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Originally Posted by perryg114 View Post
I was not experiencing road rage.
I'm not suggesting that you were experiencing road rage. What I'm saying is that by flashing a gun, if there was an accident, you could have been ACCUSED of road rage, and earned some jail time as a result.
The guy tried to kill us when he got in front and slammed on his brakes.
Only if he was trying to kill himself as well; as the physics books say, force equals mass times acceleration, so if your vehicle is bigger than his— and it probably was since you were pulling a trailer and he wasn't, so you had the trailer's mass on your side— he'd have come off with worse injuries than you would.

But as I said before, you'll never convince me you were in the right, and I'll never convince you that you were in the wrong to flash a gun. Can we just drop it and move on?

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A innocent 4 year old girl was shot and killed in Albuquerque last week riding in the back seat of her dads truck last week because of stupid road rage - someone eggs you on - just let them go - use guns for protection not crazyness

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I do not believe that anyone has addressed the fact that many individuals walking around out there have significant substance abuse problems. That may be alcohol, meth, heroin, prescription pain meds, weed or whatever. You cannot evaluate others by your filter. Expect the worst, hope for the best.

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Originally Posted by markdoane View Post
From reading these posts it seems that most of them happen in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama or Florida. I just stay away from those places.

I hear banjos.
You forgot to mention California, which was also citied as problem area in a couple of earlier postings. The purpose of the forum thread is to warn Airstreamers about criminals causing crashes on purpose for the insurance money. It's not about insulting people because where they live. Guess I'm not amused.
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Interesting thread. Some personal thoughts on the two subjects now being discussed that work for us and have for almost 50 years of travel, me almost every day for years. These road incidents can and do happen in every state and every city and town, it's just some people are so good one will not realize it's happened on purpose. I carry, my wife carry's as well and we have our whole lives. Licensed concealed in 42 states. In the one time I've felt the need with two people getting out of their vehicle very angry I did what I use to teach in a Firearms course. I told the individuals one on my side the other on my wife's side. "I have a weapon, my passenger has a weapon", "please both of you return to your vehicle until the police arrive as they have been called". I also say it loud enough so anyone near by can hear me. They ran to the car and left. We were lucky I felt, but used what I taught and it worked, never showed and never threatened just made a declarative statement, which I did not want to back up in anyway whatsoever, but could have.

On driving in situations where one might be an intentional victim. I drive in the far right hand lane, I drive slowly, not my norm. I do not allow us to get boxed by individuals I question. If someone suspicious pulls in front and to my left I simply put on my flashers and slow down to a stop if I need to, and have done so. On the interstate I've not run into anything yet, but might use the same tact or pull off on the shoulder with flashers on and I will call 911 if I feel threatened in any way.

Anyone with a nice TV and or nice AS is a potential target to scammers. Does it worry us, no, does it stop us, no. I am always on the look out for issues and situations, but that's my nature and training LONG time ago. To date we've been fortunate, some do to luck (better to be lucky than good) and some do to being observant.

Enjoy the AS, as Protanginist said take a defensive driving course and if you want to take a very - very good practical one take the Motorcycle Safety course offered in most states and bike dealers. The course does teach one how to ride on a motorcycle, but much more important it teaches one defensive driving like nothing I've every taken in my life and I drove a company vehicle my entire career and had to take a defensive driving course every year and then after a million no accident miles every other year.

My Best - Enjoy your Airstream you've earned it.


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Great post Bud!

After riding for years, I took the MSF course for the insurance discount and whole heartedly agree about the insight into defensive driving that the course contains.

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To the dash cam posters - thanks for the product recommendations. I believe I will take the plunge. I don't mind spending the money if the product is reliable.

To the other commenters - you are correct - a dash cam won't prevent a staged accident and it may not prevent a settlement to make fraud go away. But it's one more piece of leverage that can be used as justifiable intimidation against a person intent on doing wrong. I've used my dash cams (when they worked) to warn people in our subdivision that if they insist on committing egregious moving violations, then I'm going to post videos of them on social media (and some of the vids I did post). Our previous chief of police confirmed for me that people usually cannot assert an expectation of privacy while in the public right of way (I cleared the vid posting with him before doing it). So at least in Texas jurisdictions, you can tape them and post them, they can threaten to sue you, but especially if they are behaving unlawfully in a public space, they have next to no chance of prevailing, so they are not going to go there. What you are doing in that case is clearly in the public interest, not an invasion of someone's privacy. "In the public interest" counts for a lot.

Regarding defensive driving - I can't say that it would have helped me in this situation, but I CAN tell you what DID help me. That article by AAA that I posted a link to... it was published in the hard copy of the Texas AAA magazine's November-December 2015 issue (I have Good Sam roadside assistance coverage on our Airstream but I have AAA on our cars). In my other car, my daily driver, I keep lower-priority reading material on hand for when I am either stopped dead in a traffic jam, or waiting in a parking lot to pick up my teenager. It was literally not 48 hours previously that I had read the article on staged crashes; the magazine was still folded open to that page on the passenger seat. So when I ask myself how in the name of hell we ever got off IH-45 in one piece, my answer is that the possibility of staged crash was in the forefront of my mind, and so I was freshly primed to respond to it. I don't think I would have succeeded without that. It was almost as if the hand of God was involved.
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After reading the posts above, I realized how widespread this problem is. Thanks to your inputs, I'm considering a dash cam and taking motorcycle safety course. With all the gadgets in the truck ie; Garmin, back-up camera, tire monitor system and now a dash cam. A airline pilot should feel right at home.
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Originally Posted by streaminwild View Post
After reading the posts above, I realized how widespread this problem is. Thanks to your inputs, I'm considering a dash cam and taking motorcycle safety course. With all the gadgets in the truck ie; Garmin, back-up camera, tire monitor system and now a dash cam. A airline pilot should feel right at home.
Now you need to get a ScanGauge II to complete your instrumentation suite.
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Good dash cams are affordable

Some good advice especially the reminder to drive defensively. I have to admit I would be concerned about getting a firearm involved in such a situation.

As concerns dash cams, I found this site helpful:

Best Dash Cams Of 2015

Good quality units can be had for under $200.
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A dash cam is not only for your own benefit.
It can also support your statement as a witness in an accident.
The truck driver in the video was drunk as a sailor on shore leave and tried to blame the poor woman in the sedan.
When I gave my statement to the police, I also mentioned that I have footage of the accident.
As it turned out it wasn't needed. But it would have erased any doubts how the accident took place.

As for the guns...a gun can be taken from you and be used against you. Keep that in mind.

so long
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As a follow-up to the dash cam component of this thread, here's a vid posted yesterday by a Roadtrek owner whose 2015 was totaled last week in a collision that wasn't his fault. It's not a Sprinter-based Roadtrek but it is a Class B, so it's useful for reference.

IMO, he did right thing here - he braked for all he was worth, but barely swerved because he really had nowhere to go, and he also had a vehicle with limited emergency maneuverability. There was simply no way to avoid that collision. It doesn't appear to have been intentional on the part of the at-fault party, but it sure was phenomenally stupid.

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Wow... Glad they survived to post!!!!
Peace and Blessings..
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Originally Posted by cwf View Post
Wow... Glad they survived to post!!!!
It's a good demonstration of crash-worthiness technology. His engine / front end basically did its job and absorbed a great deal of the energy by collapsing. Which is why it's probably a write-off - there's basically no engine or engine compartment remaining.

I'm glad the owner survived as well, especially because he appears to be a very sweet person. He bought his Class B in part because his wife was terminally ill, and he wanted to be able to camp overnight in the parking lot of her palliative care facility when necessary, to be close to her. Of all the stealth ways to use a Class B, that one had never occurred to me as a possibility. Roadtreking blog has his story if anyone is interested.

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