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Originally Posted by streamer23
Carol,the Caravanner I was referring to was published years before the 1992 attempt to bring it back and was much different in format. Here's a sample:
Thanks for the link. I downloaded it and will go back and look it over more closely. I did look through and see all the pictures of active Airstreamers. That is what I want to open up and see, just what I see posted on this forum from the active Airstreamers! I want to look at the pictures and say that could be me! (I mean that in a good way-not the orbits or sky med )

The budget doesn't allow for more? Why not? Let's skip a couple of flags and gas allowances or some freebies and perks and do something that benefits all the members and hit them where they live, right at home.

You don't have to pay to get professional contributions and volunteers. It's not profit vs club publication issue, it's setting the standards higher and working towards it and having someone with vision directing it. I have seen full color newsletters from units filled with pictures and reports of fun and it still also includes upcoming business meeting particulars. It can be done. Aim high. If you aim low what can you hope to accomplish. Too many places, too many times when members make suggestions the usual WBCCI response is one to qualify itself.


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Thumbs up

My problems with the BB are the same problems I have with WBCCI. It's dull and boring and it's a lot of people wearing berets. It's also sexist -- I cannot believe I'm a life member of an organization who makes such a big deal about "first ladies."

That said, it's actually the same as Airstream Life: it's available to everyone. Everyone who subscribes (joins). I don't get Airstream Life because I prioritize the other magazines over it. Once we recover a little from the life memberships in WBCCI and Good Sams we'll add Airstream Life.

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Let's add another problem - finding reasons to dismiss ideas.

We've got some good examples of that in this thread. Look for them. Think about what is really being said.

Can we learn from other organizations even if they are not of the same type and size as WBCCI? Some seem to think not.

Does a change in the BB really mean a budget breaker? Some seem to think so.

Is there an excess of hubris in various places? A lot of folks seem to think so.

Does being nonprofit mean an organization can't be businesslike? Some seem to think so.

There are also a lot of good examples of people who are chipping in, actually doing something with their ideas. Look for them, too. What can you think of that will enhance and leverage their efforts?

One think to keep in mind, though, is that issue of focus and purpose that has been mentioned. Are your efforts addressing the important problems or are they salve on symptoms?
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hi 65gt

agree completely with your 'get on board' view...
if members of the wb want a different bb,
they need to contribute...send in stories, pics and so on.
and without spending an extra penny the rally calendar could be in 8 issues,
with 4 focused on the fun stuff folks here want to read...
that would be a simple step forward with lots of time for the fun issues,
and lots of issues to repeat the calendar over and over...
bryan is correct. the club can learn from other organizations and can improve without spending money.

while peegreen has reminded us this thread is for bashing

i'm not down on the current bb. it is what it is.
no desire on my part to send in material for publication...
i can do it here. we all can do it here. and get instant feedback...
i had lots of fun with my rally thread...
would a condensed version have been interesting in the bb...
perhaps...but not my story...too many sharp edges for the over 70 reader.

as jim notes reading the posts in this thread is interesting...
because a wide range have expressed views...many that seldom post too.
there IS passion for the club...or rather for A club...

and i like the 50s style caraVanner...
which was produced and published by airstream for the wb, which they owned...
airstream corp was good for the wb and the publication.
club history supports this basically without exception.

last comment on the bb...
it was and can be used as a weapon to pound new members...
the most common answer given to new members AT the int rally...
"did you bring your blue beret....did you read your bb...the answer was IN the bb!" addition to a cb, it was expected that folks carried the last 4 months of the bb in their trailers!

no i've not sat on these examples of 'ugly'...
i spoke with some caring mid levels at the rally, at the time...
while sympathetic they seemed resolved to 'oh thats too bad'
rather than lets go solve this...
the lady with the 2lb dog was too much of a lady
and the old couple in the heat 'expected' to be treated as they were...
and many 'first timers' or mals
who came early shared other examples of being treated badly...
by committee chairs or long time members...
as bryan has correctly suggested folks who were never trained OR skilled
in basic leadership or group process.
i only mentioned these personal examples today because renee popped the issue
which was obvious 2me in the pres message.
i have no need or desire to right these wrongs
or post on the wb forums...
others can do that if they like...
i prefer the wider and more varied views here...

and as harsh as this might read...
the commication liason committee is a joke...
take a look at their charge or descripted functions
and paraphrase it here in simple terms...

go ahead. if you will, i will.

there are many really fine folks in the wb....
and a few really fine units, with special rallys and activities
these facts are not in dispute.

did we have different experiences at the international?
you arrived mid rally, without a trailer.
also you were there for exactly the right reason....a legislative issue.

i went to simply to camp with other airstreamers, meet people and have fun.

that is NOT the primary purpose for the international rally...and i sure know it now.
it IS primarily a delgates meeting. with multiple lesser uses....
local/regional wb rallies have greater potential for fun/intimacy/friendship.

in another thread someone observed that many of the officers had been 'camped' in salem for a month before the general membership arrived.
it was hot. it was on asphalt. many were parked right by the main activity areas...they were tired, grumpy and in charge.
and they hated the fact that hundreds of people were walking right by/through their space to get to event....

so as someone else suggested the officers and past pres's should be scattered about with the rank and file....oh but wait i'm thinking of a camping event again...

so who else has been to a jimmy carter sermon?

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Having purchased a new AS earlier this year, I received a complimentry issue of the BB along with a letter inviting me to join.

Quite frankly, using the BB as an incentive to join to was stupid! Poor quality paper with muddy photos and an editorial from the president that used an entire page to say nothing.

One other thing, the BB I received was the issue prior to the International in Oregon. After reading the rules for parking, lining up, etc., I was really turned off.

Do not, I repeat, do not use the BB as a tool to recruit new members!
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Ahmen to that 4X4. Be a cold day somewhere when I would wear a BB. Sissy looking thing, and after reading the "rules" what a bunch of dung. Sounds like some folks have a need to belong to something, like organized crime.
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My final comment on this thread,{a definate maybe}. This organization is like any other or any business as far as that is concerned , in that it will never rise above it's leadeship, or Leader. Until the new president stops speaking in CODE and talks tough and specific about problems it will just be "more of the same".-----pieman
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Originally Posted by tlavergne
That's it in a nut shell. Well said rgesch, very well said.
Thanks AGAIN Tom, in some ways I think again we can look to history to supply the solution. I was thrilled to find a 1960's Caravanner in a thrift store and read it cover to cover.

The lesson learned for me was in how we approach our own newletters in our Units. Are they just coupons about upcoming rallies OR are they informational about the people, and places, travel, of the members within the Units. This same principal can be applied to the Blue Beret.

My husband and I took over the Unit Newsletter during my year as President and reverted it back to being about the PEOPLE IN in the club instead of NON personal information. We immediately received kudo's, thanks, from ALL members young and old because we wrote about the PEOPLE. Now for the harder part. It takes effort on the part of the publishers to get in touch with the PEOPLE in order to know what there doing to get this information rather than waiting for it to come to them. It again is about the PEOPLE IN the club. Memories, relationships, happy travels, sound familiar TOM? You are my soulmate. Robin
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Let's tie a knot in this thread before it erupts into slaps in the face, challenges, and duels. My take on the BB has already been expressed, it is a club-oriented pub and clearly not intended to do more than serve as a forum for the club officers.
I've never been to a sermon by former President Carter, but I did attend a church service with him and his wife once (while he was in office). I could tell that he was an extraordinary man; he sat in the congregation with us ordinary folks, and after the service he shook hands with us.
Are we going to make a change in the club bulletin? Maybe.
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Originally Posted by Mike Lewis
My final comment on this thread,{a definate maybe}. This organization is like any other or any business as far as that is concerned , in that it will never rise above it's leadeship, or Leader. Until the new president stops speaking in CODE and talks tough and specific about problems it will just be "more of the same".-----pieman
Final???? Let's revisit on October....
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Not limited to BB

I have been wondering if I would fit in with any of the RV groups. The Good Sam's unit in my area look like they are happy to just get up and discover they are able to still walk in the morniing. I know that if I live long enough I will get old, but have wondered if I will fit in at the rallies. The people on the forum are fun, but the BB magazine give the impression that the membership is drooling and not from the magazine content.
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Droolworthy ...

Originally Posted by fr8tshaker
The people on the forum are fun, but the BB magazine give the impression that the membership is drooling and not from the magazine content.
Hey Fr8tshaker:

Just imagine what a full page centerfold spread of young, curvaceous, silky smooth skinned Airstream trailers, without awnings, would do for the BB drool factor.
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Well, a year later and the September issue arrives again. The color pictures on the back cover; not very inspiring. The Region news is not newsworthy. The Pres. message; empty. OK, it will take time.

The new member listings - this is right on and shows all members that new life is being pumped back into the club.

Articles and stories, read Leo Garvey "Alone and Asleep at 65 MPH", make this a worthy issue. I'm optomistic we're on the upswing. Herb Quade, Fred Ettline and Dave Schumann all providing great contributions.
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The History and Intent of the Blue Beret

Originally Posted by peegreen
How come there's never any hype about the upcoming issue of the Blue Beret? Subscribers weigh in from all over the continent waiting and tracking their issue of Airstream Life. What do you do with your issue when it arrives? I have become my parents - turn to the obits first.... a very sad existance. Is it time for another A/S Life to arrive? A good rumor to start. The Blue Beret is ripe for an extreme makeover.
In the first few years of the WBCCI, all information regarding club activities were included in issues of the Airstream publication, "The Caravanner." Information was not arriving to the Club members on a timely basis. My Mother, Helen Byam Schwamborn, contacted Art Costello and the advertising agency and told them changes were needed. From this came the Blue Beret. The changes today are more ariticles dealing with how to do this and that, messages from IBT, what is going on with the administrative end of the Club. But the main intent of the Blue Beret has never changed. It passes on where rallies are going to be held, unit activities, Caravans and the information that is needed for the club members. This has been and is the Blue Beret. The printing and mailing, I assume is paid for by dues and advertising.

"Airstream Life" is a glossy magazine published for profit. So is Vogue magazine. There allows a greater freedom to have articles from a variety of sources. AL deals with historical data. Current items of interest. Things to do. Places to go. Rich Luhr is doing a marvelous job in bringing you the part of the Airstream story and life that the Blue Beret was never intended to cover.

For it's purpose each publication serves a purpose.

I was there when there were no publications, then the Caravanner, then the Blue Beret and now Airstream Life. A great progression of information and a fine descimination of knowledge.

Kudos to WBCCI and the Blue Beret. Thank you Rich Luhr and Airstream Life.

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