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Re: Re: Rally Fees???

Originally posted by Pahaska

All of our rally fees are prorated at the end of the rally by the treasurer. Meals provided by the unit are prorated acording to the days you are there. Parking is by the day. For any other activities you either pay for yourself when attending, or, if reservations are required, you sign up in advance and pay at "settle-up time".
That sounds like a good idea that would work. But are most rallies like this? I wonder. As Mark said he paid the whole rally fee for only two nights (= $100 a night). And I have read on threads before that people attending only the weekend were still required to pay the whole rally fee.

And what about the paid "enertainment"? If I choose to pass on Boots, would I still have to pay for my share for his appearence?

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I had never looked into it, since the Internationals are so far away, but now that I've heard how much the rally fee is, we probably won't go even when it is in our neck of the woods in '06 (I think).

I also enjoy camping because for the price of one night in a hotel we can stay somewhere for a week. The rallys we have attended have been more along the line of $20-30 for a three day weekend, and they do a good job of providing breakfasts and some entertainment. The meals aren't anything special, just a time to get together and chat, which is fun. I'm actually surprised at how much they provide for the small price of the rally.

Personally, I could do without all that stuff and just get together, cook our own meals or do a potluck, and maybe gather around the campfire or in the campground community room for game time and socializing. Seems like the folks who set up even these small rallys work REALLY hard organizing it, and they could make it easier on themselves and folks would enjoy it just as much. Sometimes I think they just have these expectations that these things must be done.


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Re: Rally Fees???

Originally posted by Big Dee
The rest of the activities should be "pay as you go". Why does everyone need to pay for activities they do not or can't take part in.
Yep. I never eat at the formal breakfast cause I sleep late. But my rally fee pays for these. It would be nice to be able to only pay for dinners only or breakfast and dinners. I'm sure it could be done with a sticker on the badges.

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Got my Blue Beret in the mail today, saw Ken's fine letter and the survey and wondered if anyone was discussing either on the, I guess a few folks did take notice. I now have a case of scroll wheel cramp in my right index finger .

I won't rehash what so many others have discussed, I'll just throw out one thing that I have often wondered about. Why does the club seem hesitant to talk about the Airstream only campgrounds we have access to as members of the club? Sure, they get a mention in the back of the directory, but they are listed along with all the other campgounds - why not feature these in a separate section?

I saw comments from another forum member in the Atlanta area that is debating joining WBCCI when his trailer is ready. I wonder if it would change his mind to know that there is a beautiful park less than 2 hours north of Atlanta in Helen, GA that has full hookups, including CATV. It's nicely landscaped and sits along a nice trout stream. It's clean and quiet and it's only $6.00 a night for Georgia unit members ($8.00 for non-GA members). If you want to leave your Airstream up there for a longer period of time, it's $150.00 for a month.

I leave my trailer up there for a couple of months in the spring and again in the fall. I know it's being watched over during the week and all I have to do on Saturday AM is jump in the truck and head up there. On Sunday I head home. It's my own little place in the North Georgia mountains and it's affordable.

Yes, I have seen the threads about how some people feel they were treated there, and yes, there is an older group that is set in their ways about how things should be done. But I camp at the other end of the park, come and go as I please, drink my beer under my awing and attend as much or as little of the rally events as I desire and I have never been made to feel unwanted or unwelcome.

I have made a point of stopping at Airstream parks whenever I travel and have always enjoyed the visit. They are usually very well maintained, in some nice locations and they are always less expensive than the nearby commercial campgrounds.

I see that as a big "value add" for membership, but it's never mentioned. I don't recall ever seeing an article in the Blue Beret about the parks. Why is this? Did something happen years ago that I'm not aware of?

Look at Escapees as an example - I joined them not because I need mail forwarding, or am planning to go full timing soon, but because membership got me into some nice campgrounds at reasonable rates.

I'll keep my membership active for this perk alone. Admittedly, if the parks weren't there or if they were too far away, I would be less inclined to remain a member.
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Top of Georgia is one big reason we are going to join .. as well as the Airstream parks in Minnesota, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Florida.

Is the one in Texas still operating? Are there any more Airstream parks?
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Unless you're self employed and fairly successful at it, or independently wealthy, or retired and well situated, some of these long term caravans are completely out of question for the average Joe. To be gone for a month or longer is practically out of the question.

Since the median age seems to be dropping back into the working class age, then it's absolutely necessary for WBCCI to start considering the need to restructure their events to meet the customer/member they're hoping to acquire.

Perhaps they use the South Carolina Unit as a model, but I think everyone agrees that with the options, due to the internet, of allowing people to arrange rally's or get togethers in this or any of the other numerous RV forums out there, the real need for a sanctioned official Airstream club rally is almost nil.

Give people a reason to join and they will. Keep the status quo, and the decline continues. JMO

For traditional reasons, it would be great to see the WBCCI re-become the premiere RV Club. I sort of understand what smily was saying about Wally. He did create the very thing that all here worship. I see no reason to change the name but, every reason to see the club change. I would think that older members would be receptive to new ideas about rallies, the length of them and even the frequency.

I think everyone on this forum is here because they love Airstreams and with that comes these clubs. If you're presently a member of WBCCI, bring this up at the next meeting. Point out that if you're truly trying to recruit new members that you should at least consider what the working class is looking for in a club.
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Perpetuate the breed

It seems to me that if wbcci is supporting musicians, caterers or other self-employed folks by hiring their services at rallies (e.g. bootes randolph) that they should be first and foremost hiring those who own Airstreams. Make the circle bigger!

To that end; this self-employed, Argosy owning musician is available for hire and I'll bet there are others. I was amused that the Made In America series featured an episode about the Airstrem plant but the host of the show rides in a SOB....

About joining the wbbci - many regions do not have websites. Getting basic info is like pulling teeth. Membership info needs to be user friendly - the very crowd that the wbbci seems to be courting is busy and above all net-savvy. Cater to them/us.
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I was amused that the Made In America series featured an episode about the Airstream plant but the host of the show rides in a SOB....
For what it's worth, I heard John Ratzenburger (host of the show) bought an Airstream the same day he toured the factory. This was told to me by a senior manager of Airstream. So the SOB (Dynasty) motorhome is history!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming ...
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Wow! A lot of posting

This is hard to keep up in this thread. Unless they have Roger Whittaker for entertainment I don't know if I can make it.
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HP9K--I agree with your question. When we can travel for longer periods of time, we'll be trying to stop over at A/S parks. I also wish the BB would do articles on A/S parks, as it would, I feel, encourge more useage by A/S travelers. We are trying our best to get to Helen Ga. & Top of the Mountain A/S park with-in the next year. You make it sound really nice.
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Porky - the best source of info on the Airstream parks is a booklet published by a lady that lives in Florida. She always has an ad in the back of the Blue Beret. My copy is well used and dated 1998 (that is the last time she updated it), but it shows two campgrounds in your home state of California.....Lake Tamerisk Land Yacht Harbor in Desert City, CA (619-227-3138) and Yacaipa Land Yacht Harbor in Yacaipa (909-797-1807).

You can get your own copy of her book by sending $10.00 to:

Tedra Smith
1022 New Windsor Loop
Sun City Center, FL 33573

By my quick count thru her book, there are more than two dozen Airstream parks (she lists several others that are not A/S parks, but are her personal favorites). My limited experience in the southeastern part of the country has shown they vary.

There are some of the parks that have opened up to other brands (Palmetto Cove in SC), some that are still exclusively for Airstreamers (Top of GA and Mystic Springs in FL) and others that are ownership parks, where you have to own an Airstream, but you can buy your own lot (TCPC in Crossville, TN and Virginia Highland Haven).

Even at the ownership parks, there are usually sites set apart for visitors (TCPC has six) or they will place you on an unoccupied owned lot (like they did for me at Virginia Highland Haven).

As you can tell, I'm a big fan of this perk of WBCCI membership. I liked TCPC so much I bought a lot there last year. I've still got plenty of working years ahead of me, but I figured the price would never be lower than it is today. I won't ramble on, but if anyone wants more info on TCPC, drop me a PM, there are lots available).

I almost forgot your question about Texas - there are two parks listed there, and I haven't been to either one, but I just saw a lot at the park in Zavalla, TX for sale on EBay, so I assume all is well there. Perhaps I can make it west this year and give a trip report.
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Zavalla is pretty remote, right by huge Lake Sam Rayburn. We had a computer rally there last year that I taught at. It is a pretty place. About a half-hour from Lufkin, which is a good sized city. Couple of hundred lots and lots of Airstreams.

We have this year's computer rally (teaching again) at the north Texas park in Hillsboro. Looking at with the map program, it is a pretty big place. I haven't been there before, but it is apparently a nice place. I'll know more after the first week in March.

I'll heartily recommend the park in Oklahoma at the head of Tenkiller Lake. Lots of big trees and beautiful lake. terrifically friendly folks. If it were closer, I would buy a lot there. They have 3 guest spaces and will put you in an absent owner's lot if they are full.
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Thumbs up HP9K anf John .. thanks for the info.

Yes .. i have seen the ad for the AS Parks Directory ... looks like I just spent another 10 bucks.
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international observations

While at the international rally last summer, I realized another very interesting observation.

Many of the attendees arrive to the site over a week before the scheduled event. They are the workers. They volunteer of their time to help set up the physical plant and get ready for the arrival of the attendees. Several members in our unit went to Burlington early to help in this manner.

I also observed that many airstreamers who are retired use the international rally as their “summer trip” and some of these people are well into their eighties. They take their time getting to the event, they can spend up to two weeks at the rally for a couple hundred dollars and then they go back home. Now where else can a retired couple travel, spend very little money, in a safe and friendly environment, have a little entertainment, and be there with many of their friends?

Now I certainly don’t begrudge them their time and fun, however, the event has to make accommodations for the working membership with younger children and tight schedules.


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