall. Almost exclusively for nostalgia/tradition reasons. My Aunt Alma and Uncle George headed out in 1962 to full time in their 22 and I wanted desperately to go with them! They did Mexico and Canada caravans and sent post cards and boxes of small rocks and minerals back home to me from all their travels. Their WBCCI number 7246 now adorns our AS. No need for rallies or caravans for us. I'll pay the $65 just to keep those great memories alive via our Airstream and our travels - proudly displaying their numbers.
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TCWheels I like your reason for joining. We joined partly out of nostalgia also.

We started out by educating ourselves and reading the forums. When we bought our 65 Twind we had lots of questions so we signed onto the forums and did an introductory post. Almost immediately we got a reply from the Four Corners Unit congratulating us on our new acquisition and inviting us to join them for a gathering.

We went to a gathering and found the 4CU warm but not smothering. They are full of knowledge, hints and advice but not know it all's.

After two outings with 4CU we gladly joined them and thereby the WB. We will likely go to a International some day just because. We would love to parade into somewhere and maybe park in a circle sometime. I would love to climb up on my ladder and take great pictures of all that Aluminum together.

If they ask us to wear name tags we would likely do it at a large gathering for ease of remembering names. If they try to fine me for not wearing one I would likely laugh. If they pray we would stand quietly and pray our prayer. If they play anthems other than ours we would stand respectfully.

We joined out of nostalgia, tradition, occasional camping comraderie and will likely remain members until we no longer own an Airstream.

Making life and memories.

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I agree with TCWheels and Hittenstiehl. Some of us see value in those big red numbers, the history of both the WB and the members before us. It's a personal choice but I like belonging to Wally's club.

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I am under the impression the WBCCI had relaxed all the old rules, but maybe not in every unit or region. My feelings about the WBCCI are that it can be useful if you want to go on caravans or go to rallies, but neither are that important to us. We travel a lot and have little time for rallies and no interest in caravans. I haven't worn a tie in a dozen plus years and I'm not going to now. If someone tried to fine me for not wearing a tie, I would laugh at them. They could send me a bill and I would throw it away. I have plenty of baseball caps and do not need a beret. I don't need flags on my trailer.

I have met many people through the Forum. If we want to go to a rally, there are Forum rallies. We went to the balloon fiesta 3 times and enjoyed it, but there were no tie police and no ties. The Four Corners Unit is not like some units and is very informal. No name tags of any kind, though the cheap stick on, paper ones would have been helpful, but I probably would have forgotten to use one.

I'm sure there are some benefits to the WBCCI, but we do fine on our own. Far more Airstreamers don't belong to the Club than do and seem to do well. It works for some, not for most.

When I was following WBCCI threads, the membership would decline every year. I don't know what has happened in the past few years about membership and maybe it has stabilized. Organizations like the WBCCI have been losing members for years as the internet has replaced them; I don't think they can stop that. It certainly wasn't what we wanted years ago and by now we are fine without it. I do know people with modern attitudes were moving up through the ranks to run the Club. Good luck to the Club and I hope it catches up with the contemporary world.


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Some people (about 12,000 at present) find value in belonging to the club. If they attend the events the club sponsors, they get their money's worth. If you do not want to attend the events or use the benefits, it is logical not to belong.

The club does have a overhead cost to maintain its existence. We would like to attract as many members as possible to spread that cost over many members, thereby reducing the amount each member needs to pay. The club is in the business of providing opportunities to use your Airstream, to increase your enjoyment and expand your horizons.
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Originally Posted by dwightdi View Post
Some people (about 12,000 at present) find value in belonging to the club.
The official number of members is slightly more than half that.

For the benefit of those who never were members and may not know, membership is per family, not per person. A married couple with dependent children pays one membership fee for the whole family and counts as one member.
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Ok, 6,000 members x $65 = $390,000

My unit charges $1 per year.

We all say that the fun and enjoyment is at the unit level.

Are our dues upside down?

Jeanne and John, and always with us...Jake
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