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So Sorry

So sorry to hear of all the loss. I am on my way to the same place. Our sweet 12 year old Alki has bladder cancer. The blessing is that she has no idea she is sick, the curse is that some day it is going to close off her bladder and then we will have to put her to sleep. It's absolutely killing me to know this is coming, but I am trying to enjoy every day we have left. Friday she went in for an ultrasound to see if the medicine was working to stop the tumor, but it had grown. Tuesday we will meet with a canine oncologist in Portland to see if there are other things to do for her. I have never cried so much in my life. You think you would run out after a while, but I haven't yet.

We took Alki to the rally in Trout Lake without Chester, the Dalmatian, so she could have a weekend of attention from us, and it was the best time ever. Everyone's dogs were running loose, and although we had her on a leash or dragging one behind her quite a bit (because she is not very good about coming when called) she got to run around and play and get treats and get petted, and had a great time. If that's her last rally, it was sure a good one!

So I feel your pain, to everyone who's lost a pet recently or years ago and still feels it. Poor Chester is also getting up there in age and has arthritis problems. We have been saying that after these two are gone we need a break from dogs, but then we think of the 12 great years of joy Alki has given us, and I'm sure there will be another one someday.
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so sad

Originally Posted by cameront120
I'm sorry for your loss. They're waiting for you at the bridge.
I sincerely agree with this thought. The Bridge will be quite crowded for us, because we have gone through the life spans of quite a few!

We have a VERY elderly Rat Terrier who does not go camping.. usually we're seen with just the girls.. the Dreaded Terrier Sisters :-) He is beginning to have MANY problems.. mostly memory related.. is there such a thing as doggie Alzheimer's?

He acts lost in his own backyard, in which he's lived for 14 years, and last weekend he didn't recognize our son, home for a visit.
They grew up together.

The vet just put him on B.D. food.. (brain diet) but I know exactly what you mean, Jack, when you say you "knew it was time."

It's not "time" yet for Ichiban, but it soon will be.

But at least for THIS Moraine, he's being boarded at the vet, as usual.

My sincere condolences to you and Patty, but at least you have the peace of knowing that you really did do the humane thing. He's not suffering anymore.

I'm sorry I won't get to see your pups again.. they were ADORKABLE.


I'm just a pink flamingo on the great lawn of life :-)
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one more thing..

One thing I forgot to mention..

We do always say "no more pets," it's too heartbreaking to lose them


if you measure were you better off with or without them,
we know the answer.
I'm just a pink flamingo on the great lawn of life :-)
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Jack and others who have recently lost your friends, your posts almost made me cry (did make me cry!). I went directly outside to give Wally, our aging Weimaraner, an extra long rubrub and told him again what a great dog he is. At 12 1/2 years of age and being an extra large Weimer, he is now having lots of trouble with his leg joints, bearing his weight. Like all of you, we trust we will know when he needs release from pain or there will come a morning when he won't be able to get up on his legs, but he's not there yet. He loves his aspirin a day tucked in a cheese square, and mostly stretches out for long sun soak or shady cools, but he is still up for a roar and (bless his big heart) waddling run when he suspects an intruder or sees that his companion pup Moose has something trapped or treed Again, we share your pain today. ~G
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Sorry to hear about your loss. That is always the most difficult part of pet ownership.
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We learned on Thursday that Jacques or DDB was suffering heart failure and could drop at any moment, or, might live as long as a year. He's responding well to his new meds and we are hopeful but understand that everything is impermanent.

This thread and Jacques' condition have caused me to frequently think of holding Zeke the Wonder Dog (our beloved Rottie) as his life left his poor cancer ridden body.

Painful as the loss is, I know they bring us much more joy, and that we have helped them to have good journey during their time on the planet.

When we lose Jacques, we will, after a time of mourning, invite a new family member into our lives.

Well, enough tears for now. Remember to love and be kind to your loved ones (human and not) whenever you can because a time will come when you no longer have that joy and privilege.
If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion - The Dalai Lama

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The loss of a pet is a very sad time. We lost our last dog (Aspen) about 16 years ago and we still get a little misty when we think about her.

We thought we were going to loose our oldest dog (Bandit) a few years back because of a back problem. She was too old for surgery, but with the right medication and alot of care she pulled through. Bandit is now 15 and still the Alpha dog in our house.


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My heart goes out to all of you suffering pain and loss. I will not and can not do without pets (furry family members)! We don't have human kids--ours have fur coats--but the feelings involved are much the same. Just remember the joy and love and wonderful memories you have had and know you will be sat on and licked to within an inch of your life when it's your turn to cross the bridge and you find them waiting for you.

Here is something a very insightful friend wrote to me back in February, when we had just lost our beloved Buster to poison and a vet misdiagnosis. I was having a VERY difficult time working through it all and why it hurt so much, and this really helped me understand. I hope it helps you, too.

"Humans long for friendship. It keeps us centered emotionally. We spend inordinate amounts of time cultivating relationships with people, only to have them drift in and out of our lives. The fact is that other humans often fall short of meeting our emotional needs. They have emotional needs of their own and often find other humans besides you to fulfill them.
Dogs, on the other hand, are very simple creatures. They are always there for you ... constant companions and joyful friends. You know, Man's Best Friend, and all that. They ask so little and give so much. Sure, they’ll romp and play with other dogs but only if they can keep an eye on you.

Doggie psychiatrists say dogs think we’re leaving forever each time we leave them behind, even if it’s only to go out to the mailbox. They worry about that. How many human friends do you have that care that much about your comings and goings?

I sometimes think the loss of a dog friend can be even more devastating than the loss of a human friend. When a person dies, you think about their life, how you fit into it, and recognize their legacy goes well beyond you. While that recognition validates your relationship, its prime value is that it lets you accept they’ve gone on.

On the other hand, a dog’s passing is so much more sorrowful. Their life was simple, primarily eating, sleeping and playing. Yet you know that you were the focus of their life. Their legacy is simple to understand. They let you be their friend, without qualification. What person can you say that about? It is only right to grieve when you’ve lost the best friend you’ll ever have."

"Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it remains?"

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Losing them is so hard

Many thanks for everyone's kind and encouraging words.

Originally Posted by jcanavera
Dacia, I'm so sorry to hear you lost Maggie. Bandit's problem also involved his spine we think. When we got back from our Memorial Day campout he was unable to get up. He lost most of the muscle function from his hindquarters, and when he became unable to get up or remain standing on good surfaces, I knew the time had come. Bandit was also almost 14 years old. So a lot of good remberences and good times for both you and us here.

Jack, it sounds as if we've had similar situations. I returned from a night of call yesterday morning and found Maggie in the same condition. She had spinal stenosis. In spite of anti-inflammatory drugs and steriods, I knew that one day the pressure on her nerve roots would incapacitate her. I didn't know it would happen so suddenly. Even though we both lost our precious pets yesterday, we can take comfort in the fact that they spend 14 years with us, that they loved us deeply, and they knew we loved them. As you say, lots of good rememberences and good times.

Now I worry about Lulu, my 8 year old dog. She wanders aimlessly from room to room, stares out the window and whines. Then she looks at me as if to say, "Maggie should be home by now, why don't you let your in?" I hope her happy-go-lucky personality and mischievious winsome way hasn't disappeared forever. They were best buddies, like your Smokey and Bandit.

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Our ray of sunshine

As much as we grieve the loss of our pets, there is always that ray of sun that parts away the clouds of sadness. I'm very happy to let you all know of an addition to the family. Meet Curtis, a year and a half Caviler King Charles Spaniel. We adopted Curtis today from a Pet Rescue group who obtained him from Animal Control who picked him up as a stray up in Northeastern Missouri. He's 9 lbs. of love and already is asleep with Patty on the sofa.

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Awww! He's beautiful, Jack! I love the name Curtis! Thank you for opening your heart and welcoming him into your home.
Cameron & the Labradors, Kai & Samm
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All of us "pet" people feel your loss. You are in our thoughts.
So Long!
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What a pretty boy. You better be careful, eyes like that could very quickly start calling all the shots in the house.

Congratulations to you all from Bob, Dianne and Dahli
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OK...I've had my good cry for the night/day/week...reading about everyone's special lost pets... It's good to stop and remember them all again, though. We have had our share of that, too, and even though I didn't know any of your lost animal friends personally, we understand your pain and love for the critters in our lives. We have 2 cockers...a nine-year old and an 11 year old... our 2nd set of blonde + black cockers, actually. And now these are "seniors" too...and we know that one day they will leave us and we'll have to let them go...but it won't be without tears and broken hearts. They give us everything and ask so little. Hold them close and give them an extra special hug and pat on the head...and when it's time to go, the best we can do is to keep their memories of better days in our hearts...knowing that their time with us has been good and well-spent.


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