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I invite you to check out NOVA, We are right in your backyard and it sounds like you would fit in very well!

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The “Ohio Airstreamer -- Informal forum for weekend camping” thread.
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Regarding name tags, I'm with those who wear them. Consider the person who is attending a Rally for the very first time. How many others are there at that Rally? How many new names does that new person have to learn? If the only people at the Rally are those who already know each other name tags are not necessary. Once a new person shows up, especially if the club wants that new person to join, it makes sense to make it easier for the new person to learn the names of the current members of the club.

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I really do get the logic, but have happily participated in regattas, races, and rides ranging from half a dozen to six thousand participants without a nametag.

From Wendy's through active duty, contract engineering, and my current position, nametag = work. It flat out is not going to happen on a weekend.

That said, not all rallies are all in a twist about this, so it should be pretty low on why to (or not to) participate in WBCCI.

I guess you could always register under the name "Inigo Montoya."
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WoW! Seems that WBCCI might be a Happy Place Cursed with a Plague of "Do Gooders" that think just because a "Rule" was once written that it is Golden. Keep Posting We are gathering great information.
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We have nametags but often forget them. Have had it " mentioned" a few times but only in passing and nobody has gotten their shorts in a bunch over it. So I don't either. If we remember OK, if not, still OK
Roger in NJ

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The name tags are useful at International Rallies, as the ribbons they attach indicate that you have paid your dues to attend that rally. The security monitors, at the auditorium doors, can quickly check for interlopers. At Region rallies, they help identify to which local unit you belong. I also keep my past International rally pins on the bolo tie that carries my badge. It lets people know the years I attended. It is like the past president, stars, and caravan stickers on the trailer.
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Random opinion on name tags.

There is a wonderous irony when gathered with a bunch of 'streamers at a (very) happy hour in grungy camp clothes and name tags - presumably so the further you get in to happy hour, the more reference material you'll need to remember the names of the people you're getting so happy with 😄

I could take them or leave them. But one of our NEU members created these awesome leather bolo ties with our WBCCI numbers on an aluminum riveted disc as a badge holder. Too cool and funky! Makes badge wearing much more fun.

Now pass the happy!

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I find the complaints and criticisms of the "structure" of the WBCCI ironic.

After hosting numerous AirForums events, the most expected and requested items by attendees are agendas and name tags.

As the dates of the rally approach, attendees begin to request agendas, make potluck menus, plan decoration contests, etc.

No real difference, folks.


Jeff & Cindy
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Originally Posted by Protagonist View Post
Well, I may soon be one of those people who choose not to WBCCI. The new Region president has announced the uniform of the day for the region rally, and it requires unit officers to wear a red necktie.

I made it very plain on multiple occasions that I do not enjoy wearing a necktie and haven't worn one since December 23rd, 1989— I remember that date because it's the first time I saw snow in New Orleans. I don't even intend to wear a tie at my own funeral, let alone while I'm still alive to kick and scream over it.
I only HEARD this story... it MAY be an urban (or rally) legend.

A member who is no longer posting, 2Airishuman, was at a rally (the international possibly) and was confronted by one of the WBCCI "uniform enforcers" because he was outside of his unit and did not have his beret, tie or badges on.
Without saying a word, he went back inside and came back out almost immediately wearing his beret, tie and badges...

and nothing else.
Not quite sure if the uniform geezer survived, but apparently "hissy fit" doesn't come close to his reaction.

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The best badge is: "Hello, I'm _______ welcome to _______". Make it up front and personal; otherwise that NEW person will just look at badges and nothing welcoming will be said.

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The badges serve a useful purpose, but the badge police take it to extremes… such as at this last International when I was told, "Wear your badge at all times, including when you go to the grocery store or out to dinner, to show your support for the community." Huh? Aren't I showing my support for the community by spending money there? And of course the badge has not one, but two ribbons on it, the International ribbon to show I paid my fees, and the First-timer ribbon.

So anyway, one afternoon I forget to take my badge off when I made a trip to the grocery store, only to overhear a comment, "Who's that doofus wearing the ribbons?" Thanks to you, mysterious stranger, I will never forget to remove my badge when I leave the rally grounds, ever again, no matter what the badge police say.
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I wouldn't put it past 2Air but I think it is a WBCCI legend.
As "Pro" said we did have Helen as our badge police for a good cause, no one was going to drag you off if you didn't pay up. The logic behind the badges at International is your meeting so many new people from all over the U.S. and Canada each day it is nice to have the badge to kick your memory on the name and where they are from. If you just hang out with your own little group of friends or have a photographic mind I see no need for a badges, but. I alway say it's nice to pick out the high muck e mucks from their badges to complain to, you get more results that way.
Since we did attend International this year I wanted to let people know our impressions. Parking this year was very professional and members were parked on Sunday 1-4. I see no problem letting the Parkers have a morning off for whatever reason. Anyone that came in after 4:00pm could hook-up to electricity for the night and get parked in the morning.
I worked on Tours for the rally and sent those that would like to go on tours all over the area from rafting in Durango to archeologist lead tours of Chaco Canyon. Lots of members went on their own but others liked the opportunity to meet new people on the tours. We were able to work deals for fly fishing on the San Juan, wine tasting and bluegrass at a local vineyard. My favorite was full moon guided tour of Aztec Ruins which of course was the only 2 nights in Farmington that had cloud cover, great tour anyway.
The seminars were great if you wanted to participate. We had David Nighteagle, native flute player who was awesome, seminars on the history of NW New Mexico, seminar on the Navajo code talkers by one of the code talkers and of course tech seminars. Airstream Inc was there doing their feedback session on Airstreams from both men and women. Dale Schwamborn did a couple of seminars on the Cape Town to Cairo caravan and about the early days of the WBCCI when his mother Helen ran the club for her cousin Wally Byam.
Oh yes, the political part. Flag parade and opening ceremonies, if you want to attend, no one makes you! I carried the Oregon Flag and got to visit with region 10 friends as we were waiting. I proudly carried the flag dressed in my white Pendleton Round-up shirt, skirt, cowgirl boots and a fabulous cowgirl hat to promote the Pendleton Round Up National Rally that I'm hosting. No one has said anything for the past 2 years. I agree, some changes would be good for opening, but I haven't volunteered to take it over yet. If you want change, volunteer to be chairman. I missed the IBT and Delagates meetings, they were over by 10 am. Only if you are a region officer did they have other meetings which general membership could attend if they wanted to.
About dress codes, only the National and region officers have any kind of dress codes and most of this is coming down to casual Friday dress. Again, their dress code is a great target to know who you need to talk to, just saying.
And religion, I would say the Oregon Unit has helped put religion in it's place at International. Any prayer was very non-denominational and was not over done at all. All in all I don't think even the atheist would have been offended by it, I know I was not.
Saying this, International is not for everyone and bad press always gets retold more than good press. This rally is for friends to reconnect from all over the U.S. and Canada, see a new area of the country, make new friends, learn from members all over the country about new ideas for rallies, units etc. There is a huge exchange of ideas for those who take advantage of it. No one has to go to International and those that want to do their own thing with their own little group probably would not have as good a time as those who want to meet others in this International setting, as the couple we met from Ontario, Canada said as we were heading out on a tour, we came to International to meet new people, we didn't come to rally with our unit, we can do that anytime. And, of course meet face to face those names from Airforum.

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Protagonist, I'm going to volunteer you to be badge police next time if your stealth enough they won't know what hit them. You can make money for cents for kids and remind members to take off badges when they go to the grocery store, I did find it fun to wear the badge to dinner at restaurants as we talked with people as we waited in line since they asked us about it. A large group doing something is one thing, an individual in a grocery store maybe another. To each his own but I agree, wear it if you want when outside the venue.

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Wally Byam Airstream Club
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Campfires, the original social media!

Check out the [URL=""and Wally Byam Airstream Club on facebook
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All come on guys/ladies, name badges, ties and beret's are fine.

Even I have worn the uniform in the past. All you need to do is add a little flair to it.

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Paul Waddell
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