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Lightbulb Proposed changes, dues up $75

Severl proposed amendments at the winter meeting.

Dues and secret grievance changes

'09 international rally lost over $100,000

Good read
Attached Files
File Type: pdf 100119 WBCCI Mid Winter Proposed Amendments.pdf (1.62 MB, 327 views)

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Interesting reading...thanks for the update!


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Thanks Bob.

As a business owner, I find their account number 3200, interesting, and account number 3150 very interesting.

Both of those accounts, indicate management short comings, I think.

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Internatiional Rally loss

It would be interesting to see a figure of what the loss would have been if the International Rally had been canceled. The hand writing was on the wall when the sign-up figures were 50% below the break-even figure. I can see that this was no concern to the leadership as they took the line "damn the losses full speed ahead'!
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I have to admit looking back is easier than looking froward. But the $103,000 loss does make it appear that the planning and excursion were not the best. International Presidents have typically overestimated what they could do as far as attendance and vendor participation.

It does seem illogical that the WBCCI management would take the chance of a lose by guaranteeing Madison that we would have a minimum of 1,200 attendees and we would have to pay them for 1,200 even if we could not get that many to show up.

We have become smaller and many vendors no longer see it a profit making opportunity to spend a week to present their products to less that 1,000 attendees. This year was particularly hard for the vendors and they cut the number of events they would attend.

The $30,000 loss reported to refunds, when they planned for $000 does seem lke poor planning. We always have people who cancel. I do not understand why they planned for $000.

Since we had had 900 which is less that the 1,200 attendees that we paid for, I do not understand why Madison charged us another $10,000 more than the contract.

They overspent the rally promotion budget by $10,000. What was that?
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Well, a 36% increase in dues. Seems stiff. Also of interest (to me anyway) are (1) the bland lack of concern that this will drive off members, and (2) that there is no acknowledgment that there may be a serious flaw in the operational plan for the organization (i.e. white elephant international rally).

To my thinking, it is inevitable that the club will eventually be forced by loss of membership and money to reorganize. I also think that these changes wont come about until driven to extremity. If this is correct, we can count on several more years of declining membership and eventual bankruptcy. Once we reach that point, meaningful reorganization of the club might be possible. In the meantime, the powers that be have a lock on controlling operations.

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Wally most be proud of the OLD BUZZARD'S on the IBT the way they are Killing his and our WBCCI.
The Officers of OUR WBCCI need to stop spending OUR dues money like drunken sailors.They are running the WBCCI like it was the Government just spend,spend ,spend. BUT they can not just print more money like the Government, they will have to raise the dues or go broke.I wish the OLD BUZZARD'S had the good judgement to quite for the good of the WBCCI before they kill it.
When and if the dues go to $75 I AM OUT since we can not get the OLD BUZZARD'S out.
Jimmini :
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I wonder what would happen, if the club officers were spending their own money for the international rally.

Certainly, they would have seen the hand writing on the wall, and would do something about the obvious huge projected loss.

Human nature, however, allows people to spend other peoples money in ways that they would never consider, if it was their money.

Safe guarding the clubs money, I think, is just as important as safe guarding the clubs mere existance.

But, as long as the members don't get together to stop thie foolishness, I'm afraid it will continue, and get worse than in the past.

I have been a member for many many years. I rarely go to rallies, but I am supportive of them.

Perhaps it's time for me to make small boats with the money, place them in the ocean, and watch them gently flow away. That sounds like more fun, than watching supposedly prudent people, blow off over $100,000.00, for a weeks entertainment, designed for their personal wishes, without due regard for any possible negative results.

The interest that was earned on the money, for a non profit organization, is at the very least, rediculous. Again, if it was the officers personal money, I would be certain that they would have the amount increased at least ten fold, if not more.

Spending other peoples money, like there's no tomorrow, is a guarantee, I think, of a soon to be a demise, of the club, as most of us, once knew it.

Wally, the club is not dying because of lack of interest, but it is being slowly slaughtered by a select few, that have totally disregarded the meaning of "responsible and prudent money management".

So Wally please don't be mad at all of us, as the vast majority of us, sincerely appreciate what you started.

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Right on, Andy!

It's going to be interesting to see how long this boat can stay afloat on it's present course. Perhaps your little boats would do better. We'll see.

Interesting calculation - If you made your little boats out of each of those $100,000.00 at the rate of one per minute, it would take you 64.4 days, working non-stop.
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Depression 1929 Variety?

My mother grew up in the depths of the Depression - and if she had to suffer, by god WE had to suffer. She could squeeze a nickel until the buffalo pooped in her hand. If I had a nickel for every time she said "You don't know what "tough" is... we had it tough in the Depression!!!" then I would have been worth $100K by my 16th birthday. She rationed toilet paper, soap, paper, pencils - and treated Scotch Tape like it was made of GOLD. Affection, optimism, approval, generousity... well those she rationed like they were platinum.
(However on the good side, she was a heck of a teacher - I'm highly literate even though I struggled with dexlexia as a child. Mom taught me to read when the school system didn't - of course she was too cheap to have a TV until I was 8 which probably helped her efforts. Library cards were FREE, you see.)

As an adult I took an underhanded revenge on her by taking her out to dinner and leaving 20% tips - and slapping her hands as she tried to steal from the tip pile. It drove her crazy to see anyone but her have a quarter.

So. The point?

Sometimes it feels like the apple does fall close to the tree....

I didn't even get a chance to go to the Cherry Blossom festival this year - though I did go to the Wilds of Ohio. Meeting PeeWee - yep, that made the blue beret thing worthwhile. But pay $75 per year KNOWING it's going to be pissed away by people I don't know, who don't give a Rat's Patootie about me or any of the non-attendees at the international....

I am NOT as cheap as my mother, but damn, I think that $75 would be better donated to a battered women's shelter or the local food bank. And I skipped to the last page regarding disciplinary action.... Bob, give me a single reason to pony up another year's dues in the WBCCI?

Sigh... now I'm depressed again, and not in the 1929 way.

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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The elites of the Club are relying on the apathy of the great mass of the Club. It is an attitude examplified by an "on the street" interview conducted by a TV network at the time of the moon launch. The interviewer asked what the interviewee thought about spending so much money on the project. The answer was:"its not for us to question the actions of those God put in above us". Make it difficult for those who dont care to get valid information and they will be happy in their ignorance. And use the deeply flawed disclipline system to punish and gag those who do care and speak out loudly. The financial problems we are having are only a symptom of a much deeper problem. Until we have real elections, open information and a will to change we will continue to be mired in our current mess. A token 10% reduction in expenses for the elites and massive changes to tighten up disclipline is akin the continuing the judging of the silly hats contest while the liner sinks. Anyone seen any evidence that the current elites are willing to be replaced with people who want to drag the Club into the current timeframe?
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Something has been brought up in a couple of different threads, and I would like to clarify it.

The Wilds rally had no association with the WBCCI. The Wilds rally was a "AirForums Rally". The Wilds rally celebrated the 50th anniversary of Wally Byam's Capetown to Cairo caravan.

Merry Christmas!
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A 10% decrease in the budgeted expense for officer expense is not a reduction when, according to the budget chairman, the actual expenses have been running 12% under budget. It is merely an allusion, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Bill Kerfoot, WBCCI/VAC/CAC/El Camino Real Unit #5223
Just my personal opinion
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Doesn't Airstream provide all new Airstream owners a free one year membership? Do they have to pay the full rate for that? That means the club gets nearly 1,000 new members per year just from new owners but is still shrinking in size? This seems impossible, is my logic correct?

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