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Originally Posted by moosetags
I think that it is extremely shortsighted on the part of International President Shafer to state publicly that those who disagree with him (mal-contents) should drop their membership in WBCCI. I think it is time for the WBCCI Borard of Directors to wake up.

Thanks to those who corrected this misperception!

Don Shafer, current WBCCI President never said this!!!

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My 15 Cents!

Originally Posted by wkerfoot
Being only 60, and the first of the baby boomers, we are among the youngest in our unit. We enjoy everyone, regardless of age and computer literacy. I have no idea what their position on wearing a beret is and I don't really care.

We will complete our 2nd year of membership in 2007 and my wife has asked that we NOT renew. As the above quote implies this gentleman is 60 and considered the baby. During our last rally someone approached me and pointed out that I was the youngest member of the unit (age 46). Ouch!!

I love the people but find the camping locations we go to as quite boring. I've offered that we should try some informal 'rallys' during our off months so no takers. I've approached 2 presidents about having our rallies at places that don't have a hall. This is because having a hall forces our hand about where we can go. Sorry but playing cards isn't my bag, but sitting around a campfire and visiting is.

My parents always taught me to be part of the solution however after 2 years my initiative to do this is gone. Maybe we'll rejoin once we hit 60!

Best of luck to WBCCI. Bring on those state parks and the great outdoors

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Shape Up or Ship Out

It's ironic that the same board that dressed down the VAC president last year at the International in Salem (shape up or ship out you pot-smoking radicals of WBCCI) now wants VAC votes, among others, to help them to retain their WBCCI membership by allowing owners of non-Airstream products in the club.

The 2007 delegates' meeting will be interesting, even more so than those of at Springfield in 2005 and at Salem last year.
Dakota Skipper
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A few lessons to be learned!

Hello all -

It seems that WBCCI has a LOT of improvements it needs to get started on POST HASTE - to keep the membership #'s out of further free fall, toward certain oblivion...

Just spent an enjoyable hour reading the Highway publication. Lots of the content doesn't interest me directly since it references MH's, accident insurance, etc.... BUT, I look at EVERY page!!! BB, by contrast takes about 10 minutes to scan - MAX! Repetative content, coupons, beauty queens, old travel logs. At least 9/10 of it is a waste of paper. Anyone at WBCCI listening??

GS club is actively WORKING to expand their services, the benefits and ultimately the reason for joining. They are becoming the 800lb gorilla in the RV world, and WHY? Membership, lots of members!!! WBCCI, by contrast, is a JOKE!! No wonder folks are stampeeding towards the exits....

It's like that wreck you can see happening - awful to see, but you can't look away. I am sorry to see the Legacy and the hardwork frittered away...!

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I'm really getting concerned

Can the WBCCI survive? I would hope so.

I have been involved in WBCCI pretty much my whole life in one way or another.I love the club and have tons of good memories.I have met the greatest people and have made many life long friendships.

I have a feeling of helplessness right now.I'm seeing a once great club dismantled one piece at a time by a small group of folks that are doing what they want and totally ignoring the wishes of the majority of the general membership.

In part,the helplessness I'm feeling is that there doesn't seem to be any system in place to vote out or impeach these folks quickly before they totally destroy the club. I really hope that the IBT see's the light before it's too late for them or the club.

If I have offended anyone you have my apologies . It's the frustration and the sense of helplessness talking.

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There have been officers elected to high office without the nominating committee's approval. Jerry Larson was elected International 3rd VP when the failed to recommend the single nominee they had. Running from the floor is not that hard if you have some prior with the club and a good reputation. If the candidate has a firm commitment to the member's needs and gets the word out, I think a good person could run successfully for third VP of international or any of the regions. If we could get good candidates to run in every region for four years and the International for three years we could have control of the IBT and make some meaningful improvements. The time is ripe for improvement. It can happen. Now we need some dedicated volunteers. Progressive Party platforn and support will follow.
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What takes so long?

(Kimber here... signing on as a new entity! I picked Wally 54 'cus I just couldn't be Mrs. Buttercup, ya know?)

In Salem this last year I was talking with a neighbor. While discussing the name change and programs and policies that might help the WBCCI in recruiting younger, new-unit members, he said, 'You have some pretty good ideas. Why don't you get in office in your local unit." Then he said, "12 years from now you could be at the top!"

I laughed. I said that's a process that takes way toooooooo long. And, being a little dismayed with the whole name change thing and gasping at the 12 year figure under my breath, I commented that there probably won't be a club in 12 years. And if the name changed I wouldn't be a part of that new club anyway. I was somewhat joking then. I'm not so sure, now.

It is difficult when there is little information out about the candidates, especially from different regions of the country, poor Web presence and all. I think that most of us assume that the next in line will automatically be approved. There's no real choice here. No naysayers at the annual delegates meeting. And, as we have seen recently, I'm sure they all have different agendas.

I also think that members don't feel they have the power to change the course of the future. Every month there is an entire page in the BB taken up with pictures and titles of the IBT members. Could it be that the intended purpose of this page is a recognition of these folks as the future officers and that there is no changing the course of the future?

Of late, though, I've been pondering different thoughts. Yes, dwightdi, If we keep discussing these issues maybe the members will feel more empowered and change will come for the better. This club has got to survive. It's an American Icon just like the silver trailer. America loves us and we love it.

It just might be time for a new strategy to take hold.

If the IBT doesn't work, chuck it!
I say if the Blue Book doesn't work, chuck it!
Start from a fresh 21-Century approach!

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Wally Crying

Why is Wally crying?

Because he needs to find a new club to join. His vision has been lost!
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Because he needs to find a new club to join. His vision has been lost!
In these forums, maybe - there are a lot of examples from a few folks who want demographic based clubs and virtual clubs and politics and propaganda and intolerance and other such things.

But out in the wild, that's where the spirit of Wally Byam lives. Attending rallies, getting out in the RV, seeing new places, making new friends, being respectful of others (and for reality).

No, Wally's not crying. Its a handful of folks who seem bitter and angry because others won't toe their view of the world who seem to be in tears. The rest of us are out camping and seeing new things and making new friends.
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I bet Wally would be right here, encouraging us to not worry about all this stuff, and to do just what you said...get out, enjoy the road.
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Originally Posted by Leipper
In these forums, maybe - there are a lot of examples from a few folks who want demographic based clubs and virtual clubs and politics and propaganda and intolerance and other such things.

But out in the wild, that's where the spirit of Wally Byam lives. Attending rallies, getting out in the RV, seeing new places, making new friends, being respectful of others (and for reality).

No, Wally's not crying. Its a handful of folks who seem bitter and angry because others won't toe their view of the world who seem to be in tears. The rest of us are out camping and seeing new things and making new friends.

Please see post #122 on the BBCCI MOHO Poll thread.


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6 steps

6 steps to SaveWally


Seems like there may be some out there that still have a few steps to go....
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Originally Posted by 65GT
You folks would rather protect flag ceremonies and funny red jackets? Is this believable at any level? Argghhhhh...


Indeed, unbelievable. <sigh>
Tom and Frank
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can WBCCI survive?

My feeling is yes. BUT... it will change and evolve. I just hope and I believe the primary identity, the core beliefs, and solid foundation will endure. I think the pessimistic attitudes expressed on many threads of this forum are not representative of the majority. I imagine what could happen if the negativity and antagonism expressed in many of the discussions on the forums could be channeled in a more positive, collaborative, and cooperative direction.

Changes have happened. It may be baby steps but at least for me, it is an indication that someone is listening. It is an indication that the leadership does care as much as any other member of WBCCI. Take for instance the Blue Book. When I got involved in our local unit in 1996, it was considered a secret document and only the Unit President and other board members could have access. Now it is available on the WBCCI website. Look at the recent idea to offer websites to WBCCI Units through the WBCCI website. Look at the WBCCI forum and the Youth site. Consider the Merit Award Program and other efforts that have been tried to encourage membership. Look at the Dealership program developed by a Unit and now used by other Units with WBCCI support. There are examples in the Blue Beret, the International Rallies and other components of WBCCI as well. Yes, there is work to be done and things could be improved, but at least an effort is being made. Someone is listening.

I know many people are impatient. They think change should happen now. They don't want to wait years for things to change. They don't want to wait for motions to move through the establish system – from a proposal sent by a Unit to the Region, from the Region to the IBT mid winter meeting, from acceptance at the Mid Winter meeting back to the Region and Units for consideration, for the Units to elect their delegate and represent the Unit at the meeting at the Rally in July for something to happen. They don't want to invest years moving up through the leadership system gaining experience along the way. Yes, there has to be a balance but rash decisions often exacerbate the problems they are trying to solve. From many of the misunderstandings and misinformation I have seen expressed on some of these threads, it seems as if some of the proponents of quick change haven't made enough of an effort to understand and be informed before proposing change. This to me, does not bode well for effective change.

I personally have been chipping away at things that concern me since 1998 and my attendance at the International Rally in Boise. Sometimes I get very frustrated. Sometimes I totally disagree with the ideas and proposed changes put before the members. I often feel my voice isn't heard and that my input doesn't count. But I believe in WBCCI so I keep on being an active participant in my local unit as well as in other capacities. I try to keep my concerns within the organization rather than express them to the general public. To communicate my concerns to the leadership from the Unit level to the national level. I have tried to work with and support the leadership while making clear my feelings and position on issues I feel are vital to the identity and existence of WBCCI. And, I have discovered by being patient and persistent, things do change. Ideas do evolve. It may be at a snails pace and sometimes off target but WBCCI is moving forward and I, for one do not feel it is on the brink of disaster.

I think there are some serious issues that need serious solutions. I think membership may continue to decline unless some issues are addressed but I also feel that some of the proposed quick solutions are just as threatening to increasing membership. Imagine if, instead of suggesting we throw out the baby with the bathwater, we exerted energy towards making the efforts begun by WBCCI more effective, more up to date, and more in line with member needs. Call me delusional but I feel by being a little patient and working through the system, maintaining the standards and values that invigorated this organization for 50 years I think WBCCI will rebound and will have a strong future.

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