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Originally Posted by CrawfordGene View Post
Too bad I can't join the 4CU without joining WBCCI. 4CU sounds like my kind of club and they don't seem to fight each other and I don't have a tuxedo (I guess you don't really need one as a WBCCI member, do you?).

You don't as long as you have a Pirate suit and eye patch.
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to get away from the "I don't like or want to join the wbcci " which any thread that has to do with the wbcci seems to turn to I would like to invite ex-wbcci members and prospective new members to our next rally/luncheon for the Oregon Unit. (Check the rally threads) And if you are too cheap to join wbcci you can still come but I will start giving you a hard time after the 3rd rally. Last summer we had a great rally and invited any Airstream owner. 5 non-members attended and 3 joined our unit and I think the other 2 joined the Wash unit because they live in Washington state.


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Just out of curiosity I searched to see if I had a local club and when they gathered. It seems 2 exclude the non-retired folks (new members?...) from joinin' in....

"1st Tue ea mo Starting Jan. 2009 - Luncheon 10:45 AM..."

When is the membership drive? Thursday Mornings? u can't be serious?
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Big Mouth Singers

Big Mouth Singers

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When my children were small there was a Playskool toy that offered electronic, musical fun with "singing" pals and delightful songs. Press a "piano" key to make a wacky pal open its mouth and "sing"! Press a second key, and another friend joins in the "sing-along" fun.

And so it goes, here on the open forums. Press a member's button and they will let loose with a string, usually a familiar tone and sound singular to themselves. Together they form a chorus, alone it echoes clearly. What is a good thing is that the singing pals always stay put so there are no lost pieces.

An open forum is a sounding board for a spectrum of diverse postings and opinions.

There are many roads into WBCCI threads and all finally diverge into an amalgamation. A moderator's nightmare I am sure. I am one of the worst offenders and for that I do apologize. If there is any blame to be lain it would rightly be for where some one posts and not what someone posts, each posting responsibly and courteously on the whole. I mean no disrespect nor do I intend to subvert recruiting efforts or be perceived as a negative. On the positive these threads gather a spectrum of postings from recruitment, to invitations, to history, to politics. Many gravitate to these threads to put in their say. Most address some subject matter albeit not always germane to the opener, but for the most, individuals are addressing some issue and not launching menacing grievances against one another. These threads serve primarily as a meeting place to discuss member concerns along with interested forum members also frequenting the conversations. It's a beneficial mix and not a danger.

First off the club is not arguing all the time. In fact I can almost guarantee you that the club is fighting zero percent of the time! As with any of the talk show threads, the allure and usage of an open forum does not reflect actual social interaction, not in WBCCI, not in axle wars, not in economic or political threads. There is often hype and theatrics, energy and explosion, the positive and the negative. This little piece of cyberspace is a virtual phenomenon of the Internet. In reality you would not be exposed in person to any of the pontifications and explosions of the Internet persona. You would be greeted with friendliness and well mannered club members, I have NO doubt.

There is a subculture in WBCCI and it is a cold war. ARRGH! Don't shush me and put your hand over my mouth because I am speaking the truth. I am for member responsibility and member awareness. You have only to step away from this thread or others like it and you can walk in the sunshine and have fun every day. I have a particular interest in the top leadership of the club and think the self governed units are doing well. Your experience in entirety would be with your unit and its activities unless you want to go out of your way to examine where the bulk of your membership money is going. Old order WBCCI has the method of operation to handle all complaints with the code of ethics and nip it in the bud right there. All is good and no other talk is allowed. But through time and necessity, such as the advent of the name change, members started questioning and wanting transparency and accountability as they were courted into widening out and becoming volunteers at the leadership's own cry for help. So as pressing onto maturity in the club and before one could assume the position, one would need to learn the club. But there were peculiarities in approaching the business of WBCCI and its leadership and ideas to be shared. It seemed member awareness and involvement was paramount to growing the club and encouraging members in an aging member base to get away from complacency and crafting changes to reflect the needs of future membership. The Save Wally organization has been very instrumental in gathering and sharing information about everything you always wanted to know about the WBCCI but were afraid to ask and what the Blue Beret does not tell you in its members news. Now upon that there is much to be said but best saved for another time or place.

I conclude with this. I suspect the biggest liability of the WBCCI and its own worst enemy is the cost of membership. If the dues were competitive with Tin Can Tourists or other travel clubs or even with the majority of unit dues or the VAC dues, in the range of $20.00 for a membership card, newsletter and being entered into the central database of members, I suspect there would be plenty of Airstreamers willing to take the club out for a spin. Unit events are solvent and a pay as you go event scale makes perfect sense for easy bookkeeping. Teresa hit the nail on the head when she said all were invited but by the third rally she might be looking for that membership from you. There is some point in time when hospitality extended and freeloading converge. Don't look to abuse your hosts hospitality! Join and help grow the club.

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I want to say well said and good points well stated. There is one thing that I want to say I disagree with. The dues. I feel $57 is a token fee. I am a carpenter, I work with my hands all day and the collar of my shirt is usually blue. Most members of the WBCCI are more likely to be who I work for and not those I work with. What I am getting at is I do not earn a lot of money. My disposable income is non existent and my discretionary spending is not as open as some peoples might be. I just find the dues to be so little for what I get out of the club. Most of the people reading this spend more each month on cable television. Anyone with the daily starbucks habit spends the dues on coffee twice each month. I know I personally spend more on sandpaper and glue each month than the dues costs for an entire year. I probably spend close to that on adult beverages in a month. I just do not think the dues is that exorbitant.
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I agree with 62Overlander, the dues are not a big deal. I also don't have a bunch of money to throw around with 2 kids in college right now (and I have to do my own carpentry which for the most part is not very pretty!) but the dues are not a deal breaker.

I have to pay dues for a couple of other organizations I belong to, some for business some for fun and to be honest they have all went up over the past two years. Some by 100%. Yes I flinch at each increase but then pay it because of the business need or for the value the group brings to the table.

The WBCCI dues issue is a very deep subject dealing with budgets, the spending practices and other items that have been discussed over and over. But the bottom line is if they have to increase then so be it, I'll deduct the cost from my 21 year old's college allowance, I need the adult beverage fund not her!

I think dues and the club are a minor issue as well. Lets ask this of the group: All things being equal, and not looking at any other topics discussed about the WBCCI, would a dues increase keep you from rejoining or joining the club at all?
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Carol Well said
If WBCCI dues were $20 and no rally fees. We would have already been a member. We are on a small fixed income and cannot afford much. I carry my own insurance that covers my rig and any of my actions that might injure someone else. That's all that's needed.
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Thanks for opening your heart and sharing your feelings. Your last post was the best writing you've given us and sums up the situation quite well.

I don't think that the membership dues are a deal breaker all the time, but I'm sure that it is some of the time. We have members in our Unit who are millionaires, but they'll complain about nickel and dime stuff and not go to a rally because of the price of gas. At the same time we have members who are struggling to pay bills, and the price of membership and club activities really can be prohibitive for them. So, membership cost is an issue, not a deal breaker for me necessarily, but no doubt it is for others.
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Originally Posted by Mikethefixit View Post
For those who are not capable of coming, Wheres the pic of the campfire??
Here you go...
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Yeah know, sometimes I wish I could say what I really think....
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Here's my favorite campfire shot

It has the spirit! Letchworth State Park, Oct 07
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That's a beautiful shot of the campfire. makes me want to hit the road.
Thanks, Rich
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I've had a similar problem as some other posters here. I contacted my local Florida unit to see if I could join them on one of their cruise outings to meet everybody. I was so excited, they were going on a cruise that was leaving from the development where I live. No answer to my e-mail. May be they sensed that I'm much younger then they are.
My next try would be-Can I come to the Rally in Sarasota without my trailer before becoming a member???
Also, what's WDCU?
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Originally Posted by Libo View Post
Also, what's WDCU?
The WDCU is the Washington DC Unit of the WBCCI. It's a great unit with many members on the forums as well.



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