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No clubs for us/me.

Hi, we bought a travel trailer for traveling. We don't need, or want, any clubs, caravans, social parties, RULES, or to be controlled by Officers. We enjoy one forum rally per year. And the rally rules are "There are no rules" and that's how we like it.

Everyone must decide for themselves.


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The NOVA unit of the WBCCI was born out of the desired for the founding members to attend a few certain WBCCI only rallies.

NOVA has always held the attitude that we respect the history, tradition, and fellowship of the WBCCI, but we leave the business at home. I can not remember a time when we have not welcomed anyone to join us, airstreamer or not. We even let Argosy owners in.

Our membership attends forum rallies, WBCCIi rallies, shows, hospitals, and everything in between. I think someone went to a business meeting once, but I'm not sure.

In time perhaps one of our members will choose to step up and help at regional. That will be great and I'm sure we all would assists as asked.

Until then, maybe we will just open another bottle of wine.

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The “Ohio Airstreamer -- Informal forum for weekend camping” thread.
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The WBCCI is no different then any-other social club. It is what YOU make of it. If you want to camp with other people who are Airstream crazy, then join the club. If you would rather camp by yourself and don't like other people, then don't join.

The WBCCI is about having fun with other Airstreamers.

Join the club, and check out your local unit, if you don't mesh with them, then check out another unit. You would be surprised how different one unit can be from the next, even in the same state.

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We joined in January of 2011 to the unit that H.Q. recommended. About a year later we learned of the N.O.V.A. Unit ( Northern Ohio Virtual Airstream ). We have been to just one of their gatherings and had more fun than all the other rallies we have been to in 4 1/2 years. The unit we belong to and I am president of this year may fold in the next couple of years we will go with the NOVA unit which we are also members of.
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Why I left the WBCCI

See #14, 16 & 25.
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We've been to three WBCCI rallies, 1 WBCCI caravan, and 4 non WBCCI rallies. They were all great in their own way. Most all of these events were in different states (IL, TX, FL, AR). You pick and chose what you want, what you want to return to, and what you want to avoid. The "business" parts of the WBCCI rallies was so minimal that they didn't detract from the social aspect of the get together. I hate to see people avoid things based on other people's experiences. Try it for yourself and make up your own mind. Don't let other people's experiences influence you.
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Why I am still a member,

Southeastern Camping Unit (012) | Moving WBCCI Forward!

Do you know what a learning experience is? A learning experience is one of those things that says "You know that thing that you just did? Don't do that."
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Michael is right about that unit. Prior to that the North Georgia unit was a craggy and grumpy bunch of old Airstreamers, who mostly squatted ( and many still do) at an Airstream park here.
I joined WBCCI in 2001 and was excited to be a part of the history and ready to learn about Airstreaming and make new friends. Attended our first rally and were turned off by the rules, the grumpiness and the lack of any friendship or fellowship extended to us. Without getting into all of it we were so upset by what we saw, that we packed up and left.
Until the SE Camping Unit was formed our only outlet was the Forums Rallys that we helped to start in 2002, with 7 other members from all over. They were what we looked for, new friends to camp with. Sharing good times with our families and our Airstreams. Kudos to the new GA unit for taking the initiative to get this kind of thing rolling here.
By the way my wife Shannon and I have hosted almost 30 Rallys though the years with no club membership or fees or anything else required. It is an ongoing fun time that has spawned many other such events. You can find that option wherever you live if the club there does not serve your needs.
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We always felt welcomed by the members of our local unit, but we just thought they were somewhat overzealous in wanting to stick with tradition. I remember going to our one and only regional rally. We decided one afternoon to take a sightseeing tour of the area. While out I got a call from one of the unit members asking me where we were? I told her that we were sightseeing. Her response was, well Jack it's social hour! The intent in her voice was that social hour trumped our plans.

The next rub was the next day when a group of members from another state unit came up to me and asked me where my numbers were. I told them I wasn't going to put them on my trailer. Part of that came from a conversation with my dealer as to whether having numbers would affect my trade in value in the future. He noted it would and I figured I could mount my numbers on some plexiglass which I could hang on the trailer when parked at rallies. Bottom line I was told by those members that if I came back to a future regional rally, they expected that I display my numbers properly.

Finally I stumbled outside an open door to a leaders seminar where they were discussing how to make sure that membership continue to do things "the club way". I remember the speaker who was a regional officer discussing the "baldies" parked out in the grounds. (Trailers without their number displayed in the prescribed format). He noted it was a sign of disrespect to the club and that members should be concentrating on those folks to get them in compliance. Thankfully only one of my units members tried to pressure me. The rest pretty much ignored my non compliance.

Personally I remember telling my wife about the last two incidents which prompted us to scratch our heads as to why we joined. After all wasn't it just a social group of folks just out to have fun and camp? It's almost like a bunch of folks who used to be in leadership in business or were retired military officers, missed their authenitory positions and became WBCCI leaders.

Needless to say all of this plus the incidents I described in a previous post, led us to leave after 4 years in the chapter.
Jack Canavera
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Kudos to Jack and Allen for the previous two posts.

I looked at several units prior to finding one that is opposite to that of the old farts presented earlier.

Try Texas Gulf Coast (Texas Airstream Harbor, Inc.) or Heart of Texas Camping Unit (HOTC) prior to giving up on the WBCCI in Texas.

This thread should be required reading for the entire high echelon of the WBCCI.

"Suck it up, spend the bucks, do it right the first time."

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As a postscript, I didn't mention that the unit pretty much lost every new member who had joined from the time I joined through the year after I left. That spoke volumes regarding what new members thought of the local organization. Things got so bad that they came very close to foundering, with some of the officers positions going unfilled. Things have turned for them and they are gaining some membership. I think the losses through age and death of the old guard may have loosened things up. That really is the future of the organization. Although it will never be what it was once, there may be hope that the organization will continue to loosen up as time passes. The advent of Alumapaooza, and forum rallies will continue to show that it really doesn't require an official club to provide the social and gathering opportunities that Airstream owners are looking for. The fact that the latter two outlets also don't require ownership of an Airstream provides a much better promotional arm for Airstream corporate than WBCCI does.

Jack Canavera
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Having been a member of WBCCI for about seven years now, I've generally have found it worthwhile. We've been on a couple of national caravans and they have been great. We also enjoy our unit and the rallies we have attended. We've made great friends and the help and advice we receive about our trailer and campaign has made showing up more than worthwhile. I spent forty years in the non-profit, volunteer profession and I do find WBCCI to be a bit "starchy". We have not attended a national yet for primarily that reason. We did not take up RV'ing to wear a "uniform" but expect we will give one a try in 2016 when it is held in WV. I have observed efforts to have the club lighten up a bit, but years of tradition dies hard. The club definitely is suffering from a lack of interest from future generations and like so many service clubs, etc. and I believe it will continue to experience a membership decline unless there is real change. Over the past three years, we have traveled back and forth across the country each year. What has been very obvious to us is just how few WBCCI members we have come across.
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Originally Posted by jcanavera View Post
Bottom line I was told by those members that if I came back to a future regional rally, they expected that I display my numbers properly.
Fortunately WBCCI has never come up with an "official" way to display numbers on an Interstate, so that has been a moot point for me. No one has ever complained about the fact that my numbers are on a magnetic sign stuck to my Interstate's hood.

I've been here at the International Rally in Farmington since the 23rd, and while there is still a lot of pomp and pageantry and hidebound traditionalism, it's not quite as bad as I was led to expect. I had to carry my Unit flag in the opening ceremony— a duty which I hated and would just as soon pass off to someone else next year when I'm Unit president— but I wasn't required to wear a blazer or a necktie, and wearing the blue beanie was optional.

I remain fully convinced that once my year as Unit president is over, I'll never willingly hold another office in the club, but I'll gladly stay in the club as long as I don't have to hold an office and can concentrate on the fun stuff.
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Just to add to what Jack said- we, at our Rallys have encouraged people without Airstreams or any trailer at all for that matter, to join us. We get folks who are also at the same campgrounds, or saw our info online. This alone has sold a few Airstreams I know of for sure. Its all about promoting the fun and fellowship not the rules and regalia

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