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Originally posted by Silvertwinkie
Well, well, well.....

Personally, I think my taking a walk has spoken louder to WBCCI than every word I have ever posted here on this forum.

I just got hit up to join the Royal Order of The Moose and sure they have problems, but they have there stuff together . . .


I agree with you. Your loudest message to the WBCCI was walking away from it, not your Forum posts, and I for one hope you keep steadfast and true on your most effectve message beam. I'm sure you'll look great in antlers.

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Blue Beret to WBCCI

I only have one issue of the BB and have already posted my (Ed's, not Debbie's) opinion. No one has yet responded to our request for a screen-name change.

We just joined the Region 9, NTU-WBCCI this week. We are going to give it a try, with our eyes open. After a 2+ yr. VERY happy time with the CasitaClub we have a base line of comparasion. The CC is a totally forum based 'club'; no officers, no dues, no hats, no ceremonies, ...just a lot of cost-efficient rallys and fun exchange of ideas, tips, etc. We will miss that group.

With that said, we are now very proud owners of an Airstream and feel it is a special community. I like the exchange on this forum. We joined the WBCCI as it is, yet open-minded. I remember getting some advise when I was in college during the very late 60's; "If you want to change a 'system' it is much eaiser from the inside than the outside". We will give it (WBCCI) the 'college try'. Stay tuned...

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Originally posted by jcanavera
The saving grace for this organization wil be VAC which will continue and grow. The old guard will leave by age or death and the VAC membership will eventually become the core group which will change and revitalize the organization.
Wow Jack,

I didn't think of that but now that you point it out, VAC will eventually move into International leadership positions and the club will evolve. VAC already has the mag. Very interesting thought.

PS: Sure wish i could join you guys for your Midwest Rally. It sure sounds like fun. Maybe next year...
"It's the journey."

NorCal Fall Rally, Jackson Rancheria, October 7-9 2011 Click here for more info

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Don't stifle debate

" 'So put a sock in it and quit crying' There are no events for the working generation" That is complete bologna!"


The discussion and debate going on in this forum is precisely what should be going on within the WBCCI both at the local level and International level, and it should be aired as publicly as possible. Your comment though probably reflects a general attitude within the organization that sees debate as bologna, and stifles it with complex and rigid parliamentary procedures and rules, if not by outright defensiveness. I can understand your getting defensive, but we need to listen and be willing to change.

BTW, it is not bologna. We have members in our unit that cannot attend the International solely because the 4th of July is their busiest time of the year. They will likely never be able to attend, but the WBCCI has been very resistant to change the date out of respect for Wally Byam's birthday. You say why change the name? Well, I happen to admire Wally Byam, but we should be able to legitimately ask, what benefit does the club gain through the use of Byam's name and image? Does it instead give us an image of being quirky? Does it distract from the goals and mission of the club, or help? And just to keep this discussion somewhat on the topic of the original thread, why are these questions not discussed in articles or letters to the editor in the Blue Beret? If the organization is open to debate and discussion, then why are there no letters to the editor in the BB?

"Dont knock it until you try it. Dont take some one elses opinion, make your own. Always be your own judge and not some one elses."

Yes, well, I'm trying it. And it has been three years. I'm a trustee, and I'm active. I really like everyone I've met, but there are some things about the WBCCI that really bother me. But SilverTwinkie has a point -- how much energy and money and time and effort should anyone be expected to put into a volunteer organization just to get it to listen and accept change? This is a problem. The club is not open about the actual number of members we are losing. I only learned of it from this forum, and had to tally it from the Membership Directory - 2004 shows 7,546 member units, down 256 from the 7,802 member units in 2002. Members have a right to know what is happening and why it is happening. The BB has not adequately addressed the membership issue or any other controversy for that matter. This needs to change.

Out for coffee!
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Thumbs up Maybe we have something in common

I could not agree more with those of you who are looking for WBCCI activities with a more youthful member in mind.

I have four grand children and would LOVE to see activities which they could enjoy.

Just a thought that maybe there are some 'old' members who would be very willing to augment the activities toward a more youthful and time limited membership.

Just a thought in the discussion about working from the inside Vs starting a new group.
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It is what I have said all along, the old are slowly but surely passing away. All the more reason for the Working Family Generation (WFG) to step in and take up the slack.

The senior crowd, (for the most part) will gladly step aside and let us take over. Remember, they have been members for a long time and many of them have held office more than once.

Can you blame them for becoming complacent? They have served their terms and they would like someone else to step in and drive.
They are okay with sitting around and doing nothing if that is all the unit wishes to do. But I will bet that they would be excited about some new activities.

It is a simple matter of we dont do things the way they did. They too had to change some during their time. Surely you dont believe the club has been exactly the same for all these years. It has evolved and the next generation is here. The evolution will continue. Even Airstream has changed, very subtly. The foundation is the same but they have changed.

While many units are suffering, ours is VERY healthy and we are continuing to grow. I guess I was just lucky and found myself joining this unit. It could be very different, But it was destiny that I purchased an Airstream instead of an SOB. I was not looking for an Airstream exclusively when I bought one. I was looking for an affordable camper in decent shape. Destiny has brought me to the SCCU and life is good. If you could only experience the anxiety that builds every month in anticipation of next months rally. It is great that I do not have to call several people and try to get a camping trip organized. You have to admit, it is difficult to bring more than a handful of campers together at the same time, much less every month. I can count on no less than twenty units attending each and every month that has the same excitement as me. Now can you say that?

I would venture to say we will grow by at least one more unit next month.

Call me if you would like to come and have a great Airstream time next month in Myrtle Beach, and the next month and the next month and the next month..............

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The club is not open about the actual number of members we are losing. I only learned of it from this forum, and had to tally it from the Membership Directory - 2004 shows 7,546 member units, down 256 from the 7,802 member units in 2002. Members have a right to know what is happening and why it is happening.
That works out to a 3.28% drop in two years.

I'm curious ... what was the peak in membership and when?

And during that time .. what was Airstream's production numbers compared to today?
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Thumbs up

Well put Jack. My favorite point is that the folks that need to vote, no longer get the mag!

I know Ken has pointed out a few threads here to the "higher ups" and it was done recently. I also know from this forum that Brett is also active in this crusade as well.... so I'll be watching and waiting to see some body work done before I agree to take it off the lot again.

I think if the folks in the higher up positions could see what is posted on this forum, they would have little need to ask about it in the BB. This forum has a great cross section of owners.

I am very grateful that both sides are actually talking here and that it's gotten beyond just a few folks hashing it out. Although I am no longer a memeber, I look forward to seeing the club pass the baton as has been suggested is desired by the current admins....I have no vested interest in seeing any club with such a heritage fold up and blow away like dust.

In the end, time will tell how much change can be achieved, hopefully before it's too late. BTW, folks are right on about the VAC groups....they are some of the nicest most accepting folks around.....
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Arrow Topic

I agree with Eric, (Believe it or not), can we move the off topic (WBCCI) issues to their respective threads. May I suggest "WBCCI participation"?

Sure would be nice to keep the Blue Beret issue seperated from WBCCI.

The intent was to get the WBCCI to improve the Blue Beret and its delivery process.

But dont be mistaken, the WBCCI issues are good too and hopefully, the replies (all of them) will cause the WBCCI to improve and meet the needs of all Airstreamers.

"You can please some of the people some of the time but you cannot please all of the people all of the time".

It's all good,

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Ears and eyes are open

I can assure you, WBCCI is paying attention to the forum.

It was not a complete overhaul but I believe some of the feedback has already had an impact on the WBCCI and the magazine.

As pointed out by others, this months Magazine was definitely different and the survey is certainly an indication of concern. Although the Survey was just posted, the WBCCI has been considering the issues and building its strategy for some time now as mentioned by Brett, (new Kid).

Hang in there.
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As a complete outsider to all of this, may I ask a few questions?

For those of you that join any RV Club, whether it's WBCCI, or an AS Vintage Club, or a club that allows all brands. What exactly are you looking to get out of that club? Organized rallies? Possible discounts from your clubs affiliation?

Not having ever been a member of any of these clubs, I would think the draw for me would be to know that there was a group of people with similar interests that I enjoyed getting together with for weekend get together's and maybe a week long outing during the summer.

From what I've seen as activities that some of the Regional WBCCI clubs list at their rallies, I wouldn't be too interested in attending. Not that they don't enjoy themselves, but they just don't seem to be of any interest to me.

Perhaps a possible solution would be for smaller spin-out groups or clubs to be created among the members of the larger Regional clubs that allow those of the same age group to get together on dates and at locations more suited for them, with activities more suited for them. Just a suggestion.
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Smaller clubs

That is precisely how it is currently set up.

There around twenty regions.

The regions are made up of many smaller units.
South Carolina has two units. Florida has many units. Georgia has many units, North Carolina has a couple of units, Virginia has several units etc.... These units are all part of Region 3. There will be one region activity a year, (typically). There will be one international event, but the small units will have many events. That is the part that I find appealing. You do not have to participate in any if you choose, and you can participate in all if you choose. One of the best attributes is that the events are organized. There is no running around and contacting everyone you know with a camper and trying to get it organized. Members of the unit take turns doing the organization. It is a give and receive concept, I feel it is more receive than give.

What I look for is exactly what you mentioned, people that like to camp often and have pretty much the same interest, (as far as camping). These units are very diversified with all walks of life.

Discounts is one of the perks but really not a signifigance. You can get discounts without being affiliated to any RV club.

The difference in the WBCCI and most other RV clubs is that they are exclusively Airstream. That pretty much assures a commonality that many find appealing but not necessarily required. The un-written requirement is to enjoy getting away from the stationary residence.

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New Members - 2nd Thoughts

Deb & I are new A/Sers and new WBCCI members. I (Ed) have been reading this thread with great interest. We have worked hard and long to get to this point in our lives. Joining the WBCCI was perceived as a vehicle to expand our enjoyment of this activity. After reading most of what I could find on this site (haven't used any other info source) re: the WBCCI, I must admit I have 2nd thoughts. We don't want to get into club 'politics', we just want to have some fun.

There is great polarization on this, and I am trying to weigh both sides. As posted earlier, we will be open minded. However, as much as I try not to, I can't help but feel a somewhat negitive bias before we even attend our 1st rally. I guess it's impossible to avoid 'second' agendas whenever people organize.

We are going to attend the Canton/Tyler State Park (Texas) non-rally, rally this month. Organized as a forum rally. We have been to many such fun and no agenda events with our Casita trailer (see previous post). At least we are getting out and meeting other Airstreamers for common fun and conversation. IMHO: Let's remember, that's what it is all about.
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Re: Smaller clubs

Kentucky has 2 units in region 5, if I read it correctly. One is the Kentucky Unit, the other is Western Kentucky (Land Bwtween the Lakes Unit).

The Kentucky Unit still has last year's schedule up:

Jan.-Nov., 1st Tuesday Dinner, 6 p.m., Piccadilly Cafe, 133 S. Hurstbourne Hwy,
of the month Louisville, KY.
April 30 - May 4 Derby Reunion Rally, Forks of Elkhorn CG, Frankfort, KY.
April 29 - May 17 Springtime in Kentucky Caravan.
May 30 - June 1 Buddy Rally, Bailey's Point Corp. of Engineer CG,
Barren River Lake, Glasgow,KY.
June 16 - 26 Seaway Caravan to International Rally.
July 24 - 27 Grandchildren Rally, Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN.
August 6 - 10 127 Yard Sale, David/Peggy Bishop, Russell Springs, KY.
October 6 - 16 Country Music Caravan.
October 16 - 19 Installation Rally, Jenny Wiley SP CG, Prestonslle, KY.
December 6 Christmas Luncheon, Noon, TBA.

Just reading this, lends me to believe that this is probably an older crowd (mid 60's and up). Grandchildren Rally?

If there were 10, 15 or more members in the 30 - 50 age range, then they could plan rallies that are more in line with their interests.

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