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Originally Posted by thenewkid64
As I see it the possible candidates for '08 need to get their resumes out with a well written mission statement to all units by Feb 1 08. These candidates will be running as candidates from the floor, without the support of the INC (Nominating committee) This gets all the information out to the units so they can decide BEFORE Bozeman what candidate to vote for.

Then Motions to run said candidates can be made and units can vote. Every unit corresponding secretary is listed in the blue book, and you may even be able to get a list electronically from Jackson Center that can be printed on labels.

The feedback I heard was that if units had had this information in time the floor nominations would have had a chance of passing. As it was the delegates were locked into doing what the units told them to do.
How do the units get the information if its not posted in the BB or the regional leadership decide not to promote someone outside the normal "party" lines?

Sorry I guess I just don't understand. Reading the club bylaws it would appear that the only way to "really" be considered and "publicly" advertised as a candidate you would have to go before the nominating committee. I don't see anything in place to "get the word" out to us minions that are in the trenches if we were to belong to a unit that "does not care" for change.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but a perfect example is on the MOHO vote where if I as a member of the club did not have a unit rep at the meeting, my vote didn't even get counted. And I wouldn't be surprised if some of those units didn't even take a vote.

As I peer through tangled brush that includes briars and poison ivy, I don't see how the club as a whole can improve until the majority of the club units are as proactive as the WDCU, NEU, NYMETRO and 4CU.

Please tell me I'm wrong.

Duane Pandorf
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Originally Posted by dpandorf
How do the units get the information if its not posted in the BB or the regional leadership decide not to promote someone outside the normal "party" lines?

It is going to require campaining. Each unit would need to be sent the resume directly, outside of the nominating committee process. If possible some units may have someone that is willing to present the "un-anointed" candidates to their units, Volunteers?

The BB will never support this as it is a club organ, and this is outside the norn. The energy used figting that would be better spent doing things outside the system.

I would be happy to present these members to my unit, if they will get me their information.

One of the things that comes up here over and over again is lack of information. Many units do not have the skills to fully utilize the Internet, so for these first few rounds of changes the best way is snail mail.

In the future the www may be the way it works, but for now it is going to take some good old campaining by the members to make the units aware of the un-anointed candidates.

Brett G
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Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. -- Plato

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Originally Posted by 65GT
We already have three candidates that will run from the floor in Bozeman '08. We're looking for two more. We will notify the current nominating committee of our intent to run from the floor -- to give all members a choice of candidates for '08.
But why run from the floor? Why not go through the nominating committee? Seems to me you would have to be heard if you went through the IBT's channels....right? Have a Unit/Region Prez nominate the candidates...if they are brought forth through "the process" then they will be presented to all...seems like a lot less work to me. Not saying you still wouldn't do your own campaigning simultaneously to get the members asking "what about the other guy?"

I am certain the alternate candidates would get more votes than were obtained at Perry if they names & positions were out there beforehand rather than coming from the floor after many delegates were already locked into their votes by their members. As you know, our DenCO Unit delegate was allowed to "vote his concious" and did...he voted 100% for the alternate candidate from the floor, but others could not change their votes. Now of course, depending on the individual delegate, this could have backfired...but I am proud to say, it didn't.

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The candidates might do better as a group than just running as individuals. As I had proposed before, they might form a unified front with a definite platform of improvements to the club which would attract votes. They might call themselves the "Progressive Members". Not to say they are democrates but rather would like to see improvements and still maintaining the core values of the club. The Save Wally folks and the VAC organizations would look like the best places to start, as they have demonstrated the ability to organize and operate successfully. They also seem to represent the most basic core values and a the same time are younger than average and are flexible enough to propose and provide activities that might attract younger members to membership than the "Old Boy" nework. There are some people like Bill Schrieder and people in the computer club who have demonstrated they ability to bring the club up to speed on the internet and public relations.
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Originally Posted by skyvalley
Bill, you are correct. But let me explain further, not being able to vote discouraged MALs from rejoining.

Being a step child is not fun, when we joined the WBCCI as MAL we paid full price and thought we were full fledged members, then later we found out we could not even vote on WBCCI issues because we didn't belong to some other club!

Had it not been for the great 4CU which we were able to join, we would be gone!!! We now drive over a thousand miles to 4CU rallies. Can everyone afford that, time or money wise?

The right to vote could also turn around a number of AS owner non members to MAL, that I have talked to.

Let us change before we vaporize.

Thanks for listening,


Not to step on 4CU, I am an associate of that unit, but try El Camino Real, we have a rally at Borrego Springs in October, a lot closer and you might enjoy.

Bill Kerfoot, WBCCI/VAC/CAC/El Camino Real Unit #5223
Just my personal opinion
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Leo, we need enough candidates then that the roll calls take 3 days to complete. Not just a couple hours. Daaaaays to wear them out!

My wife and I looked at each other the other day when we were reading the bylaws and were trying to understand how the nominating committee worked. Your explanation is what we thought how we read it.

There's no way major changes can be made quickly the way the club constitution is written.
Duane Pandorf
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I also agree with the poster that recommended we form a "party" and have a qualified representative for all the elective office positions and run them all from the floor.

But the biggest hurdle I believe is getting the information to us minions in each of units bypassing the current leaders, whether they're at the IBT, Regional or those Unit Leaders that don't think change is necessary.
Duane Pandorf
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Before we assume that the current board members will refuse to print resumes and candidate information for non-IBT-endorsed regular members running for office at Bozeman, why don't you do a very public (WBCCI forum, this forum, newsletter campaigns mailed to all units and regions, whereever possible to share the information) petition to the board to print such information in the appropriate BB's prior to the Bozeman rally? Have your request complete, beautifully written, perfectly edited, subscribing to the format of the IBT candidates, yada, yada (!) so that it cannot be run down, ignored, and refused without a telling, nasty smear on the IBT face. Take the higher road on this, appealing publicly to the IBT in the broad interest of the club to welcome and show support for all WBCCI members who are prepared to actively participate in the leadership of the club. And thanking them in advance for their acceptance of the vote that follows. Will you need some funds for mailing? Just ask. Remember the ball field in Iowa? ~G
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Originally Posted by Ed Emerick
Hey all,
In the WI Unit we had the ability to vote on the MOHO issue by mail. If you wanted a voice you had it and did not have to attend the rally. I can see this continuing in the future for other items of importance. So to those of you that are MAL, come join us, I will say that our dues are not as cheap as the DC Unit but we have a great time with the money!
I will second Ed's suggestion for any MALs (or members dissatisfied with their present units) to join the Wisconsin Unit, especially if they live in the midwest and can make it to the Wisconsin Unit's great rallies.

The Wisconsin results on the SOB MoHo issue also illustrate that 1M1V is not a panacea to the WBCCI's problems. The vote split 50-50, probably because mail voting brought in votes from inactive members whose only source of information was the Blue Beret, which was shouting the party line for two or three issues.

Bottom line is that if "reform party" candidates are going to challenge the nominating committee's choices for International offices, the reform party is going to have to do some serious politicking. This includes, among other things, (a) spending the money on postage to snail mail its information to every WBCCI member, and (b) have local folks inside units talking up its ideas before the units vote (however they vote).

As for me, I don't have either the time or inclination to run for International office--but I'm willing to contribute money for (a) and time for (b).

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Don't Forget the WBCCI is "TO HAVE FUN"

Why was the WBCCI established?

Three very simple words, ‘TO HAVE FUN.”

Airstream like any other manufacturing company was created to make a product. For the owner and entrepreneur, Wally Byam to fulfill his goals in life and to make a living.

The first Caravan in 1951 was conceived to assist Airstream owners, and others (the first few Caravans were open to all manufactured RV’s), to travel as an American Community. Airstream’s reward was publicity to sell Airstreams.

The Club was a natural occurrence. This American Community of Airstream owners wanted to get together on a local basis and chew the fat, remember the good times, and take their Airstreams out on a more frequent basis, but for a shorter period of time. The Club Members wanted the club to be exclusive for Airstream Owners only.

Let’s go back to Caravans. The Caravans could never have gone ten miles with out a sub-structure and delegation of duties. Wally Byam was a master of organization.

The Club core was the volunteers; the go-to-people that assisted in making the Caravans go. This spirit, this dedication, this form of personal involvement was the core of the WBCCI in 1955.

Check out the Jack Rabbits; thank them for your club today. They “hounded” Wally to form a club.

My Mother, Helen Byam Schwamborn, was given the task, by Wally, to start a headquarters to be the home of the Club, and the action center for Caravans. Three major Caravans came from the Headquarters in the early days. (Europe 1956, Africa 1959, Around-the-World 1963.)

Because of the dedication of the members and the organizational and interpersonal skills of Helen, the Club grew, and grew, and grew…what a growth!

Yes, Airstream funded the Headquarters. Yes, it was a marketing tool. However both entities this symbiotic relationship endorsed the purpose, ‘TO HAVE FUN.”

My pride swells every time I pass an Airstream on the highway, or see one on TV.

Remember, have fun, that’s what this is all about.

That’s all Wally wanted for you, and that is all my Mother wanted for you.


See you on the road.

Dale “Pee Wee” Schwamborn


I was a family member before there was Caravan.

I traveled on the !st Caravan.

I went on a total of five Caravans. (1951 Mexico, Central America; 1955 Eastern Canada, 1956 Europe, 1957 Eastern Canada, and 1959 Africa, the Holy Land, and Europe)

I scouted two Cavavans 1959 Africa, and 1961 Eastern Canadian Caravan.

I worked at the California Airstream Plant from 1964 to 1969.

I have been to five International Rally’s.

I am former owner of Wally’s gold trailer.

I am a Charter Member of the WBCCI.

This is being told to you not that I am extraordinary, I’m just a fortunate person to have been part of this history.

When I say “TO HAVE FUN”, I mean it and I know that’s what it is all about.
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Great post, you have quite a resume of having fun. In my opinion you are correct, 100%. If it weren't for the club politics, I believe there would be many more people having fun camping in their Airstreams.
Please keep having fun, I know we are.


Mac and Linda Cassell
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