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Greetings from the Florida Panhandle

I have been carefully watching this thread with great interest.

We are WBCCI members, and have been since getting into Airstreaming four years ago. We love our Lucy and have used her extensively, more than we ever thought that we would. In the past 3+ years, we have pulled Lucy over 50,000 miles, and have spent 550 nights in her. Lucy has visited all of the lower 48 States. I mention these facts to show that we are avid Airstreamers, and not some once-in-a-whilers.

We have been to several Airstream Rallies, both AIR and Wbcci. They were OK, but not really our cup of tea. We are not unfriendly folks, but we are not congregators, and do not feel the need to "herd" with other Airstreamers. As far as participating in an Airstream caravan is concerned, I would just as soon have a root canal.

We have decided to remain WBCCI members for several reasons. We like to have the flexibility to attend a WBCCI event or rally whenever and wherever we please. We like being able to camp at the various Airstream-only campgrounds. The rates for WBCCI members are very favorable. This benefit alone pays for most of our membership. We also really like the big red numbers, and feel that Lucy would not look like herself without them. Although, Lucy also proudly displays her blue AIR numbers.

They don't have to because the WBCCI is structured in such a manner that the IBT is all-powerful and the rank-and-file members are meaningless. The members-at-large issue is a prime example. Here is a Club where a significant portion of the dues-paying membership does not have a vote. That is downright stupid! Along the same line, if the WBCCI were one member, one vote, the IBT knows that they would be out on their ear in the next election.

We plan to remain WBCCI members, and not abandon the Club. I think that much of what the Club does is stupid, and I want to be in a position to complain.


SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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And from Central Florida

I too have been watching this thread, and resisted replying until now. Brian, I am in agreement with you. The cost of membership has it's benefits, and entitles you to speak-out within the club and not as an outsider.

As you can see by the signature, we are involved with our local Unit and that's where the fun really is. We enjoy planning and attending those rallies. The bigger ones are pretty much the same and after this year we'll take a hard look at our attendance there.

I encourage every member to try a caravan if you are able to devote the time and money. We were on the Nor' by Nor' East this year and had a great time. This is after all, the WB Caravan Club I. That's what it needs to focus on for the future. (Brian, we'll talk at the Can-Opener.)

The club is facing some challenges ahead, and I want to be a part of the solution. Throwing your hands in the air and walking away from everything you have worked for is not an option for me.


Randy and Pat Godfrey
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I disagree with what I said in my last post.


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Originally Posted by moosetags View Post
The members-at-large issue is a prime example. Here is a Club where a significant portion of the dues-paying membership does not have a vote.
In the past five years, the members voted down both the name change (thanks Leo) and SOB motions (thanks Leo).
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Like Brian and Suellen we are avid travelers—in half the time (2 years vs. 4) we have covered about 23,000 miles and though I haven't counted the states we have visited, it is more than 30 plus 3 provinces. We have invested thousands of dollars in improvements to our Safari. Through the forum we have met some members of each group—Forum and WBCCI—personally and enjoyed making new friends.

Because our time is limited and we mostly like to travel on our own, we have few opportunities to attend rallies and a caravan is just not our way to travel—something worse than a root canal. Nonetheless, I check out the rally calendar, but our schedule usually conflicts with them. One we were looking forward to last August with the NorCal group suddenly became impossible, not only because of our schedules but because I had to attend a settlement conference over a nuisance lawsuit at the same time. I have noticed that since we live in the relatively sparsely populated west, there are simply fewer rallies to attend unless we want to drive 1,000 miles to get to a rally. That means a week driving both ways just to get there.

Since the WBCCI wants to attract new members, I would think the leaders and supporters would want to know how nonmembers look at the WBCCI.

When we first bought our trailer, I looked into what was being said about the group by members and former members. Those members include those who are avid supporters. A lot of what was said is negative: the leadership cares not for the members, the leadership is out of touch, the leadership is wasting money and running the club at constant deficits, the members are leaving in droves, the membership has shrunk from more than 20,000 to less than 6,000, rallies of many units are more like the 1950's than the present day, voting is stacked against change, only retirees are welcome, new members are not welcomed, those who speak out are quashed, and on and on.

Why would most people want to join such an organization?

I know positive things are also said: we have friends in our units, our unit is progressive and informal, ignore the leaders because our unit is different, there are more WBCCI rallies than Forum rallies, honor the history of the WBCCI, and honor Wally Byam by joining the Club.

So, we have to look at the pros and cons. First of all, a lot of people say what Wally would want, but Wally himself hasn't said anything in decades, so I don't know what he'd think of the present WBCCI. I have no problem with the history of the Club, but the present counts more. We have made friends through the Forum and although I don't doubt the 4CU is progressive and informal, slowly we meet people in that group as time permits. More rallies would be nice because it means more opportunities to meet Airstream people, but this is not a deal breaker.

On the other side, is the widely acknowledged mess that the leadership has made of the Club. I repeat: [I]Avid supporters acknowledge the leadership is doing a bad job.[I] To join this organization is to support that bad management, attempts to silence critics and pay for unsustainable deficits made by and for others. I also note that some supporters try to silence any criticism on this Forum or simply discount what is said—is that going to attract new members? I know it means we will not be attending the annual meeting and seeing hundreds of Airstreams in one place, but I wouldn't want to pay the high fees for that anyway.

If we had joined the WBCCI several years ago and made friends through that membership and had the time to attend more rallies, maybe we would feel differently. I fully understand why Brian and others want to stay in the group. Maybe the possible increase in dues would not drive us out of the Club if things were different, but I would still be irritated by it.

The fact is to me that the WBCCI is not an attractive option to nonmembers and many of the supporters are not doing anything that will attract new members. I truly wish it were different, but it isn't. There are now, through the Forum, different options and Airstreamers are taking those options while WBCCI members are voting with their feet and leaving. I see no reason why this will change.

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I too agree with Moosetags and silvercabin,and applaude Rob & Frank for getting people talking (mad as hell and not taking it any more). I will continue to talk change to our membership. Also as President with a Nation Rally I'm going to be the 1 vp's best friend , if they like it or not. I've haven't hit my head against the glass ceiling yet so I'm going to still fight for change from the inside.

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Seems like we meet more members of this forum on the road than WBCCI folk.
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It has really all been said--so many times, in so many ways and from every possible angle--ad nauseum. The WBCCI is a wreck, we hear that, and the status quo cannot be tolerated. It would seem that the mere history, here, warrants the effort to resolve the issues. We cannot be the only ones who simply don't know enough to know who to contact, how to reach them, etc., and these Forums are reaching a lot of people.

How about a new thread pertaining strictly to Saving the WBCCI? No pissing and moaning about what is wrong with the WBCCI allowed, (that can still be done for those who must on this and other threads) but an action plan for starting to bring about needed change. Seriously!! This notion has been partially addressed but something separate and concise that interested but unknowledgeable persons can go to, where you do not have to wade through all of this stuff to try to figure out what you can do!

There is a month or so before the IBT meets, during which time members can lobby the relevant parties regarding the most important issues. We will be reading and watching and will do what we can, but we need guidance.

Let's have an action plan!!
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Good luck

Doug and Maggie,

Good luck with that... as all I can say is communication from the member to the IBT is one way - you to them... THEY do not reply. And if you do, they'll just say, I agree with your points but all I'm doing is banging my head against the wall..

It's gonna be like boot camp... where you break the individual, and rebuild...the WBCCI has to be broken and then rebuilt. How to do this is easy - make them run out of money ( don't give them your money and BOYCOTT International ) .. they'll dip into the treasury one last time and will have to CHANGE or dissolve...

As far as two way communication.. we though the new WBCCI forums was to be the tool - but alas, that is NOT the case.

I'll be watching too... eagerly.

Rob, Zoe', Stanton, Bryce, Braedon and Finn Baker
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We are willing to try.
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WHAT??? No more LUNCHES???...well, at least Wally would invite me over for a hot dog...and, I would reciprocate...was that relish and mustard? I was a 1st VP, but saw some problems with my own attitude and time to devote...still pay my dues, but sometimes feel guilty about not contributing more...however, the lack of progressive and supportive leadership is a REAL problem...I have found that our unit is just THAT...a unit. We camp, eat, enjoy community, raise a few(ok, more than a few)...but we have fun...what a concept! and we C A M P...where and when did that notion go away? Ya make more friends at a campfire than you do at Golden Corral, and you'll probably eat better...we always have...invitations are not necessary, but ALWAYS extended...c'mon and join us...I truly believe that example is the strongest strategy to accomplishing anything...DO IT, and let it happen.
Michael & Tracy
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Well I have intaked a lot from this posting over issues of WBCCI, we are still newbees to air forms and WBCCI and still have many questions for all. but I must say I respect all your views Rob you have done a lot for airstream fokes like us always something new for me to learn, peewee your family history earns my respect also. we love are vintage airstream and it would not be complete or right without the lovely red numbers on it paying respect to our founder of airstreams and all that is good about streaming is one reason we will stay with the club , also durning our travels we need a place to hang our hats for several months and TOP OF GA is the place with club membership 180 month big help in the wallet for full time travelers I hope and pray that all this talk and hashing out on here will result with changes to the club for all involved and for Wally;s due respect which he so earned and worked hard for all those traveling in his footsteps, Happy days for all and merry X Mass to all
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Public Appology

I would like to apologize for a statement that I made in an earlier post to this thread. What I intended to say was that the IBT should be dethroned from their high and mighty position because of their lack of regard for the wishes of the the membership. If anyone has taken offense to my statement, please accept my sincerest apology.

SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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The King has no clothes on...

A margarita inspired goofy idea....I think it would be a hoot if everyone concerned about the how things are being run got bumper stickers for their rigs that say "The King has no clothes on". It has the making of a cult hit protest. Imagine a ton of rigs cruising the highways and pulling into internationals with those, what are they going to do, file grievances against 500 members? I suspect not. OOOH and t-shirts, got to have t-shirts.


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greg gibson,

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