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I hope all will understand that I would in no way offer a suggestion of allowing anybody into the WBCCI who does not own an Airstream. Ever. Not under any circumstances.

Now, maintaining that stance toward SOBs does not prevent us from entering into a cooperative arrangement with something like FMCA, specifically where numbers count for obtaining discounts from businesses. Suppose that we were to gain some advantage with such an arrangement in obtaining discounts from Costco or Michelin or somesuch.

Similarly, suppose with such an arrangement, we (both) approached, say, Passport America to say that we'd like to have steeply discounted PA membership for all members of the club(s). It might be hard for PA to say no to an offer to add many thousands of members to their ranks. This move would require no money from the RVing clubs, just a deeply discounted way of joining PA.

Again, I wouldn't support any such arrangement (1) if it results in any SOBs in the WBCCI and (2) it does not confer some financial advantage to us all.

I'll come with other suggestions in a separate message.


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One area where I think we could use a change of course involves the two IBT meetings, the International and the Mid-Winter.

Currently, these are basically business meetings. As such, they do not draw much of anybody who isn't really "into" the WBCCI and its traditions and practices. This is not to say that these traditions and practices aren't important, but in order to draw newbies to the club, more has to be offered.

So these two rallies need reconfiguration. Of course, there's the business meeting; that's a given. In addition, however, there must be events, seminars, classes and more that are not just extensions of the business meeting and/or our traditions and practices. (In other words, a seminar on how to conduct a good caravan would not count.)

Of course, a good deal of this involves where the event is held. I note, for example, that we'll be having the International in Farmington, NM in a couple of years. Whoa!

-A flyfishing class with outings is a must. Maybe a couple of them.
-Classes/seminars on Native American culture of the SW with side trips to Chaco, Aztec and more.
-Geology in the area is magnificent for hikers and photographers. Classes/seminars separately on both with side trips

In addition, one could imagine stuff that it not related to the area, but interesting nonetheless for newbies:

-Of course, multiple seminars and hands-on workshops on Airstream maintenance and repair.
-More seminars/workshops on stuff that is RV-related, but not specifically Airstream: Propane, various appliances, best solar, and much more.
-Add in workshops and hands-on sessions for other stuff, including photography, trip scrapbooking, trip mapping software reviews, cooking (indoor, outdoor) and more.

I understand that a transition from a rally in which the business meeting takes precedence over other stuff to a rally in which the business meeting is secondary to other stuff won't be accomplished at once. There is inertia to overcome, and it is always significant. Furthermore, such a change may engender other changes, including, for example, shifting more matters literally offsite to electronic or other means of handling affairs, freeing more time at the rally on events that attract new people to the club.


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Let me add just one more thought on reconfiguring the International and Mid-Winter. By adding tons of events, seminars and classes, one flashpoint that might come up involves conflict of timing. Suppose, for example, that a flyfishing event conflicts with one of the business meetings. Do you schedule the flyfishing event or not?

My response is this: Absolutely schedule the non business-related events that conflict in time with business-related events. The point here is to offer a plethora of activities that will attract people who would otherwise not even consider attending these rallies. For every time slot, there should be multiple offerings. So for folks who are really "into" the WBCCI and its practices and traditions, well, there are the various business-related meetings in various time slots. Attend them! But that's just one of the offerings for a given slot, hardly the only one.

Think of it this way: The business meetings are needed, but the well-being of these rallies depends on at least as much (if not more) on offering non-business things to do.

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Here's another suggestion, albeit one that would hardly attract younger members: Get somebody from the AARP to come to the rally and do a workshop on Medicare add-on plans.

More generally -- and less laughable -- would be to consider workshops or seminars that really don't have that much to do directly with Airstreaming, but would nonetheless attract people.

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When I bought my AS in 2006, I was encouraged by the dealer to join the WBCCI. Quite frankly the Blue Beret was a total turn off and other than providing a warm body so that the FCU could get their charter, I dropped my membership.

The only constructive idea that I can offer up is to cut a deal with Rich Luhr to have AIRSTREAM LIFE sent to WBCCI members with an 8 page WBCCI insert containing news and notes. It's not that difficult to have a separate WBCCI insert and it will enhance Rich's circulation numbers so that he can charge more for advertising! If there's paid staff doing the BB, this is a good excuse to cut back.

In reading through the 34 pages of posts here, it appears that the two main reasons for joining WBCCI is exchanging ideas and socializing. To be real blunt, I find that a lot of the members with older trailers are not as welcoming to new members with newer trailers. I have a number of interests and the AS is not even near the top of that list. While we have friends with Airstreams, we also have friends with SOB's whose company we enjoy just as much. Actually we recently bought a Leisure Van as it fits our needs for touring better than the AS. The AS is being repurposed as a TT that will remain in the same place for more than a few days.

As a lot of people have pointed out, clubs are losing members right and left. Overhauling the WBCCI communication process and focusing on the needs of new members is paramount to bringing the club back to life. Even if it steps on some toes.
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Ok, last suggestions, and then I promise to keep my trap shut. For a while.

Suggestion #1:

I don't know if this would be financially feasible or not, but imagine an International or Mid-Winter specifically organized such that you can choose to stay at the rally site or elsewhere. The rally fee for staying on site would be more, of course.

I'm thinking, for example, of a major rally not at a very large facility like at Gillette or Perry, but rather at a smaller site with fewer expected to stay on site. However, the location must offer a significant number of other opportunities, including both RV parks and boondocking.

Imagine, for instance, a place like Moab.

Of course, The Big Challenge would be to locate such a place that also offers plentiful meeting facilities at the rally site. That might be tough.

Suggestion #2:

Ok, here's a different, but much more radical version of the same idea: Choose the major rally location based only on meeting facilities. Everybody (or nearly everybody) stays elsewhere. You'd have to select a location that offers plenty of RV parks, campgrounds, and boondocking opportunities, but the rally site itself is effectively independent of all of them.

Of course, the earlier ideas on offering non-business activities apply. Perhaps even more so.

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regardless of what the WBCCI was in its early years, we have to deal with the real, present situation.

Today, the WBCCI is somewhat fractured by a list of different, though not exclusive, interests. You can certainly be active in several.

The following is only a quick list and i'm sure there are other divisions that could be added - but hopefully you'll see where i'm going with this. [feel free to add more as you see fit - but be kind - no Coke vs Pepsi splits!]

The WBCCI cannot remain top-heavy with one type of member or activity. How it goes about appealing to the different groups to maintain and grow its membership is the question

"Young" <50
"Old" > 50
with Kids
w/o Kids
Campfires/Games/Happy Hour
Seminars/Side Trips/Etc.

lastly - since most [all?] here seem to agree that the moho issue is DEAD i will not longer refer to it.
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I have been following all this, and Lynn, I really appreciate all your thoughts and questions/ideas as to how to improve things. Jon, I believe you are correct that we need to live in the present ... and while it's good to recognize our rich heritage, it's not wise to hang our hats solely on past traditions. We need to be forward thinking.

I won't dwell on the club's leadership culture — something that obviously needs to change and modernize in order for the club to remain relevant and flourish. That is a slow process, and while I do think that inroads are being made, whether it will happen quickly enough I don't know.

I'll skip to the issues aside from the club's leadership culture that effect membership growth in a more "immediate" way. I see three things that impact heavily on membership retention and growth: (1) cost, (2) benefits, and (3) diversity.

(1) Cost: I personally think the WBCCI dues are too high. Presently dues are $65 + Unit Dues. For the 4CU that's a total of $65+$1=$66/yr, one of the least expensive units to belong to. If total dues were more reasonable, joining would require less pondering by potential members. It's one of the reasons the 4CU keeps its unit dues so low.

(2) Benefits: We need more tangible benefits to membership — benefits beyond the fun and good times we have with our unit members, and the romance of being part of an international group of fellow Airstreamers ... as Lynn proposes, more "bang for your buck". This might come in the form of the organization cutting deals for its membership for discounts in areas such as camping, shopping, insurance , fuels, etc ... and/or more and improved direct benefits from the organization itself ... a better magazine, more appealing/less expensive regional and national rallies, more accessible caravans, etc ... and work to continually search for new innovative ways to benefit members.

(3) Diversity: This speaks to Jon's last post about club demographics. We need to be as diverse and inclusive as possible, making the club welcoming and relevant to all types of people of all ages, income levels, working status, etc. And because membership is built at the unit level, this is on the units to accomplish, developing unit cultures that make everyone feel welcome and valued ... holding events/rallies satisfying and fun for everyone in terms of activities, food, venue, length of time, etc etc. If we can do this, we will grow and retain membership.
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I just had the opportunity to read the newer posting to this thread. It almost would be better to split it off from the original MoHo issue which is thankfully dead. (I posted on that earlier and won't repeat).

I'm not sure if I fall in the "old" or Young" group. I am 51 with an 8th grader and a freshman in high school. I work full time as does my wife. We also have a dog just to round out the demographic. We belong to the newly formed Southeastern Camping Unit of the WBCCI. This unit plans to concentrate on camping in State and National Parks around the Southeastern US (hence the name). You can find the unit on the web at: Southeastern Camping Unit (012) | Moving WBCCI Forward!

Some thoughts after reading the above thread comments and where my family falls in our Airstream experience.

Caravans: I can't wait until I retire and have time to go on some of the long caravans up to Newfoundland, Alaska, and the Southwest. In the mean time we went on a 9 day caravan (two weekend and the week in between which is doable for a working guy) up the full length of the Blue Ridge Parkway fall of 2012. It was fantastic and I look forward in keeping my caravan craving satisfied with shorter caravans for the next 15 years or so.

Rallies: Our unit has something planned almost every month of the year. True, I won't be able to make all of them, but they are available. The last one was coupled with a paddle trip in the Okefenokee Swamp! All of the rallies have activities beyond just sitting around the campsite. There are places to visit and things to do in addition to that at each rally. There are things my kids enjoy, there are things the younger kids enjoy, and there are things adults older and younger than I enjoy.

Diversity: We have retiree's, young children families, older children families, working empty nesters, and no children working couples. We have married and non-married families. Our membership pretty much runs the gamut of America.

WBCCI: Those of us in the unit believe (and hope) we are headed in the direction which will see the rich history of the WBCCI preserved for us and those who follow us. Our family appears to be the center demographic of those buying Airstreams. Contrary to the mantra chanted by others, both my generation and the several behind me are joiners; if there is something of perceived value. Camping, short caravans, exploring, and friendships along with the history and shared ownership of Airstreams is the value we believe those who haven't yet joined are looking for.

From what I have read, we are doing many of the same things with much the same philosophy as the Four Corners Unit and the Oregon Unit. We hope that our activities are attractive to others as well, both member and not yet members of the WBCCI.
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First, if the dues about 40 years ago were $7.50, inflation would make them about $32.50 now. But if people can afford an RV, are the amount of the dues really that much more? I think the complaints about dues are about what you get for them—if you see it as squabbling over the club leadership, then the dues are too high. If you join for the rallies, it is probably well worth it. In my opinion, the dues are low compared to other clubs, and the income is too low to really have the resources to find and recruit new members.

Second, I keep reading the club has to appeal to younger people. Maybe that is not a demographic worth mining. How many young Airstream owners are there? Does anyone know what age groups own what percent of Airstreams? It seems to me that young owners seem like more people than they are because they stand out. So, it would be a good idea to find out what age group to go after before you allocate resources to get them to join. I think Lynn has a lot of good ideas—and those ideas need to be matched up with age groups they appeal to and then see whether they are worth going after.

Third, young people tend to join virtual internet groups and keep in contact that way. This club (and many others, also declining in membership) has a hard time grasping that.

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Kind of depends on one's definition of "young," Gene. For an oldster like you, they're all young. For me, shucks, just because I suggested a seminar on Medicare doesn't mean ... well ... ok, ok, I can see that I'm about to make a fool of myself again, so best end this sentence right here.

Seriously, though, I don't think too much about age per se as about what it means to spend one's time, especially one's free time. Some folks want to get involved in leadership or at least in the direction of groups, often passionately so and to the exclusion of all other activity; other folks think that's droll at best, an absolutely boring turn-off at worst. So what happens when the leadership/direction types basically dominate the scene? Predictable results.

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I can't afford this club.

Hi, well this is how I feel about it; Seems to be a rich persons club to me. We took a 50 day round trip to Alaska. We took bus, boat, river boat tours, and did a lot of things on our own. This trip cost a ton of money. What would it cost to do a trip like this as part of this club? Seems to me that these Rallies are way out of range for a lot of people. Maybe tone them down some and greatly reduce the cost. For example: when we stop at a camp ground, we don't use their restrooms, showers, play grounds, hot tubs, or what ever they have. We unhook and visit places of interest, like Airplane museums, or take a factory tour. I'd love to go to Nascar or Indy, but when I see a cost $3,500.00 to gosh knows how much, for a three day event, that's just out of the question for us.

I may be wrong in what I see, but that is the feeling that I get. So no clubs for me.

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Originally Posted by ROBERTSUNRUS View Post

I may be wrong in what I see, but that is the feeling that I get. So no clubs for me.
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I am a bit at a loss to understand why this discussion persists on the MOHO issue thread, but....

One of the things we learned as members for 2 years is that rallies are intended to raise money for the unit, chapter, etc., that is hosting the rally.

They are fund raisers, not just get togethers that are meant to break even financially. This accounts for some of the high cost.

If this is not the case at this time, someone will surely correct me.


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