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I hesitate to reply as I have only posted a few times. But I thought I would. I am a third generation Airstreamer and have seen the changes over the past 40 years (I am 50 and started when I was 8 or so). The folks that run the show (WBCCI) are so much different than when I was a kid going on caravans and stuff with my parents and grandparents. Those older folks had fun and didn't have the stuffiness and the rigidity that the leadership seems to have today. The older folks in the 60's and 70's just wanted to go camping and have a good time with friends that they have made on their travels. I have a photo from the middle 60's of my Grandfather and a bunch of men on a beach in Mexico shucking some kind of shell fish wearing only shorts, laughing and having a blast. Not a beret on any of their heads or a shirt on their torso. They didn't care so much about protocol, etc. They did to a degree to keep order in the organization but not like now. I can not imagine my Grandmother wearing white gloves at an international. Anyway, memories of a time gone by.

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blue beret

Originally Posted by Stefrobrts
Mine used to come looking like it had been attacked by wild badgers, but recently they have been showing up in good shape.

What's a spiritual session?
at least you all have received yours. i have not yet had a single issue after joining (re joining w.b.c.c.i ) that is back in may o6. that goesfor the v.a.c. also ,whom i also prepaid, which to me is a bit more suprising to me,also a more enjoyable mag. but needless to say i have asked both for a refund of payment this week after numerous inquiry as i never have received any issues from either of them. wayne wunder

wayne wunder ,w.b.c.c.i./v.a.c.#4287 1962 19ft globetrotter
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If you do not like the BB, submit and article and some photo's. I remember Terri's article series still working. I looked forward to those issues. My wife and I are putting together a submission for the BB covering out Mystery rally we went on.

forgive my rant, but this (like many other threads bashing the WBCCI) seems to be a gripe session.
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Yes, four kids and two adults in the thing.
Happy wife, happy life.
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Originally Posted by Craftsman
I use mine to clean fish on or wrap the coffee grinds.
isn't that hard on the fish?
and how did they get dirty?

isn't a coffee grinds wrap..
a new mcdonalds' breakfast item?

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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I bet the WBCCI could upgrade the look and quality of the BB with minimal expenditure. In fact I would guess that within the WBCCI ranks are the following needed to upgrade the look and quality if called upon:
1. Art Director/Graphic Designer to oversee the layout and overall look and feel of the publication
2. Printer who could print out the probably 7000 issues every month on a better quality paper than newsprint rag (or at least a goon connection to one).
3. Photographer(s) with an eye on composition.
4. Copywriter/Editor to keep the writing clean and interesting.

With the professional abilities of the members of this group I don't see why it is not possible to improve this one part of the club "in house" where possible.
Buttercup's Web Site. WBCCI #17330, 11281 & 7830. VAC Past President, TAC NV-2 & NV-3
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And if they took advantage of the net they could use all those individuals without even having them in the same room, passing the documents around. This is pretty well how AS Life works, without having to have everyone together in a central office.

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Send your photos!

Originally Posted by myboyburt
I'd like the Blue Beret to be more like Good Sam Clubs magazine "Highways" in content. But then Good Sam has about a zillion more members than the WBCCI and has the cash to do a good job on it's publication. At least (and I know this is not PC) I'd like to see photos in the Blue Beret of younger WBCCI members, and I'm not talking about member's grandchildren!

I'm gathering the best photos from the 2006 Region One Rally which was held by the New England Unit to submit for publication - concerns I have is many of our photos show Airstreams without the red numbers attached. Many folks in our Unit "just say no" to this - I know because I'm one of them! Besides that we have wine on our dinner tables in the photos. We'll see if anything happens once I send the collection into headquarters.

Send the photos! Like everything else in WBCCI, volunteers are key since this is a volunteer run club. What about submitting an article on why the New England Unit is so successful attracting younger members? A helpful hints article sharing what works for you? Let me know what you think.

There used to be a "Still Working" column until the author got a promotion and a new baby and his time became short. Maybe someone else could submit to write a similar column. Its worth a try.

By the way, traditions regarding wine or other beverages vary with Units. Last year at the Mid-Winter International Board of Trustees Rally (which is open to all members and was a good rally) we enjoyed a Margarita party and an optional, for an additional fee, steak dinner with Champaign fountains. Some Units have happy hour, some tend to be more on the dry side.

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The presidents colum did address a problem. Sure he was vague but then he is talking to a mixed group. He made his point but of more intrest to me was that he brought the issue up at all. I see that as a positive. Any sign of acknowledgment and attempt to address whats wrong is good. Gives me hope.

I don't think anyone is wowed by the BB but then its really a club info mag anyway. I would love to see more articles from members about trips took or more fixit DIY articles. I would hope that if members submitted them they would be printed. Incidentely I found an caraven That we can attend. Its a three dayer over a weekend! ZOINKS!! A weekender that working people can attend. Has somebody been listening to the members?
I'd rather be boon docking in the desert.

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I really like the ideas from Steph, Renee and Tim. I think it would help immensely to see more about how the events turned out with pictures and stories. Once in a while I see a picture of a hobo rally or some such thing but it does not inspire me to attend. Just like members here on the forum post their pictures and stories of the fun they have at their rallies is the type of thing that would show people more of what it's all about. Less forms, repetition of rules and guidelines, and less emphasis on the aging of the club --yeah the Sky Med and the orbits is a huge turnoff.

As Tim said the club has the talent within, perhaps those currently in charge of the publication could offer to let themselves be helped. Those few enumerated changes would make a world of difference. You tell me just who among us picks the product with the worst packaging? How about those old Woolworth menu food pictures??? Not exactly appetizing.

As Renee and Steph said if the pictures and stories get sent in there is a much better chance to having them published. I'd like to see more variety than all the columns with the very same author each issue.

Aluminations and the Rocky Mountain Vintage, or the Texas rally, the Sierra Nevada Unit, among MANY others would be a treat to read more about. News-real news like Heart of Texas and the 4 corners units trying to get established. That is really club news and it seems to be censored and discouraged. Hide it and it may go away? Not to be encouraged? Well then print the viewpoint on both sides. That is a newsletter. The Blue Beret should be complete and it should be impartial in its representation. If a few ads and forms have to be sent out separately in a coupon book so be it, and make some room and some attempt to find current news for the newsletter.

I just want to add that the long standing members that are active and motivated may not rely heavily upon the Blue Beret for information, but if we are to reach new people the Blue Beret is the only assured communication they receive with the club. It is delivered right to their hands and it needs to appeal to a newbie and give them what they need to know what it's all about.

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I've checked with Don Shafer to verify the meaning of his message. It has nothing to do with the name change but was stimulated by an incident that occured at the International Rally wherein one member was notably inappropriate in their words to another. It is important we be nice to one another.

If you are a WBCCI member, then you are the face of the club. You represent the club when you interact with others. A new or potential member can be not only hurt, but also totally turned away from an organization by one person if that person is unkind or rude.

We as a club are hurt by folks who act inappropriately and might be dubbed "enemies in our midst". I believe his is a caution to all of us to remember that hurtful, unwelcoming comments are not in keeping with our goals of fun, fellowship and adveture.

Renee Ettline
WBCCI Communications Liaison
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Originally Posted by peegreen
How come there's never any hype about the upcoming issue of the Blue Beret? Subscribers weigh in from all over the continent waiting and tracking their issue of Airstream Life.
I think it boils down to "for profit" vs. "not for profit" model.

Airstream Life is in it for profit and wouldn't make money if they didn't continue to publish something worth paying for.

BB is a nfp organization run mostly by volunteers.
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Hi----Eventhough I'm new to this forum, I'll chime in on the BB just in case the leadership of WBCCI uses us for idea gathering. The current leadership wants the BB to look like it does and its content to be what it is, or they are missing a great opportunity. The BB is the leadership's primary (only) vehicle of communicating with the members. If the current version of BB doesn't meet the leaders expectations, then consider less frequent but better.

Salem was my first internatiional and very interesting. Everyone was very friendly and went out of their way to greet us first timers with our distinctive badging. The AS supplier 30 minute seminars were great and major value added. Ditto the seminars on the various aspects of caravaning. The evening entertainment was enjoyable. The lack of diversity of any type in the top leadership (age,size, dress, AS vehicle, etc, etc) was very evident.
At future internationals, it would be great to have the top leaders dispersed around the grounds and interfacing with the membership instead of having their own exclusive camp at the front door of the meeting halls.----Bob WBCCI #2960
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Originally Posted by Communicator
was stimulated by an incident that occured at the International Rally wherein one member was notably inappropriate in their words to another. It is important we be nice to one another..Renee Ettline
of course that is what the pres message is about....
the question is which 'notably inapporpriate incident'...?

--the unsigned note left on the door of the widower's unit.
seems she was traveling with a 2 pound dog
but was parked in the wrong section...
over by the big wigs in their class mohos...
holding back tears, she considered leaving
until we made a space for her in the pet section...
her dog was pocket size and she was at least 70.
traveling alone in a b van interstate?
the note she found on her door was disgusting.
the coward that left her the note should be publicly spanked.
the note should have been published IN the bb as an example of uglyness.

--the committee chairman who said 'i'll stick my fist up your a$$ if you don't leave'....
oh yes, that's exactly what he said.

--the committe chairwoman
who stuck her finger in a new members face and said...
'your problem is you don' t belong to a unit.
if you did you wouldn't have all the silly questions'
...who then reversed her name tag to hide who she was...

--the 70+ year old couple left in the bull pen over the weekend in 100+ temps...
when parking spots were just 100 yards away and vacant?

--the electrician volunteer who tried to take 2-3 folks to parking spots,
only to have an 'official' block his path
and insist that these folks go back to the bull pen over the week end?
again in 100+ temps.
this electrician volunteer
may have been the hardest working guy on site
for the month that all the officals were mooching utilities.

--the lynch squad band of CB radio busy bodies
who reported my minute by minute activity
as i rode around on a bicycle in a funny hat...
and sent the retired military policeman, wearing a fake sheriff's badge...
to check me out?
this guy is now the self appointed chairman of security for 07?

really renee which disgusting incident?

there were others
and almost all were at the committee chair level,
by nasty mean people
who have either been on their committee
or in charge of their committee way too long....

i can comment on other incidents...
but what is the point?
the 'watch dog' group
that has been set up to report these things has no authority....
and who do they report the incidents too?....
well right back to the committe chairman.....
who was behaving badly.

as tom points out in remembering camping with his grandparents...

so much of this activity and behavior has nothing to do with camping or fellowship.
and is not how older adults in volunteer clubs used to behave.
now, it all has to do with climbing the ladder of titles and imagined self importance,
in an organization that is seriously adrift, taking on water and so lost,
that the large print map taped to the gps is thought to be a napkin?

so ask the pres which incident?
all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Originally Posted by bobkelly
The BB is the leadership's primary (only) vehicle of communicating with the members. If the current version of BB doesn't meet the leaders expectations, then consider less frequent but better.
Good point, bobkelly. I don't see the need for a monthly BB. Quarterly, with maybe one yearly special issue (a focus issue maybe? or seasonal?) That would be enough for me. Then maybe the President would have more time to work on a less cryptic statement.

I'd also like to see a letters column. Maybe some of the feedback and questions that Communicator is getting from members could be addressed and answered for the entire membership at once through the BB.


Doug & Jamie, AIR #650
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