View Poll Results: What new name would be best for WBCCI
The Airstream Club 20 17.86%
The Airstream Owners Club 15 13.39%
The Airstream Owners Association 24 21.43%
The Airstream Caravan Club 4 3.57%
The Airstream RV Association 8 7.14%
The Airstream Owners Caravan Club 1 0.89%
Wally Byam Airstream Club 17 15.18%
Wally Byam Airstream Owners Caravan Club 2 1.79%
Wally Byam Airstream Carvan Club International 5 4.46%
Wally Byam Airstream Club International 19 16.96%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 112. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 08-15-2005, 07:34 PM   #15
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When people ask what the red numbers are for,,,, Its the Airstream Club Keep it simple,,,

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gotta give wally his propers!

hi all

i'm sittin' in the the tube, parked on excella lane at the mothership in jc.

having some work done wireless in the terra!

i'll be stopping by the wbbci office tomorrow.

i always wonder about the polls on this site but with this one i wonder how the voting breaks down for wb members/non members.

my preference is for wbac or wbacc.

keeps wally in there as it should. adds airstream as it needs and drops international....which is so 50s......and since the mexico unit is no more.....there aren't any units outside of usa/canada.


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Old 08-15-2005, 08:39 PM   #17
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How about the Paris Hilton Airstream Club ?
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I'm not totally keen on the word "club" - never have been. It conjures up images of snooty places, bad initiation rites, weird handshakes, a womens auxiliary, etc.
Although an AS club should have one heck of a clubhouse!

How about:

Wally Byam/s Airstream Association or
Airstream Association

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How about WBAC ? Wally Bynam Airstream Club. I think the creator should have mention in the title. Just my .02 Or.....WBAA, Wally Bynam Airstream assoc.
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Proposed Name Change for WBCCI

Quite honestly, I am not in favor of changing the 50 year tradition of the club's name. It provides grounding in history of the marque, that was one of my primary attractions to Airstreaming. Without the WBCCI, I would likely have abandoned RV travel several years ago. As a traditionalist, changing the name serves no constructive purpose in my view. If the change MUST be made then the least offensive would be to add Airstream to the name without replacing any of the existing nomenclature.

Kevin D. Allen
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I'm for WBAC if the name must change. We just joined as "members at large" and got our big red numbers (5451, our birth years) knowing they belonged to someone before us and felt a bit nostalgic wondering about the former owners and their travels with the club. I also think about long time members and memorabilia they've collected with the WBCCI name on everything, and how they would feel about this name change, like their club just ended.

We joined to support the club not wanting to see this piece of history disappear. Hope it's going strong when we have more time to be involved and travel, but worth the yearly dues in the meantime to help keep it going.

My .02
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Old 08-16-2005, 04:20 AM   #22
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AOA - Aircraft Owners Association = Confusion?
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Originally Posted by InsideOut
Because it:
a) keeps a tie to the past with Wally Byam's name in it.....
You would be surprised at the heated debates that took place at the delegates meeting regarding this issue...pros & cons for changing the name at all.
This whole name change might be a bit premature - I seem to remember a couple of months back a news blurb about a new "corporate history" being written that would debunk many of the "facts" about Wally Byam, who he was, and what he did - or who -

Does anyone have a link for the new book?

I hope the voting is delayed until after the book is published so the Byamers have a chance to read the "rest of the story".

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Personally, I feel that the Wally Byam part needs to go. It's like saying let's have a Henry Ford Auto Club, instead of a Mustang Club, Model-T club, etc.

In the end, I don't see any conflict with AOA, particularly since Airstreams are basically airframes on wheels.
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Originally Posted by 87MH
I seem to remember a couple of months back a news blurb about a new "corporate history" being written that would debunk many of the "facts" about Wally Byam, who he was, and what he did - or who -

Does anyone have a link for the new book?

I hope the voting is delayed until after the book is published so the Byamers have a chance to read the "rest of the story".

Dennis, the book has been published. It's available through the online Airstream store at and probably through dealers. "Wanderlust: Airstream at 75"

There are no unsettling facts about Wally in there. Just clarifications, details, and a few corrections of the popular history. The point is made clear that Wally was not a demi-god, but just a really good marketer.
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name change

Why is the WBCCI voting to change the name? Yes, change is needed but what's in a name? Isn't Wally Byam already synonimous with Airstream, doesn't the inclusion of the word Airstream cause a redundancy? I think two clubs are in order. One to preserve the integrity of the original club and one that is brand spanking new to become the represention of its embodiment.

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Originally Posted by C Johnson
Wally Bynam Airstream Club?
It's Wally Byam...that's the 7th option above ~

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many vote, yet. (can't make up my mind). But, I will say:

Twink and Kevin: This IS an important change, even though it seems there are bigger problems. this is one that can be "fixed' more easily than one of attitudes. Recruiting is a major issue, and I'm sure at least some of that can be attributed to marketing deficiencies. The lack of name recognition is part of that. Most everyone knows what an airstream is; nobody other than airstreamers knows who "Wally Byam" was. IMO, the current name is only fitting in terms of tradition. I'm all for "tradition", to a point. But this name really doesn't describe this organization. "Wally" is gone. and who "caravans"? very, very few of us have the time or the means. That's all there was to do with a travel trailer, way back when, before the landscape was dotted with campgrounds. And while we're at it, Wally wasn't all about this exclusivity that defines the club. His caravan trips were open to anyone with any make of camper.

So what does the current name have to do with the club as it exists today? not much. What does the name say about the club to prospective members? It says "this is a club for old retired folks who want to take extended trips, many weeks in length, across the country". "Well, thats not for me", is what I'd say to that, if thats all I knew about the club. When in fact, the WBCCI in which I have participated over the last few years is about lots of different things, and has lots of different members. Some have "vintage" campers; some ARE vintage campers. Some do take long trips, and others stay closer to home. Some people are into fixing up old trailers, and some prefer "less experienced" ones. Some like both. Wbcci-ers are a diverse group. About the only thing we all absolutely have in common is an Airstream camper of some sort. The name of the club should reflect that broad definition. Its not about "Wally"; its about a product he created. And while it is about caravanning...that's not ALL its about. That is only a small part of it. So to me, the most sensible name for this organization would be "The Airstream Club". Or perhaps "The Airstream Owner's Association".
*(fwiw: I'm not familiar with any "Aircraft Owners Association". I am, however, a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association"


There are practical problems with any name change. We've got a whole bunch of printed material out there that says "wbcci". replacing all of that is going to be an expensive proposition. It may actually be more practical to ADD the name "Airstream" to the existing name, rather than replace what we already have. Adding the phrase "The Airstream Club" as a more accurately descriptive tag-line, or alternate name to the existing printed material would serve several purposes. It would be a political compromise between those who oppose change, and those who favor it. It could save money, if at least some documentation could be appended, rather than replaced, or at the very least, phased in over time. And it would preserve the traditional name of the organization, while also adequately describing the organization to the non-airstreaming, and potential future-airstreaming (and "airstream club-ing") public.

-The Airstream Club

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