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I gotta believe that was designed specifically as a liquor cabinet. The tallest 1.75 liter bottle I have is Gilbey's Gin, and it just fits. Besides the white rum and vodka, most everything else (of mine) in there is 1.0 liter. Liquor not included in the Limited package.

The second air-conditioner goes where the second Fantastic Vent goes, so no, you can't have both. The nice thing about having two is that you can close and lock all the windows for privacy/security and still have flow-through ventilation. If you can leave the back windows open, the front FV will pull enough air through the trailer to keep it cool. In fact, we usually have the rear FV open but not turning at night, with the front fan doing all the work.

Another thing that's nice about only one AC is not having to have a very heavy 50 amp power cord to deal with. But having sufficient AC in hot weather is also priceless.

When I was an RV tech, most came with the wiring for the AC dead-ended up in the
ceiling. All you had to do was remove the standard vent and there was the wire between the inner and outer wall ready to use. I seriously doubt Airstream ran a wire for a second AC in my 34'. The whole main breaker box would have to be different anyway for 50A service. What I'm saying here is adding a second AC later down the road may be a whole lot more difficult than getting it when new. I can't imagine having to fish wire from the vent back... there's gotta be framing in the way.

I'm getting by with the little 9" CRT TV we had until there's an HDTV LCD TV, not only with analog component video (YPrPb) input, but digital HDMI-HDCP, and an ATSC (digital) over-the-air tuner as well. It's the new standard for video connection, on practically all the new satellite and cable boxes, and I want to save the single YPrPB input for the DVD player. It also may well be that when HD-DVD ever gets here, it will be HDMI-HDCP only. The standard batwing Wineguard antenna will be fine for ATSC HDTV. Actually, I'd like to mount a pull-down screen from the ceiling and run an LCD projector from the couch overhead.

I'm not sure how many Fantastic Vents are standard now.

The 34 handles and tows great. I give some of the credit for that to the Hensley Hitch though. I towed it up to Jackson Center one day with 35-40 mph crosswinds with gusts to 65 mph. Semis were pulling off the highway, but I didn't feel a thing in the truck.

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My 34' actually tows easier than my previous 31'. It tracks very true. One thing that can be done with the 2nd ac unit is to run a dedicated power cord just for the second unit. This way you can use 30 amps for the main breaker and 15/20 amp circuit for the 2nd ac. I have seen this done and it works very satisfactory.

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Wonder if the weight issue you describe contributed to our multiple tire failure?

But figrue this:

- GY Marathon Max load 2540 @ 65 psi = 10160 lbs (we have always used 65 psi per AS manual - check them each morning when on the go)
- Trailer GVWR 8700 (we rarely run more than 8200 - carry lots in truck bed)
- Figure 800 lbs on tongue (about 10%)
- If fully loaded, tires are carrying only about 8000 lbs, or about 80% of needed capacity.

We are going to do a weigh-in shortly after repairing the underside panel.

Am curious what you mean by "marginally" too heavy? Isn't that enough margin?

We have the Hensley and have not had a single sway problem. Would not tow without it - period. We're sold.

We like both our skylights. We wish the one in the bath was clear like the one up front. We would like to have vista views AND both skylights. Light is worth the maintenance.

We find our 15000 BTU is adequate. However, it is noisy

We like cooking in our convection/microwave oven. We are using the microwave feature more than the convection. We use generators when we need to cook. Otherwise, stove top coooking and a gas grill will do for us.

On cell reception, we use the Digital Antenna product at home and are going to use it in the trailer - PowerMaxTM DA4000MR Dual Band Mobile Wireless Cellular Amplifier / Repeater. Makes a BIG difference - much more than a just an external antenna.

We are also adding an external 802.11b/g wireless antenna. Going to use a Cisco yagi, and am working now on how to mount it. Having wireless INTERNET is more important to us than TV. We've not had a TV in ours yet. Haven't missed it.

Will look around a bit for how ours is wired.


Originally Posted by Pahaska
The best explanation seems to be that the 30 Limited is marginally too heavy for the tires (same tires as on my 25 Classic) and even at maximum pressure, the trailer wallows and steers itself all over the road. A second friend with a 30 non-Limited has had some instability problems, but less so than the Limited. The dual-cam solved it for him.
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I have a price sheet for the 2005 34" Classic dated 11/19/04 that lists the basic price as $74,193.00. The price on the corporate site is now $4,360.00 higher. I know that they are now off the line with disc brakes which adds to the cost, but does anyone know the average yearly % increase in price? Seems like the Classics with options will soon be topping the $100,000.00 mark.
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I think the last 2 years it's been between 5 and 7% across the board. I'd assume the same for the soon to start 2006 model year.......
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2005 Ltd

No one has really mentioned the problem with the new large trailers from Airstream and that is the Cargo Carrying Capacity(CCC). Regardless of what the NCC may be and I am not sure how that gets calculated, the real CCC is placarded on the interior, usually on a wardrobe door. While at the Florida State Rally I found the following:

34' SOD Classic
GVW: 10500
UVW: 9492 That is the out-of-the-factory weight. Any Dealer add-ons must be added to this weight.

Weight of Water 61gal @ 8.3lb/gal 504
Weight of Propane 14gal @ 4.2lb 60

Cargo Carrying Capacity 444 lbs

34' Classic
GVW: 9800
UVW: 8089
Weight of Water 61gal @ 8.3lb/gal 504
Weight of Propane 14gal @ 4.2lb 60
Cargo Carrying Capacity 1147

Be very careful about adding too much or loading too much. It doesn't take too much to overload it. For the Slide Out, groceries and a pair of socks will be about all you can carry.

I mentioned the problem to the Airstream rep and his response was that if people want corian counters, slideouts, real wood etc... they have to understand that they are sacrificing load carrying capacity. That seemed a little cavalier to me. There is no real danger of breaking the unit in two if you overload it, but the warrantee might be at risk as well as an accelerated miles to failure of things like bearings, tires, wheels, axles, not to mention over flexing of the frame.

My '78 31' Excella has extruded aluminum framing on everything. Airstream seems to have gotten away from the "weight consciencness" that made them last forever.

Just food for thought.
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Jack, I ordered a 30' Classic w/SO back in Jan., and took delivery only a few weeks ago, so it should be pretty representative of what is coming off-line now.
I ordered the skylights, larger frig, 15,000 btu AC, microwave/convection, generator prep, and audio/vidio upgrade including satellite radio. I'm happy with all, except might omit the front skylight if doing over. The audio part of the package is in the overhead cabinit over the sofa. The LCD TV is nice, but I may eventually look into changing out the 15" for a little larger unit, and wall-mounting the 15" in the bedroom. The bedroom is wired for a TV, but the only power outlet at the TV station location is a 12-volt plug. If you decide against the limited package (as I did), you can still get the larger propane tanks as a low-cost option. I think you can also get the electric jacks as a stand-alone option.
Overall, Airstream builds a reasonably good unit, but my experience is that their quality control and attention to detail is suffering. I have made one short "check-out" trip, after which it has been back at the dealer's service shop for the last 3 weeks getting a long list of problems hopefully resolved. Based on progress to-date, I estimate another week to 10 days before I get it back. Maybe mine was a "Friday afternoon" unit!
Good Luck
Tom Riley
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With regard to the limited NCC, Airstream has increased the GVWR, effective sometime around the end of 2004, by installing higher-rated axles. The 34'SO now has a GVWR of 11,500 lbs.
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Originally Posted by Silvertwinkie
I think the last 2 years it's been between 5 and 7% across the board. I'd assume the same for the soon to start 2006 model year.......
And you start applying that percentage against an already high price, you get some substantial $$.

Jack Canavera
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I've put off ordering the 34' for a number of months because we've been house shopping for a place outside of the city where I could build a larger shop and have room to store a new 34'. I'm still very concerned about the quality issues. It's a lot of money to put out as anyone who has bought new knows, especially if it spends much time at the dealers being repaired. Well ,yesterday we signed a contract on a house that borders a State park just outside of Baltimore. We have a river that flows at the back of the property that is great for trout fishing ,canoeing and swimming,and the State park starts on the other side of the river The best part is there is loads of room for the Airstream. A tight driveway may cause some maneuvering problems but once I clear the drive the back opens to a gravel area large enough to rotate the trailer 360 degrees. Does anyone have any experence with Power Caster or Electric Trailer Dolly?
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I own a 2005 34' classic and the inner wall wiring just fell apart between the thermostat and the gas furnace. called a/s they said gosh we're sorry for you but no help from us your out of warranty. $500.00 later now I have a wire running outside the walls from the air conditioner to the floor and the furnace drawer Thanks again for such great Q/C on this unit.

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2005 classic

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